Patriarchy groups - Anyone know anything about those cults
Posted by: Jennifer615 ()
Date: September 22, 2004 12:39PM

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about patriarchy groups. Basically, they believe in total domination of women, some believe in polygamy, they want to bring back the law from the time of Moses and Abraham, they seem to believe in an angry, tyrant God, they take everything in the Bible literally, and not to mention, are completely against divorce.

I was burnt by them when I was posting on the Full Quiver Mission forums and mentioned that I was divorced and remarried. They showed total comtempt towards me, so empathy at all when I explained how mentally and emotionally abusive my ex-husband was, and actually told me that I MUST DIVORCE MY NEW HUSBAND, even though we are happily married, have a child together and my daughter from my last marriage considers him her father!

I think they are a very dangerous cult! In alot of ways they are similar to the Jehovas Witnesses and the Boston Church of Christ, as they think their way is the only way, and they back up everything they say with scripture.

Does anyone know anything about them? Should they be added to this website as a cult?

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