Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: August 30, 2023 01:42PM

Hi All,

here are the photos, no-one has to go to FB. I'm not a great fan of it, to be honest.


There are pics of Ole, standing alone as well. Which I think is a bit of a denial, however if he can still stand on his own is still great. His condition did get a lot worse since last year, when we saw him (had to) with Jigme La. Ole's absent confused look comes over pulpubly on one of the pictures in some room with Karmapa. So sad...

I love the photos of the little girl with Anne. I think she loves her a lot and is surely a good mum to her. One can see that for sure on the pics. She's all there is left from Ole for her, I'm afraid... Must be terrible for her if she loves Ole.

As to the questions on Karmapa's lectures:

I can't tell u exactly, obviously, what Karmapa said in just over 3 hours. He talked about the 8. Karmapa meditation. That it is really like an app, like counting your steps. But it's just a gadget, so to speak and one should see that it's something to help achive enlightment. However not the only 'such gadget'. There are many methods.

Someone asked about karma. A woman from the Ukraine ( I happen to know her) asked about what one should tell 'outsiders' and new-comers about Buddhism? What is really buddhist? (well, eating large amounts of meat surely not, LOL)

Some great follower of Ole asked of course if it was ok to listen to Karmapa if they are Ole's student. Karmapa started to explain to us about ignorance. :-))))))))) we nearly died of laughing with my friend.

That's the short summery, I don't think u will find an exact script. The lecture was going to be about the six paramitas by the way. Not one word was uttered about that.

Good day everyone

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: 7 of 108 ()
Date: August 30, 2023 04:21PM

Hi everybody,

When I saw the pictures of the Nydahl family it struck me that are kind of similar to typical Karmapa family pictures. Anne and her daughter dressed in similar colors, one time Anne wearing an asian style dress.The expression of deep affection to her child…

To me this appears to be a consciously and carefully set in scene public appearance giving the world the picture of the leading western spiritual family, legitimizing the DW organisation.

There are media professionals in the DW and they know how to spread the picture they want the world to see.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: letif ()
Date: August 31, 2023 02:56PM

Thanks freedomofspeechmetoo for the reply. I thought they were also talking about the future.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: September 01, 2023 12:02AM

Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: September 01, 2023 12:10AM

7 of 108 Wrote:
> Is there anybody here, maybe somebody with an
> authentic buddhist training, who can give advice
> about the typical DW Meditations ( the
> „simplyfied“ pujas)? I am wondering if it make
> sense to use them. No other teacher of this
> Lineage refers or
> recommends them. ( As far as I know) Please let me
> know if there are any information about it.

I don't think there's much use in trying to find the good in a cult. Everything Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way is tainted and twisted to control and abuse. It's best to use other, legitimate sources. We are lucky there are so many legitimate Buddhist groups out there, so why waste your time with a cult?

Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: September 01, 2023 12:12AM

Very sad and abusive that the Ole Nydahl cult is using an innocent child as PR fodder for themselves.

Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: September 01, 2023 05:52AM

Diamond Way compares


Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Date: September 03, 2023 06:07AM

OleNydahlDiamondWayCult Wrote:
> is
> this person brave or stupid?
> []

Brave. I hope you haven't just exposed them to Diamond Way's harassment.

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Re: Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism
Posted by: Mary Lou ()
Date: September 03, 2023 07:32PM

Jo gave great interview and she was very gentle about it. I think more people will speak out soon. It's very brave what she did. And she wasn't "stupid", she was searching for Buddhism same way as I did and many other people here on this topic. The problem is that DW is like McDonald it's everywhere. And for the person who is looking for a spiritual growth and path it's easy to find them to get deeper into the cult because they are using brainwashing, manipulating techniques similar to those used in big corporations.

Diamond Way - Fucked Up Interpretations of Right Speech
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 03, 2023 09:24PM

Many years ago, on a now defunct Buddhist discussion venue (ESangha) older members of DW were griping about problems, said they did not want to tell newbies about this so as not to give the Dharma a bad name.

Later, they griped about how immature the new students were!

If it is right speech to put out flares to warn motorists of hazards hidden in darkness, it is right speech to warn new students about problems with sangha leadership.

It is not right speech for senior students to bad mouth new students as immature - especially if these same senior students are NOT telling the new students about hazards in the sangha.

Finally, the Dharma must be weak and wimpy if alerting us to corruption in a sangha is enough to ruin the Dharma.

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