Byron Katie and The Work
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: July 06, 2009 08:54PM

Kassy, if you believe that Byron Katie's "work" is "about questioning thinking", then I'm sure you won't mind if any of us here question your thinking...

You say:

But the tantrum, the outrage that the British should not kill people is useless, because they are.

To say that a tantrum is useless is an interesting thought, but one I take issue with. I think that part of being human is to experience a whole range of feelings, thoughts, etc. in response to various life circumstances. Why try and "work" certain thoughts away? Also, why on earth would you consider someone who finds killing people abhorrent to be engaging in a "tantrum"? That's how you see such a thing? Pardon me while my mind boggles over this.

Who would I be without my story, as Byron Katie would have me be?

I'd be a nonentity, a vegetable, a rock. Not things I aspire to.

If that's what you want for yourself, to be without any story, then go for it with all you've got. But... what if you really go to town with "the work" and in the long run end up going.... crazy?

Janaki in her very informative blog has touched upon this possibility - see "Downsides of The Work".

I dare to say it is impossible to be without one's story. Unless one is suddenly struck brain dead.

Kassy, you also say:

As she says, is this God's business (things I have no control over), someone else's business, or my business. What the British do, should do, shouldn't do, really has nothing to do with my business.

Has it occurred to you, Kassy, that your visit to this forum is a case of getting out of your own AND God's business and into ours? As well as a case of engaging in, God forbid, a story? Perhaps you will consider as you go about questioning your thoughts...

There's far more I'd like to say re your post, but I am pressed for time, so that is all from me for now.

Re: Byron Katie and The Work
Posted by: helpme2times ()
Date: July 06, 2009 08:55PM

Interesting, I "accidentally" posted this response to newcomer Kassy in a new thread. I will go now and post it in the now very long thread on Byron Katie...

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