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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 28, 2010 08:01AM


Oh, hush up.
As for an 'exposure',
-rips off face, and the crowd gasps-

"It was Mr. Jenkins the inn keeper the entire time!'

If you'd open yourself up to the objective point why I 'wasn't making much sense',
was because I was on a wave length a bit differ than yours relating to your vague comment,
in-which you purposely used.

Not to mention my mere comment, I'm objective enough to consider and admire various things,
in consideration for different scenarios of 'truths'.

Which I have both stated, yet you've thus far ignored, including the further explanation of the FBI bit,
while you pulled your little cop games, toying with others, and never being honest with yourself.

But hey, -shrugs-

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 28, 2010 08:55AM

Quote Sandman-

In "Process Support - Pregnant Mothers" -- [] -- he gives his "expert" advice on childbirth, recommends Caeserian section (because then the child will be like "Caesar", which is good, apparently) and denounces natural childbirth.

I have a feeling that Poolman got these ideas from this video: []

Or a talk by Jordan Maxwell. Which states "little Caesar" The son of Caesar, was actually Jesus. Cleopatra being considered, The Virgin Isis, according to the video.

Above top secret forum discussing the video: []

Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar Wikipedia: []

With this in mind, the following video by Bernard featuring references to Cleopatra and Horus is all the more odd: []

51 seconds through 1.13min is where he makes reference to Cleopatra and Horus. What the- springs to mind.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 28, 2010 09:12AM

Perhaps in 'her' mind 'she's' already 'won',
really easy when you never have to answer questions about yourself and totally
dis-mis any information that could hinder with the observation you'd rather be stuck on.

One whom can't endure direct questions,
I find really tasteless to be speaking of liars, especially considering you replied to my continuation of
the FBI comment -

"I forgot a KEY bit about the Sunette FBI bit myself,
the poisonous bit referred to her personality type - in-which she would possess even through ALL her 'characters or beings'.

Aidan: "It's rare, very rare. But those I detect it from turn out to be liars, hypocrites, they are harmful people.
Those who give off these vibes can be mentally unstable too, one moment your best friend, next moment, trying to turn a group of people against you.
They are charismatic, good at convincing without real logic, at least in my experience."

Yet this was her mere observation, which I would like to validate,
that a influence or herself, might have seemingly dangerous qualities."

- Cresil

Date Added: 07/22/2010
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So in 2004, Sunette already had a poisonous personality type? Or was it instilled in her by Bernard?


"So if the observation didn't alter, it might be the observer's fault for being 'stubborn' 'perhaps',
that this PERSON that might not have beings channeling through her,
might have a 'dangerous personality type which apparently could have changed in a en-caged environment
where they block out everything but their ideology.

Also yes, it could be Bernard's influence.


Also if it were morning..., it's still been quite a few hours with little
claim to your comment."

- Cresil

- -

None of this was in your final little report for yourself,
which might indicate you CAN NOT seem to handle more than that which you wish to construct for yourself.

Other unanswered bits:
I'm also a male, which you've seemed to mess up, and I haven't a clue what Aidan means, it's Jamie's nickname.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 28, 2010 11:04AM

Cresil I am bored with your distractions. You appeared as the "open minded, quirky one" to which "the scientifically minded" would for a time ostracise, then eventually realising your quirky yet heart felt sincerity, would find reconciliation and decide to work together for the greater good, patting each others backs in what appeared to be anti-desteni comradery. Fear of this point being exposed, suddenly brought new members out of the woodwork, to keep everything in check. Reaffirm the false to be true and make sure guilt for questioning was high. With a back up plan in the form of the 47 years on this earth old school no less!- for heavens sake!- appearing, to strike up what, respect? Ha. Nah dudes. I look forward to your outright denial!

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 28, 2010 11:30AM


If you'd stop doing ANYTHING
not to have to question or look with-in yourself or give any direct answers,
this little conspiracy of yours, which you created in your head,
wouldn't be 'playing out'.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: wanderingcrow ()
Date: September 28, 2010 12:12PM

Talk about mixing it up like a dog's breakfast..ugh It's brain numbing for me listening to the bizarre connections that Poolman and company dish out. This guy does throw everything in the pot. Listening to his video's is like trying to figure out what chunks are what in regurgitated stew. Is that a wait it could be a yam... and watching the jammo music videos was torture. Rasta Destini!! Marleys rolling in his grave...The production was laughable. Mind you they were last years entries but after that viewing I haven't the stomach for searching out new video's from the merry music makers at destini comedy. What a trail of Youtube offel they leave behind. Good to see the sub4sub sink into the sea.
Accolades for all who endure the tedium and make the connections. I haven't managed more than four minutes without going gah... Construct self-honesty blather blather one and equal...Equal money yada yada source bleet bleet. Just a matter of time Poolman and your rickety tower of borrowed power will fall. Now that would really be "fascinating".

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Re: Desteni, inducing confusion, hypnosis, mind-control
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 28, 2010 12:36PM

A very common cultic technique, is INDUCING CONFUSION.
It works like magic.
They put out confusing, and nonsensical "content" and their people try to make connections out of it.
It lures people in.
They create a fog of confusion, then the the leader leads the confused masses where he wants.
Its standard stuff.

That is why as soon as they start blowing smoke, and creating a fog of confusion, you have to clear their air, going back to basic facts and evidence.

Just reading some of the recent stuff, from someone with years of experience in this area, you start to "Trance-Out", and get spacey. With experience, you recognize that instantly.
When that is happing in person, when a persuasion expert is doing that to you, you have to STOP IT, by getting away from them instantly. Walk away, get out.
Or once you are more experienced, one can do fun things like trip and accidentally dump your glass of water over the Trance-Inducer persuader, then expose their techniques to their followers, in front of them.

Just be very very cautious when the text/dialog starts getting spacey and artfully vague.
Bullshit is bullshit, no matter the smell or shape.

There is tons of information about this kind of thing.
L Ron Hubbard Uses the Confusion Technique []
"The Confusion Technique by Milton H Erickson []

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Re: Desteni, inducing confusion, hypnosis, mind-control
Posted by: wanderingcrow ()
Date: September 28, 2010 02:22PM

Fortunately, Anticult I've gleaned enough information over the years of personal reading on various occult/new age philosophies and mainstream religious study to recognize a lot of the mishmash, mumbo jumbo references that get thrown around on Destini. I somehow managed to find myself here almost minutes after that viewing...

I'm from the Betty school of irritation judging by her post script reply on hubby Milton's letter on the link you sent. I have to leave the portals of destini drivel because it is so irritating and nonsensical. I had that irritation from the first Sunette video I stumbled upon and watched with one eyebrow cocked. I found myself here on RR because I suspected some kind of trickery was afoot. I was lucky enough to get the information I needed here to confirm my suspicions and warn me about the techniques used. It's an ongoing process of learning. Thanks for the links. I'm a bit drifty naturally so I'm happy it worked in my favour and I hope that disgruntled or ex communicated Destinites find their way here sooner than later. That mind control is dangerous stuff.

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Re: Desteni, inducing confusion, hypnosis, mind-control
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 28, 2010 05:38PM

One hates to bring the name of Dr. Milton Erickson into this nightmare of manipulation, but unfortunately many people have created a GROTESQUE PERVERSION his knowledge, which was used in clinical hypnosis, with the intent of helping people.
This has been discussed in great detail in the Byron Katie thread, [] as she also uses those same techniques. Everyone is using them these days.

Its an absolute mistake to get lured into trying to make sense of the nonsensical "content" with these sects like Desteni.
There is no sense in nonsense.
Notice Desteni changes their own nonsense around constantly, to keep people off-balance.

So one just has to take 2 steps back, and look at what Desteni is really trying to do to people, and their minds.
Its not easy to figure out these techniques, it take very hard thinking, and study, and research.
Thankfully, that can now be done for free from one's home, and doesn't involved weeks spent reading textbooks.

But its still hard intellectual work, to figure out how these processes operate, and how they use them.
Bernard Poolman would have a stack of books on this subject, even though Poolman is HORRIBLY AMATEUR in his techniques.
Sunette is physically painful and cringe-inducing to a trained-eye to watch.
But sadly, many people have not yet studied how these Tech operate, and get lured into the fiction and make-believe Stories of confusion.

So hopefully, more people will blow away the smoke and BS, and get out of the Confusion Content, and instead look at the bigger picture of manipulation. When one can do that, the entire illusion of Desteni is like a bad imitation of a sect of low-budget cultic wannabes.
And yes, even laughably bad amateurs can seriously HURT PEOPLE.
History is littered with harm, and even deaths in the presence of brazen conmen.

Example, James Arthur Ray was instantly identified in these forums 2 years before he hit the headlines with deaths in his terrible lethal sweat-lodge scam.

James Arthur Ray deaths.
There were serious warning signs about this guy going back 2 years, posted right here. []

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Desteni income plan
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: September 28, 2010 07:28PM

This video appeared today: "Desteni Income Plan & Acts of God" -- []

The document at this link describes how the "Desteni income plan" works in detail: []

So, this get-rich-quick scheme is presumably NOT a pyramid selling scheme and is completely legal? Or is it bordering on the illegal?

It seems to me that Poolman is trying to make a certain amount of money within a relatively short period of time after which he will change tactics, because I can't imagine that a scheme like this is sustainable. Would that be correct?

Maybe someone on this forum can clarify the legalities and the business sense behind the "Desteni income plan", if any.

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