Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: lobo ()
Date: June 22, 2014 03:19AM

Ok, I just spent a little time online. Frustratingly, there do not seem to be any sites to report this type of scam, only for internet scams. I did however submit inquiries with several sites: [], investigative reporters and editors, and an investigative reporter for NBC. Hopefully we will hear something from one of these.

What do we think about starting a public yahoo group, that will at least give more visibility to this, and maybe posting on FB pages? We at least need to get the word out. Lets stop this guy once and for all!

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: babyimamazed ()
Date: November 07, 2014 08:22AM

A dozen years later and this is still going on. WOW! Amazing. Just checked in after several years. It looks like RiverSource must have been paid? He was very adamant about stopping this scam and then just dropped off. That is also how this has been perpetuated for so long. People have been either worn down or if loud enough get paid off while most people were just ripped off.

I knew the people involved before Carl introduced the "abundance ray". I don't know if it was originally a scam or a promise Carl thought he could fulfill and couldn't. Gabrielle seems to have had a major influence on him but you can't perpetrate something for this long and to this magnitude with out knowing you have no way to keep these outlandish promises. I know the people close to him on this believed him wholeheartedly and probably still do.

The fact that people are still sending him money is extremely disturbing and it makes you believe it was always a scam and not just a fantasy. They will take money from anyone regardless of their personal circumstances. I know people that maxed out what little they had on credit cards to get a 50X return "within weeks". There needs to be better internet exposure on this so people who check will at least have some warning. Is anyone pursuing that?

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: Robert60 ()
Date: April 24, 2015 12:04PM

Does anyone have any nuggets to share? Need my hopium fix. Having trouble letting go

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: curious123 ()
Date: August 18, 2015 11:59PM

I have been in contact with Carl Jensen and Denise Atwell, his assigned public contact person for updates. She is in Calgary.

Anyone else out there with news?

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Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: lobo ()
Date: August 19, 2015 04:08AM

Wow, you have been in contact with them recently? What are they claiming? did you bring up all of this stuff to them? Do you know where they are? Seems like this would be a good time to pursue them.

And yes, I agree with Robert60, we should be making more internet chatter about this. Any ideas on how to do this folks? Hoax / scam websites?

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: evanbevan ()
Date: January 13, 2016 06:37PM

Hey everyone, hopefully some people are still monitoring this thread. We are in contact with somebody who is currently being financially exploited by Mark Comings and his alleged accomplice Carl Jensen. Their scam seems to be fairly similar to what is described here in that they require funds from people on which they are promising massive, unbelievable returns on. The details on the investment are vague but they seem to require people's money with some urgency. Mark himself has acknowledged the existence of disgruntled investors and still maintains they will be repaid. We would like to hear from people and if anyone requires more details then please PM us.

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: philigula ()
Date: February 13, 2016 06:04AM

Mark & Carl have pretty much disappeared leaving much destruction in their wake. One lady is now homeless and several have died of disappointment waiting for the "Abundance Ray" to shine into their bank accounts. I know several people who put their life/retirement savings into this 'deal'. "If it's too good to be true………………..!!!" Well somethings never change.

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: Foolmeonnce ()
Date: March 10, 2016 09:11AM

Wow it is astonishing to see how many people have similar stories! Actually it is scary...
These people are still out there today taking people's money with promise of massive returns. something must be done about this!

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: Undone ()
Date: March 10, 2016 09:53AM

Yesterday afternoon Mark knowingly and willingly lent me his computer and passport ‘for just a moment’ at which time I informed him… indeed PROMISED him I would keep it safe and return it just as soon as I’m able… probably around next Tuesday… after the banking holiday… or perhaps after Carl receives his diplomatic passport… and on and on… ad infinitum… or else once the funds he promised me are returned in full.

Mark understands I did not lie, but only miscalculated the time it would take to return his lap top and passport. ‘I have never lied to you Mark, only miscalculated’, I told him… and will keep telling him until the cows come home or monies are returned.

“To lie, one must have intent to deceive”. I told him. “Anything else is pure miscalculation. I am rather surprised that you cannot see the difference. I submit there have been many unusual circumstances that have prevented the timely fulfillment of this matter. (The return of your lap top) "This does not, as I have said before, indicate fraud. If you or someone would care to enlightenment me as to the fallacy of my reasoning, I will be most eager to receive their tutelage...”

Mark has indeed indicated he trusts me and is willing to wait until next Tuesday for the return of his lap top and passport .

“Also worth considering, Mark, is that my ongoing efforts to conclude the above-referenced matter (The return of your lap top) are completely honorable, despite the protracted period of time it has taken.”

When asked how he felt about all this, Mark replied it felt; “A bit weird” and that he hoped the whole situation would resolve itself quickly. I assured him that it would and that Carl could no doubt help in that process.

Mark indeed ‘Gets IT’, and understands and agrees I did not lie to him – that I have never been caught in a lie, yet in many poor assumptions about timing.

Forgoing any ‘unforeseen peculiar circumstances’ Mark’s lap top and passport will be returned to him next Tuesday. Once our money is returned.



For real.

Which quoting Mark is; ‘Wonderful good news!”

Re: Gabrielle Klonek, Carl Jensen, Mark Comings
Posted by: philigula ()
Date: March 11, 2016 01:11AM

Good going! Carl (the brains) of this scam seems to have Mark under a hypnotic spell and Carl himself is mesmerized by the Goddess Gabrielle Klonek who may be the end recipient of the "Abundance Ray". So keep your $ ¥ £ € in your own accounts and you will be much happier in the long run.

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