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Re: Desteni pyramid scheme, YouTube, poker tournaments, Poolman
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: September 26, 2010 07:55PM

I listened to the first couple of minutes of a few of the above video links, I avoid too much exposure to Poolman so am not going to subject myself to any more than that.

To me this sounds like a straight-forward Intenet Marketing set-up, with the members as affiliates. The year long Introduction course--which members presumably pay for--will be the sales training. The Process seems to be stripping down of the inhibitions of the member so that any natural resistance that they might have to the brazen sales method is broken down. He makes clear that undergoing the Process is almost a prerequisite for becoming a salesperson and making a success of the Income Plan.

I am not sure of the legalities, the IM'ers get around the illegalities of pyramid selling by tweaking the model a bit and calling it Multi-Level Marketing. I gather that since there is only one affiliate in the down-line rather than an ever increasing number of hopefuls as in a classic pyramid scam, this type of marketing is legally acceptable most places.

Of course it is highly unlikely that any members/salesmen will make any appreciable income from selling the courses, most honest IM'ers (of info products) pay their affiliates upwards of 50% of the cost of the product to the customer and very few affiliates indeed can make much, even at that rate of commission.

I can't see Poolman offering anything like 50% or paying out at all if he has other methods (the mind control) of keeping the salesmen working for him.

Poolman has worked out that he wins 100% on the sales of the Process and the Introduction course to his proto-salesmen, playing on their desperation to gain an income. Any product that the salesmen manage to shift to newbies after that (which Poolman will get his percentage on) is a bonus, and not really the point of the plan at all. The initial sales to the hopeful salesmen are the income driver for him.
Of course when the salesmen inevitably fail to make enough at this unworkable plan, there is the classic sales funnel of endless courses to address the many personal failings that are preventing their success.

There is another big flaw in this and that is that his customer base is young and will not have the disposable income to buy into all the courses that they are going to need to stay in the circle of Poolman's approval.
No-one with much experience of the world is going to accept Poolman and his rantings as a creditable and professional businessman--so who else is going to buy into this scheme apart from young hopefuls with little cash to spare?

Its a classic IM scam.

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 27, 2010 06:02AM

Dear ThePoolman,

I suggest you refrain. Immediately.

In Fact...

"Wink Wink" Boy.

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 27, 2010 07:33AM


Wandering crow, hm nah. I don't think so.
You? Ha...
Cresil? Ha...

You all certainly know how to toy with peoples caring natures. Pulling on peoples heart strings.
Anyway, this wont mean much to anyone else but rest assured, I know exactly what it means- to all of "you."
How insightful you all are, in how people perceive things at first glance...(people just don't have the time) Right Desteni?

So if Poolman is Aruan9 and thinks he is Joshua and Bernard thinks he is The Beast.. Well; sounds like a cult throw back party to me. It's easy to manipulate others when you hold no value to emotions, right? And you know what kind of things people hold sacred, "ya"?

"No-one with much experience of the world is going to accept Poolman and his rantings as a creditable and professional businessman"

Who wants a credible business man in the indoctrination of this arena?

Quote: The Poolman-
"And here I was thinking that the material provided was actually relevant to my own situation, relevant to my own spiritual "death". I am nothing, merely deluded. My slate has been wiped clean and I haven't the slightest clue how I ever came to be here."

Gee, ThePoolman, your words are so familiar to me... You are so familiar to me... "Wiping the Slate" Where have I heard that before...

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So...back to the great pyriamid...the alter...what does it feel like to lay on it...what will happen if I do that...these are questions one may of asked oneself...back in the day of...when it was a finely tuned instrument...the explained by Cayces works and the RA death...
One of two things may happen...a phyisical...material...body death or the death of self...the mind...blank slated...and a renewal takes place...birth...death and resurection...on the alter...

Seems like he is referring to the Living Resurrection ceremony, not that he would really know anything about it.
"I killed Bernard" By Bernard [] Yeah..Nice...Try...Bernard. You don't Murder yourself for the ceremony Bernard, you utter dimwit. -Waits for Cresils deep occult response-

Well, for anyone it concerns: I have an early conversation between "them" all, from 2008.


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 27, 2010 07:57AM

'First glance' my foot.

Can you validate that comment, or is that just
some thrown in insult with absolutely no grounds?

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 27, 2010 08:02AM


It has been validated already. Trust me.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 27, 2010 08:13AM

A laugh,
and insurance without again any real 'sharing' or logic.

That's quite common,
and the very point I just made.

Thank you,
now either prove your 'real' point,
or continue mine.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 27, 2010 08:17AM

What exactly are you thanking me for? I can assure you I haven't been noting your comments since I extended the notion you are a liar, dear.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 27, 2010 08:36AM

Sounds like a limited perspective you've got going on there.
How about you 'blow our minds', instead of floating around, filled with hot air.

I am beginning to believe, you honestly can't
defend your own statements or you refuse to.

Neither the less,
I'm not 'purposely' mis-guiding myself or others
when I speak.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 27, 2010 08:43AM

Do you think Sunette is a poisonous person Cresil?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 27, 2010 08:51AM

Do you think you'll gain benefit by changing the subject,
however if you'd like to focus on ONE SOLE THING, noted on FIRST GLANCE on my channel's description,
then I'll play along.

Take her videos to ANY FBI screening,
and I bet you, they'll see through her transparent 'acting' - depending on what you believe is happening,
and into her personality profile, in-which apparently she no longer has a personality,
how convenient, now that you barely ever see or hear from her anymore.

I can tell with my own eyes, call it an observation,
that she was purposely 'toying', PURPOSELY - which would speak volumes for their material,
and it's motives.

Yet that's merely what I believe, HONESTLY, and I would like to validate it with the FBI.

So is this leading anywhere, are you going to prove a point, or are you stalling?

- Cresil

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