Copeland Dead?
Posted by: number6 ()
Date: July 06, 2009 04:00AM

It's Wikipedia, so take it FWIW, but their entry on Kenneth "Blab It and Grab It" Copeland lists him as dying on June 26 of this year. Since that's the day after Michael Jackson and cult leaders aren't exaclty in the news anyway, one can forigve the media for not reporting it. But do you suppose Kenny made a Negative Confession at last?

I promise I won't make any bad jokes about "Oh My Dog! They killed Kenny!"

Oh wait. I lied.

Re: Copeland Dead?
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: July 06, 2009 10:10PM

I did a google search on Copeland's death and I think I can safely say this is another reason to not trust Wikipedia as 'gospel'. He is 72 years old and apparantly still going strong in fleecing his flock. If you go to his website, there is no mention of his recent demise.

Kenneth Copeland Dead? red flags all over these relationships
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: July 07, 2009 09:18AM

its almost unbelievable these guys like Kenneth Copeland can get away with their fleecing for so long. They even get to the point of having their own private jets, their entire family getting rich, and somehow they just keep getting away with it.

Its the dang "religious" exemption for taxes, they all exploit it.

Just common sense tells you, if you are a scam-artist, and know how to speak to people, set up your own private religion for the tax benefits, and then just get rich in the name of "god".
They laugh all the way to the bank.
These areas are literally flooded with crooks and con-artists, same as the New Wage areas.

The board of directors signs off on important matters, they say. Yet church bylaws give Copeland veto power over board decisions.
While Copeland insists that his ministry complies with the law, independent tax experts who reviewed information obtained by the AP through interviews, church documents and public records have their doubts. The web of companies and non-profits tied to the televangelist calls the ministry's integrity into question, they say.
"There are far too many relatives here," said Frances Hill, a University of Miami law professor who specializes in nonprofit tax law. "There's too much money sloshing around and too much of it sloshing around with people with overlapping affiliations and allegiances by either blood or friendship or just ties over the years. There are red flags all over these relationships."

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