Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 15, 2009 02:32PM

also notice how they deliberately ignored...the cost, the pricing.
Notice how expensive the prices were listed in this thread for some people, where others could "donate their labor" whatever that means.
They make it sound like the Pope approves of OneTaste, like its some type of marriage counselling, when its nothing of the sort.
Its obviously a type of Swingers Open-Sex philosphy, where monogamy is seen as the delusion of the hypocritical masses.

They also state in the "article" that Reese Jones is the "boyfriend" of Nicole Daedone. What does that mean in this context?
In the context of OneTaste, that word is probably meaningless.
Like Vic Baranco and Morehouse, they paired people off to have sex with strangers for "research" and they are ordered into these sex-dyads by the Guru, which was alluded to in the article, but not followed up on. (of course).

That was a very carefully written PR piece. Its going to take some sifting through.

but isn't it interesting..these sex-groups rage against society for being hypocrites about sex.
Yet, they are more hypocritical than society, as instead of being honest about the hardcore sexual content of their sex group, and the MindFucking going on, they sugar-coat it, and try to make it sound like a Disney movie about hugs and spiritual Aura massages.

Who is the real hypocrite?
Larry Flynt is far more honest than these sex-commune cult Guru's.

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Nicole Daedone, Reese Jones, NYT, Wikipedia rigging
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 15, 2009 03:03PM

and of course, right BEFORE this fake-article was released, there were about 50 edits done to the Wikipedia entry for OneTaste.
(someone linked to this thread, which the Wiki fixers deleted, of course).
They also deleted the Criticism section of OneTaste, which is complete nonsense, since even at Yelp SF there is tons of criticism of OneTaste.

They also have the outright lie in wikipedia, that Daedone was "briefly" a student of Vic Baranco. That's false, and they know its false. There is a ton of BS in the wikipedia article.

OneTaste is turning up the propaganda juices. Something is up, and its getting ugly, and very dishonest.

But someone could now add the "cult" quotes from the NYT, and they can't delete them.

Also, someone could now enter into the OneTaste Wikipedia entry that Reese Jones is the financier of OneTaste, and then quote the NYT article. They literally cannot delete that.
(Unless of course, Reese or a buddy calls up Jimbo Wales, that is.)

Its time to add Reese Jone's name to the Wikipedia OneTaste entry. Just link to the NYT article, which is already there. Below are 2 quotes from the NYT.


"Now she lives with Mr. Jones, her boyfriend, a braniac who sold a computer software company he founded, Netopia, to Motorola for $208 million, and makes financial resources available to One Taste, including helping to buy a retreat in Stinson Beach, Calif."

QUOTE from Reese Jones:
"Reese Jones, a venture capitalist-slash-geek-slash Ms. Daedone’s boyfriend, likens orgasmic meditation to massage.
“It’s a procedure to nourish the limbic system, like yoga or Pilates, with no other strings attached,” he said. “When you go to a massage therapist,” he added, “you don’t take the masseuse to dinner afterward.”

Re: Nicole Daedone, Reese Jones, NYT, Wikipedia rigging
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 15, 2009 11:57PM

OneTaste - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"This article needs references that appear in reliable third-party publications. Primary sources or sources affiliated with the subject are generally not sufficient for a Wikipedia article. Please add more appropriate citations from reliable sources. (March 2009)"

Nicole Daedone, Reese Jones, Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2009 12:46AM

wow, big mistake by OneTaste.
OneTaste has even aquired another simultaneous "article" in Andrew Cohen's magazine What Is Enlightenment, rebranded as EnlightenNext.
Andrew Cohen is notorious in his serious abuses and cult practices, as documented in many complaints.


Issue 43 / March–May 2009
SEX, The Good, the Strange, and the Sacred

Their Stroke of Insight
Naked yoga? Sensual research? Orgasmic meditation? The One Taste community’s “urban monks” are forging a provocative new spiritual path. But can their metaphysics of masturbation take us all the way?
by Maura R. O’Connor

Nicole Daedone, Reese Jones, Robert Kandell, Wikipedia rigging attempt
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2009 01:58AM

The OneTaste wikipedia entry (lie) that said Daedone studied "briefly" with Vic Baranco has been undone, which is good.

But it does prove, there are OneTaste members who are trying to rig the Wikipedia entry for OneTaste with false information, as much as they can get away with. Why are they so dishonest?
What is their problem? Aren't they supposed to be about "honesty". What's up?

For example, Nicole Daedone's closest business partner in OneTaste Robert Kandell posted in 2006 on about Nicole Daedone...

"She has spent the last seven years devoting her energy to the work of Dr. Victor Baranco, founder of More University".
"She has spent the last seven years devoting her energy to the work of Dr. Victor Baranco, founder of More University".

After that information was posted here, it was later deleted from the internets, to try to cover it up. (they also made Robert Kandell take his blog private at the same time they were sweeping-up the internet).
Why are they trying to minimize and cover-up their connection to Victor Baranco? They copied his methods, that is obvious. The OneTaste "In-Group" is the same thing as a Baranco "Mark-Group".
They are trying to minimize the connections to Vic Baranco, as she has copied/cloned his methods, and just recently changed the word labelling.
Its putting lipstick on a pig, as they say.

Someone at Wikipedia has noticed that the OneTaste members are trying to massage/bias the the Talk section about OneTaste...
"They seem pretty determined to remove anything added to this article by non members, or anything that could possibly be viewed as negative. Every time anything objective gets added, they re-edit it back to being a solely promotional in nature" —Preceding undated comment added 00:05, 15 March 2009 (UTC)."

Nicole Daedone, Reese Jones, Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2009 10:57AM

there are quite a number of connections and links between OneTaste and Andrew Cohen and "Evolutionary Enlightenment", EnlightenNext.
Going back a year or two, they were even conducting "Evolutionary Enlightenment" seminars right inside the OneTaste Urban Retreat Center in San Francisco.

Followers of Andrew Cohen (Bay Area Andrew Cohen Community) have met at OneTaste SF as far back as 2005.

There is even some hints, that Nicole Daedone and OneTaste were considering some type of partnership, or cross-dealings with the Andrew Cohen cult going back a year or so.
OneTaste and Andrew Cohen have some serious connections.

People better watch the fuck out for Andrew Cohen. That guy is a freaking nightmare, he is not "enlightened", he is a rabid narcissist, con-artist, and abuser, have a look at all the complaints about that guy.
Some of these groups are "close-calls" and might be hard to figure out. Not Andrew Cohen, he is just doing straight-up, old-school, Guru-Slave, brainwashing tactics. Totally blatant and ruthless. That guy is dangerous to a vulnerable person.

Anyone with links about Andrew Cohen and OneTaste, please post them. OneTaste could be hooked into Cohen through Ken Wilber who wrote a book called One Taste. That is a clue! []
But since OneTaste is hooked in with Andrew Cohen, clearly they will learn from his ruthless techniques of manipulating groups of people in a "community" aka cult.
People need to be way more cautious and use their critical faculties.

Andrew Cohen at Freedom Of Mind

Andrew Cohen's mom speaks.
The Mother of God, by Luna Tarlo, relates the story of the author's three-and-a half years of harrowing spiritual bondage to her own son, Andrew Cohen, a well-known American guru. The book describes her travels in India, Europe, and the United States with Andrew and his earliest disciples, and reveals in stunning detail her parallel inner journey from loving observer, to slave-like disciple, to a final wrenching assertion of autonomy.
The abuse of power, the incessant fear, the psychology of obsession are all explored from an intimate perspective. Since brainwashing cults and their grandiose gurus are proliferating in this country and around the world, this book is not only a mother's lament, but also a finger pointing to the growing appeal everywhere of authoritarianism and absolutism.


Tarlo (in van der Braak, 2003) further describes Cohen as exhibiting an “ever growing paranoia and ferocious will to control.” Under that alleged mindset, disciplined life in his community is said to have entailed, at one time or another:

Followers doing up to a thousand prostrations in a ten-hour period each day, on the orders of Cohen

The guru instructing his devotees to shave their heads and maintain celibate relations to prove their dedication to his path. At one point, approximately one-fifth of the community were shaven celibates

Disciples willfully destroying $20,000+ cars, at Cohen’s instruction and indeed with him present, to demonstrate their non-attachment and sincerity

Successful painters renouncing their art, at Andrew’s misled counsel, for it allegedly being simply “an extension of ego,” and thus ostensibly an impediment to enlightenment

Followers throwing their secular books into the Ganges, and obediently incinerating their life’s writings (with no known backups), on Cohen’s demand

Disciples surviving for extended periods on five hours or less of sleep per night, not by choice but by necessity for meeting the community schedule of mandatory activities

Students on meditation retreats not being allowed to have personal conversations, only being permitted to discuss Cohen’s summary of his teachings in his “five fundamentals”

Injunctions by Cohen against his disciples entertaining intellectual pursuits. As Tarlo (1997) put it: “I mentioned to [Andrew] that I’d glanced at [Wilber’s] Up from Eden and he told me not to read further in the book because it was intellectually stimulating [sic]”

Cycles of expulsion and readmission to the community, for devotees who had fallen out of favor with Cohen. Those were then given second or third chances to work their way back up into Andrew’s good graces

And, as is the case with every spiritual community, anyone who leaves “is viewed with scorn and contempt. He hadn’t the courage to face himself” (van der Braak, 2003)
After all that, Luna Tarlo (1997) summarized her own opinions regarding Cohen’s guruship:

It just seems to me that [Andrew] is as duped by his own propaganda as were all those other brother-gurus in the marketplace who promised deliverance from suffering—from Hitler to David Koresh.

Note that that wholly negative, Hitler-comparing evaluation comes from Cohen’s own Jewish mother and former disciple. Tarlo still loves him “as her son,” but will rightly have nothing further to do with the activities which stem from him feeling “like a god.”

Re: Nicole Daedone, Reese Jones, Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 16, 2009 11:42AM

there is some harsh and funny criticism of this puff-piece in the NYT about OneTaste. Many people do see through this level of blatant bullshit and obvious dishonesty quite quickly.

(original article on OneTaste in NYT) The Pleasure Principle
New York Times | March 15, 2009 | Patricia Leigh Brown and Carol Pogash

GAWKER parody
"This Sunday the Times ran a piece about SF cult devoted to the female orgasm. Even stranger than the group fingerbang sessions are the allusions. Not generally people you want to think of during orgasm."

Free Republic (conservatives) mockery of the article.
"The old gray lady has gone Nat’l Inquirer."
"The ultimate orgasm finally happens only when all the follower's money are inserted deeply DEEPLY into the womb-like safety of Ms. Daedone's Wells Fargo account."
"Yer right, dare I call this ‘maximus cultis’ to the extremous."
""Heck, it's just a 60’s commune recycled...."

Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 17, 2009 12:35AM

Spread it wide...spread it wiiiidddeee....

(Your wallet)

Victor Baranco, Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, what is REALLY going on?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 17, 2009 03:50AM

OneTaste has gotten a lot of blog-press from their NYT article.
Unfortunately, some of the analysis of it, is not too deep! Like many things, they seem to take what is said at face value.
OneTaste says its all about the female orgasm and sensuality. Is it? Or is it much more complex than that?

OneTaste is a for-profit business corporation. But they market it like a "commune". Its amazing that more people don't wonder what a "commune for profit" is! Its not a "commune" when the profit goes to the Leader. That is a corporation, and corporations are authoritarian not communist.
A commune would be if everyone involved OWNED everything together, that's a commune. OneTaste is NOT a commune, and its not even a real community.
Its a corporate for-profit business.

So what's its "product/service"?
Every corporation is about selling a product/service.

Is the product the female orgasm, as advertised?
Or is the female orgasm just the advertising hook?

Who is paying the big bucks for access?

Who orginated this mechanical system to try to depersonalize and mechanize the female orgasm, and then market it for profit? (Answer: Baranco).

The problem with OneTaste is that deception seems to be wired into the DNA of its founders, as with most of these types of groups, it seems to have never occurred to them to be honest about what they are doing. Notice that close to 100% of the criticism of OneTaste at Yelp and other places is NOT about sexual issues, its about the DECEPTION, and attempts to manipulate people.

Its educational when someone who has some knowledge and insight into these types of groups lets it rip. Quoted below...from a reaction to the NYT article.

"This particular cult is based on the practices invented by Victor Baranco, a shyster and conman who realised in the early Seventies that there was a good buck and great life to be had selling 'sensuality' to horny men while posing as a guru to impressionable young women.
Baranco, along with Charles Manson, was the subject of the book 'Mindfuckers' which examined the 'acid fascism' of sex cult gurus in early Seventies and late Sixties California.
His cult is well known in its various locations as the 'purple people' since everything on their communes, including followers' clothing and the requisite stretch limos, are purple.
Baranco, before his death, was convicted of LSD possession at his Hawaii commune. But prior to that many disillusioned followers referred to practices which involved the cult leader partnering off men and women for sex while drugged with LSD, marijuana and other substances.
Nicole Daedone attended Baranco's Lafayette Morehouse and utilises all the same material and mind control methodologies as Baranco did. Her topspin on the concept is the idea of naked co-ed yoga. That permits her to perfectly target her audience (affluent hippies in search of spirituality and sex), making her outfit even more cynical and profiteering than Baranco's original.
I would suggest that we do not require this sort of entity in Ireland, and not because we're uptight, or conservative or whatever euphemism CyP wishes to use. They are dangerous cynics, profiteering spectacularly on the gullibility of the naive and lonely. It's the prostitution of insecure young women to sweaty palmed older hippies, who can delude themselves that the thousands of bucks they spend for the privilege is actually 'tuition' for 'sensual education.'

Reese Jones, Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, Twitter, Justin Timberlake?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 17, 2009 05:09AM

well, Reese Jones is officially out of the closet when in comes to OneTaste.
He promoted a link to the NYT article on OneTaste, in the cleverly chosen "Style" section, on his Twitter account.
Anyone can access Twitter tweets on the web from searching google for the name and Twitter.

Reese Jones twitter

Amazingly, Mitch Kapor, another internet bigshot, is also linking to OneTaste and Reese Jones!
There is also an unhealthy obsession with Justin Timberlake on the Reese Jones twitter...

anyway, so Reese Jones is out of the closet in terms of OneTaste.
This is mainly due to Robert Kandell, who first spilled the beans that a secret financier was behind OneTaste. Shortly thereafter Robert Kandell was silenced. Ironically, even though Robert Kandell self-presented as a guy with low-self-esteem who is obsessed with notches on the bedpost, his blog entries were probably the most emotionally honest, and even factually honest of any related to OneTaste. That is why he was silenced.

But Reese Jones is out of the closet now, and the NYT said its his money going into OneTaste...

and there are Reese Jones tweets to Jimmy Jimbo Wales of Wikipedia...go figure.

Still waiting for the Reese Jones Wikipedia page
....don't hold your breath on that one, Jimbo is a loyal guy, and after all, Reese Jones is only a major player in the world of internet technology, the Berkeley Macintosh Users Group, and possibly invested a few hundred millions invested in countless internet

...Broadband internet plumbing (Telco, CABLE, Wirelesses, Smart Power Grid, Carrier Network Management). Media infrastructure technology (Voice, Data, Video, Photo, Music, Print, Virtual). Human interface monetization (Media, Ads, Transactions, Story Telling for Phones). Biometric interfaces, mobile media, and transactions optimization. 411 Voice & PhoneShopping(tm).

Wireless technologies for Mobile Security, Object Tracking, Mobile Cellular & Mesh Sensor Networks, Personal Communications, Entertainment, & Traffic Efficiency. Lawful surveillance, security tracking, profiling, policy, pattern forecasting, and monetization. Power Grid Infrastructure Modernization (for efficiency, communications & reliability).

Synthetic Biology Applications, Evolutionary Theory, Culture and Ethics. Innovation History, Definitive Stories, Policy, Media Development, and Wikinomics. Human lifestyle optimization and high density urban living sustainability. Connected community living. Astrobiology theory, public education, & international public policy. Infinite game theory and evolution.

a nobody really.

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