Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: laarree ()
Date: January 16, 2009 03:48AM

A friend exhibits his photography at a gallery here in New York. While exploring this gallery's website, I noticed that they also exhibit the work of a fairly prominent female digital artist who's name I was familiar with. One of the shows she had was called "The Vibhuti Series", which consists of large polaroid prints of "vibhuti", the ash that the notorious Indian God-man Sathya Sai Baba allegedly "manifests" to boggle the minds of his credulous followers. In this case, however, the vibhuti was "manifested" by her guru, Derek O'Neill, who in turn is an acolyte of Sai Baba. [www.clampart.com] He apparently is another popular globe-trotting, workshop-conducting New Age guru-type who is regarded by at least some of his followers as an avatar. [www.energyblessing.com]

With all my Googling, I easily found many effusive raves about him from followers, but have yet to find a truly critical commentary. The closest I've found to a journalistic portrait of him is this largely sympathetic article from New York magazine from 2005: [nymag.com]

Has anyone here ever heard of him and have anything to report about him from the cult/cult leader perspective?

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: investigator ()
Date: June 11, 2009 03:24AM

Whats up!

Found some info on this guy for you, in addition the person O'Neil studied under has many allegations against him. He studied under Sai Baba supposedly and Sai Baba has many allegations of sex abuse against him.

Beth Farmer quote
Many of us that left, did so because of the constant push for money, land, deeds and other things that we were asked in some subtle and other not so subtle ways to give to Derek and his organization. Along with other unsettling things that were going on. This current policy has solidified my reasons for leaving this organization as any kind of a student or follower. Along with a lot of emotional abuse, threats, coercion and intimidation I experienced as a "member" of this organization

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: laarree ()
Date: June 11, 2009 06:16AM

Hi investigator! Thanks for posting your find and the link too. I could swear I saw that woman's website months ago when I was Googling for info about Derek O'Neill. She seems to be in what is probably a common state of mind for people putting their cult involvement behind them -- aware of the abuse and exploitation that they had been subjected to by their "guru", but still gripped by and invested in the belief system that flavored the cult. In her case, she is still a believer in and promoter of New Age mumbo jumbo, and it looks like she makes her living from it.

I've known about Sathya Sai Baba since the mid-1980s, when I attended a therapy conference and heard a keynote speech given by an Australian psychiatrist who revealed his relationship to SSB by the end of his talk (I'm not a therapist BTW). I was appalled by the sight of so many psychotherapists sitting at his feet after the talk was over to hear more about his beloved guru. I guess Rajneesh was discredited by that point and maybe these folks needed someone new to attach themselves to.

I was surprised a couple of months ago to find that a friend of mine announced that she was doing a Derek O'Neill workshop here in New York City on her Facebook page. I haven't broached the subject with her.

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: BrokenHalo ()
Date: April 16, 2012 10:50PM

As someone who is fighting the issues due to NOT wanting to be a part of this "whatever you want to call it", the verbuti is to burn bad karma. They mentally,physically abuse you etc. then the verbuti goes on the ears,forehead and sometimes on other parts. My purpertrator would put it on me also. they also teach you how to use fresh lemon to burn "bad" karma. Astroved.com "vedic" is the astrology they go by. Locations range from Ireland, NY,CA,AZ and the latest in Canada.

Weaknesses and abuses are "brought to the surface" as most portray themselves as "healers" and then kundalini is another thing you possibly go through which can spontaneous open and suspend; this is also done as part of their desire of "complete control" over their hoped for devotee. Since the manipulation of the subject is another part of their desired effect imagine what going through kundalini is like in this emotional and mental state. As I was told "I can get you any drug you want", drugs were used on me during the process.

Skin changing shapeshifters are used to mess up your mind further making you dependant on the "healer" as hysteria and chaos ensue. You are also prompted, coeirced to see their asended masters for their courses and "healing sessions" which include physical message to heal and balance you along with MORE PROGRAMMING which these monsters go through themselves every time they go back to their "teachers, meaning asended masters". If you are not healed it is because "you do not believe"! Siva Babba, Vishnu etc.
Shapeshifters' faces are the give away for them. The face doesn't look right somehow and the reason why is they have been here many times and remember those lives... so the different parts of the shapeshifter's face look out of place as you are seeing "parts" of their other faces; supposedly the subject sees these faces because you have been related to them in past lives, mother,father, child,wiife, ruler, etc.

They believe they come from a place where you manifest things you desire with your mind and "their" way of thinking and belief is that the same thing can be accomplished here on earth. You are told there are 5 of each of us in different planes and another way you will fail your responsibility and be "out of the game, is if you don't comply with their instructions. I want to explain more but don't feel safe......lying and no real emotions is how they gain approval from whomever "source" is for them and how they pull in new subjects. They claim in 12-12 the plates of the earth will shift and so many of them will be leaving the USA for other countries where they will use their incredible powers to help the earth! Disease will be almost non-existant, all kinds of wonderful things are supposed to happen. It's a club of few masters (manipulators) and the rest are pawns and dirty work doers, bottom of the trash can maggots. Life can be made very miserable as they know no one will believe you and one healer runs many subjects over years! Oh, they love you like crazy if you're good and comply but check for your wallet, credit card numbers etc. The hypnotysm and programming keeps the subject submissive and just a few taps as you're saying NO,NO and you comply, the word NO is not even in your head at that point and you are docile and submissive. Take a long trip with them and you won't remember the whole trip because you are in a state other than consciousness which can really shorten a trip! They are trying right now to bring more males into the group and the one in Canada run by an ex soccer player, female blonde hair blue eyed. What does bring bile to my throat is reading the part where these new asended masters suddenly realize "that they are here for "LOVE". When they bring in these new upper class members, web sites are created (3 or 4) usually so a layman thinks WOW! This person is well known and I can change my life or gather more materialism or follow my bliss! You might even be having intercourse in some very ugly and dehumanizing ways and be unaware of it till you don't comply so you get to experience it consciously and then you see even more horror! They are talking to you and then you are ??? I didn't realize I was the one being spoken to as the partner the healer wanted and was requesting was not my healthy aware physical loving side but the child who had been sexually abused which was "discovered" by my loving healer. Yes, that was sarcasm. Though this is more real than anyone would want it to be and so many who could help do not. this is my last post on the subject and I am contemplating disappearing as I have said too much and yet not enough. How will they be held responsible? We die alone and are judged is my only consolation as I don't see any court cases against these crimes and this particular "institution" has grown larger as no one watches, well, keep your eyes open "reptis" as their day will come also. I did not seek this "healer" out he was sent directly to me by an enemy. I sound paranoid, dellusional? Then they can feel like they did a very good job on me. Life doesn't mean much in this state of mind.

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: laarree ()
Date: April 17, 2012 07:17AM

BrokenHalo, do you really believe what you posted, or are you just goofing around?

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: BrokenHalo ()
Date: June 05, 2012 04:53PM


I wish to God I was goofing around. I went through it and am now a threat with a few just moved in near me. I got a call back from RR saying it was impossible for me to be programmed and have them run with out their (Dr. Mangela) actually being there. He said see a psychiatrist, I got in touch with a friend doing some heavy counseling and she called all over the country and more and finally got a hold of someone in austria who is quite aware of this crap. I though about what RR said and told myself I was dellusional for a while, it didn't work cause the ringing in my ears and my brain feeling like it was spinning freely in my head along with severe nausea, a relative had a stroke, I felt the stroke, she had no pain. Dellusional is not what this is! A few weeks b4 that I was standing INSIDE of my house heard a vehicle coming past the house fast and felt as if someone had thrown something which hit me in the gut causing the nausea and motion sick feeling. distance is part of their thing the further away they are sometimes I can at least have a bit of quiet, like listening to TV on 17 when normal and when they and sometimes it is 3 of them on me like as I am typing some of this.. Years of hell, I am going to the church and have been blessed to find a humble,holy Catholic priest who is taking a shot at this. Read the manchurian candidate for the programming part. One of their worst best is on my ass and he is self and asended master taught; his specialty is the use of evil in many religions, from hawaiian to indian and more. Laarree, sorry too much info. I've already put here, many nights in the first 2 plus years I have spent plastered up against the wall where a poster of Jesus hangs in my "holy room", sobbing the rosary or praying to saints. Yes, God has encouraged me, it took a priest several times to get to my house to bless it; the last time he tried he shut his door and his windshield popped out! I believe he was frightened at that point so I put the check (stipend) I wrote him into the donation basket.....my faith could not be denied but I was giving up expecting him not to come at all. He did and went through a very large house in 12 minutes! Even brought another man with him. I told myself he was giving the evil no attention as my house feels clean now and I stayed away from my bed room and other rooms upstairs for well over a year. One of the worst parts of programming is that whatever is programmed in is boastful and wants everyone to hear about it. Which makes you sound like a psycho. Takes A LOT of control TO control yourself. Some days I isolate myself from others when the rage gets big. Oh, yea this is a party! I pray God would take his God given gifts away so he can hurt no more. I pray that the 3 that are hasseling me trying to drive me to sucide will die and alot of days lately I pray God will take me, I can't live like this much longer. Shape shifter, skinchanger...don't believe even when you see it and I know of 2, one I thought was good, thought he was sent by God to help people; not so sure about him at this moment either...he met a woman he doesn't want to breathe without; I warned him and I DO know who she is;the cult sent her to keep him busy; his ego got in the way and he won't know he's been had till it's done! I used my intellect and even if drugs were used how can they make you see 11 others all different faces, sizes weights etc.?, yet those same multiple "people" changing right b4 your friggen eyes. Even if the same drug was used the wouldn't be possible. I have to joke or I'll vomit! ALL THE FACES WERE UGLY TO ME. I hated him and what he did to me we both knew it but I couldn't get away and stay away. I got to guess after awhile which one was going to show up and that depends on the circumstances as they are like MPD sufferers, only the mental and physical changes doesn't back that up...I believe that problem is remembering too many lives and lack of kundalini balance and integration. They thrive on problems and chaos to keep things stirred up in your life, it makes their job easier! I now trust no one I mean no one but God. Got to watch out for fanaticism in any religion and I needed to find out how what was done to me was done so I did some research not getting too deep, got some of the answeres to how certain things were done to me and backed off. I can't say anymore, I know I sound paranoid...go through this and you'd be the same! Especially as this ringing continues! I will never be okay enough to have a relationship, you start new friendships because only the people that really know you for years can deal with this. I feel like and at first I was frightened of everyone and anyone. Waking up as you are vomiting in your bed is another lovely thing that happens and the explanation I am sure I would be given was I had "time travel sickness". Yes, the natural and the supernatural as the priest says. I am a very strong person been through alot of ugly and I also believe that has helped me. They might send their scary things but I have seen so much at this point it would startle me but afraid, no because I would fight for my life and fight to defend and take theirs. Household everyday things a person would use and other equalizers are near my touch and I am making some progress and putting some away. I have got to take control of my mind no matter what was put in it. Indoctrination seemed to take about 6 or 7 days. there is an urban legend that if you say "how's it going repti" they will contract some type of pnemonia and die in three days, wish it wasn't an urban legend. Every time I figured out how I was being manipulated and questioned IT, he would just use another tatic. They also want you isolated from other people, the last three days of indoctrination were done in a shed. yea, that wasn't fun either "german sex magic" was used as he dumped ugly and evil and frightening things into my brain. The chemicals released during the sexual act as you are laying there "out of it" the body is reacting to the sex and the brain is releasing that good feeling taking in the info.
They use whatever they know on you to scare you so the answer to that is to use what "you believe" will take it out! Also without help I figure that a person should go back to their foundation religion and try to work forward. The only positive I have found so far is they believe if they kill you they will be your slave in the next life. Not very positive as insanity is the promise they make to you if you open your mouth. Well, I am yelling as loud as I can sometimes. Some jackass woman I know who used to practice black magic asked me if I was testing God!!! No I want my perps GONE. the tracking technology they have is pretty extensive cults RAKE in the bucks, so telephones, computers are listened to and monitored. I never in my life thought I would even know some one who went through this never mind being one of them.

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 05, 2012 09:38PM

BrokenHalo has been banned from this message board.

The topic of this thread is not paranoid delusions.

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: laarree ()
Date: June 06, 2012 12:14AM

A sound decision, rrmoderator. BrokenHalo's posts did seem to be coming from the dark side of the moon.

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: Last resort ()
Date: August 16, 2016 07:31PM

I have observed Derek over many years. This is a narcissistic and extremely controlling person. He threatens on many levels up to very heavy black magic if you go against him. People are afraid to write about their experience and instead "disappear from any social media after being persecuted, because he is very strong and is known by doing lots of evil things.
Usually after relaxing people with his energy Derek Approaches students on his workshop and solicits money, land houses, jewelry. It's difficult to refuse because he promises "a lot of blessings, being involved in the brotherhood", also blessings of "detachment" if you go with him and "have trust in trust and faith in faith". And because he seems so charming people go for that. Later they may be very sorry but he denies taking money or just refuses to give back. He came to me and asked for all my family jewelry. I brought next time, he said he needs to keep them in his house to work on me, and then in a couple of months said that it never happened that I gave jewelry to him. He is also known to get all people's jewelries "to get rid of their attachments".
Derek is a deeply wounded person and psychopath with a very evil mind. He suffered a lot in his childhood. He describes himself as a younger child who was always weaker than his 7 brothers and brought in a family of an alcoholic mother who has beaten him multiple times and hit him with a folk injuring his body. One of his brothers later reported his cult. He was also many times abused sexually as a child, which now he uses to abuse sexually other people in many different ways, separates families and gay couples to get a man for himself. He reported on FUBAR radio that he had a boy-friend since 2012.
He grew up as an extremely angry man, was in prison for beating a person almost for death, was known to beat his children and drive away in attacks of rage.
That never went away, Derek is extremely cruel to his followers and lies in their face. That's why most people who were with him in the beginning left, his secretary left recently, the organizers of his prior organization "be born now" left, and now he is alone and with his boy-friend Jonathan who is the age of his son, at the head of his company. He is always looking for new people and charming them his energy.

Derek came to me at his wellness center "Creacon Lodge"and started asking for money. I was working closely with him for the past 6-7 years. He started to ask for money, first saying that he wants to help my family and then openly threatening that "things are not going to go well", my family may get an "evil eye", basically threatening black magic that you can't report to anyone and you never can prove that he did it. He gradually took from me 100K without stopping threatening.
Some of this money he may be sending to humanitarian funds from his own name because he makes his name on children charities. He gets awards and than brags on the radio shows that he is the best organizer and the money should be donated only to him, that he got so many awards. He doesn't mention where the money come from. As he lacks education he tries to build his name on his unique capacities to distribute money, again building his name on the rewards.
Again he charms people into his interviews. How he gets this money? Heavy soliciting without acknowledging other people, attracting people by his energy help. Derek had several law suits from people to get their money back. In one of the law suits he was asked to stop his visits to USA were he tricked and lied to his organizers and didn't pay taxes that forced other people who organized his events to pay for him.
The threats of this person is horror for society, he can come up and solicit from any person coming to his workshop, especially on his workshops in Ireland. Usually it happens after one year of the person emotional involvement. Besides he can do any of his "energy work" on people without any permission from the person as soon as he learns about this person at his own workshop, at his place - the wellness Centre in Ireland, or at his students workshops "more truth will set you free" or now he uses also "mom's legacy workshops".
There is no human rights in those interventions. He "augments any strong qualities the other person has", increasing people's obesity, separating families and couples by talking individually to them and discouraging one of them out from the relationship. This way he got his partner Jonathan even when his wife was alive. The wife was simply wasn't permitted to do any services and gradually disappeared. JOnathan is the age of his son.

Re: Has anyone here ever heard of Irish guru/"avatar" Derek O'Neill?
Posted by: Last resort ()
Date: August 19, 2016 10:08AM

laarree Wrote:
> A sound decision, rrmoderator. BrokenHalo's posts
> did seem to be coming from the dark side of the
> moon.

Derek O'Neill does black magic, that augments people's problems. Increase obesity, sends shape shifting misfires into people's auras to destroy the light body, likes to "annihilate" a person in his words. Antochrist of the modern era. He also likes to exhaust people by devoiding them of sleep.
This is a modern concentration camp. This can be the experience of the "dark side of the moon", completely outside of regular experiences.

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