Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: mmasters ()
Date: September 27, 2011 02:37AM

The thing people don't realize about Stewart is he is a good actor, he plays himself off as a former "Montauk Boy" that was used in horrific mind control experiments for the Illuminati's purposes of controlling humanity. He plays it off that has had the world of wrong done to him and he is doing everything he can to help others break free from the mind control and programming that was developed using him as a Guinea pig. He really does play the part well of trying to be a good person and help others and I fell for the whole schtick. The thing that hooked me in further were the hyperspace visualization techniques which he says he came up with, however, it has been uncovered at the that he stole these techniques from a blind social worker that shared them with him while he was in prison. So after getting some of the hyperspace techniques to work I was sold. Combine that with having an oncoming illness of schizophrenia (that I was completely unaware of, I thought Stewart represented the truth) I nearly died in accepting his view of reality.

To make a long story short I ultimately became delusional to the point I felt I needed to swim across the James River (here in Virginia) in order to pay off a debt to the Romanov family and heard Stewart's voice guiding me that I needed to cross it. The river was at flood stage and using all my might I was able to swim through the cold spring rapids and make it to nearly halfway across the river. At that point I was getting sucked under and the river was moving 20+ miles an hour. I managed to swim to an old railroad pillar in the middle of the river below a highway bridge and using all my force was able to climb onto it. Luckily someone saw me struggling in the river and a river rescue was made. I spent the next few weeks in a mental hospital and thought I had died and was in the "astral realm." Truly crazy stuff. It took a while for me to realize it wasn't the "illuminati" or "programming" that was going on and that I had a real mental illness. By the time I realized the truth I was hospitalized again for thinking my mother was trying to kill me.

The stress of these incidents ultimately put a lot of stress on my mother who shortly after suffered a fatal stroke. I can't blame Stewart for it but I do believe he played a part in the severity of things with his teachings of mind-control and programming. I'm not sure if I could have a successful lawsuit against him for it all but I've definately entertained the idea.

The mind control things he teaches are truly sinister, he sells DVDs called "Mind Control and Programming," there are 2 volumes along with a DVD on the history of Mind Control. The bottom line of the mind control he says at the front of the first Mind Control and Programming DVD: that if you are fully programmed you cannot ever expect to deprogram but a fraction of yourself in this lifetime, and, that it will take many lifetimes of work before you can be free of this mental prison (which can include functions to murder people, murder yourself and perform tasks you would not ever want to do). And then after telling you this he gives his "deprogramming techniques" which incorporate NLP and visualizations and are listed in his books. Then he paints himself as being the expert on the matter and that you cannot find this information elsewhere and you must work with him (i.e. pay him money through consultations) with him as a coach to help you through this because he's been doing this longer than anyone else has and is a guru at it if anyone is. (He actually condemns the church for using mind control saying the scam works in telling you that you are "born in sin" as a tactic to make you subservient to the church and that if you are lucky you can get "purgatory" ...well if that's the tactic it's exactly the one the SOB uses on his clients to extort money from them.)

Not long after you find out you're successfully deprogramming yourself, are personally consulting with him and he has told you the specific programming he sees in you through his psychic ability, he then tells you how he sees you're being "reprogrammed." which means you must work harder, at this point (if you believe in it all) which many people do and I did you start to get freaked out and scared for your own mental state. In my case this led to a Schizophrenic episode that nearly cost me my life.

Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: vatten ()
Date: July 04, 2019 01:59AM

Hi, my name is Nina (vatten) and I am from Sweden. Have listened to the interview with you in "Age of truth". Very interesting to listen to what you had to say. The reason I write is about the vaccine. You said there are ways to get the vaccine out of the body again. Would be very grateful for answers to how this is done.
Would also like to thank you for your courage to share your thoughts and experiences.

Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow (Update)
Posted by: CarolMarks ()
Date: July 23, 2019 03:19AM

I have known them for years and delt with them, they infact pretend, they are both very two faced con artists I have heard then trash so many people , paing members and OMG members who have to shell out about 10 k a year . Stewart is a mean bitter man and Janet is just as foul in her person as she is on her podcasts, the woman looks angry all the time,she has the same vibe in person.

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