Posted by: tedn ()
Date: October 24, 2004 03:20AM

In a post dated 12-25-03, the moderator made a statement that was not based on accurate information. I have been most impressed with his knowledge and commitment to truth, so I would assume that he would be willing to receive a minor factual correction.

The moderator stated that I made reference to R. Burton's book "Self-Remembering" in my translation of Durckheim's "Dialogue on the Path of Initiation". He pointed out how that would be leading readers down a path that I had found to be a dead end. For the sake of objective truth, I would like to point out that the reference to the Burton material was not mine but rather the publisher of the Durckheim book who happened to also be publishing Burton's work.

I would agree that suggestion there is value in Burton's teaching or group after personal experience of its distortions would be inappropriate. Any reader of our materials, particularly those listed at [] will find that we strongly urge seekers to beware of schools that have seriously deviated from the path. With a little searching, you will find specific reference to a statement on the Burton group in particular.

Thank you for rectifying that minor error in stating the facts. I congratulate you on a very valuable forum.

T. Nottingham

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Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 24, 2004 03:42AM

I will add your correction to the post, and edit accordingly.

And thank you for your translations of Karlfried Graf Durckheim. I would never have known about his material had you not offered it on your website.

It would be a tremendous service if someone could persuade the publisher to re-issue 'Hara: The Vital Centre of Man'--copies are very difficult to find and prohibitively expensive for most people.

Again, welcome to the board!

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