Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: December 18, 2008 12:44AM

Thank you Seth for coming forward. I didn't even know they were also getting people to divorce, quite hard to stomach, but then again, having spent 'time' with SS, nothing surprises me.

I hope more people will find the courage to eventually come forward & speak out.

And, BTW, they're working in tandem (him & his wife).

Short synopsis re Monarch mind control programming:


On the beginnings of MK-Ultra & Monarch []

Specifically last post (Senate Investigations on the History of US Mind Control)

A 50 min video provided by the History Channel, shedding some light on the covert operations as well as witnesses of the human live experiments.


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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: Revelations ()
Date: August 04, 2011 08:38AM

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have some info to add to this thread. I was involved with expansions for a few years. At first I was a believer in what they taught but as time went on I started to realize the Swerdlow's are con artists running a cult. They are more dangerous than your average con artist because they are also programming people. They use various forms of programming techniques and one of them is Neuro-linguistic programming. Like Tony Robbins they can program people with their voice and people don't even realize what's happening to them.

They also like to break up couples because it's easier to control one person than a couple. They're money grubbers and take money from anyone but they try to target rich people so they can extract more money from them. They also try and con people into moving to St. Joe, Michigan because that's where their cult is.

There is so much info to share about them that it would be easier to direct readers to a couple of excellent threads that has tons of info.



Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: mmasters ()
Date: August 06, 2011 11:17AM

Click here to find my story with them and how they took advantage of my situation to help ruin my family

Now I have recieved a harassing threat of legal action from them for talking about it publically.

They are psychopaths and cold, heartless excuses for humans much like Casey Anthony is.

They like to prey on those who are disillusioned by the conspiracies of world and disillusion them further by manipulating them into believing they have things like horrific "programming" inside of them they cannot remove in their lifetimes. However you can make some progress in removing it by paying them money for their "services" and using bizzare occult-like techniques that can cause more harm than good.

I agree with the previous poster to spend some time at - an entire forum dedicated to the victims of these terrible people and their wicked cult, a crime to humanity.

Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: August 06, 2011 08:16PM

Your link does not work, mmasters, can you post it again?

Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: Purplepebble ()
Date: August 11, 2011 02:02AM

Hi everyone,

I was a long time follower of Expansions and want to share my experience with you.

I first heard about Expansions in an email I received in about 2001, through an email list that I was on. At first their information appeared to aimed at helping others overcome programming so I bought a couple of books to begin with.

After a few years of following their website, my partner and I paid for two separate consultations. We arrived at the place where the consultations were taking place, and we both met Stewart. We talked for about 5 minutes and it was figured that I would have the first consult.

I was very eager to get some answers to some of the things that this Stewart person claimed, through his books and website etc could potentially help me.

My partner eft to wait for his consult and as soon as he walked out of the door, Stewart told me in so many words, that he was unsure of my partner and that in so many words he was "bad" for me, that our relationship would be ending within several months and I would find the "right one".. Which was very unnerving at the time and made me somewhat suspicious of my partner. Divide and conquer . Stewart claims to be able to "see things" that nobody else can, due to his time spent at Montaulk which he has written about in his books. He claims that he "specializes" in deprogramming trauma based programming and I honestly thought that this man could see sense something about my partner that I couldn't.

That was the first 10 minutes or so of the consult. He then went on to give very poor "health advice" and prescribing supplements and vitamins , cleanses etc...he told me that I had a blood clot forming in my thigh that I should " keep my eye on" and he had no advice with regard to this blood clot he prescribed me with. He basically had just put this idea in my mind, and he left me hanging with this "information"... I have since come to learn that he has used fearful tactics such as this on many other people.

Anyway, after about an hour of Stews particular brand of brainwashing, my time was up and just as I was about to leave he told me NOT to mention any of what he said to my partner.

My partner had his consult and NOTHING whatsoever was mentioned to him along the lines of what was mentioned to me.. infact the information Stewart told my partner was quite the opposite...along with the same prescription of vitamins, cleanses etc...Stewart does not have any type of credentials with regards to any of the services he provides.

When we both left, I told my partner about what was said, which raised humungous red flags as to the authenticity of Stewart and his abilities. We both made arrangements for a joint consult where Stewart back peddled the whole time and in the end tried to convince us to move to Michigan and to forsake everything in the process.

Thankfully, unlike some other people whose lives have been turned upside down by this cult, we thankfully ignored his attempt to recruit us.

I did not find out that my consult and many others had similar parallels until I found the Hyperspace Cafe Forum
which I urge people to check out, there are lots of detailed accounts of personal consults and horrific personal experiences from those who were close to Stewart and Janet in one way or another, who have since exited the cult, not without being attacked by both Janet and Stewart, while they hide behind threatening letters from their lawyer who is part of their inner circle group.

They use "alternative style" radio shows and hosts to support their recruiting program on a weekly basis. They also use this platform in attempts to provide damage control towards those who have come out and told the truth about their experiences with the Expansions Cult and it's methods of fear based programming and recruiting. Fear has been a useful tool for this cult's tactics in it's attempts to quieten those who would tell of their experiences.

Thankfully the tide has turned and more people are coming forward with their personal stories and experiences. The money spent, the families torn apart, and the horrors of the inner workings of this cult, the tactics they use and the lengths they are going to, to keep what is left of their brainwashing/reprogramming operation afloat.

And they need to keep it afloat so that Stewart and his wife can drive around in expensive cars, keep their swimming pool, hot tub etc paid for, their garden manicured, trips paid for and in general live the life of Riley while the unwitting cult members are kept in a fog of never-ending "mental work" they need to do on themselves, (according to the Expansions Cult, everything boils down to "mental work and unresolved mind patterns")..

All the while, what the memebers are doing, is paying to support the lifestyle these cult leaders have become accustomed to off of the backs of those they have recruited... while rubbing their hands together at the thought of potential new recruits.

There are some eye opening details to be found at the HCF, the Expansions Cult is a never-ending rabbit hole of derision which serves only to program people into their cult.


Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow - spin-off
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: August 14, 2011 10:09PM

I wanted to inform those that have been exposed to the Expansions cult network that there is now a spin-off that has been started by a guy who refers to himself as 'White Wolf'.

He claims to have been a trained assassin and has written a book about his life (Shadow Scorpion). Peculiarly enough, on his website, he claims to be a 'medicine man'. He has been working closely with the Swerdlows and by all accounts and purposes, it seems as if he is about to take this whole 'Hyperspace technique' brainwashing nonsense further and merging and combining it with his fake acclaims of being trained by a 'native' medicine man...(whatever that means!).


When typing 'White Wolf medicine' this link shows up: []

On White Wolf's website, he has a video that shows him with the two Expansions cult leaders.


Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 15, 2011 10:50AM

Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: August 15, 2011 05:36PM

Could I ask why you put up that link corboy?

Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 15, 2011 09:04PM

Disclaimer: This is in NO way an endorsement of the Swerdlows.

Just an observation that there exists a diversity of view points concerning what some psychonauts consider useful vs hazardous.



Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: August 15, 2011 09:29PM

Corboy, have you even read anything that was posted on the Hyperspace Cafe website?

This is distracting from who the Swerdlows are and what they're really doing and it is counter intuitive to try and make them look as if they're legit.

They brainwash people by making them believe they have been programmed and that Stewart is the only who can help them - including sexual deprogramming. Ayahuasca doesn't even come into the equation. So why you would go and come up with these two links doesn't make any sense unless you're trying to discredit my attempts at exposing these two scamsters and sexual predators.

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