"...they were SO NICE!!" - from almost got recruited
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Date: June 08, 2023 10:27PM

From the comments section following this article:



(commenter's username deleted for privacy - Corboy)

I’m sure we all have our One Taste stories so here’s mine:

A few years back they had a booth at the Green Festival (!) when it was still on Bryant Street.

I stopped by out of curiosity and Nicole and a female assistant were there. They presented themselves as a sort of body/mind integrative therapy modality and encouraged me to check it out.

I had a pretty serious spinal injury at the time from getting in the middle of a high-speed police chase in New York (anyone who wants to know why I’m angry about this kind of thing, there’s your answer), and I was desperate to find anything that could give me relief from the pain I was in. Plus they were SO NICE!! So I was very tempted to drop by.

Then I started hearing stories about how the yoga classes were all naked, because Nicole had 3rd-degree burns all over her body she was trying to heal. It didn’t seem like my scene exactly but I still thought of Nicole as the nicest person so I figured whatever she was doing was legit.

Now it seems like I was completely wrong about that, and I’m feeling pretty lucky I never went. But I’m starting to wonder if that’s how a lot of other people were drawn to One Taste.

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One Taste Daedone Victor Baranco Morehouse Trellis
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Date: June 08, 2023 10:29PM

Nicole Daedone and or her marketing advisors were clever to name their operation One Taste.

"One taste. Just one taste. Come on, sweet heart, just have just onnne taste."

In early toddlerhood most of us have heard this. This is how tiny, tiny children are persuaded, ever so gently PUSHED, to taste unfamiliar foods and habituate to them.

Its how caregivers wheedle us tiny kids to let down our boundaries, to try new tastes.

Babies put everything in their mouths. That's why they need to be watched every moment. By the time we are old enough for solid food, we get cautious suspicious of new flavors and colors and textures.

We have those boundaries from millions of years of genetic selection. Ancestors cautious about ingesting new flavors had a survival advantage.

Honest parents with no intention of grooming us for molestation need to coax down tiny kids' fear of new foods.

But...this "just one taste" strategy is the VERY SAME THING predatory persons use to erode our modesty boundaries.

Just onnne taste, honey. Just onnnnneee taste. Don't be a stupid little kid. You want to be an empowered adult, don't you?

Just onnnnee taste.

There is a lot in this name.

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Daedone freed on 1M Bail Cherwitz freed 300K Bail
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Date: June 15, 2023 10:19PM

Cult-Like San Francisco Company Execs Charged for Allegedly Coercing Members Into Sex With Investors

Written by Jonah Owen Lamb

Updated at Jun. 13, 2023 • 4:36pm


OneTaste cofounder Nicole Daedone turned herself into federal authorities in New York on June 13 and entered a not guilty plea, according to court documents. She was released on $1 million bail—secured by a property in Mendocino County—and will hand over her passport as part of the agreement, among other requirements.


he indictment is not the first time OneTaste has made news. Following media attention in 2018, the company gave itself a kind of facelift, and several years later, OneTaste launched a number of spinoffs under different names, including a nonprofit institute.

Anjuli Ayer, CEO of OneTaste, said in a statement that Tuesday’s indictment was based on “unfounded allegations of forced labor. Given OneTaste’s culture of individual empowerment, choice and consent, this is completely unjustified.”

Ayer claimed that the five-year FBI investigation into the company was based on an “error-riddled” Bloomberg Businessweek article and culminated in the indictment.

“We are appalled by this long-term, misogynistic, media-driven campaign to tear down a feminine empowerment project and the women who devoted their lives to it,” Ayer said.

If convicted, the defendants each face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

'Messianic' San Francisco guru who founded 'orgasmic meditation cult' OneTaste surrenders to cops in Brooklyn after being charged with keeping women in 'residential warehouses' where they were forced into sex acts

*Nicole Daedone, 56, founder and former CEO of OneTaste, surrendered at the Brooklyn federal courthouse Tuesday morning

*Daedone is expected to be arraigned after 2pm ET today, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office

*Daedone and Rachel Cherwitz, 43, were charged in a federal indictment on June 6, in New York, which accused them of forcing OneTaste members into sex acts

By Noa Halff For Dailymail.Com

Published: 13:51 EDT, 13 June 2023 | Updated: 23:12 EDT, 13 June 2023


Alleged ‘Orgasm Cult’ founder freed on $1M bond as judge warns her she’s ‘being watched’



"Daedone said little during the proceeding, sitting bolt-upright in her chair and offering one- or two-word answers when US federal Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom addressed her. Her friend and former colleague at OneTaste, Marcus Ratnathicam, secured her release by putting up his $2 million property in Fort Bragg, Calif., as collateral. But even as Daedone walked free, Bloom starkly warned her to watch her step. “You are under a microscope,” Bloom told the 56-year-old defendant. “You should consider you’re being watched.”

More here:


Rachel Cherwitz bail


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"Intentionally recruited people w traumatic backgrounds"
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Date: June 16, 2023 10:32PM

The ‘orgasm cult’ founder accused of recruiting people with childhood sexual trauma once told Insider these victims have ‘a heightened ability to experience arousal’


Corboy - general observation: Persons with histories of childhood sexual trauma have impaired ability to defend themselves against boundary violation -- due to trauma they enter adulthood likely to deny boundary violation and often freeze up - reactions easily exploited by predators as implying consent.

Too often predators will interpret reluctance as being prudish, neurotic, diseased and needing "treatment"

Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
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Date: June 21, 2023 01:11AM

Was wellness company OneTaste a sex cult?


Nicole Daedone in Court
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Date: June 25, 2023 10:40PM

‘Messianic’ San Francisco guru who founded ‘orgasmic meditation cult’ OneTaste heads to court with ENTOURAGE after being charged with keeping women in ‘residential warehouses where they were forced into sex acts’


Novel legal strategy for holding cults accountable
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Date: July 01, 2023 02:54PM


One attorney whose practice focuses on sexual abuse allegations against religious groups, cults, or "spiritual communities," told Insider that (in some cases) the former members can seek some form of civil legal reparation through a federal law called the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA)


which states that whoever forces or entices a person "through fraud or coercion" to "engage in a commercial sex act" is in violation of the law.

Carol Merchasin, an attorney at McAllister Olivarius who leads the firm's sexual misconduct in spiritual communities practice, said that it's often difficult to hold religious groups or cults accountable.

She argues in her paper about applying (TVPA)
to cults that these groups may cite "religious expression through the First Amendment" to operate as they please, and US law currently offers scant ways to bring a lawsuit "claiming coercive control."

But perhaps "the biggest legal obstacle," she writes in the paper, is the statute of limitations, which sets deadlines for victims to file a lawsuit. Some states, including New York and California, have enacted laws that provide sexual assault survivors a brief window to pursue cases even after the statute of limitations expired.

"We don't have enough resources and we don't have enough tools in the legal justice system to go after these cults and spiritual communities," Merchasin said.

The solution, according to Merchasin, could be through a nascent application of the federal human-trafficking law, and she turns to a case that was made against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as a prominent clue.


In 2018, a Manhattan judge allowed a lawsuit accusing the disgraced film executive of violating the federal sex-trafficking statute to proceed in court. Plaintiffs argued that Weinstein had promised some form of career advancement before they were sexually assaulted.

The trafficking charges were dropped after accusers agreed to a $17-million settlement, but allowing the case to proceed in court at all offered victims such as the former OneTaste employees an avenue for a civil lawsuit, even if women weren't moved across state lines as is often the case, Merchasin said.

The attorney argued that "if you entice, recruit, harbor or obtain, in our case, in these cult communities ... to engage in what the law calls a 'commercial sex act," then OneTaste could be scrutinized through the federal trafficking law.

In this case, "commercial sex act," doesn't have to have anything to do with money but something of value, Merchasin said in the interview, meaning that the law doesn't have to be limited to prostitution.

Quoted from

Former members of an 'orgasm cult' alleged they were told to have sex with prospective clients. An investigator says a federal human-trafficking law could have been violated.


Former members of an 'orgasm cult' say leaders encouraged them to have sex to settle arguments and heal from trauma


One Taste sues former employee for breaking NDA
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Date: July 14, 2023 10:08PM

EXCLUSIVE: OneTaste sues ex-worker for breaking her NDA as it claims she flipped on the 'orgasmic meditation cult' when her ex-boyfriend fell in love with another woman who she punched in the face before quitting


Welcomed Consensus -an unknown chapter in Daedone's journey?
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Date: August 30, 2023 05:58AM

Nicole Daedone
One Taste
Orgasmic Meditation
The Welcomed Consensus
RJ Testerman

Is a San Francisco 'Sex Cult' Subjecting People to Abuse?
Sydney Johnson KQED
Aug 28



By the time Nelson was being groomed by the Welcomed Consensus, OneTaste was booming. It was still edgy, but good marketing helped it inch its way toward mainstream acceptance with profiles in publications like The New York Times — and it made lots of money along the way.

But Daedone herself was a student with the Welcomed Consensus in the late 1990s and early 2000s, multiple sources told KQED, including a former housemate of hers and a colleague at OneTaste. Talbott Acosta described her mission with OneTaste as attempting to make the courses scalable, startup-style.


“He was my world. I worked for him and he was my lover and my dad and my family, really, my family,” Talbott Acosta said. “RJ referred to that time as the Wild West. We didn’t have any structure, it was just a sex commune with lots of drinking and drugs and violence and drama.”
A person with long hair looks out of a window in a residential setting.
Christine Talbott Acosta stands in her home in San Francisco. (Beth LaBerge/KQED)

Talbott Acosta then moved into a house near Oak and Fell streets that was affiliated with an East Bay sex commune called Lafayette Morehouse, which taught and sold sex classes through its so-called More University that began in 1977.

Everyone at her new house was taking classes from More University, with topics ranging from “Advanced Sensuality” to “Expansion of Sexual Potential.” Elite members of Morehouse lived at the commune’s larger property in Lafayette.

At around age 20, Talbott Acosta began living with Testerman at a house on Joost Avenue in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood with about seven others while working for him at the hair salon. It was there in the early ’90s that Testerman formed the Welcomed Consensus, using the teachings and financial models he learned with More University.

“It was word for word,” Talbott Acosta said of how the Welcomed Consensus model is based on More University.

A blog about Welcome Consensus


Corboy note: what is interesting is that the KQED article mentions Morehouse but does NOT mention that Morehouse/More University was started by Victor Baranco, the sex hustler and mind hacker -- a matter thoroughly discussed on this message board and elsewhere online.

Google search baranco morehouse


Baranco was masterful at purchasing properties cheap, renting them cheaply as commune space, then having his disciples pour sweat equity into fixing them up, while Baranco fixed them up with his enlightened sex philosophy. A winning formula. He referred to his disciples as 'marks.'

Victor Baranco's More Houses offered an ideal life in pursuit of pleasure, but were actually a cover for a real estate scam and cult

Sgt Bilko Meets the New Culture -- Rolling Stone, December 9, 1971

Victor Baranco's More Houses offered an ideal life in pursuit of pleasure, but were actually a cover for a real estate scam and cult

[www.rollingstone.com] (Article is paywalled)

The Victor Baranco article was a chapter in a book Mindfuckers: The Rise of Acid Fascism by journalists David Felton Robin Green and David Dalton

The book can be read for free here.


If you appreciate this resource, please consider a tax deductible donation to Internet Archive - the work they do is amazing. If you've ever encountered a dead URL link, the Archive has a free resource - The Wayback Machine. Put the dud URL into the search slot, hit the button and if the Archive has snapshots of the pages you want you'll be able to read them!

References to Victor Baranco and Daedone on Cult Education Institute message board







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OT former employee alleges forced sex w potential investors etc.
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Date: November 24, 2023 10:51PM

A Silicon Valley ‘Orgasm Cult’ Has Been Sued for Sex Trafficking
A former employee for OneTaste alleges she was forced to have sex with potential investors and other members of the group





Cult Education Institute archived information about One Taste here:


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