Hide that Funky Doctrine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 04, 2008 12:42AM

This is from a blog describing another entity.


But the insights apply to quite a few other human potential franchises.


Impact Trainings takes the expensive trainings of a Scientology, pop-psychs them up, prices them for the middle class, emotionally manipulates people into going through the trainings in relatively quick succession, without having to show long term results.

With Impact Trainings you don’t have to explain any funny doctrine, because they know that doctrine doesn’t sell. Feeling good about yourself sells, and that’s what they promise.

With non-disclosure contracts.

And instructions not to tell anybody what goes on there. And causing people to no longer relate to their friends and family that don’t “get it”. Sounds a lot like what Jason Beghe talks about in his video.

To me, Impact Trainings is “Scientology Lite”… All the egomania of a cult leader, with the plausible deniability of “hey we just do little self-help exercises”… Worse than Scientology in some ways, because to a person that hasn’t gotten involved, it sounds so innocuous. Who won’t spend $500 for something that you’re told will cure what ails you? Oh but it doesn’t cure what ails you, because then they have class #2, and hey that’ll cure what ails you, right? Well, not really, because if you really want to “get it” you need class #3. Sound familiar? That’s what Jason Beghe said really started to make him mad, because there was always another class that he had to take if he really “got it”.

But Scientology has it all wrong. They have to defend funky doctrine, they have to compete with a person’s native/natural religious beliefs. But “Impact Trainings” can fit like a template over a person’s life, and fit those “pay to play” snake oil trainings into just about any one’s life - without have the resistance of a Scientology, but lots of money making ability.

Funky doctrine. Hmm....

Hide that funky doctrine, cult boyz
Hide that funky doctrine weelll

Hide that funky doctrine, cult gurlz,
Cock your heads and love bomb all of usssss....

(Parody and in homage to "Play That Funky Music" (also known as "Play That Funky Music, White Boy") is a funk rock song written by Robert Parissi and recorded by the rock band Wild Cherry. The song hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 18, 1976.)

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