Desteni Education, Bernard Poolman, Katie Conklin
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Date: April 08, 2010 04:07AM

Cameron Cope
Why you have posted information about 'Desteni Education'

This thread is about a group/sect called Desteni.
According to this thread at the Desteni forums, they are promoting Desteni Education.
Someone claiming to be from Desteni Education named "Katie" (Katie Conklin, Katherine Conklin?) has publically marketed their products on the main Desteni website.

Bernard Poolman is also linking to Desteni Education at his facebook site. []

__________quote excerpts for educational research and analysis__________

Bernard Poolman is a fan of:

Celebrities / Public Figures Non-Profits Organizations Games
Cult of the Sunny Jims
Desteni Education []

Desteni Education


Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:33 am

Location: USA I wasn't sure if all were aware of the desteni education site so am sharing. It's very cool. Go visit!


Desteni Education is currently conducting free Reading Diagnostic Assessments in Houston and the Surrounding Areas. Contact a Desteni Educational Consultant Today to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

katieconklin Post subject: Re: Desteni Education Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:14 am
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If you email me at with specific questions about the software I can assist you.



Re: Desteni Education
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Date: April 08, 2010 04:20AM

According to the "Katie Process" blog she has been at the Desteni "Farm", and in involved with the Desteni SRA muscle-testing, with the public face of Desteni, Sunette.


________quote excerpt for research, education, and analysis___________
Sunday, October 18, 2009
Isolation and Self-Hatred

I've allowed a lot of anger to build up in the past couple of days.
Constant thoughts of judgment... nasty shit in my head.
I mean, really nasty thoughts about myself which I then direct towards others.
Through this I have isolated myself while here at the farm.

Monday, September 7, 2009
1st SRA Session

"First muscle testing session tonight with Sunette as the facilitator....

Sunette continued testing to show that this was a front, a facade I was putting on in order to avoid fear of losing my connection in a relationship by instead instigating the loss of the relationship.
She said she didn't see it in me to try to simply manipulate Cameron to get what I want and then search for another relationship to satisfy myself."

WARNING Desteni, cult Jargon, Bernard Poolman Applied Kinesiology scam
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Date: April 08, 2010 04:23AM

As shown in a previous post, the Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing can be used as a technique of absolute control by the facilitator in coercive environments.

WARNING Desteni, cult Jargon, Bernard Poolman Applied Kinesiology scam []

Re: Desteni
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Date: April 08, 2010 04:24AM

Cameron Cope:


Your request to remove material from this message board is an effort to censor free speech and is therefore refused.

This is a public message board.

See []

Under a New Jersey Court ruling (Donato v. Maldow 2005) a Web site provider/operator cannot be held liable for the statements of third parties on a message board.

The Ross Institute and/or Rick Ross has been sued five times by plaintiffs alleging damages due to defamation, libel and/or product disparagement, amongst other claims.

All the aforementioned plaintiffs lost and/or dismissed their lawsuits.

This includes the Church of Immortal Consciousness, Pure Bride Ministries, Landmark Education, Gentle Wind Project and NXIVM.

See the following:






As you can read through the links and/or the public record:

The Church of Immortal Consciousness lost its case all the way to the Supreme Court and had to pay court costs.

Pure Bride Ministries wisely chose to dismiss its own lawsuit rather than pay legal fees and court costs as did Landmark Education.

Gentle Wind Project not only lost its lawsuit, but after drawing the attention of the Attorney General of Maine through its litigation, was shut down and liquidated.

NXIVM sought an injunction to remove material from the Ross Institute Web site, which was denied by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and later upheld by US Supreme Court.

The Ross Institute has been represented and/or assisted pro bono by some of the finest law firms and public advocacy groups in the United States, including Public Citizen of Washington D.C. and the Berkman Center at Harvard University.

Meanwhile, all the plaintiffs paid for their legal fees, which in one case has apparently exceeded $2 million dollars.

The Ross Institute has three attorneys on its Advisory Board.

See []

Lowenstein Sandler, one of the most prestigious law firms in New Jersey, currently represents the Ross Institute.

See []

If you have a claim please put it in writing and it will be reviewed by legal counsel.

You should understand that expressing an opinion is not slander, libel or defamation.

Destini and its supporters have been afforded the opportunity to express themselves here within the agreed upon rules.

You should also know that the best antidote to free speech is more free speech, not attempts at censorship.

Rick Ross

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Desteni, Music by Cameron Cope Lyrics by Bernard Poolman
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Date: April 08, 2010 04:39AM

Someone posting as a "Cameron Cope" is also publically referring people to Desteni on the internet.


"Cameron Cope" Desteni

___________quote excerpts for education and research____________

My Life In A Song video on CastTV Video SearchMusic
Video for the Desteni Music Jamm-O!!!!
Video by Cameron Cope and Katie Conklin
Music by Cameron Cope Lyrics by Bernard Poolman .

---------------------- - Articles/articles. Lack of Money in the world and solutions: Money as Communication and the Dual-System. Writen by Cameron Cope on 11 November 2009 ... -
Desteni Universe (DesteniUniverse) on TwitterName Desteni Universe; Location South Africa; Web [www.desten]. ... goodrow · Tony Rathstone · Bernard Poolman · Cameron Cope · ryan f · Kelly Posey

... Cameron Cope (Visitor); 2009-09-24 @ 15:06:56. Yes, Desteni is evil. They are committed to destroying the world as we know it. ..."

Cameron Cope
Standing against something only creates a polarity which supports the very thing you stand against. The key is to stand EQUAL to the System and change yourself AS the System.

Check out to see how we are standing as the solution to Equal Education for All.
Also, search google for "Equal Money".
March 21 at 12:42pm

Cameron Cope
Cameron Cope
also check out for common sense solutions to other systems we participate in.
Yesterday at 6:38pm
Cameron Cope

Cameron Cope []
Letter from Cameron - Manifesto for Life - The Time is Come to Stand Together
Manifesto for Life []
March 15 at 7:07am

Re: Desteni, Music by Cameron Cope Lyrics by Bernard Poolman
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Date: April 08, 2010 04:47AM

Ironically, if one reads the actual text in the thread, literally NOTHING has been said yet about Desteni Education, or what they are doing, or selling.

But its strange, why would Desteni Education claim to not want to be linked with Desteni Productions?

Why write the music, with Bernard Poolman writing the lyrics?

"Music by Cameron Cope Lyrics by Bernard Poolman"
My Life In A Song video on CastTV Video SearchMusic
Video for the Desteni Music Jamm-O!!!!
Video by Cameron Cope and Katie Conklin
Music by Cameron Cope Lyrics by Bernard Poolman .

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Katie C ()
Date: April 08, 2010 07:37AM

Interestingly enough, those who do not hide behind false names can be held accountable for what they write and say. Honest and Open, no shame.

The point here is that if you are going around saying that you are some kind of "cult" detective, in order to have any credibility at all, you get information directly from it's source.
Unless there is some predisposition to bias, the information should be clear and easy for people who read this site to get an overall view of the Desteni movement.

Your negative opinions, and the complete inability to actually read any words written by the Desteni members here only proves that you yourself are participating in cult-like behavior. One that includes members who cannot think for themselves and refuse to hear anything being said to them based on bias/brainwashing and uses fear tactics to persuade others to agree with them. This is obvious from the Jason Scott case, where violence and kidnapping was used to "deprogram" an adult against his will, resulting in a court case against the Institute. This is whose name you are promoting.

*Note: this is publicly available information and should obviously be allowed here as a comparison between the Desteni group and the history of tactics from the leader of the Rick Ross Institute*

I can assure you, this kind of thing would never and HAS NEVER happened at the farm in South Africa, and I can guarantee you'll get no horror stories from those who have visited... because it is a normal farm... with horse shit and chickens and dogs and cats and people, just like any other farm anywhere else.

There is NO SEXUAL ABUSE, and this is a deliberate lie and misinformation that will not be tolerated.

Any other questions about desteni can easily be answered by searching in the massive amounts of information on the forum.

Re: Desteni, Music by Cameron Cope Lyrics by Bernard Poolman
Posted by: Cameron Cope ()
Date: April 08, 2010 08:14AM

@Rick Ross,

Have you visited the Desteni Education website? Please do so. Understand that we offer Educational Software to accelerate Reading Skills in children as a supplement to their school education. We have been promoting our products through several sources and not only at the forums. What does this have to do with the accusations of Desteni in South Africa being a cult?


Please check out the Desteni Education website before assuming anything. We do not describe our products on the forum because all the information is on our company website. We are NOT asking that anyone does not 'link' us with Desteni Productions, but the fact remains that Desteni Education and Desteni Productions are two separate entities. We are an educational/reading development software company. Do you have something against children being able to read? Please what are your specific questions regarding Desteni Education?

-- Cameron Cope

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: April 08, 2010 08:18AM

Why should someone (Bernard Poolman?) who is the apparent "leader" of the "church" of desteni FLEE from his skeptics? Perhaps the leader Bernard Poolman is not such an all-knowing, awe-inspiring figure?

I can see from his postings that English is not a first language for him, so perhaps I am not understanding his "vast intellect" which is so embraced by his 20-something adherents.

I would love to see how much Bernard Poolman is actually making from his "slave labour" and "Useful Idiots with Money". Follow the money. No "NEW AGE" group is in it for "spiritual enlightenment". That is clearly a canard.

It is all about the MONEY. The "NEW AGE" is like an outbreak of is EVERYWHERE and it is highly dangerous and infective. It is too bad that lazy thought gives way to nonsense like the "NEW AGE" but it is what it is (sadly).

The sooner groups like desteni and others like it are tossed away like "Seth" the sooner humanity rejects foolishness for fact.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: April 08, 2010 09:42PM

Cameron Cope:

You say that Destini is "education" or "educational," but when repeatedly asked for information about a scientific peer-reviewed and published study that demonstrates the measurable results achieved by Destini programs no one, including Mr. Poolman, could specifically cite anything.

One or two Destinee participants defended the group as a "new religious movement."

Is Destini based upon faith or facts?

Is it education or religion?

If it is education why has no one that posted here offered any objective evidence to prove the claims made by Destini and/or Bernard Poolman?

All those associated with Destini that have posted here have only offered their personal subjective experiences, much like religious folks offering their testimonies.

Doesn't this mean that Destini is a belief system based upon faith and not education?

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