Re: Desteni, Bernard Poolman, Desteni-Newspeak Vuvuzela
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 15, 2010 03:08AM

There could be one good use for the South African Vuvuzela horn

Anytime Bernard "Vuvuzela" Poolman or one of his Desteni partners starts blabbing their BS, just pull out a Vuvuzela horn and start blowing it at 127 decibels.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Citizendc ()
Date: June 15, 2010 05:22AM

>> @ Citizendc
>> Can you say, if you were involved in taking any specific Desteni "online courses", the ones that they charge money for, or was it more of a general online involvement, using online posting and YouTube?

I took no courses, donated no money, no external commenting on other sites.
Participation was strictly within the public forum only. Most of my time was spent investigating their portal's claims until I came to my own conclusion that the portal could not be trusted. There after I spent time chatting with members only.


For those who were into Desteni for a period of months or years, a good way to break out of Desteni-Speak, is to simply stop using the Bernard Poolman Desteni-Newspeak, and go back to one's natural way of speaking, writing, and thinking.
Poolman's goal is to get a person to think, speak, and write in Desteni Newspeak, once a person does that, then Poolman knows he has enormous control and influence over that person.

Yes, when you begin speaking like them you begin thinking like them.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: June 18, 2010 06:53PM

Here's a review of some of the unlisted videos recently posted on YouTube and linked at the Desteni public forum. Included is the series, "Process Update June 2010" which reveals something of the current focus of the Desteni organization and Poolman's absurd demands on his followers. Listening to these recordings provides an insight into the bizarre workings of the mind of a man with a desperate ambition to become a notorious cult leader. Poolman has his own peculiar idiosyncracies but his behavior is very predictable and typical of many guru-style, so-called spiritual or cult leaders.

1 Process Update June 2010
2 Process Update June 2010
3 Process Update June 2010
4 Process Update June 2010
5 Process Update June 2010
6 Process Update June 2010
7 Process Update June 2010
8 Process Update June 2010
9 Process Update June 2010
10 Process Update - Evil Gossipers

Having published elaborate descriptions that claim to show what "really" goes on in the world, with human behavior and with God, alongside "tools" for freeing oneself from the false conditioning of society and "the mind", the wannabe cult leader manages to convince others to take up the practices he recommends. They help promote the cause and make confessions to each other and to their leader about the failings of their personalities that get in the way of carrying out these practices effectively. They take part in group activities and follow rules to do with diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, personal appearance etc that might appear to outsiders as weird, and this for the sake of all humanity or "oneness".

Then they are told that if they are serious about changing the world for the better then they can only truly make progress if they pay out large sums of money to join training courses that last for years and go and meet with the leader in person. So, they find themselves in a more intense situation where they are confronted again with the "mind" and what they need to do to transcend it. They are confronted with the failure of their personalities to achieve what the leader has set out for them. The followers are berated for it and told to buckle up their ideas so that the organization can expand its field of operations and become more business-like for the sake of all humanity or "oneness". And so it goes on ... It is a familiar pattern in the realms of cult-making that is well illustrated by these recent recordings of Bernard Poolman.

Just in case anyone was under the impression that vegetarianism is a personal choice to do with not supporting cruelty to animals or may be more healthy than, or simply preferable to eating meat, Uncle Bernie sets the record straight on that score: "everyone will eat more meat". He states that vegetarianism is all about "making yourself better than others so that you can fuckin' judge them". In other words, he likes eating meat and wants his followers to do the same.

He suggests posting "at least five written responses on YouTube a day", "write your bloody blogs, tag effectively". By insisting that Desteni members spend so much time on the Desteni propaganda program as well as studying the vast reams of Desteni material, he effectively discourages interaction with non-Desteni sources of information (such as this forum, perhaps).

He claims that he will continue to "reveal" to Desteni members their "deceptions directly". He reprimands some of them and tells them to disengage from others who have betrayed the cause. He reinforces an "us and them" situation and his followers' irrational fears about leaving the group by getting them to regard those who have not co-operated with his demands as traitors.

In the near future there will be a Desteni subscription forum for around 20 Euros a month which will be "very strict" for "placing everything on course for the political and economic solutions". The new forum will be focussed on business and accumulating funds, not to help the poverty-stricken, starving millions as one might imagine, but to buy the next Desteni farm.

Process Update number 7 is a little talk about "interdimensional knives" and "interdimensional metal that transfer the energy" apparently found stuck in the body of Poolman's wife, Esteni de Wet. This is the most ridiculous talk in the series, and the least convincing, yet these occult-style fictions Poolman has invented about such things as "interdimensional knives", "the dimensions", "the resonances" and "becoming a portal" are in fact the whole foundation of the Desteni process.

Followers are told that to bring forth an "Equal money system" they must visually represent what they stand for, and the most important things are for them to have a shaved head and to post promotional videos on the Internet using their real name. Desteni videos are "to insert viruses into the mind". Whether or not Bernard Poolman is his real, legal birth name is unknown, but he has stated that although Desteni members must make videos of themselves he reserves the right to only make audio recordings until such time as he decides to show his face.

According to Poolman, those who make criticisms of Desteni are "resonantly controlled to do this for process" and are telling "deliberate lies".

Re: Desteni
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 19, 2010 10:11AM

Someone just sent me this video link and I fell out of my chair laughing and then I remembered that Poolman likes to make his followers masturbate in the dark so I think I need to tell my friend that this parakeet clearly is being initiated into the Desteny cult!


TGIF, time to laugh a little :)

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Desteni, sub4sub, Facebook, Equal Money, YouTube
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: June 20, 2010 07:16AM

The Desteni spamming of YouTube is picking up pace with a new propaganda drive, described by one of the organization's core group elite, Daryll Thomas as the "sub4sub extravaganza" at [] (Process Support -How to Participate Effectively- Maya Harel). Like everything else in Desteni, this initiative has been prompted by Bernard Poolman. See: [] (Process Support Sub4Sub)

The "sub4sub" strategy is being used as a way of increasing hits on all Desteni-affiliated YouTube channels, some of which are already high in the charts. Most of these channels are run by rank and file Desteni forum members and consist of numerous boring videos that endlessly repeat the same empty slogans acquired from Poolman's "purified vocabulary" and that of his well-trained "portal", Sunette Spies. The campaign is supposed to show that "people stand together as equals" for the "Equal Money system".

Some people without too much background info may be fooled by this and think that Desteni is a popular activist movement for justice, equal rights, peace etc. They may also not cotton on that it is centered on spurious occult-style fictions, but they could eventually get drawn in to all of that. They won't realize that Desteni is a dictatorship, not a democratic movement of the people. It is a for-profit business run by Bernard Poolman, a crackpot self-styled "life instructor" with Hitlerite delusions of grandeur.

"Desteni's points is what I say, what the portal say, and what I write or what the portal write, or those that is instructed by me. The rest is your own processes, it's not Desteni . . . . If I have written it or it was written as I have requested it or instructed, and yes, I do instruct, that's what I am, I am a life instructor ... It's a very direct dictator point." -- Bernard Poolman, Process Support – Living Word & Self-Responsibility -- []

The campaign for "Equal Money" is a ploy to get people to invest in Desteni so that Poolman can expand his business operation, indoctrinate more people and buy a new farm. Eventually, perhaps, even take over the world? After all, as he says, "Desteni is the New World Order" -- []

In another set of unlisted recordings on YouTube, Poolman lays down the rules for Desteni members on Facebook, YouTube etc. He tells them that the minute anyone attempts to criticize the "Equal Money system" or anything to do with Desteni they must immediately be banned or de-friended. This suggests that his followers, all of whom are obliged to have Facebook accounts in their own name, risk alienating themselves from friends or family who may have a less than favorable view of Desteni. But of course, that is the idea . . .

Internet Participation – Facebook Faces
Internet Participation – You are Self-Responsible

Re: Desteni, sub4sub, Facebook, Equal Money, YouTube
Posted by: Citizendc ()
Date: June 22, 2010 04:47AM

>> It is a for-profit business run by Bernard Poolman, a crackpot self-styled "life instructor" with Hitlerite delusions of grandeur.
And when you take into consideration he's blond hair and blue eyes, he's affinity for demons, he's methods of brainwashing and content control, he's methods of emotion control to induce guilt, he's open dislike for the "Jew's" by virtue of their "capatilist money system", follows a vegetarian diet much like Hiter did... The list goes on...

Another Hitler in the making. All this isnt instantly apparent when you first look at the group, especially way back when they started.

I recall the videos I did watch on Bernard having a somewhat preaching tone in the beginning of desteni. The videos posted recently on him have this arrogant tone which I've noticed people expressing once they are in a secure position or believe they have a degree of influence/power.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: June 22, 2010 05:21AM

Not to mention Poolman's followers shaving their heads (to sell the hair?). Take this with his Hitler-love/Jewish-hatred and it isn't that far a leap to think he may be starting another skin-head movement.

Re: Desteni, sub4sub, Facebook, Equal Money, YouTube
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: June 22, 2010 05:47AM

Another Hitler in the making. All this isnt instantly apparent when you first look at the group, especially way back when they started.

I recall the videos I did watch on Bernard having a somewhat preaching tone in the beginning of desteni. The videos posted recently on him have this arrogant tone which I've noticed people expressing once they are in a secure position or believe they have a degree of influence/power.

Yes, in the latest recordings he's going off the rails, laying down the law, criticizing his followers, calling for bannings etc, as though the little bit of power he's acquired is going to his head.

He's threatening that if students of the Structural Resonance Alignment course do not satisfy the conditions they could be thrown off the course while the fees they've paid will be taken as a donation -- [] -- At the same time, weirdly, he seems to have taken to pulling out his own teeth! -- "Smoking is Really REALLY Good", []

As to the Nazi influence, in "Hitler was World's Greatest Activist" -- [] -- and "We Are All Dictators - Skinhead for Equality" -- [] -- Matti Freeman of the music department of the Desteni propaganda machine, who composes dull and insipid pop-rock and rap anthems, lyrics for which are based on the incoherent rants of Uncle Bernie, talks about some of his views on Hitler.

Matti says everyone is too concerned with self-gratification to do anything to change the system. Apparently, we are all little Hitlers, addicts seeking the next entertainment fix while millions starve to death, but we should all become more like Hitler and become activists.

Yes, it's skewed logic and a seriously flawed argument, but according to Matti, the whole Western capitalist system can, by following Hitler's example, in a few years be overthrown by Desteni, that is, as long as enough people accept Poolman as dictator of their lives.

In other videos put out by rank and file Desteni forum members, they also try to make the point that although it is accepted that Hitler was evil, people fail to acknowledge their own wrong-doing in not doing anything about poverty and starvation in the world. While in these videos they don't suggest following the example of Hitler, they also leave out the fact that the only reason Hitler is mentioned at all in relation to Desteni is because in the story called "I am Hitler", as dreamt up by Bernard Poolman, Poolman claims to have met Hitler in "the dimensions" and helped him to forgive himself, and as shown earlier in this thread, Poolman has made several statements to the effect that he admires Hitler. Matti Freeman thinks it's cool to flirt with Nazi imagery, because he, like Poolman is an admirer of Adolf Hitler, but so are all Desteni members just by virtue of the fact of the definition of what Desteni actually is: whatever Bernard Poolman says it is.

"Esteni de Wet" Desteni, Bernard Poolman, cult tactics
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 22, 2010 05:58AM

@ Sandman,

You've exposed many of the precise cultic techniques being used by Bernard Poolman.
Poolman has learned these techniques from copying various other cults and sects he's been involved with over the years.


- internal group confessions to maximize control by the leader.
- diet control
- sleep deprivation
- control of personal appearance of followers
- financial exploitation of members
- members working as unpaid labor
- attacking the "mind" and critical thinking
- humiliation of members
- constant push to recruit new members by spamming the internet.
- isolation from larger society
- creation of the isolated compound, the Desteni farm.
- pushing members for more money to buy more property for the sect.

Bernard Poolman is using the standard cult techniques, right by the book, and very self-consciously.
Bernard Poolman has made a serious error though, he has until now targeted mainly young people. The problem with young people for a cultic group, is that they don't have much money, which explains why Poolman is getting so irate for more money to come in from Desteni.

But perhaps Desteni's goal is to get a core group of younger people to work as the unpaid labor, and to troll the internet looking for more members.
More experienced New Wage cultic leaders like Byron Katie [] are much smarter, they TARGET an emotionally desperate and mature demographic, people that have some money and a credit line they can exploit.
Sales says to QUALIFY the customer.

@ Esteni de Wet:
As far as "Esteni de Wet" that needs some research.
Obviously the word "Desteni" was taken from the name "Esteni de Wet" unless that is a fabricated name that came after the Desteni sect was concocted.
Search Google for:

"Esteni de Wet"

If someone locally can do a search and find out the REAL names of Bernard Poolman and his wife, and if it turns out they are using fake names, their hypocrisy and lies will be even more ridiculous.
Here is an absurd "article" supposedly written by this person.

Here is the key.
Who owns the property of the Desteni Farm?
Someone locally could go into the land-deed office and see the name on the property deed.

Scientology, Desteni, Bernie "mini-Hitler" Poolman
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 22, 2010 06:18AM

This thread would be having a very strong impact on a small start-up sect like Desteni.
Everyone interested and associated with Desteni would be reading it, and having their eyes opened to the specific cultic TECHNIQUES being used by Bernard Poolman.

When a cultic leader has his Tech exposed, they all go into a rage at first.

There have been many large established sects with literally millions of dollars to waste, who have actually attempted to get threads like these shut-down, and they have all failed.

These sects and cults are TERRIFIED of freedom of thought, and critical thinking, and skeptical analysis of the facts.
Because once people can think for themselves and reality-test, then the cult leader is powerless. No matter how hard they beat their chest, or pull out their teeth, nothing works anymore, when people can see EXACTLY the techniques being used by the sects leader.

So the best way to combat these damaging sects, seems to be to accurately expose the precise techniques being used by the cultic leader, and expose the FACTS in precise detail.

Then those who are looking into the sect, can look at the facts, and think for themselves from the privacy of their own home, when they are not under peer-pressure.

Bernard Poolman wants to set up Desteni like a new Scientology, with their own bizarre fictional alien cosmology, with Bernie "mini-Hitler" Poolman in the position of L Ron Hubbard.

To combat this, people can LINK to this thread in various postings about Desteni, and then the public can be warned of the specific techniques being used in trying to recruit new members into the Desteni sect.

Yes, in the latest recordings he's going off the rails, laying down the law, criticizing his followers, calling for bannings etc, as though the little bit of power he's acquired is going to his head.

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