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Re: JONESTOWN, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, President Carter
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 12:21AM

blog about Harvey Milk and Jim Jones



Harvey Milk in the letter accuses some Jim Jones victims of blackmail, and lies.
He also tries to influence President Carter to not get the state department involved in Guyana and Jonestown.

Harvey Milk called Jim Jones "loving protective parents", of the child they are trying to get out of Jonestown.
And the child they are talking about ended up murdered by Jim Jones, months later.

It was horrendous to leave this info about the letter and support of People's Temple, out of the Harvey Milk story, its deliberate.
It would be good to post the full-text of this letter if anyone can find it, as the image is hard to read.

[] to President Carter in February, 1978:
QUOTE from Harvey Milk letter:

"Rev. Jones is widely known in the minority communities here and elsewhere as a man of the highest character, who has undertaken constructive remedies for social problems which have been amazing in their scope and effectiveness. He is also highly regarded amongst church, labor, and civic leaders of a wide range of political persuasions. Our own Board of Supervisors has presented Rev. Jones with a Certificate of Honor, unanimously passed by all members, praising the church for its many projects "which have been so beneficial to all the citizens of the Bay Area." On the same occasion, he was also presented with a unanimously passed resolution by a Republican State Senator, Milton Marks representing that legislative body"

"Not only is the life of a child at stake, who presently has loving and protective parents in Rev and Mrs Jones..."

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Re: JONESTOWN, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, President Carter
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 12:48AM

also, apparently, the local politicians used Jim Jones church members in their elections.
It could be also that Jim Jones had various pieces of blackmail he could use against people?
There may have even been some illegal voting with bused in People's Temple members?

but regardless, that letter from Harvey Milk supporting Jim Jones right before the Jonestown massacre, that should not have been deleted from the bio of Harvey Milk.

another article

"Research on Harvey Milk Renews Calls for Reappraisal of Peoples Temple"
by Michael Bellefountaine


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Re: JONESTOWN, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, President Carter
Posted by: shakti ()
Date: March 10, 2009 12:51AM

AC, if you haven't already, you really need to take some time looking into Becky Moore, Massimo Introvigne, CESNUR, J. Gordon Melton, and Moore's Jonestown Institute. Moore's parents were Jonestown higher-ups, her sister had Jim Jones baby, yet she has spent the rest of her adult life apologizing for Jonestown. For some reason, it is very important to certain powerful people that the "big, bad Jim Jones who made everyone go crazy in the last year myth" be maintained. The agenda is to make pre- Guyana Jones stuff look like "idyllic socialism" and a perfect "intentional community", when the reality is that Jones was ALWAYS evil and his movement always a deception.

It is one thing to study the cults themselves, studying the PAID apologists for cults leads you into even stranger territory...


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Re: JONESTOWN, PBS, American Experience, the meaning of "Voluntary"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 10, 2009 02:41AM


For some reason, it is very important to certain powerful people that the "big, bad Jim Jones who made everyone go crazy in the last year myth" be maintained. The agenda is to make pre- Guyana Jones stuff look like "idyllic socialism" and a perfect "intentional community", when the reality is that Jones was ALWAYS evil and his movement always a deception.

Yes, its the larger para-cultic context in which the 'certain powerful people' networked and of which they formed a part--that so often escapes scrutiny, because these powerful people tend to control the media.

Here is an analogy I picked up after re-reading Kelly's book on the Black Death pandemic The Great Mortality.'

It is estimated that over all, 1/3 of Europe died in the Great Mortality of the 14th century.

But yersinia pestis, though a ghastly deadly pathogen, was not the sole culprit.

In later pandemics, mortality, though still dreadfuly high, was less. And the plague moved at a rate of 2 miles a day, in the 14th century, while in the 19th century, epidemiologists fighting an outbreak in Bombay, India, were astonished that the disease spread at a very sluggish rate.

Kelly, using accumulated research has found that what made 14th century Europeans so dreadfully vulnerable to death was that many of them had been in utero or were tiny kids, when Europe suffered 5 years of lethal famine earlier in the 14th century, leaving them with damaged immune systems.

Even then, in those awful circumstances, not everyone died.

Your body and immune system had to be vulnerable in relation to the plague pathogen, however powerful.

Well, its much the same with even the most powerful cultic group.

Its like an opportunistic infection. You need a gap, a breakdown in the larger social context, and a lack of vigilence by those who should be the immune system, the Fighter and Helper T-cells of human society--politicians, journalists, mainstream clergy.

If too many politicians, journalists, clergy and social justice activists are lulled into failing to fact check and do 'immune survaillance' on the new guy coming into town with his offer to save the world, society's immune barrier fails to function....much the way
powerful pathogens slip past the body's normal human immune barrier and get well entrenched before any sort of response is attempted.

By the time warnings come out, the cult has entrenched itself inside of vital parts of society the way HIV and plague manage to entrench themselves.

So...again, any cult leader who is clever enough to mimick the healing response of society and get the collusion of those who are supposed to guard us from rascals
before the rescals become entrenched and get an undeserved and deceptive sheen of legitimacy--thats a formidable cult leader indeed.

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Re: JONESTOWN, PBS, American Experience, the meaning of "Voluntary"
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: March 10, 2009 06:04AM

Here was the link Rick Ross provided at CultNews "news and fun links" area that got me fuming about Saint Harvey Milk's bloody fingerprints on how many poor souls at Jonestown...


IF you guys have already linked to it on this thread, my apologies for my oversight.

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Re: JONESTOWN, PBS, American Experience, the meaning of "Voluntary"
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 12:18PM

It seems that a number of political people were involved with Jim Jones, perhaps due to believing in the social-sexual politics, or maybe for their own reasons.

But of course after the massacre, they all try to wipe that out of history.
I was shocked to find that Harvey Milk support letter for Jim Jones, Harvey Milk supporters should not try to hide that by omission. Harvery Milk was a big supporter of Jim Jones even after Jones was in serious trouble, that is factual, its in the letter to Pres Carter.

Also, strangely, the facts of the investigation are still not released. One assumes that many people were afraid for their own careers after the tragedy, so they have tried to make it all seem like the madman cult leader did everything, when in fact he had a lot of support from the community, and those who were benefitting from Jones.

To this day, you still have "celebrities" backing the exact same style of cultic leader, just without the mass murder. But still with a huge level of exploitation of regular people.
But as long as their bread gets buttered, as long as they get their pay-off, they turn a blind-eye.

The next time one of these assholes tries to say..."ITS ALL VOLUNTARY" at their LGAT, the correct answer is that Jim Jones also claimed what he was doing was "voluntary" as well. Some of those people killed themselves "voluntarily", after being trained to do so many times.
Many people can be manipulated by ruthless cultic leaders to do horrible things.

But of course, they want to blame the victim, and also say, "Its all voluntary".
Meanwhile, you have a bunch of pre-Jonestown mini Jim Jones running around to this day.
Dozens are listed on this very website.

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JONESTOWN, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, Jonestown
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 01:14PM

if you do a search of Google news, for
"Harvey Milk" "Jim Jones",
out of thousands of news sources, only 2 articles come up. The one below mentions Jim Jones in passing, but says nothing about his connection with Harvey Milk.
The other is a tiny blog-style mention.

That is mind-boggling.
The entire mainstream media, and only ONE tiny mention in a discussion area?

Its really no different today, with all these celebrities endorsing these huge dangerous cultish groups, and no one asks them anything relevant about it.

STEPHANIE SALTER: The life and times and city of a consciousness-raiser

"My biggest problem with the film was what I saw as a need to portray the hero as super good (something common in many biopics, not just this one). Milk was human. Only after seeing the film and reading more about Milk did I learn, for example, that he had extensive dealings with Jim Jones's People's Temple (as did Mayor Moscone)"

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JONESTOWN, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, Jonestown, Walter Mondale
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 01:43PM

supposedly, Harvey Milk had stated in his recent will before his death, that his ashes be enshrined with some packages of "Kool-Aid" to signify the People’s Temple victims? Is that accurate?

Also, Jim Jones had met with Walter Mondale and went on his private plane while campaigning for VP.
Mondale became vice-president with Carter in 1976, and ran for president against Reagan in 1984.
also, they were connected with Rosalynn Carter too.
Ya think that explains why they covered up so much of this story?

The details about the contacts with Jim Jones would have ended the presidential political careers of all of them.
It will be interesting to see if the results of the investigations are ever released. How high did the blackmail go?

Who knows, maybe Jim Jones was providing money, people, and even sexual services from his followers (male or female) to some people in high places?

This one went right to the top, that is why Harvey Milk wrote to the President to try and hush it up, and block the investigations.



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JONESTOWN MASSACRE: The Unrevealed Story by Jeff A. Schnepper
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 02:13PM

JONESTOWN MASSACRE: The Unrevealed Story
USA Today
Jan, 1999 by Jeff A. Schnepper

The testimony of Rev. Jim Jones' mistress opens a Pandora's box of sex, lies, drugs, politics, and murder.

IN NOVEMBER, 1978, the world was stunned by dramatic pictures and stories about Rev. Jim Jones and the mass suicide of hundreds of people in Jonestown, Guyana. While the deaths were real, the stories were fabrications created to cover up the theft of more than $26,000,000, planned mass murder (not suicide), and the fiscal rape of the treasury of San Francisco by corrupt politicians.

Jones' second in command, Teresa Buford, was a survivor of the massacre. Her confession, revealing the true nature of what happened, details Jones' blueprint for creating his own nation, funded by U.S. taxpayers' dollars stolen as part of San Francisco's corrupt political system. Buford's allegations have been supported by Charles Garry, Jones' first lawyer, eight boxes of notes and correspondence found by The New York Times, and newly unsealed records turned over to the California Historical Society. In my research, all discrepancies between what she alleged and what was reported in 1978 have been resolved by independent documentation supporting her position. I believe Buford. This is her story.

Terri Buford was Jones' mistress and financial manager of the Peoples Temple in California. The daughter of a former naval commander and spy, Buford reveals the mind control and brainwashing techniques used by Jones and his followers to manage the members of the Peoples Temple. That was just the beginning, however. Jones' objective was power. Using the Temple as a base, he manipulated its members to vote for and support local California candidates. Membership in Jones' church reached 20,000 in California by the early 1970s and his church had 13 buses used to transport large groups on short notice to any political rally or demonstration he supported. In the successful 1975 San Francisco mayoral campaign of George Moscone, Temple members went from precinct to precinct, voting over and over. Officials at the polling places never confiscated the voters' yellow registration forms. There were more votes cast than registered voters. When Moscone's opponent, John Barbagelata, complained about voter fraud, Jones sent him a box of candy with a bomb. Though the bomb misfired, Barbagelata muffled his complaints.

Four hundred voter registration books disappeared and never were recovered, as the entire voting list of the 1975 election vanished without a trace. Timothy Stoen, then Jones' righthand man, was moved from Ukiah, Calif., to San Francisco as Assistant District Attorney and put in charge of the Voter Fraud Unit. In effect, the prosecutors were responsible for investigating themselves. The 1975 fraud resulted in not one conviction.

Those government officials he could not influence with his ballot power, Jones owned through drugs and blackmail. Buford was the head of Jones' "diversions" unit, formed specifically to blackmail politicians whose sexual activity was photographed or tape recorded. Allies were rewarded handsomely with financial and sexual favors. Millions of dollars then were stolen from the government of San Francisco by Jones and the Temple through the scheme of signing up adopted children for government benefits endorsed by politicians elected with phony balloting in rigged elections. These benefits were paid to the Temple by politicians empowered and owned by Jones. The children were put on the streets with $100-a-day quotas to be met by begging or suffer severe beatings for their failure.

Temple staff members were placed in key positions in the government to ensure the continued flood of new money. In Ukiah, Jones-controlled workers served in the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Hall, the Public Health Department, and the Offices of County Government. In effect, the entire local government was on Jones' payroll. In San Francisco, Jones himself was rewarded with the job of heading the city's Housing Authority.

Jones arranged free government housing for his Temple members. Properties that were in tax delinquency as well as repossessed, foreclosed, Veterans Administration, and HUD homes were kept apart from the city's public auction block and diverted to the Peoples Temple's holdings. Through Jones' Housing Authority position, he and his staff amassed a huge fortune in city properties, all considered tax-exempt due to the religious classification the Temple enjoyed. Jones was attempting to create a pseudo-religious empire modeled on the merger of religion and politics.

San Francisco Mayor Moscone and politician Harvey Milk were murdered in 1978, nine days after Jones' death. Temple member Bonnie Malman had been sent by Jones to have sex with Moscone long before he was mayor. She became his secret lover and a spy for Jones. Milk originally had been a Temple supporter who had been involved with Buford in the many sordid sex schemes involving California politicians. He saw Guyana as an experiment that "didn't work." Milk disassociated himself from the Temple and believed that Jonestown political forces were plotting his death to silence him. He was right.

Both were killed by Dan White, who was sentenced to five years for the murders. White's alleged motive was his concern that Moscone would not rehire him for his supervisory post. Why, then, had White resigned voluntarily from his City Hall position just a few days before the murder? His resignation took place on the same day that Rep. Leo Ryan (D.-Calif.) announced that he was going to Jonestown to investigate alleged abuses there. Ryan was killed at Jonestown.

Seven weeks after White's release from prison, he was found dead in his car. His death, labeled a suicide, never was investigated fully. When confronted by White's friends who unanimously declared him "not capable of committing suicide," the San Francisco police chief responded, "Draw your own conclusions."

Stolen funds

Jones had come to Guyana to build a city and take over a country, but things went horribly wrong. Jones' drug use escalated out of control. Under his direction, Terri Buford was sent to Paris and Zurich with suitcases full of money. Buford put the money in accounts under her own name--$26,000,000 worth of deposits. This was money stolen from the governments in California and from Temple members themselves. Jones had collected welfare or Social Security payments for Temple members, even those who already had died. Hospital records and obituary columns were searched for the recently deceased, then credit cards and benefits were applied for in their names.

Jonestown had a population of about 900, out of which almost 300 were children. Jones created a cadre of killers, his personal armed guard. Totally loyal to him, culled from the desperately poor, the exploited, the foster children, and those forcibly abducted from the U.S., they were trained to commit murder without conscience. In the jungle, these armed guards surrounded the compound on the final fateful day.

They were armed with semi-automatic weapons, shotguns, and cross-bows. People don't use arrows to commit suicide. According to Buford, and supported by private investigator Louis Gurvich, at least two-thirds of the people had been murdered. It was not a mass suicide, but a mass murder inspired by Jones and his followers to steal the hidden millions deposited in Europe. Jones was supposed to have committed suicide with his followers. Why, then, was the gun that killed him found more than 60 feet from his corpse? In fact, according to Buford, Jones was killed by Michael Prokes, a former bodyguard who had been Buford's lover prior to her leaving him for the cult leader. Jones was supposed to escape in a special helicopter waiting for him and his guards in the jungle. He never made it.

Jones believed that the deaths, framed as suicides, never would be followed up since no one is tried for a suicide. The public bought the suicide story because survivors feared for their lives if they suggested anything else. Anyone who talked died.

Buford escaped from the compound and went to Jones' new lawyer, Mark Lane, the alleged expert on the John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., assassinations. According to Buford, Lane had been hired by Jones to shift the blame from himself and his leaders to the CIA. While representing her, Lane became her lover and she bore him a child. Their daughter is the issue of Jones' former lover and Jones' "trusted attorney." Lane subsequently denied any "personal involvement" with Buford in an interview with CBS journalist Walter Cronkite. Buford gave Lane the full details about the secret bank accounts. Lane ultimately discarded Buford, but not before the money had disappeared.

Where do things stand today? Twenty-six million dollars stolen from California taxpayers and Temple members has vanished. Buford does not have it. She is in hiding, still fearful for her life. Lane shows no lack of funds. A mass murder of almost 1,000 men, women, and children has been covered up with drapes of "suicide." How can hundreds of children be considered suicide victims? Moreover, the depths of corruption that so permeated California politics in the late 1970s remain uncovered.

No one grasped the truth since it was hidden by politicians whose careers were in jeopardy because of their compliance with Jones. According to Tim Reiterman, author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning book on the subject, the House Foreign Affairs Committee questioned Buford in secret. Why were the documents sealed until now? Is this generation to be a silent witness to murder and not trusted with the truth about the events? After all these years, finally, a light of logic and truth shines upon that turbulent era--or does it? ABC Associate Producer Courtney Bullock believes the story. She received "warnings" from unnamed sources, and her "20/20" expose was overruled. Instead, "20/20" retold the lies

Mr. Schnepper, Associate Economics Editor of USA Today, is an attorney and estate planner in Cherry Hill, N.J.

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JONESTOWN, Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, Jonestown, Walter Mondale
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 10, 2009 02:52PM

one other interesting thing in this, is in the letter Harvey Milk wrote to President Carter he says, []

"our official relations with Guyana could stand to be jeopardized, to the potentially great embarassment of our State Department".

What is the "shocking embarrassment" he is talking about?

In the 1970's, the US government and CIA was influencing and controlling Guyana, providing secret financial support, etc, like they were in many countries, especially in South America.
So Jim Jones would not have been able to get into Guyana with 1000 people, without the approval of the powers that be.

So who knows, maybe some elements of the US State Department did make that happen?
This is just a guess, but what if they wanted to install Jim Jones as the "leader" of Guyana, at some point? That was a typical pattern at the time, dealing with 3rd world dictators, maybe they wanted one of their own?

There are some writings out there that Jim Jones said he did want to take the country over, and Guyana only had 750,000 people in 1978.
He had experience in rigging elections already in SF, and could act socialist, while being a capitalist.

But then maybe they had a change of policy, and things fell apart, so they hung him out to dry, as they tend to do?
Maybe it was a geopolitical experiment that went horribly wrong?
If they were involved at all, that would explain the cover-up and distortions, and the fact the investigations have been kept secret.

The entire thing really doesn't add up.

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