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"Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: November 24, 2008 02:06AM

Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone has had any dealings with them? They (esp. Stewart) claims that he can 'scan' a person's body for supposed microchips implanted in the body, "specialises" in "de-programming" people who have been subject to severe mind-control (or, "programming" as he calls it) of all forms (from sexual to whatever else 'deserves' the tag "mind-control"). His 'techniques' are mostly based on symbols Stewart has "designed" (referred to him as "golden altar", working with colours, "doing visualisations of "T-bar", "brown x-ing", etc).

Among other things, he claims to be a "medical intuitive", tell his client where on the globe their vibrational frequency is the best place to live a.s.f. He claims that he speaks 12 languages and lots more.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone's impression/feeling who has attended one of his seminars or had a consultation with them.

As to my own experience, it was severely damaging & also very traumatic. I'm just wondering whether I have been the only one knowing that the Swerdlows threaten anyone with legal action if they dare speak out against him or his wife (which is probably why it took me almost 4 years before summoning up my resolve to "come out").

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: November 24, 2008 02:56AM

I haven't had any dealings with them, but I do think that when such people use claims such as

'gives simple God-Mind tools to effect permanent change in the mind-pattern, as well as align Self with Oversoul and God-Mind' or

'A gifted medical intuitive ... a clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns'

to sell their services then they should be required by law to have such statements scientifically proven and receive a state recognised qualification before they can be allowed to practice as healers or in business. Otherwise, it should be illegal. You are generally required to demonstrate that you have the qualifications for numerous professions, especially those that deal with other people's well-being and safety. A person cannot just set up shop as a doctor without having successfully completed the required medical training, so why should it be any different for a healer or psychic.

I don't know what issues regarding the individuals in question could possibly lead to legal action, but I would wager that if it rests on the strength of their claims, then they would be taking quite a risk because hardly any of their claims could ever be proven to work.

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Date: November 24, 2008 05:00AM

Hi, xythos, I am familiar with Swerdlow just in the capacity of hearing some radio interviews he has done (Stuart).

I was curious what your level of involvement with them was to have the experience of them you describe.

I assume it was some type of phone or in person counseling?

Also curious about the situation around them threatening legal action.

I understand you may not want to share info that would single you out.

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: November 24, 2008 06:06AM

It has been very hard for me to do anything about it - and I am as yet not ready to go into more detail here. Suffice to say it was the worst experience I have ever had with anyone in the 'alternative healing' circuit - very destructive because his 'reading' deepened an already existing trauma by "suggesting" a trauma that hadn't been 'there' prior to him "doing his reading". Tnhe most obvious catch phrase he applies when watching his videos is that he claims that "you have probably been programmed - otherwise you wouldn't have found me". It the goes into his 'sales pitch' that he "specialises" in the above-mentioned "capacities", which then leads to his website, his 'consultations/readings', his books, DVDs, etc., etc... ad infinitum.

What has made me sign up with this site is first because I was looking for 'cult' information given that his website keeps stating that "Michigan is the most important geographical location on earth" (he lives in St. Joseph, Michigan...!) & I have a growing suspicion that he is trying to "collect" his 'followers' around him so he not only can 'secure his financial survival' (what with the crisis...) but has more sinister plans, which is why I have posted my query here.

I honestly wish I would known about this site before. It would have saved me a lot of unnecessary heart- & headaches, pain & upset. So far, SS was the worst encounter I've ever had with an individual.

In spite of his proclamations, I have come to know him personally as a very mean, nasty & spiteful manipulative braggard (I can not bring myself to divulge more here.) Half his claims are made up & I am witness to this. I have not ever been able to clear my name of his insults, his verbal abuse ... I'm sorry I cannot continue.

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: November 26, 2008 01:25AM

I don't what to do. I feel extremely hampered in getting anywhere because I do not live in the US (even though the Swerdlows are based in St. Joseph, MI). I have no means to provide any substantial paper related press articles.

SS is very 'skilled' in silencing those who would dare speak out against him & those that have suffered his character are unable to connect with each other. He stayed at our house for 4 days, his "reading" (he told me that I had a microchip implant in my skull which turned out negative after I had a C-scan) was designed with the very purpose in mind for me to "apply" his techniques ("de-programming" by doing his "visualisations" (i.e. via the "Hyperspace Helper", and "Healing Handbook"), keep buying his material, his DVDs, attend his seminars, etc. When I told him that I intended to try a different method of healing, he tried to "scare me" into not "going there" because it would "open me up to more 'programming'".

After he returned to the US (I live on the continent), he proceeded to 'tell' his readers of his sojourn in Europe & basically trashed me on his website without my being able to defend myself properly given that he runs it himself. He shortly thereafter, changed the look of his website with the most likeliest purpose to undermine the clients that had attended the seminar I'd put together in Germany for him.

Even if he came out to Europe, paid for the conference room & rented the car, we opened up our house to him, and I drove him back & forth to & from the airport as well as the venue (both in Frankfurt) which is over 200m/each way. I put together the schedule, found the venue negotiating the best possible rate for the duration of the seminar, made sure everybody knew where it was, when, etc., etc. Yes, he paid for the expenses. He also made his money without having to declare it (people paid cash).

Still, the bulk of the whole 'operation' was with me. Organising it, looking after him, driving him around (because he of course didn't know the area very well), putting his consultations' schedule together for him - in order for him to make the most of his stay - and, translating for him.

One of his claims is that he speaks 12 languages fluently, yet when he came to Germany, he was unable to hold his conference (very specific terminology) in German & I had to do simultaneous translation for some over 4 hours the same day I drove him back forth to the venue (as I said, over 200m/each way), none of the languages being my native tongue.

So, his claims are mostly just that, really. I am an adoptee of my resident country. His 'reading' was telling me that prior to my adoption at age 3, I had been sold by my mother to the US military which, according to him, had sexually abused me in order to be programmed (none of which turned out to be true - and I'd like to point out here that I instinctively resisted this 'horrid' reading).

Given that I was already severly traumatised as a toddler because of my whole pre-adoption history to which I only uncovered the real truth this year in March (I was taken in on July 4th[!] by a US-led orphanage in Asia & basically a 'commodity of trade' with the purpose for adoption), it just made my 'discovery' worse. I tried to find answers to my origin for as long as I can remember & my lack of finding any have a lot to do why SS had such an easy 'game' of it.

Even if he was 'partially' right - his claims of my biological mother being my 'handler' (in mind control/programming terms) & sexual abuse with the goal to programme me were impossible to digest for me. I was under shock for quite a while. In the end, it was too much & it completely pulled me down into an deeper abyss than I had been in already.

When he then started to hurl his verbal abuse, his insults & his downright vicious & mean remarks at me upon his return to the US, it was betrayal beyond human comprehension, more than I could bear.

It took me a very, very long time to be willing to share this, mainly because I was terrfied of him & his deviousness but my reasons for finally doing so is that I want to genuinely warn people of this ill-intended individual. I still feel heavy-hearted. I am still afraid of what may come of this. But I also feel that this has to be brought out into the open to have others be made aware of who he is.

And, if there are any ways anyone can help me to stop this man from continuing damaging other unsuspecting, vulnerable people, please, please do. I do not want anybody else to go through what I had to put up with. If I can help it, I will. I would even be willing to testify against him if a case were possible.

This, BTW, is still only part of the story. Why it affected me so badly, it nearly led to me 'successfully' "checking out" this summer. That I am still here is a testimony of my essence. Of who I really am.

And since my recovery I have decided to no longer be a silent victim.

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow
Date: November 26, 2008 09:03PM

Hey, xythos, thank you for sharing everything you did.

One thing is for sure, this forum is an excellent place to bring things into the open.

I believe that it is a healthy way to process a lot of bad stuff that manipulative people want to bury.

This Forum can weather any attacks and attempts to silence your information and attempts by manipulative parties to remove your testimony will no doubt be futile.

My story can be found under the Chris Butler, Science of Identity thread, a cult I was born into, a cult my family disowned me over (they are completely controlled by that psychotic cult).

But please, if you feel compelled to stand up against the Swerdlows, you should follow that instinct and there is no better place to do it than here.

As I said, i was curious about your story as I am somewhat familiar with stewart swerdlow from afar, but have had no direct dealings with him.

Your story is interesting, I was a little unclear on wether or not you know you were adopted or if that was all a concoction by him.

I assume you were adopted, you know that, and Swerdlow added all the other stuff about abuse, etc...

Best of luck, I am sure information you add here about Swerdlow and your dealings with him will appear in internet/google searches on him so as to inform other people looking into him.

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Re: Text link
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: November 27, 2008 01:35AM

Hello Rama Das,

First off, thank so very much for your support... I was scared to wits at first, really. Afraid of 'coming out'. But, like you have said very pointedly, I think I needed to do this - not just for myself but especially, especially so much for those that turn to all the wrong places seeking for answers that make them so vulnerable to be abused in the first place.

I feel for & my heart goes out to you reading what you have shared here.. I have not as yet looked up your story but I will. Yes, I was adopted for real. And, yes, the orphanage was based in Korea (hence, the 'military twist'). At the time I was taken in, it was still under US management (Holt Children's Services - they still have a 'vibration' of human trafficking, too, if you look at their "google" blurb "worldwide leading adoption agency" - one might as well replace 'adoption agency' with car manufacturer', if you know what I mean).

Holt was founded in the 50s shortly after the Korean war by Harry Holt, a fundamentalist Christian. Korea was the first country to 'send their children abroad'. Today, Korea has not as yet signed the The Hague treaty that commits a nation to care for & look after their orphans or homeless children within their own country first. The Korean gov't to this day, makes ~U$1.7 million a year from offshore adoptions, most of which are 'shipped over' to the US. Some of that is truly harrowing - how they literally steal the newborn babies right from under the mother's belly on the table as she is still in a daze from giving birth signing some paper that is put under her nose, not really able to grasp the content.

That is only part of the whole horrible tale. A lot of it has to do with the Social Security system (modelled after the US system) because most of these women do so 'under wraps' but don't have the money to pay for their medical costs. So an 'agency' "steps in" & "offers" to take over the costs, as long as they 'sign' some paper - which are often adoption agencies, in to make a quick & 'cheap' deal on "fresh babies". I am not saying all adoption agencies are that unscrupulous but given the 'commercial figures' it does somehow lead to different conclusions that might be obvious at first sight. And, in the beginning, Holt was the only 'on location'. They have come under scrutiny too lately. But I don't think that human trafficking will ever be completely erased.

Adoption as plain human trafficking is still considered a taboo (much, like a few years ago, clergy abuse or incest were shoved under the rug). It's a "no-no". And so denial feeds on itself as you know.

Still, as I mentioned previously, it is only after I went through my chronological adoption file that I found out the truth for what it was followed by my attempts to find out more about my biological parents which led to said discovery (I had been erased in the data file of Holt Int'l), rather than what SS tried to 'plant into my head'.

My file is one of the most complete I know of, incl. my x-rays, medical records, etc., all bearing the Holt stamp - after having learned on a forum with Korean Adult Adoptees & knowing their sorry tale that a lot of the data of 'adoption material' is simply 'altered' (contorted) or flat out wrong in order to make them more "attractive" to 'potential customers'.

Even if SS did bring some of his books (which I didn't have to pay for at the time), with everything that happened thereafter, no books or "free reading" could ever have made up for the damage this individual inflicted to my soul, my psyche, my overall health.

I feel very much for you that your family has disowned you. My adoptive father was an alcoholic & he did the very same thing, too, when he left our house (I was 9 at the time). He'd cross the street when he'd see me in town, he'd run right past me in a café or restaurant being fully aware of my presence). He also claimed that he had no daughter. My adoptive mother was emotionally abusive (not really a surprise what with being married to a chronic, serious alcohol addict).

My quest for answers was what led me to seek out SS in the first place.

This is a link I came across in trying to find out more about this fraudster. It's a magazine called "Gear" & reportedly is a November issue. Maybe if somebody can find a hard-copy of this article & forward it to Mr. Ross, that would be a way to put together more solid data on SS.


I have been undergoing serious psychotherapy with trained professionals for over a year now. I have, as a result of finding out about my adoption background, in March this year, have had a nervous breakdown & did proper clinical therapy for two months away from home. I nearly didn't make it because I tried to 'check out' myself just a week prior to being admitted to the therapy clinic. It had become too much for me. The suffering, the pain, the loneliness.

What made the betrayal so multi-layeredely worse is that I have had a history with the US for as long as I can remember.

I never understood why until this year. Holt, as I have said, is an American led adoption agency (in 1970 the management underwent a shift from US to Korean management but that was prior! to my adoption).

I have had a "fascination" with America since my earliest childhood - and, I was the only one in my (adoptive) 'family'.

I wanted to live in the US, make my life there. Everything. And yet, because of the background (the trauma of being a 'commodity' - when a toddler & one has not established proper boundaries, one, eventually, out of necessity, "trusts" those that will hurt the vulnerable, unable to protect themselves, orphan - that is exactly what happened. I 'trusted' those for who I was but a means to an end. It's happened over & over with other adoptees. I'm far from being an exception.

While it may sound as if I'm 'accusing' Americans, this is not the my intention. It is much more to better clarify where my 'attraction' to everything American came from. I've lived on & off for 4 years in the US (mostly CA) but I was never able to settle down there. It also explains why I have such a 'warped' relationship with the US. It couldn't be "healthy" if I tried because the root cause was unknown to me, much less having been resolved.

Which is why I kept going back to the very thing that had hurt & betrayed me from the get go. Unbeknownst to me.

And, in hindsight, it helps to better understand why this horrible man was able to trick me beyond my most awful imagination. And, why, when I found out the truth this March, I thought I was going implode, suffocating from my pain, my anger, the multiple repeated betrayal on more levels than is humanely imaginable for longer than I ever thought possible.

[I am not alone, that much I know.

Otherwise there wouldn't be so many posts here. I most decidely do not want to dismiss or, God forbid!, 'invalidate' anybody's difficult experiences - nothing could be further from my mind. If anything, I will try to help as much with my own insights, experience, awareness & also, the healing process, in small & appropriate 'dosages'.]

So, that, more or less, sums up why SS was able to twist my arm & hurl his vitriol, his abuse, his downright demonic energy at me the way he did.

I am not exaggerating when I say that he tried to destroy me. There is no other way to describe it.

Thank you for reading me & as I have said, if anyone can come up with printed press articles about SS that would make a case to at least have him listed here as a controversial/dangerous group leader, I would be very, very grateful.

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Re: Addendum & Cult in the making
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: November 27, 2008 08:49PM

I would like to add that my coming to this forum has nothing to do with "getting even" with the American people. One migth easily be misled to believe that I am, in a contorted manner, out to take 'revenge'.

This is not my intention. If anything, this is instrumental & a very important & significant part in healing a wound that has kept me bleeding from age 2 when I was taken in into the orphanage, while at the same time warn of 'Expansions' & the unethical standards of operation by its leaders.

As Sandman has pointed out to me (& thank you for bringing this to my attention, I had not thought of this prior to your input), SS does not operate within any legal boundaries. As far as I know he is not registered with any medical board nor has he undergone any proper training to work as a "de-"programmer in any fashion or on any level.

He has also, in the mean time, been exposed as a fraud in terms of his "Montauk & 'conspiracy theories'", as someone who is telling half-truths or half-lies, depending on one's pov, all with the purpose to 'get customers'.

I do not intend with my posts to raise any moralistic, self-righteous finger at anyone. I am aware that it might have struck this note & this is why I wanted to add a little addendum to truly clarify my intention, which admittedly & even rightfully, could easily be misinterpreted given my background & history as stated above.

My first & genuine intention still is to not only have Swerdlow at least listed in the controversial group/leader list, but to truly make others aware that he has the most likeliest intention of creating an 'Expansions community" in St. Joseph; MI &/or Michigan state to secure his livelihood & survival in stormy financial times.

I also wanted to rectify that the management of HOLT Korea underwent the change & handover from US to Korean governance after my 'completed' adoption.

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow (Update)
Posted by: xythos ()
Date: December 16, 2008 03:40AM

Just wanted to give a quick update to inform that Stewart Swerdlow is indeed in the process of trying to 'cultivate' a sect in St. Joseph, MI, primarily targeting (well off) women.

I have also received confirmation via pm from someone who was directly involved working with Swerdlow that he is as nasty as I have mentioned it here... SS's own story is enough to make anyone's neck hair stand up.

The molesting, raping & killing of little boys is not "pulled out of the hat" but sound. He's also very, very cunning in threatening forums into quiescence given his ties with secret service intelligence.

Again, this was confirmed to me via pm.

In order to truly understand what he is trying to do, one needs to go into the history of CIA mind control. It's a very, very complex issue & Montauk, NJ, has a lot to do with it []. When it comes to intelligence info, a lot of what you read is pure mis & dis-information, specifically designed to lull you back to 'everything's ok'. (As a side note, politics plays a major part in this.).

I have personally met with & spent time with three people (all US citizens of various age, however, all of them male*) that were all affected by the brutal mind control techniques of the CIA's Monarch mind control programme, (an offshoot of the MK-Ultra project brought into the US by the Nazis after WWII), which has been made available via the Freedom of Information act of the Congress about roughly 15 years ago. Mind control is very real. And Swerdlow was one of their main programmers.

1*- one of them had been used during the late 60s when the whole flower power thing was taking off;
2*- the other one, a retired military vet of age 30 (at the time) that had worked during Operation Desert Storm & who told absolutely horrific stories of being abused & 'trained' (programmed) under the Monarch programme to become "the excellent special agent" in war that he was leaving hima wreck, physically, emotionally, psychically and, who, as I understood, hadn't laughed in 15 years prior to doing ayahuasca (which, if properly applied, is designed to heal; and, who told me himself, that the CIA knew of ayahuasca about 20 years ago, trying to use it on the unsuspecting (just like they'd done 'live' experiments with LSD on unsuspecting & unconsenting soldiers in the 50s) to manipulate people to tell the truth;
3*- SS himself

The link provided here is not! a "conspiracy website" but a blog disucssing abuse & how to deal with it (no, not by some author, but a victim, in this particular blog MK Ultra & Monarch are looked at from the perspective of abuse, torture, electro shocks as well as MPD & the creation of sleeper agents (such as Timothy McVeigh).


As I have said in my comment on "Cult leaders - evil or misguided?", things are not what they seem.

That is also what I said in the "NE mumbo jumbo" thread.

Stewart Swerdlow & his wife are extremely evil & nasty, nasty people. SS is a very good, but extremely devious actor & as a previous ex-CIA programmer he has extremely sophisticated ways to fool people.

Educating yourself about what MK-Ultra as well as Monarch mind control programming are, the fact that it has infiltrated every aspect of society, might help shed some light on why a lot of the cult leaders are who they are & how it is possible for them to 'achieve' what they do.

None needs to believe me. But SS is a seriously dangerous man & if you get involved with him, you do so at your own peril.

Last but not least, mind control is still very much applied but has been considerably sophisticated by "the powers that be".

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 12/16/2008 04:10AM by xythos.

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Re: "Expansions" & Stewart & Janet Swerdlow (Update)
Posted by: Seth ()
Date: December 17, 2008 01:11PM

The Swerdlow’s are very good con artists. They’re very good at pretending they care about people but all they care about is money and fame. They live in a million dollar home and have maids and gardeners. They have a new Hummer and Suburban. They fly all over the world on a regular basis. They charge outrageous prices for all their goods and services. They are rolling in money and still have the nerve to ask for donations. They are like TV preachers raking in tons of money and crying for more.
They are creating a cult in Michigan. They are getting as many people as they can to move to there. They like to focus on wealthy women but they also get men to move there too. Their main focus is people with money. Some couples they get to divorce each other and then get the women to move to Michigan.
In Stewart’s book he says a monarch butterfly told him that they would send him many monarchs and that’s what he’s doing. He’s gathering women with monarch programming and using them for his purposes.

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