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Re: Desteni
Posted by: SimulacronX ()
Date: August 30, 2010 02:34PM

Hi everyone.

I extremely respect your work here.
Best uncovering ever.
I'm really looking forward to the revealing of Bernard Poolman's real identity, if this is a fake name.
The similarities regarding Bernard Poolman and Donald Herman are stunning. Now we only need evidence.

I'll try to contribute to it.

However, I just wanted to point out a little thing I came across; possibly it was talked about here before.

"I represent divine principles -
A society where people own all things in common –
Where there is no rich or poor
Where there are no races
Wherever there’s people struggling for justice and righteousness,
there I am!"

Sounds familiar?

Not Poolman this time.
This is an excerpt of an original recording by Jim Jones, infamous Peoples Temple leader and instigator of a mass suicide in 1978 (918 victims).
He used to rave about Hitler too, for instance,

just like Poolman, Charles Manson, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho and others.

On another note:

I've found two videos on YouTube in which Bernard Poolman, safely hiding as usual, asks a member called Katie Conklin undecent questions about her sexual preferences.

YouTube and YouTube .
He chuckles and mocks her along the embarrassing interrogation, commenting on every move and facial expression she does, telling her she's "suppressing" and "faking" when she hesitates to answer his awkward questions in this situation.

I actually made a commenting video about it on my channel ("SimulacronX").

My conclusion:

This intimidation is clearly a use of violence, oppression, and a form of sexual abuse.

By the German law for instance, he could be sued for this.

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Desteni-town, Bernard Poolman, Jim Jones Jonestown
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: August 31, 2010 01:20AM

That is an important connection to the dangerous false-ideology cynically marketed by Jim Jones, as well as the setting up the rural Jonestown.
What's next?
Destenitown? (Desteni-town)
Note also the common desire to move into politics, and talking about creating a "equality" Utopia.

There are Jim Jones discussions still going on. []

Here is a link to the Jim Jones quote.
Anderson Cooper: Inside Jonestown
Nov. 21, 2006 Transcript
"REVEREND JIM JONES SR., THE PEOPLES TEMPLE: I represent divine principles, total equality, a society where people own all things in common, where there is no rich or poor..."

ROBERTS: Jones built the Peoples Temple into not just a church, but a powerful political force. He could turn out hundreds of demonstrators in a heartbeat to support politicians and community causes."

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Re: Desteni-town, Bernard Poolman, cult, Jim Jones Jonestown
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: August 31, 2010 02:20AM

Its interesting how the automatic search robots of the internet, have changed the way people get information, based on what people are looking for.

For example, go to
and if your browser is set to allow the Google robot to "Provide query suggestions in the search box"...

Then anyone can type in a random name like...
Bernard Poolman
and then look at the automatic suggestions about the next words suggested for search..

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Re: Desteni-town, Bernard Poolman, cult, Jim Jones Jonestown
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: August 31, 2010 02:33AM

An accurate comment on the bad "Desteni music".

"Their music is an abomination that's what happens if you replace practise, talent and taste with 'self-expression' (aka laziness + ego-worship)"

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: September 01, 2010 04:19AM

Hi everyone.

Hi, and thanks for your input.

The similarities regarding Bernard Poolman and Donald Herman are stunning. Now we only need evidence.

Yes, and their faces don't look dissimilar either. The connections between them are so striking that if they are in fact two different people then they must know each other and have a history together that is significant specifically in relation to the formation of Desteni and the ideas behind it.

If Donald Herman is someone other than Poolman then it is odd that he no longer has a website, when it is clear that with God-Forum -- [] -- he was very keen to use the medium of the web to disseminate his writings and to connect with like-minded people. If he was opposed to Desteni then it is strange he has had nothing to say about it for two years, especially when he claimed to have had contact with the group.

On this page:
there is a direct reference to and quote from the Desteni material.

A translation of part of the introduction reads:

"After I difficult and pertinent questions concerning this on a medium, B (Bernard), in Durban, has put about the ANNUNAKI's tampering with our people's spiritual bewussynssamestelling, he was with my questions on the Other Side is knocking on the door, and one Veno, from other end, for me the first of 17 chapters to receive directly from ... other way. Here is Chapter 1. ... Donald 07/13/2007"

But that seems to be all it says as regards 'Bernard' or any connection with the Desteni group.

That reference, as with the Donald Herman "Aruan9" identity, could possibly just be another way of Poolman dissociating from his Donald Herman identity.

As soon as Ferdi Poolman posted on this forum Bernard released two videos about it, but in relation to Donald Herman publicly he's said nothing. That in itself is significant. Obviously he and Desteni members keep up to date with this forum.

If Poolman is Donald Herman then he may well be operating a property business under a false identity.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: it's edenheart ()
Date: September 01, 2010 08:45PM

I do not have much to add at this point but just a suggestion, and that is that we compile the information from the last 47 pages into fact or what they have said and written with sources etc, and suspicions or their activities, and reasons for suspicions. I mean for new users that might have information, it means they don't have to read 47 pages to know what we know, and it can be easy to forget things after reading that much.

One thing I will add to the general topic of Desteni is that I made the suggestion to a higher up desteni member via youtube that Bernard get Sunnette to take the JREF ( James Randi education foundation) 1million dollar challenge. So if she shows she is real, she gets 1million dollars,
and i get told "Bernard tried to get them to test Sunette but they declined."
which seemed strange that an organsiation like the JREF would decline but for arguments sake, i assumed it was true so asked if i could see the letter email etc showing there reasoning for declining. She said that she did not know if anyone had such correspondance (so I assume she has never questioned it). She suggested emailing Bernard, Daryll, or Bella, all of which are friend locked accounts, so i can't email. But I have asked her to pass on the message to ask for proof that Sunnette was declined.

I guess i find this as another point how their members don't question anything anymore, Bernard tells them that he tried to get her tested but they declined, and all of them blindly believe it with no proof. I suppose it is an important thing for him to pretend he has done, I doubt I am the first to make this point, and people where going to ask why he didn't do this to get money.

Peace out
It's edenheart

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: it's edenheart ()
Date: September 02, 2010 12:24AM

Sorry, my last post was written very rushed and is hardly even understnadable consider this my last paragraph:

I bring this up as firstly it shows how the members are following him blindly, he says that he tried and they declined and everyone believes him, no questions asked. Secondly, though I have not tried yet, I don't think it would be too hard to ask the JREF if Bernard tried, and if he actually did why he was declined, and if it turns out he hasn't tried, it is just another one of his lies.

Peace out
It's edenheart.

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Re: Desteni, James Randi Million Dollar Challenge
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 02, 2010 12:46AM

The Desteni people are lying about the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge.

Log of Applicants []

People could post on the James Randi Forum that Desteni is making false claims about the Million Dollar Challenge. They have a process that people go through, with a number of steps.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: wanderingcrow ()
Date: September 02, 2010 01:28AM

Greetings to all,
I have read this thread from beginning to end with great concern, fascination (Poolman and Sunette have practically ruined that word for me since listening to their rantings)and no small measure of stunned disbelief.

I stumbled upon Destini while viewing some mind control videos on Youtube. At first glance I mistakenly thought Sunette Spies was a young boy. That was the first hook, wondering what a young boy could possibly say about mind control. I watched the video and thats how this whole Destini adventure began...

After listening to the bizarre ramblings (which I later found out was her version of "channeling") I was greatly disturbed. I felt compelled to investigate this group?cult further and found myself here on RRI. It took quite some doing to get past the Destini links to find a dissenting voice on Google search. The amount of Destini video propaganda is staggering and they cleverly hooked me into viewing the Destini cult vid's first. I thought that was rather telling and it made me all the more adamant to suss them out.

I'm not here to add anything as far as research on Poolman is concerned. I'm rather new to this kind of thing and haven't the foggiest clue where to begin. I'm here to listen and learn and to be of some help if I can. I feel compelled to contribute my voice to the discussion as I cannot let this man's actions go easily. I suppose it has hit a nerve in me. I have listened to a fair share of his vitriolic spews to know that he has a very destructive agenda and many impressionable minds still to harvest to fulfill it.

I want to thank everyone for the time they put in to uncovering this web of deceit and manipulation. I have never personally been involved with a cult beyond being raised as a catholic but I do know people close to me who are involved in new age cults.

From an ex catholic who still likes the valediction,

Peace be upon you,


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Re: Desteni, the methods of mind control
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 02, 2010 02:32AM

Good to see that people are finding this thread on Desteni, from internet searches.

This is one of the few places where people actually have the training and experience to see exactly what Bernard Poolman is doing, using Desteni as a mechanism.
In fact, the comment above about "mind control" hits the nail on the head.

That is exactly and precisely what Desteni and Bernard Poolman are attempting to put into place, a system of "mind control".
The absurd "content" of Desteni, like Equal Money and Channeling, changing the world, are just part of the smokescreen. That is called "content" and it can be anything at all, in various sects.

The reality, is the Desteni group are trying to put together a system of mind-control, to use on a group of people, for their own purposes. Its very obvious to those with training in that area.

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