Synchronicity Foundation Master Charles Cannon Locatio Faber Virginia
Posted by: Galactic 035 ()
Date: July 14, 2009 01:03PM

At age 24 my son was recruited into The Synchronicity Foundation. After living there for the last four years
I would like to share and ask a few questions. My son has been continuously brainwashed and is in a state
of thoughtlessness. He has been convinced and told to have no communication with his parents. MC
That is Master Charles ( I will address him as MC.) MC has manged to talk my son into surrendering a
large amount of money to the cult. Mc. has a statue that has been erected, he claims she is The Mother, The Virgin Mary ,The Source, and of course she only communicates with him. The no contact rule is quite
pathetic when my son had Viral Meningitis we were not told his brain and spine sere swollen and he was in an ICU for ten dears. Mumbai India: I wrote Mc. and warned him not to go there because the State Dept.
had posted terrorist warnings. He took my son, the President of Sync. and his 12 year old daughter
with him. They were shot to death by the terrorists, four others badly wounded. My son ends up in a close for 45 hours, no water, food, the place was on fire. Welcome to Synchronicity where every CD. says
Love Master Charles. Mc. caught Muktananda screwing a 12 year old. In his book Bliss of Freedom he
says he is so aware and so awakened he can have sex with anyone anytime male or female old or young.

I have not seen my son for 4 years, he is trapped with a Homo Sexual Guru who at one time had four men
living in his home with him. The small amount of mail received in four years shows a depresed lonely
28 year old. Mc is to close very close always to my son. I would wonder why they are the only ones living in the Monastery. All is not well at Sync. I personally spoke with an older couple who fled because they were being abused because they were Christians. Mc. say's it's time for a New God, as all other god but his source is obsolete.

So can any one tell me they no anyone who has lived at Sync, and left. Does anyone personally
know about Mc. and his homosexual behavior. Any information would be very much appreciated.

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