Fun Job Shopping in Israel in '86 - '87
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: July 09, 2002 11:36PM

Having just graduated the Boston U/Ben Gurion U of the Negev joint program (Master of Science in Management) and having gone to school with captains of industry in Israel I went searching for a job.
I couldn't find one readily and hooked up with the local Chabadniks in K'far Saba, where my family was living. First they told me they'd help me get a job, then they told me I had to go to their BT Yeshiva at K'far Chabad. So I went.
I got a yeshivisher haircut, grew a beard, etc. Also wore tzitzith.
I went to a secularist employment agency in Tel Aviv. The recruiter screamed at me, "what kind of a degree is this?" Then, "can you manage?" When I told him I was looking for a job, he yelled "Convince me!" I was really in for a time there. I got caught in between the middle of the secular/haredi conflict.

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