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Posted by: Bill8686 ()
Date: April 02, 2009 12:25AM

I am writing to tell you that my cousin, a student and soon to be graduate of Harvard University, Elizabeth Murray, is exploiting Harvard’s good name. Liz paid someone to take her SATs and then, after gaining entry into Harvard, sold the story to Lifetime television. I’m presenting this information, not as a scandalmonger. It’s a forewarning of the reality behind “inspirational speaking” business ventures, which for Liz, may soon be taking on the resemblance of factions that simulate Erhard Seminars Training; she will make a farce of her Ivy League education this way. There are those who would respond to Murray’s misrepresentations by disclosing the truth of her prosperity, like me. She is a master manipulator, negligible toward her legally blind sister, who is trying to become a journalist, having just graduated from college herself. They are parentless, and her loving sister, struggles to make ends meet. Liz tells their shared story as a well-paid orator with the agency Washington Speaker’s Bureau. Her sister hasn’t seen a cut of profit, no proceeds from Lifetime, little aid from her sister, Liz Murray. It isn’t a stretch to think, at a breaking point, her own sister may report this. Or that the girl who took Liz’s SATs may come out of the woodwork, as she has taken advantage of the kindness and generosity of other truly philanthropic, and considerate people.

After a seven year interruption in our relationship, owing to family clash and quarrel, Liz and I reunited and she convinced me to do Momentum Education. I did the Basic, Advanced, and a couple segments of Leadership before I was convinced that they were using cult tactics. Liz was responsible for enrolling countless people into Momentum’s curriculums. During Leadership, I admitted feeling like a pawn, and that all the people Liz enlisted, I’d seen as just collateral for her own muster. It didn’t surprise me that she wanted to create a business not unlike Momentum Education, Landmark, Lifespring, and EST. People like her are full of ulterior motives.

I was asked to leave after arguing with the CEO of Momentum Education, Robin Lynn, who is the presenter of the Advanced and Leadership portions. I was told I wasn’t “living in the language of Leadership,” something indefinable. I was made a deterrent example in front of my “team,” so as to persuade against anyone else protesting Momentum’s methods. Although I had tried to leave once prior, during the second day of Advanced, when Robin Lynn gave her interpretation of me at some point in the “sharing.” (Note: “sharing” was an exercise each person was required to do at the beginning of every day, which consisted of standing in front of a room full of people to psychobabble. Then the presenter probes you, maybe based on what she knows about the anagram, more so than compassion.) When I tried to leave, all the males in the room were allowed to encircle me and assure me to stick with the program. I stayed to learn more about myself, knowing we all are reflections of one another, and aware that there is goodness inherent in all things (as well as evil.)

My main issue was that, in my three years experience as an outreach worker, I never came across humanitarian work so lucrative as this. I never was asked to subscribe to beliefs that weren’t my own in order to be accepted. It was all very suspicious. To further control and sell me, I was told before leaving Momentum that I had to learn how to trust. However, I simply can’t trust something that clearly tries censor me on censures toward my cousin’s transgressions and indiscretion. I see it all as a hoax.

With that said, I will leave you with some poems I wrote after my experience:

Votary cultists, Coteries

Votary cultists
I seek deprogramming from such routines
The Pavlov ping in the great pinball machine
I look to deflate the power play
Of table tilters, tipping and turned for séance
When I'd rather hear the ocean in a conch
Not the contrived indoctrinations of illegitimate enterprise
With fraudulent schemes
The goldbricks of deceit and the wiles of some sharpie
Votary cultists
Abreactions from a hierarchy
Wangling marionettes with mesmerism
Your swearwords upon healthy skepticism
I'm a man of intellect
Psilocybin alchemy
Psychedelics before Scientology
Lawlessness and anarchy
I'm not a drone
I'm not a worker bee
I'm a man of theology
I've got my own quality philosophies
You wont tantalize me, I'm not a snake
I'm not a zombie, I'm no ones slave
I'm too awake for that sedation
In my superego and dissociation
Votary cultists
I don't need the church for spirituality
And the universe wont allow any such curse on me

I Can’t Be Pious For That Propriety

I don't practice voodoo
Or mumbo jumbo macumba
And I see right through parasitical pyramid schemes
When it's a lot of hoopla
Profits for non-prophets
Are we right back in Egypt?
Were all my friends and family about to be conscripted
And addict them to something so cryptic?
I see all the paying that goes into your bricklaying
The stonework of secret societies
It is all corrupt masonry
And I can't be pious for that propriety

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