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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Date: September 05, 2009 11:48PM

I continue to wish Private Eyes and others who may be involved every success in locating Chantelle and Leela (alive and well)....

As a matter of personal interest, I note that the NSW Personal and Privacy Protection Act 1998 relates primarily to the operation of "public sector agencies" (and specifically EXCLUDES the Police or Private Investigate Agencies from its powers under Division 3, S.23, 24[] )

It would not then appear proper to apply the strictures of the Privacy Act to any authorized State Enforcement Agency or to any private individual (although a claim under Tort may just possibly be entertained, provide one can prove damages), just as the Freedom of Information Act 1989 is also specifically excluded from the operation of the Personal and Privacy Protection Act 1998 and just as the Freedom of Information Act 1989 also primarily deals with the operations of "public sector agencies" not the actions of individuals.

I do however note that on the contrary, the NSW Evidence Act 1995, specifically points out the "compellability" of those with relevant knowledge to provide witness to the organs of the Judiciary in respect of any allegations made before it[]

Hence those who KEEP information "private" that in the public interest would actually lead to a CONVICTION of McKay would seem to me to be those who (according to statute) "transgress the law"...

I don't think Yasmin is generally guilty of such behaviour (and as I've already written I believe genuine attempts are being made limit any distress or duress to those who are unwittingly somehow connected to McKay) but for those who are inclined to such behaviour, (repeatedly), may I just remark that you may find that world fails to be persuaded by the self indulgence of the "warm fuzzies" with which you may consider yourself "morally superior" to those who post here, and I (among many?) would DEFINITELY much prefer that you quote the relevant statute or case LAW (repeat L-A-W, not the pontification of your imagined "righteousness")...that supports your assertions

.....OR, if not, that you kindly refrain from your continued pompous and errant references to "privacy".

(For the purposes of obtaining the Welfare Benefits that they claim from the Aust Gov. the McKays have described themselves as domiciled in NSW. Hence I believe that they would thus fall under the jurisdiction of the Acts I have quoted).

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: September 06, 2009 09:42AM

Hm. I was recently given good advice not to post angry.But haivng waited several days, I am finding a need to post anyway.

Firstly, I wish all those attempting to find Simon Kaldwell well. And hope the grieving families find peace and knowledge.

Secondly, I continue to suggest that anyone communicating with someone who identifies themselves as a police licensed investigator, would do well to confirm that status with the licensing board.

Thirdly, if an apparently "polite" pm containing an attempt to guess at the group I was raised in, was meant to be intimidating; it did not work.

If it was not meant to be taken in that spirit, I apologise.

Fourthly, I am glad you find me only occasionally "pompous and errant" , Malcolm.
( To be honest, I have actually gained more respect for you recently, than I have had in the past.Though I seriously disagree with your approach, the fact is that you did choose to stick by your friend.)

All the best, Yasmin

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: Sir Laughs-A-Lot ()
Date: July 11, 2010 01:21PM

Just making a post to "follow up" on this thread.
Is anyone aware, of any progress made by anyone including the authorities, in "tracking down" the 4 people reported missing in this case, since the last post was made in this thread more than a year ago now?.

I found my way to this forum from a internet search on Simon Kadwell.
I am doing some research for a book on unsolved missing persons cases in the Australian state of W.A.

Many thanks.

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: Sir Laughs-A-Lot ()
Date: December 10, 2010 12:18PM

Well, Its been a LONG time since this threads seen any action.

I'm sure "private eyes' A V L has probably given up by now.

Some facts that haven't been adequately followed up!.

They last accessed their bank accounts, on July 13th 2007

Chantelle last spoke with her parents (Jim) advising them they were going on holiday to Brazil, on 14th July 2007

WAPOL and Immigration have no record of themever leaving the country - using their passports bearing their 'proper' names.

In ONE media article a neighbor of the family from Nannup claimed that Simon Kadwell/Gary Felton once stated, "That he had alternative ability to get out of the country" or words to that effect which suggests that he also had either:

1. a passport in perhaps his REAL name of Gary Felton


2. A false / forged passport.

Unknown to everyone, it would seem - is the fact that, on July 17th 2007 a TAM Airways (Linhas Aereas) A320 Airbus JJ 3054 with 6 crew and 181 passengers, crash landed on the end of the runway into Sao Paulo Brazil, when one of its thrust reversers on one engine was disabled.

The plane skidded off the end of the runway and crashed into a fuel storage depot - killing 12 people on ground working there.

The plane exploded and all aboard werekilledoutright.

Media reports suggested that "4 europeans" were aboard according to the passenger manifest. As We know all of the 4 missing had been to England twice in recent years & probably on Feltons English passport as his common law wife and child maybe.... so it is possible that they MAY have been identified as "europeans" from the passenger manifest possibly and never identified as the missing Australian family.

Various media reports suggested that only 18 of the total number killed were 'positively identified' at one stage - whether those numbers increased by use of DNA and familail sequencing searches by the medical Examinerin Sao Paulo Brazil is unknown.

Even if this type of medical forensics were performed - without access to the various Australian DNA databases, a medical examiners investigator in Sao Paulo Brazil is very unlikely to make a wild azzed guess and get access to any Australian DNA databases if his ONLY clue to their origin is that they were of "european origin".

The ONLY way that these 4 people can be "eliminated" from the accident as potential victims, is IF Australian missing persons investigators take the trouble to send, DNA, Dental and Fingerprints information too the medical examiner / coroner in Sao Paulo Brazil and ASK for searches of the remains of Jane Doe's recovered from be crash scene be made against that data sent to them from Australia.

I have spoken today with Jim McDougall and suggested that he have this done urgently.

Lets hope that maybe this explains the"dissapearance" of these 4 people.

It would be better if they were found alive somewhere, but if I were a betting man, I am guessing this will explain where they ended up and how they disappeared.


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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: December 12, 2010 09:42AM

hi Sir laughs a lot; you may be right, which would be a sad ending for the families, though at least knowing what has happened would I am sure be a comfort.Did find this comment on a news article written in 2009; don't know if it is relevant or not.
is the physical description of the missing Simon Kaldwell as being 6 foot accurate?
it seems to have been written by someone else also called Simon Kaldwell, but I have no idea whether it is accurate or not.
There did not seem to be much information on the people identified in the crash on the news media; is one of the unknown Europeans a child?
Hope very much that the families find peace and closure over all of this.
All the best, Yasmin

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: Sir Laughs-A-Lot ()
Date: December 12, 2010 11:27PM

Hi Yazzi,

Long time no see kiddo, you used to ride on the school bus that I drove when you went to Simone's farm for sleepovers & to pat "skittles" Simones pet deer, say hello to your mum Christine for me - we went to school together. (And yes I lived up round the corner from you in Nannup).

I guess your all gown up now hey?

The nutter "PI"(Private Eyes) on here is a cult buster named Adrian Van Leen, Yazzi - I wouldn't worry bout him too much, he has tickets on himself, just twix you 'n me kiddo.

I remember Chantelle from seeing her down the town main street (and the fish n chip shop with Gordon) but not this Kadwell /Felton fellow, he kept pretty much to himself, for reasons I'll explain in a PM too you - so I've no way to know how tall he is, i.e. over 6 ft etc.

Theres a couple of Kadwell/ Kadwills in the UK Yassie, and interpol stopped one of them at Heathrow air port - when an international wanted poster was put out for him by WA Police. When they did stop the guy - he looked nothing like the photo the WA Police had on the poster. They knew they had the right pic because the Nannup copper stopped him for pizzy driving one night and checked his fraudulent WA Photographic license.

Anyway this Pomme Kadwell / Kadwill stopped at Heathrow airport, knew nothing about a common law wife (Chantelle McDougal) or Child (Leela McDougal) (or (Popic). When they looked at his passport he had no visas showing passage to Australia ever. So they showed this Kadwell the wanted poster photo they had and he said "Hang on I know that guy - I went to university here in the UK back when we were both 20 years old - his REAL name is Gary Felton.

Checks with the uni show him as Gary Felton at the university in the year books.

It seems that he stole his friends identity 20 years ago in England and has been living as Simon Kadwell for years including his time in Australia when he lived in the Eastern States, and then in Denmark WA, and later Nannup from 2004 with Chantelle & Leela (and Popic).

This is the "passenger manifest" published by the airline:-

TAM Airlines identified the passengers who were aboard Flight JJ3054, which crashed Tuesday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were no survivors.


TAM's assistance program for victims and relatives can be reached at +55 (11) 5582-8167/8685/8153

You can count up thats 160 passengers.

Media reports claim there were 181 passengers aboard all killed + 6 crew and another 12 persons on the ground all killed!.
Media reports also claim there were "4 europeans unidentified".

So only 160 passengers on the manifest, but 181 reported in the media reports, means there are at least 21 passengers "unidentified" including th 4 of european origin.

I think Kadwell Chantelle Leela and Popic might have had English / European / Irish passports - because Kadwell had forged Australian documentation to get a Australian Drivers License (requires 100 ID points, including Birth certificate & Drivers License etc), yet they went back to England in years 2000 and 2002, I think...

I believe they went OUT of Australia (Perth) possibly on English passports - which is WHY local immigration had no record of them leaving on those dates around 15 July 2007 based on their Ausralian Passports. There was a record of them staying at a motel in Perth near the air port, on the 15th July 2007, I believe.

If they were travelling on English passports that would account for the fact media reports included the mention of 4 unidntified european passengers!

Interpol are going to send DNA, Dental, & Fingerprints, to the Medical Examiner / Coroner in Sao Paulo Brazil to rule out any Jane Does / unidentified DNA from the plane crash, by searchng their dna database.

Can't hurt even if it only rules out that crash as a possibility.

Something wrong when the manifest numbers don't add up to the official numbers released in media reports at the time & since.

I suspect they may have "booked thru" from a connecting flight, if they landed in Rio de Janero and were headed for Rio Branco, - they might not have made it too the official manifest if that was overlooked. Porto Alegre and São Paulo, Brazil, were the destination and arrival points - I'm not sure how that fits with the geography of Brazil if they landed at say Rio Dejanero international airport and wanted to get to Rio Branco.

Also did anyone check that manifest with Australian customs, for people who left Perth from 15th July 2007 who might hav ebeen travelling under 4 of those names? According to Jim (McDougall) they last touched bank accounts on the 13th July 2007 when car was sold in Busselton and Chantell spoke with her mum Cathy on the 14th July 2007 saying they were going on holiday to Brazil.

Thus they had sufficient time to get as far as Brazil in time to have been lost on that fatal flight.

State crime scene investigators terminated the search for remains on July 28, 2007
^ "Peritos concluem varredura nos escombros do prédio da TAM Express" (in Portuguese). Folha de S. Paulo. 2007-07-31. []. Retrieved 2007-07-28.

as of that date, 114 bodies recovered from the site had been identified by the São Paulo Medical Examiner's Office as those of passengers.
^ "Número de vítimas do acidente da TAM identificadas sobe para 104" (in Portuguese). Folha de S. Paulo. 2007-07-28. []. Retrieved 2007-07-28.

According to the Brazillian authorities this was the 181 passenger manifest in portuguese (+ 6 crew members)

11.ARNALDO RAMOS BATISTA (funcionário da TAM)
90.MARCO ANTONIO DA SILVA (funcionário da TAM)
160.RICARDO KLEY SANTOS (funcionário TAM)
164.FABIOLA KO FRATAG (funcionário TAM)
171.ANGELICA ROJEK (funcionária da TAM)
172.EVELYN CAMPOS (funcionária da TAM)
173.MIRELLE M. F. BETTIOL (funcionária da TAM)
174.FABIANE RUZZANTE (funcionária da TAM)
175.ALINE MANTEIRO CASTIGO (funcionária da TAM)
176.FERNANDO TERGOLINA (funcionário da TAM)

Os nomes dos funcionários da TAM Express que encontram-se desaparecidos
são os seguintes:

1. Marcos A. L. Curti
2. Antonio Gualberto Filho
3. Elaine Tavares da Silva
4. Ana Paula Camargo
5. Alexandre L. Catussatto
6. Aldeniz Pedro de Lima

You can see that there seems to be some 'confusion' about all the passengers - because the initial media reports of '4 europeans' does NOT seem to match up with either of the published passenger manifests!

We just don't KNOW for 100% certain what NAMES these 4 people were travelling under. (I'll explain why in a PM to you!).

Isn't TAM JJ3054 a Brazillian national airline & the flight an internal flt, with mostly all locals aboard? - would they (TAM / Brazillian Govt) necessarily want to admit to first world passengers aboard - who's wealthy familys might start a class action suit, that would then piggy back all the pauper locals and possibly garner many $millions in compensation?

Without having their dna on a database in Brazil, they cannot ever show up if indeed thats where they got too, assuming they aren't on a Kibuttz in Israel or hiding out in Ireland, as I initially suspected.

With any luck time will tell.


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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: December 13, 2010 05:48AM

Hi Sir Laughs a Lot; nope, wrong yazzi, though it would have been nice growing up and patting a pet deer..

I grew up in a high demand religious group...probably pretty different life experiences from your Yazzi.

Private Eyes and i did have a misunderstanding, but it is all ok now.
What you are saying makes sense though; you feel that they are all listed on the passenger manifest by the wrong names?
As you say, there don't appear to be european names there . Also possible i suppose that the media got the report wrong and there were no europeans; media reports can be less than accurate at times.
Anyway, wish you all the best, and good luck with the investigation. It would be interesting to know how the DNA evidence pans out.
all the best, Yasmin

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: Sir Laughs-A-Lot ()
Date: March 01, 2012 02:24AM

There are many other online links from various news agencies today about this human remains find.

As I lived in the town for 20 years, I know the place fairly well, and where these remains were found in a paddock off Grange road - is no where near the farmhouse the Felton family rented, from a local farmer Mr Lyndon Crouch out East Nannup Road!

Facts that need to be considered.

1. Why did Felton move hisfamily to Nannup in 2004 from Denmark?

2. How did Felton manage to live under an asumed alias of one of his university collegues in England from 20 years ago?

3. I heard from a local, (remember after 20 years living there I know most of them) that Felton was stopped by the local copper at the time one night for a random breath test and provided a valid W.A. Drivers license bearing his photo - but using his alias Kadwell name. How does one get "100 points" for a false identity like that? Isn't the system designed to stop people doing that? You require at the least a long form birth certificate, or Valid Passport with photo.
(I know the answer to this and will give more detail in a moment).

4. We know from various reports online etc That Felton and family went to England in both yrs 2000 and 2002 while living in Nannup and that he met a canadian lady "and tried to get in her pants" as part of his "Si" persona according to the article concerned. Also theres some suggestion that he also went to Canada perhaops to liaise with his online book publisher for the epic "Servers Of The Divine Plan". It appears to me that WA / Australian and Interpol / Scotland Yard, should be investigating customs / immigration records to find out what documents the whole family used to travel on those occasions and what names those documents were in.

5. Some of the articles suggest that Kadwell / Felton was in the habit of forging documents which makes tracking all their movements that much harder to do.

6. Heres HOW someone (Usually crooks but also occasionally intelligence assetts of foreign intelligence services ie spys) normally gets a false ID for clandestine work in foreign countrys.

A) They firstly are usually recruited at Universitys as vulnerable intelligent students by foreign intelligence agencies.
B) Feltons travel back to England twice in Yrs 2000 and 2002 along with his recruitement in Cambridge University London England suggests that he may well have worked for GCHQ (HRH QE2's Intelligence service Emm Eye 5 or 6, most likely 6) as they are variously called.
C) In providing a false ID - often the trade craft training of such organizations operatives requires them to successfully obtain someone elses ID as an exercise - which would explain Felton using one of his Uni student colleagues ID's - he likely passed that test by stealing his fellow students ID successfully - and having done it once may have hung onto the paperwork in case it was ever needed later. Evidence suggests that it was used for his "Nannup assignment" whatever that may have been (More on that score soon too).
D) "Normally" such intel assets are taught when looking for an ID to assume, to scour cemeteries looking for something specific - a "stillborn child" in approx the same year the agent/asset was born, so that they will appear to be the right age. Little known fact - stillborn children are issued both a birth certificate and death certificate on the same day. Heres the reason such crooks and agents/assets pick a stillborn - the records of birth and death are kept on separate registers! Unless you actually LOOK physically on the two separate registers - you normally would not know from a long form certificate of birth - that the child was deceased on the same day. The mistake that MOST people make when issuing documents - and they are supplied with a long form birth certificate as proof of identity - is that they NEVER look for a death certificate issued in the same name (at any date subsequent to the birth!). The REASON no one checks is because the person claiming to be the person in the birth certificate is obviously alive - they just handed you the certificate, and applied for some other document! (a bank account or drivers license for example). Who in their right mind thinks to check for a death certificate, if a live person just handed you a long form birth certificate?. All thats needed is a elderly person with ID papers purporting to be the father presents at a clerk of courts with his identity papers and pays for a copy of the original long form birth certificate using the name and dates off the grave stone for the birth details of the deceased child. This is how Agents etc get into and out of country's undetected. They rely upon the fact no one checks proof of identity papers for a death certificate on the off chance that the person purporting to be someone actually isnt! It's something that most people never think of unless specifically trained to do so - and because all country's have such intel assets - they deliberately don't train their customs and immigration people to think that way because they don't ant the embarrassment of their own people returning home on a false ID to be caught at the air port - the downside being that foreign intelligence seets can and do enter ours and other country's this way REGULARLY.

There is public record evidence of the nation of Israel using False Australian passports for assassinations in Middle eastern countrys something that former prime minister KRudd expelled a Israeli ambassador for just before the Mossad had him removed from his position by JuLiar Gillard (but I digress)

In short - there's MUCH evidence to suggest that Kadwell / Felton was anything BUT a religious cult leader.

Yeah I know Adrian V L will crack the craps for me revealing all this but screw him - the facts are what they are.

6 (i) So in Summary - there's a LOT of evidence like Felton's false photo ID West Aussie drivers license and trips to England (2) and possibly one to Canada (1) that he traveled regularly on false passports and false drivers licenses and bank accounts etc etc - something that an intelligence asset could easily do (or a really clever crook).

7. Feltons manifesto - his book servers of the divine plan!. Anyone who takes the trouble - could get hold of a copy of one Branch Davidian David Koresh' of WACO Texas religious manifesto. If you do and you also read "Si" Felton / Kadwells "Servers Of The Divine Plan", you will find out that the latter is a thinly veiled plagiarized copy of Koresh's manifesto. So the question then begs - why would Felton / Kadwell - publish a plagiarized copy of Koreshes work as his own?

The "most likely answer" is this. His handlers /Agency (Emm Eye 6) have to be able to funnel funds to him to be able to live in Nannup without alerting any authorities to his presence in our country. What would Aye See Ohh say if they found out a fellow member of the commonwealth in HRH QE2 - had one of her intelligence service agents domiciled in Australia acting against the best interests of an Australian citizen for their own nefarious purposes?

Sales on an online book - is a way to funnel funds direct into a bank account in small chunks below the $10,000 foreign trasactions reporting amount, sufficient for him and his sidekick Popic, and his common law wife and child Chantell and Leela to reside in the town, where traditionally there's a low employment area and without that income he would be obvious by having no visible means of support - most likely Chantelles employment in the fish and chip shop was a part of the cover to legitimize their presence in the town.

8. Feltons Forum! What purpose a forum for a spy? Well most intell agencies (including Australia's Aye See Ohh) all share info obtained by US and English intel agencies thru the England based GCHQ run project Echelon which intercepts in real time all emails etc sent by electronic means via satellites around the world. This facility is programmed to search all such traffic for key words - like Bomb Explosive etc (and many others) in order to intercept intelligence and it is all searched and shared widely among the western allies. Not so Forums posts - they exist on the cyber space. The messaging system on forums has been a tool used for some years by intelligence agencies and their assets. Sometimes one time pad type codes are used to encrypt the info in a seemingly innocuous forum message between members - when really whats happening is the asset is relaying intel to his handlers abroad, and receiving further instructions from his handler with regard to his assignment.

We do know that his book was published online by a Canadian publisher - a fellow member state of the Commonwealth - with whom England and Emm Eye 6 specifically would share intelligence.

It's quite unlikely any Australian Aye See Ohh operatives would pick up such urbane traffic as religious forum PM's. A technique the Russian's are particularly adept at, is using altered pixellated photos posted online at photo servers and linked into such religious forums posts. The pixellation data is sufficient to allow for a LOT of alteration of the pixels without altering the physical appearance of how a photo renders on a computer screen after its been posted to the internet. Essentially an altered photo is sent by email - that Echelon may or may not pick up. Its is however only half the message it is the one time pad encryption code. The second altered pixelated photo linked onto the forum - is the actual message and the altered pixels code from the one time pad emailed copy allows the altered second version photo to be decrypted to reveal a message.

And so you see, foreign intel assets commonly use websites that sell downloads of books as a cash flow mechanism for paying their agents in the field, as well as the forum attached to such websites as the means by which encrypted messages are passed between agent and handler in plain sight! Hiding something in plain sight is always the most effective way to conceil something.

This is what Felton / Kadwell - spent all his time doing - he barely ever saw daylight - he spent all his time inhis room at hisdesk on his computer... well almst all his time - he had another "hobby" as well - his task / assignment.

9. What (who) was Felton / Kadwells "assignment" in sleepy little old Nannup, pop'n 500-1000, a 150 year old timber town? What on earth could HRH QE2 & her Emm Eye 6 operatives want so badly that was located in little old Nannup?

Well ain't that the Bob and Dolly Dyer $64,000 question.

And here's the Answer - that up to now no one but me knows about!

Answer = ME! (And the info that I hold / held that COULD have brought down Blair's UK Government at the time had it ever gone public)!.



Part 28
by Sherman H. Skolnick 3/21/03

The Bush/Blair Bribery Affair

What turned out to be a messy situation, all started, at least in part, to unravel on January 16, 2003. Two events were on that day, one later widely reported, the other seldom mentioned. The space shuttle "Columbia" took off on that day, later crashing, February 1, 2003. It is dealt with elsewhere in this series. On the same day in January, what some prefer to call jointly the American CIA/Bush Crime Family, conducted a "black bag" job. They did a break-in and entry into the residence of Alan Greenspan, Commissar of the Federal Reserve, America's highly secretive PRIVATE central bank.

What all were they looking for? Among other things, they sought to retrieve, and keep from ever surfacing, a series of Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing certain transactions done under the secret authorization code of Greenspan.

The dealings were several months previous. They show that George Herbert Walker Bush used the Carlyle Group to forward some sixteen Billion Dollars to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Daddy Bush has been a senior paid consultant with Carlyle to, among others, the Bin Laden Group, the Saudi Family dominating several industries in Saudi and the Middle East, including construction. They are NOT actually on the outs with family member Osama, who they finance, also with members of the Saudi Royal Family, through a major bank in Saudi, and banks and financial entities worldwide, including the Dutch money laundry, Algemene Bank Nederland, now ABN-AMRO.

Here is the circuitous route the funds took

[1] The existence of the transactions, by themselves, sufficiently prove the prior planning jointly of White House occupant and resident George W. Bush financially bending Tony Blair. The upshot of it all, was to have Blair join with Dubya (said quickly Texas style) to seize eventually the Iraqi oilfields, for two purposes.

First, to use the oil treasure as collateral to underwrite the huge U.S. deficit, soon to be out-of-control. Thus laying the way for Dubya to push a huge tax cut for the one or two percent of Americans, the wealthiest in the U.S.

Second, to seek to prop up the Bank of England caught up on the wrong side of speculations in the Kuwaiti Dinar, a currency pegged to the so-called "U.S. Dollar", actually hot-air Federal Reserve Notes. And further, to seek to bail out the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and LIFFE, the International Financial Futures and Options Exchange in London.

To understand the route of the bribe to Blair and the route, some background is necessary. [2] Starting in the late 1980s and up to 1991, the highly mysterious espionage money laundry, BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, was later implicated in a scheme to bribe more than 25 per cent of both houses of Congress. More than 28 U.S. Senators and more than 108 Congressmen.

The purpose of the scheme was to corruptly influence, by bribes or phantom transactions used as blackmail, to members of Congress who were chosen to help promote the interests of BCCI in opening numerous branches in the U.S. The lawmakers were invited to give speeches in Chicago, seldom reported in the press. While in the Windy City, they were paid their "honorarium" (lecture fees) and told they were getting as a bonus, an account with the exchanges there, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Later, some congressmen were told their Chicago accounts had a loss, but through straddles (a technical device using losses on one side of the fence, and gains on the other), they had a huge gain in London. Some Congressmen directly or through trusted aides picked up the "bonus" in London while secretly videotaped. Other Congressmen did not do so, but through phantom records, were shown, nevertheless to have "picked up" the pay-offs, in other words, blackmail. LIFFE was instrumental in all this. Why? Because they operate electronically only, and retain no paper records. Hence, the difficulty for regulatory authoririties and tax collectors to sniff out. Upon the apparent downfall of BCCI in 1991 (they continue under the name of a alter ego and successor), the Bank of England, supervising the smash up, for thirty days ONLY had the bribery list of Congress as a public record. As we told in a prior website story, a major news group refused to make public the story, and so it ended up with us. My exclusive details appeared in October, 1991, in the populist publication Spotlight, years later made defunct through a dirty court trick.

[3] Instrumental in the Bush/Blair Affair was Carlyle Group, having on its Board of Directors a previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The funds for Blair went through the Chicago markets which have been heavily on the wrong side of Kuwaiti Dinar gambling, called derivatives, a sort of book-keeping hocus-pocus. They, together with the Bank of England, are leaning over the edge of the cliff in TRILLIONS of Dollars, enough to panic currency markets if completely divulged. Why was the Kuwaiti Dinar selected as part of the route to Blair? Because the currency, pegged to the Dollar, is considered more independent. In technical data, that means it has almost no limit features up or down, the "sky is the limit" betting.

The 16 Billion Dollars, in Kuwaiti Dinars, was to benefit Tony Blair through, among other places, accounts for him, in financial entities in the United Arab Emirates, a favorite money laundry site.

[4] What happened with the incriminating records in Greenspan's residence on January 16, 2003? Well, the "black bag" team did not get them. Why? His wife, Andrea Mitchell, senior Washington corrrespondent for NBC, had previous to that date moved the records to another location. The records are now in the possession of certain more independent-minded U.S. free lance journalists. A preliminary story about this, with just a few details, appeared exclusively in Canada, on a popular website linked to a Toronto radio program, Mojo Radio, "The Cloak and Dagger" Program, described as a "Talk Show for Spies". A few hours after they posted the preliminary details, their website was smashed by the "shadow government". (ca stands for a website in Canada). In a conference call, a leading website technician stated to us he had a terrible time getting their website back operating, and that he does not know of another event as troubling as the wreckage of the Cloak and Dagger website, where show host Lenny Bloom posts items on their news forum together with advance listings of upcoming guests. I participated in putting the preliminary story together for Cloak and Dagger.

[5] The Russians with the help of Commissar Putin, formerly of the Soviet Secret Police, the KGB, have details of a phone conversation recently between Bush and Blair, about the preliminary story. Blair told Bush, "You have to take down those websites who have the documents". Bush responded, "We have a constitution", a statement that Bush could make without really believing the same. "Nevermind all that, take down those websites! If they post the first of the fourteen wire transfer records, you may not find me still on Downing Street anymore."

The inside joke is that an Israeli firm, reportedly fronting for Israeli intelligence and somehow beholden to Moscow, got the U.S. contract to rewire the communications system of the White House, the FBI, and the American CIA. The firm apparently, through satellites, is able to clandestinely send, in real-time, the content of supposedly secure, secret communications of U.S. top officials.

[6] And what is the possible fall-out from the full disclosure of the Bush to Blair bribery? The possible wreckage of the Chicago markets together with LIFFE, for openers. And a successful attack on the British Pound Sterling because of disclosures that the Bank of England, having gambled away their assets on Kuwaiti Dinar Derivatives, along with those exchanges, is insolvent and cannot any longer support the Pound in world currency markets.

Further, Blair would be open to criminal bribery prosecution together with charges against Daddy Bush and Dubya, of treason, international bribery, racketeering, and sundry other federal criminal offenses.

Please note that starting three years ago, on our website,, we posted a series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush". Shown there are the 25 worldwide secret money laundry accounts of the Bush Crime Family, the proceeds of hundreds of billions of extortion loot, joint business deals with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Also, shown is the Bush Crime Family JOINT ACCOUNT with the Queen of England, at her PRIVATE bank, Coutts Bank London. In December 19, 2001, the London Financial Times reported that the Queen of England sent her top bank executive, Andrew Fisher, to be a top official of Carlyle Group. Bush/British Monarch account shows a transaction of ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. The secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the secret authorization code of Alan Greenspan, are part of our website series.

So, will the latest secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records be posted? Wait and see.

[7] Furthermore, the Bush/Blair documents show that Tony Blair privately greatly profitted from arranging shipments to North Korea to enhance their nuclear capability. In that regard, he privately benefitted, as we mentioned in a previous part of this series, like Hillary Rodham Clinton, likewise implicated in privately profitting from shipments of nuclear items to North Korea. As to both Blair and Hillary, the shipments were reportedly made through Royal Jordanian Airlines. [As to Hillary and North Korea, we showed that document about a year ago on our Chicago public access Cable TV Program, "Broadsides"].

So, will the latest documents be posted? More coming. Stay tuned.

The short answer is this.

Those documents were indeed posted online.

And in 2003 I believe, I downloaded and saved copies of those documents (which I still have to this day).

$100 Billion seemed like a lot of $ back in those days - but against the $15 odd trillion that the USA is in the hole and probably a similar amount for the Euro today, some 9 years, later they seem fairly insignificant!.

Non the less they are fairly incriminating in that they bear the handwriotten advice from the Auditor who found them to then Secrety of State James A Baker the 3rd, indicating that they were illegal transfers, and a handwritten reply from Baker to "leave it with him to sort out" or words to that effect.

I made a point of uploading those very same 40 odd pages of incriminating documents to online servers under aliases amd then posted at many web forums (Like Above Top Secret etc) links for others to dowload their own copies and save them soince the combined inteligence agencies of the USA and England were doing their damndest to have then expunged.

And why do that?

Well because the guy Sherman Skolnik who originally posted them online died not long after, and unless I am mistaken the original source he posted at his website then vanished from the net.

And so you see - I believe I KNOW that Kadwell / Felton - was a spy for 100% certain. And he was sent to Nannup with his assistant Popic and common law wife Michelle McDougall and daughter Leela Mc Dougal.

I still believe 100% that this family were exfiltrated OUT of Australia - in 2007 because in 2006 as a rersult of the deliberate knobblingof my business by Felton and Popic - theruvariousnefarious methods (stealing my mail, tapping my phones and trying repeatedly to hack my computer etc) we just grew tired of not being able to survivie fiscally when our Bankwest R&I Rural Bank of Western Australia with whom we had done business as a family for more than 30 years were suddently BOUGHT out by The Bank of Scotland, and we found our bank accounts frozen with many thousands of dollars inthe needed formy fathers funeral etc.

This guy was relentless, and I'mNOT going to list everything he did tyo try and break us as a family but suffice to say it was plenty.

My belief is that - because he failed to obtain the said 40 pages of documents, and because I sold up everything, my farm and business on a walk in walk out basis...and left the town in 2006 - that his handlers back at GCHQ Emm Eye 6 Exfiltrated him & the other 3 out of the country in mid 2007.

Worse I still believe that they all died in the Tam Airways crash 3 datys after they left for Brazil. Its my sincere beliefe that the plane was likely sabotaged deliberately - and their untimely deaths were just house cleaning by the see eye eh and Emm eye six on behalf of HRH QE2 & The Bush Crime Cabal in USA.

Thats my belief at this stage.

I did provide WAPOL WA Major and serious crime squad detectives in Perth WA with copies of the 40 pages of incriminating documents back in October 2011 during HRH QE2 visit to Wa for the CHOGM meeting. I also alterted Aye See Ohhs Perth Office, of my suspicions with regard to Feltons activities in Australia as an intelligence assett of a foreign nation.

I cannot do much more than that!

The sad thing is the authorities here COULD probably put 2 and 3 together if they really wanted too... but the question then is - do they care about the activities of supposedly friendly allies intel agencies within Australia?

So you'd think that was the end of it eh?

Not bye a long shot..

So at end of @006 we move to the Canals of Mandurah and I put my new Charter fishing boat into the water and tie it up at the dock out front of our house. That's to be our new business since emm eyey 6 wont for some reason allow up to run a business to survive despite our abiliyty to do so quite well for 20 years prior to all this!

Anyway all seemd well enough - until a few weeks later when my edldest son hears someone inthe middle of the night (early morning hours) messing about n our boat outside. He ran out and chased them away in their little row boat thing, and once part was down the canal they fired up a small outboard and motored away to a house one canal over from ours where they shut down. He woke me and I was able to run up the street and see the 3 guys involved pull up at their abode.

At the time I put it down to maybe some locals curious bout the new boat in their area or maybe they want4ed to steal some equipment or something.

But at least I KNEW where they were domicled and could keep a bit of an eye out for them in case they came back.

Heres what happened that same year only weeks later to those 3 guys...



The Kaz II, dubbed "the ghost yacht", is a 9.8-metre catamaran[1] which was found drifting 88 nmi (163 km) off of the northern coast of Australia on 18 April 2007. The fate of her three-man crew remains unknown, and the circumstances in which they disappeared are mysterious and have been compared to that of the Mary Celeste

According to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, the Kaz II departed from Airlie Beach on 15 April 2007, and was heading for Townsville on the first leg of a journey that was to take it around Northern Australia to Western Australia.[3]

The first indication that there was a problem came on 18 April, when it was spotted by a helicopter, which reported that the boat was drifting in the vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef, and that its crew were potentially in distress.[2][3] On 20 April, maritime authorities caught up with the boat and boarded it. They found the three-man crew missing in circumstances which they described as being "strange."[2][3]

"What they found was a bit strange in that everything was normal; there was just no sign of the crew." -- Jon Hall, Queensland's Emergency Management office.[2]

In a statement delivered on the day of the boarding, officials with the Queensland Emergency Management Office revealed that the yacht was in serviceable condition and was laid out as if the crew were still on board. Food and flatware were set out on the table, a laptop computer was set up and turned on, and the engine was still running. Officials also confirmed that the boat's emergency systems, including its radio and GPS were fully functional, and that it still had its full complement of life jackets.[2][3] According to news sources, there was even a small boat still hoisted on the back of the boat and the anchor was up.[6] The only signs, other than the disappearance of the crew, that were out of the ordinary, were damage to one of the boat's sails and that there was no life raft on board (it is unknown whether there ever was one aboard).[2][3]
[edit] Forensic examination

On Friday, 20 April, the Kaz II was towed into the Townsville port for forensic examination[4] On 21 April Police Sergeant Bardell and Sergeant Molloy searched the ship for signs of foul play or third-party involvement; no evidence for this was found. They found the cabin to be neat and tidy apart from some magazines, a piece of newspaper, and a wine cask which were lying on the floor. It was later determined that these items ended up on the floor while the ship was being towed to shore. In the sink were a few butter knives and, on a bench in the galley, a plastic sheath of fishing knives was found. They did not appear to be used recently. Under Batten's bed, in a sealed container, the investigators found a firearm and some ammunition, none of which was apparently missing. In a drawer they found an additional single bullet of the same caliber.[7]

After analyzing data about the Kaz II's course from the ship's GPS system, police say that on the morning of her departure from Airlie Beach the ship was steered in northeast direction, into an area where squalls and rough seas were building. On that same day, late in the afternoon, the GPS data shows her adrift.[8]

The investigators also recovered a video recording that showed footage taken by the crew during their trip. It revealed some clues as to the men's last day. The last footage, filmed by James Tunstead on 15 April at 10:05 A.M. local time, shortly before the men disappeared, showed, among other things:[7]

Batten was at the helm
Peter Tunstead is sitting on the aft stairway of the boat; he is fishing
A long white rope can be seen trailing behind the boat
The engine is not running
Fenders can be seen hanging from safety rails on both sides of the boat
The camera is panned 360 degrees and shows islands and surroundings; this helped investigators pinpoint the exact location of the ship
The sea is choppy and none of the men is wearing a life jacket
Tunstead's shirt and glasses are not in the place where they were later found

[edit] Search

Search and rescue efforts began on Wednesday, 18 April, and Australian search and rescue AusSAR sent a Navy aircraft to search in the vicinity of the vessel in an effort to locate the missing men. At the same time Bowen Voluntary Marine Rescue launched a coastal and island search. At night an aircraft with infrared capability was used to search the reefs and cays. The next day a full scale search-and-rescue effort was launched involving Volunteer Rescue Units from several towns as well as the Townville's coast guard, two rescue helicopters, nine airplanes, and two commercial vessels. Data from Kaz II's GPS system was also retrieved and analyzed in order to help narrow the search area. Dr. Paul Luckin, a survival-time expert, was consulted. He concluded that it was unlikely that the men were still alive if they were still in the water as they had probably gone overboard three to four days earlier. The teams still had hope that the men could have reached land and continued searching until 4:00 P.M. on 21 April, when the air and sea search for the three crew members was called off.[4][7] Another coastline search was launched on Monday 23 April after some new information had come in but the search proved fruitless and was called off on 25 April.
[edit] Official investigation

On 4 August 2008, an inquest into the men's disappearance began in the Townsville Coroner's Court.[9] The inquest was led by Queensland state coroner Michael Barnes and focused on whether the men were dead, the circumstances surrounding their disappearance, and if the search for the missing men was adequate. In total 27 witnesses were called to testify. Some of them had seen the ship on its fateful voyage and helped authorities to reconstruct the chain of events. (See the official report under External links for details on these witnesses) [7][10]
[edit] Hearings

On one of the hearings, Jennifer Batten testified that her husband Derek Batten was an experienced and careful yachtsman, had been around boats for 25 years, and that he was acutely aware of the need for safety. He had earned his recreational skipper's ticket and a qualification in marine radio. Every summer they travelled together to Rottnest Island on various motorboats. But the Kaz II was their first sailboat. After they bought it, the couple took a six-week sailing course and then sailed the Kaz II around the Whitsundays twice. Apart from a minor problem with a propeller the trips were without problems.[11][12]

Mrs. Batten also stated that the original plan was to sail the Kaz II to Fremantle as a couple but that Mr. Batten was worried that just two people aboard might not be safe. He decided to take his neighbours, brothers Peter and Jim Tunstead, with him instead. The trip was planned over several months and discussed daily as they plotted routes with the help of a computer. "They allowed themselves six to eight weeks to get back to Fremantle, but because Des and Peter were retired, it didn't really matter how long they took … They didn't want to sail at night for safety [reasons]," Mrs. Batten said,[12] and they planned to stay reasonably close to the shore.[11] Although her husband was taking medications for high cholesterol, mild diabetes, and had suffered a heart attack at age 50, she believed that he was well enough and fit for the journey.[12]

Also heard was Graeme Douglas, who was the previous owner of the Kaz II, and who had sold the boat to Batten. He stated the boat was in good condition when it was sold and that he had met the men on the night before they set sail. He also helped the men plan part of their route and was surprised to see that, according to the police, the men had deviated from their planned route that was programmed in their GPS system.[13]

Gavin Howland, the skipper of a commercial fishing vessel the Jillian, testified that on 16 April 2007, while fishing on a reef off Bowen, he and his crew saw a white yacht with a torn sail. It was drifting sideways between the reefs through a narrow passage, at up to 3 kn (5.6 km/h), in north-northeastern direction along with the current. He came within 50 metres of the boat but was unable to spot anyone on board. This was two days before the coast guard spotted the Kaz II adrift off the coast of Townsville and the day after authorities believe the men went missing. Howland found it odd that a sailboat was in an area noted for its shallow water and rocks. He did not attempt to contact the boat or the authorities. Howland told the inquest that it did not occur to him that the crew of the yacht might be in distress and went on to say: "it did seem a bit strange to me but I just have this rule that no one goes near another vessel,"[14][15]

Sergeant Paul Molloy, one of the three forensic police officers who examined the Kaz II after she was towed back to shore in April 2007, told the inquest that he did not believe the men had met with foul play. He spent several hours combing the ship for signs of a struggle but found no evidence that anyone beside the three-man crew of the vessel had been inside. "We came to the conclusion the boat itself was not a crime scene," he told the inquest. After questions by Peter Tunstead's widow Frances as to why the police did not check for fingerprints, Sgt. Molloy said his years of experience told him it was not necessary. "We were there for a long time; we pulled the boat apart and found nothing untoward. . . . If there was any indication [of foul play] we would have taken every measure we could to examine that boat."[7][14]

Detective Sergeant Graham Patch said that the police found a video recorder inside the boat. On it was footage taken by the three crewmembers on the morning they went missing. As the video was played in the courtroom Patch explained that land masses on the video helped officials narrow the search area for the missing crewmen.[7][16]
[edit] Conclusions

State coroner Barnes admits in his official report that he "cannot be so definitive about the circumstances under which the deaths occurred." [7] However, based on the eyewitness accounts, the video found on board, and the state of the yacht in which it was found, the report proposes the following scenario:

"On Sunday, 15 April 2007, at 10:05 A.M., the Kaz II was sailing in the vicinity of George Point. Up to that moment everything was going as planned but, in the following hour, their situation changed dramatically. The men hauled in the white rope that was trailing behind the boat and bundled it up on the foredeck, possibly to dry, next to the locker it was normally kept in. For unknown reasons, James Tunstead then took off his T-shirt and glasses and placed them on the backseat. The report says that since the men's fishing lure was found entangled in the ship's port side rudder, an obvious explanation would be that one of them tried to free the lure and fell overboard while doing so. Standing on the boat's 'sugar scoop' platform (a platform at the back of the ship close to the waterline) while the boat is moving is perilous and falling in the water is easy, but getting back aboard almost impossible. One of the other men then came to the rescue of his friend, while Batten, still on board, started the motor and realized he had to drop the sails before he could go back for his friends.

As he left the helm to drop the sails, a deviation of the ship's course or wind direction could have easily caused a jibe, swinging the boom across the deck and knocking Batten overboard. This could even have happened before Batten was able to untie and throw out the life ring to his friends. A blue coffee mug found near the life ring may support this. Since the boat was travelling before wind and at a speed of 15 kn (28 km/h), it would be out of reach of the men within seconds. The report states: "From that point, the end would have been swift. None of them was a good swimmer, the seas were choppy; the men would have quickly become exhausted and sunk beneath the waves."[7]

The report rules out foul play and staged disappearance.
[edit] Other explanations
Interior of the Kaz II showing laundry hung up to dry

Several alternative explanations have been put forward for the crew's disappearance.

According to authorities in Townsville, the weather had been windy and the sea had been rough between the time that the Kaz II departed and was found drifting.[2] This led authorities to speculate that the crew may have experienced some form of sudden difficulty during rough weather and gone overboard. However, one issue with this theory is that contents of the cabin, including a table, did not seem to have been disrupted in any way.[2][4] Relatives of the missing men say that the boat's condition make this unlikely and point to discrepancies such as the fact that the men's fishing lines and laundry were set out, and that their life jackets were still stowed, which indicated that they weren't experiencing rough weather at the time of their disappearance.[17]

Also noted was the fact that the Kaz II was found with its fenders out, leading to speculation that the Kaz II may have docked with another as-yet-unknown vessel to which the crew might have willingly, or unwillingly, transferred to.[17]

"'The fenders were out on their yacht, and the only reason you ever put them out is when another boat comes aside or if you come to rest against a wharf." -- Hope Himing, niece of boat owner Derek Batten.

In answer to speculation, Townsville police stated that small craft commonly leave their fenders out at all times, making it impossible to draw any definitive conclusions about this feature.[4][17]

Derek Batten was said to have bought the Kaz II a year before and sailed it a couple of times since then. The Tunsteads were not nautical novices either, since they sailed together from the time they were 18 years old, and even worked in the radio rooms of the Volunteer Sea Rescue.[6] The last known contact of the family members with any of the crew was made one-and-a-half hours after it left port, when one crew member was contacted by his wife.[7]

Volunteer radio operator Ivan Ormes recorded that the Kaz II radioed in at 6:45 P.M. on 15 April, the evening of their departure, giving its position as George Point. This is the last known contact with the Kaz II. Ms. Grey says that it should have taken them only 2½ hours to go to George Point and that it is unclear what took them so long to arrive there. One explanation is that they were just fishing the whole day. But another explanation is that they had problems with their GPS, since they already tried to set off on 14 April, but were forced to return because of the non-functional GPS. That incident was because of a user error and it was easily fixed, so the Kaz II set off early the next day.[6]

Other hypotheses include that the boat became stuck on a sandbar near George Point, where the boat's last radio message was made. When the men jumped overboard to push it free, a gust of wind blew and the boat drifted away, leaving them stranded. This would explain why towels were left out on the deck.[6]

Another hypothesis is that one crew member may have been washed over by a freak wave and that the others were lost trying to rescue him.[18]

Yes - 3 guys who lived around the corner from me on an adjacent canal - who tried to enter my locked boatfor unknown purposes only weeks beforehand - dissapeared without a trace....

JUST Like Felton Kadwell and his family did!

Gee - now that 2 groups of people who seemed to be associated with me who just "vanished" without trace.

Could it be that these foreign inteligence agencies were just "cleaning house" again?

Coroner found them to be dead without bodies recovered - very convenienbt indeed.

But two mysteriously vanished groups of people doesn't a conspiracy make does it!

So what about if a third such occurrence also rerlated to people involbved in all this activity against me and my family ALSO occurred!

Would that ALSO be just a conicidence?

Maybe - you read on and decide for yourself.

Remember I mentioned strange goings on with our bank fo 30+ years after they mysteriously got bought out by the Bank Of Scotland...

Well my bank managers name - the one who ordered our accounts frozen with over $6000 cash in them at the time of My fathers funeral etc... his name was Brian Guest - a keen fisherman like myself who posted at local fishing forums at the same time. I was obviously known to him.



On December 27, 2008, fisherman Brian Guest, 51, was killed by a great white while snorkelling at Port Kennedy in Perth's south. The attack was witnessed by the man's son and other beachgoers, who saw the shark swim off with the man in his mouth.

So let me see now....

Heres the LIST thus far - of people who for reasons known only to thenmselves and their handlers or bosses etc chose to screw with my family andbusiness and life - all because I happened to stumble upon something of great importance hiden in plain sight on a internet web site and chose (stupidly) to copy and save it because it seemed at the time "interesting".

Chantell McDougall
Leela Mc Dougal
Anton Popic
Gary Felton

Peter Batten
Peter Tunstead
James (Jim) Tunstead

Brian Guest

It's a FACT - that all of thesepeople have died - without their bodies being recovered (OR they have been exfiltrated OUT of this country).

Knowing how ruthless the Bush Crime Cabal (and their See Eye Eh) and the English Emm Eye 6 services are with failed missions - I'd not at ALL be surprised f every ONE of them was eliminated in CASE I was ever successfull in having authorities look into the actions that were taken against me and my family as a result of my posession of those documents.

You can't tell me now that all of these missing people - bodies never found - all related to a sustained operation against me by foreign intelligence services, are all just "co incidenses".

One group maybe I'd acept.
Two groups I'd be suspicious.
3 such co incidences and I am sorry - I just don't believe a word of it.

Such are the games people play with others lives, when they convince themselves taht the national interest is served by doing so.

Not a lot to laugh about hey?

And people post and publish that Kadwell / Felton was a religious cult leader and conman.

Well - if thats what people want to believe - then good luck to them - perhaps it is best that no one ever really knows what is behind it all.

People tend to sleep easier that way.

Hey some people actually believe that Julian Assange from Wikileaks is really an Australian and that hes not a spy working for some intelligence agency either - posting up millions of diplomatic cables from the USA/See Eye Eh, and Strafor etc etc.

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: March 02, 2012 03:09AM

Hi Sir Laughs a lot, a lot of interesting information here. I am not sure that all of it is connected though??
Faking the death of someone dying by being eaten by a shark in front of witnesses including family member(s?) seems almost impossible, so that seems most likely to be unrelated.
The boat mystery certainly seems to have some questions around it, maybe it was an accident where people did indeed go overboard in the ways described; would have been nice if the police had checked fingerprints on the boat though.
It does not seem that likely that a group that wanted to stop your information from coming out as badly as you have described, would if they were as you say, willing to kill at least six other people including a child, have left you alive.
Was Fenton intelligence? Certainly given his access to false ids, he must have at least been a crook. Personally I doubt he was intelligence because he seems to have been very ham fisted, particularly in the way he left. If he had an intelligence network to back him up, then a postcard or two from somewhere, a telephone call from a bad line to the relevant families; and then no more mystery. But currently he is still being talked about years later, and photos are still around. Being in the newspapers and on a missing persons list doesn't sound like a good thing for a spy.
Just some thoughts.
Hopefully the families will find answers and either happiness, or at least closure, soon.

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Re: Simon KADDY aka Simon KADWILL aka Simon KADWELL - Truth Fellowship
Posted by: Sir Laughs-A-Lot ()
Date: March 02, 2012 03:34PM


I am not sure that all of it is connected though??
Faking the death of someone dying by being eaten by a shark in front of witnesses including family member(s?) seems almost impossible, so that seems most likely to be unrelated.
The boat mystery certainly seems to have some questions around it, maybe it was an accident where people did indeed go overboard in the ways described; would have been nice if the police had checked fingerprints on the boat though.
It does not seem that likely that a group that wanted to stop your information from coming out as badly as you have described, would if they were as you say, willing to kill at least six other people including a child, have left you alive.
Was Fenton intelligence? Certainly given his access to false ids, he must have at least been a crook. Personally I doubt he was intelligence because he seems to have been very ham fisted, particularly in the way he left. If he had an intelligence network to back him up, then a postcard or two from somewhere, a telephone call from a bad line to the relevant families; and then no more mystery. But currently he is still being talked about years later, and photos are still around. Being in the newspapers and on a missing persons list doesn't sound like a good thing for a spy.
Just some thoughts.

Hi again Yasmine, I am not going to disagree with you - becaise from time to time I have wondered the exact same thing myself - just a seriesof unfortunate co incidences (accidents) where people seem to die in "unlikely ways".

I sometimes wondered if perhaos because I had done "nothing wrong" and someone was apparently deliberately trying to nobble us financially - whether perhaps "God" hadn't "taken his own revenge"..... and that they all died in unfortunate accidents BECAUSE they went along with persecuting someone who hadn't done anything morally "wrong" in saving copies of documments off the internet.

Some people have suggested that for example - the $US 100 Billion paid to the Bush crime cabal - bye HRH QE2 of England from her Private Couttes bank account in London, was nothing whatever to do with trading in Kuwaiti dinars at all as claimed in the article quoted above - but that it might WELL have been the payoff of the contract to have HRH Princess Diana Killed in a Paris Tunnel because she was pregnant with Dodi Fayeds child and the monarchy didn't want any surviving children of a muslim father that would have a legitimate claim to the crown of england should anything happen to her first 2 children heirs to the throne (William By Prince Charles, & Harry purportedly by James Hewitt)!

I don't know - might that not be some reason the Poms would want to keep the payment hush hush?

What makes you think they didn't try 'n bump me off? No one said he was any good at what he did! LOL

Here are some of the things, I eventually found out, he was apparently at the bottom of, against me.

1. After 10 years of holding a logging contract with the then CALM dept for our timber business in the light industrial area at Nannup - it was time for renewal of the contracts. CALM sent out letters to all their logging contractors saying that you had to attend a meeting to be held in Harvey at the Wood utilization research center to hear the conditions of tender read out, and then take tender forms and submit them a fotnight later - if you werent at the meeting and your name wasn;t on the attendence list, you were NOT eligible to tender.

Despite recieving every log invloice and piece of mail from the Dept for 10 years, we didn't recieve an invite to attend and only found out about the tender process meeting the day AFTER the meeting!. As a result we lost our log contract after 10 years, with never missing a payment etc... which devalued the timber business by more than $100K according to the valuatations we had done before and after the event.

It's my contention that Felton nicked that VITAL piece of mail - he was friendly with some of the other timber workers in town and thus could easily have known the letter was due in the mail box outside our factory in the Nannup light industrial area, since everyone else got one. I took the matter to the Crime and Corruption Commission trying to find out what happened - CALM made a lot of excuses and CCC couldn't find the actual evidence to back my claims, although they did say that it all seemed mighty suspicious because I provided envelopes containing nvoices etc received only weeks before the tender, bearing computer generated labels bearing our address and name etc - suggesting we were on CALMS computer generated Mailing list.

CALM had claimed to the CCC that we were somehow NOT on their mailing list, patently a lie - because - we had proof otherwise - 10 years worth of invoices etc all with their envelopes bearing such computer generated self adhesive labels. Were we not on their mailing list thru some clerical error - we would never have recieved these invoices to have paid CALM for 10 years!.

2. When we sold up all our holdings in Nannup to leave.... Our solicitors attended a settlement and everyone we owed money too got paid - with the usual receits etc. It's all detailed in the property settlement papers, and the lawyers are paid to get it right.

In all the payments was a large sum to the local shire for pro rata rates owed, which was paid and receipted.

Also a couple grand or so was deposited with them on trust to have some shelter trees planted on the property come winter after we had departed the town by a local contractor. In actuality it came to only ~ half that cost so they had about a grand of ours in their account for a year or more until someone remembered and refunded it to us. They had another $30odd K that I deposited with them to pay for the bitumen roading also that they did the work the next summer when it was dry enough.

Some 6 months later the shire wrote to us explaining that at settlement they had miscalculated the amount of rates actually owing, at the official settlement, due to some type of clerical error.

Apparently we owed another $500 odd.

They sent me an "overdue rates notice" for the amount. The day it arrived with a letter explaining their error, from the shire, I sent them the money (remember they had a grand of ours left over from the trees fund they hadn't returned, so they COULD have just taken it from that, but they didn't, I sent them a cheque by return mail for the amount they sought by retrun mail the day after i received it).

I had no idea any funds were owed because settlement from the lawyers indicated everything was paid.

I was only awared when the letter and overdue rates notice was sent.

They took the cheque and banked it into their account.

On my bank statement it showed the date the funds cleared my bank into the Shires bank as 2 days after they recieved it when I posted it.

On that exact same day - within just a week of me finding out their was any debt owed due to their own mistake, while the shire was holding some $31500 of my funds in their account, they sold the supoosed overedue rates debt to a debt collector, even tho it had been paid within the week of them advising me of the debt.

Supposedly the debt collector sent me an official notice of owing the now already paid debt!

I never recieved it - just like the timber / log contract tenders letter - the mail never arived (or was deliberately stolen) from my letterbox. I'd paid the bill and had no idea a debt collector was chasing me for the debt, that was a result of someone elses mistake, and because I didn't know - the debt collector took me to court without my knowledge to attend defend myself, and obtained a summary judgement against me, for the already paid debt!

This meant that although Id paid the rates at settlement and also paid the additional requested, cleared into the shires acocunt within a week of me being awared - I now had a Bad credit rating with the official Australian Govt credit ratings agency, that all banks refer too. Hence for 5 years, I was NOT able to borrow a cent from a bank even tho I had a letter from the Shires CEO admitting it was all their mistake.

The shire apprently couldn't reverse a magistrates decision - it's final.

The fact that Feltons were very close friends with the lady at the shire who purportedly made all these mistakes seems rather me!

Even tho I had about half a mill in the bank from the proceeds of sale from the rezoned and sub divided farm and what was left of the timber business (now without its log contact), where we moved too, that wasn't enough to buy a proprty - I would have had to borrow some more for a mortgage to secure a property...but could NOT do so because I had a bad credit rating for $500 that I had paid at least 4 times over.

I could go on - but some of the other things he did - are more personal...

3. I used to see what was sposed to pass for a white telstra van outside Yasmines Mums A frame house just around the corner from us, almost daily at the communications box, downloading computer data from the monitoring equipment, and I am sure it was Popic and Felton doing so.

4. Before I left town, a car was spotted by me one day...parked up the road from my light industrial area business, which in a small town is immediately suspicious - we all know each other, so someone new stands out! To me it stood out even more - with my law enforcement training and warrant powers on behalf of the govt dept I worked for, I was trained to notice anything outside the ordinary in case it was evidence of a crime being committed or about to be.

Within 5 mins of it pulling up and raising the bonnet as cover as tho it had overheated, I had the rego number and had the local police man run it thru the local Police data base. It belonged to a Private Eye, (named Lewellyne?), who had been a copper in the WA force, but had been sacked in disgrace some years before because he got caught by Federal Police because he set up an illegal wire tap (i.e. without getting a warrant from a Judge) on an investigation into WA's "Mr Teflon" as one of the about 8 failed missions into busting his gang by infiltrating them, all the missions code named after fish.

Unfortunately for this "Lewellyne"?, a Telstra employee stumbled across his illegal wire tap (bug) bye chance and reported it to Fed Police who investigated and caught him in the act going to remove it later.

He was turfed out of WAPOL for his indiscression and as a consolation given a PI's license as many disgraced coppers are by the Commercial Agents squad...

Anyway he tried to follow me for days, but didn't realise I knew from 5 minutes after he arived who he was and what he was doing and for whom. He booked into the local Nannup Hotel as a "Mr And Mrs Smith" (The prostitute he had with him posed as his wife) - paid for no doubt by Felton thru his handlers, to garner data on me and my family and businesses etc. This PI & his hooker passed himself off as a wealthy potential land buyer - and convinced the dopey local realtor (who was a JP and should have known better) that they had been driving along and spotted my farm and even tho it wasn't listed for sale with him - "they just had to buy it regardlessof the price" and "would he please go and see me and ask how much I wanted for the place" etc etc.

PI's often do this - get dopey gullible people with a fiscal interst, to do their dirty work for them in order to cover their tracks.

What this "Lewellyn" didn't know was I was onto him and his caper the day he arived. He managed to put a crude GPS tracker onto the business vehicle when the business premises were unattended and I was wondering how he managed to tail me so effectively the first and second day, so when I did look and find it - I took the trouble to dissapear early one morning while he 'n his hooker were having breakfast at the hotel...and stuck his GPS tracker to a log truck down on the weighbridge at the local timber mill - then I shot thru to Busselton for the day!

The truckie told me later on that it was the weirdest thing - everywhere he went this guy and lady in a white vehicle followed him all day, he kept running into them on every load to the timber mill from the forest and every trip to all these different logging coupes! Obviously he was looking for our 4wd ute, and didn't realise he was following the same logging truck all day! It's actually illegal for PI's to use GPS trackers so this "Lewellyn" obviously didn't learn his lesson from the wire tapping incident, and I have no idea if he ever got his GPS enabled mobile phone back off the underside of the logging truck...(nor could I care).

What Lewellyn didn't now was this, his client was a foreign govts intelligence service agent...getting him to do their dirty work.

Funny enough he left town the next day! ;o)

5. I used to "play" with Felton... I knew I was either the worlds unluckiest guy or someone was out to get me and I knew why - coz I have these incriminating documents.

Sometimes he would post answers to me at forums about questions I might have posted..

One answer was that "maybe your being targetted by a intelligence agency". ;o)

I answered "Yes I already know about that - but its taken care of, I have Aye See Ohs best counter intelligence operative tracking his every move already!

Well - according to an online press article printed just after they left, Felton went almost nutso before they left ...he got so agitated he had to go see the local Doctor "Cheryle" because he broke out in hives all over his body. In the same article a neighbor had said that there was a new power line traveresed the farm that he was renting the house on, and he was "convinced" that the transformer on the pole near their house was spying on him, and he Chantell and Popic & Leela spent days and days burying magnets around their stop the secret spy gear hidden in the new trabsformer near the house from being able to pick up signals from within the house (and from Feltons PC).

The same neighbor in the article claimed that Felton had told him while in this agitated state and suffering with hives - that it was rays from the transformer that were making him ill and that he had a way of getting out of the country without anyone knowing!

I believe I scared him witless that Aye See Ohh were onto him and if he was caught, the penalty for spying (treason) was a physical life sentence in prison with no parole ever until he died of old age.

Yes it was cruel of me - but hey, he earned all of it and did far worse to me, than I ever did to him.

I could continue the list of his exploits that I know about - but whats the point?

Who knows why all these people have vanished certainly not me - I can only research as I have always done and make educated guesses.

Were they exfiltrated or did they die thru sheer accidents or did God take revenge on them for their harrassement of me and my family for some years?

I've lived thru this for 9 years since I downloaded those documents.

Why wipe people out over some financial documents? Blairs no longer in UK Parliament, Bush is no longer Pres of the USA....

Is it because, 9/11 happened on Bushes watch - and its possible the docs have some data pertaining to the false flag operation that 9/11 undoubtedly was - and that 3000 + innocent American citizens perished on that day, and that if Bushes complicity were proven by these documents - that charges of treason COULD be brought against him and his family and that in the USA - the penalty for treason is still death by firing squad?

All good questiosn Yasmine, and I can only make an educated guess at the answers..

The thing is - it's a fascinating tale and proof that - theres a HECK of a LOT more to this Nannup Family disappearance than intial apprearances of cult conman title would suggest - this goes way way deeper, than they ran off to Brazil.

As I stated - (but it somehow got left off the above post) there's human remains been found in Nannup 2 days ago - and the press article link (which also vanished) suggests that while it seems unlikely - it COULD be linked to the Nannup family Mystery dissappearance - but I am fairly confident with what I do know as detailed above, that these remains will be found to be unrelated.

Based on the location of the remains Grange road, if I were a betting man, they will be someone from one of those houses along there...maybe a old tennant or something. I don't know - but in my early days in the town, there was an old plumber - everyone referred to him as "Hanky head" coz he wore a knotted hanky on his head when driving his old Bedford truck with the sullage tank on it...(I won't post his real name here), who lived in a house very near to where the remains were fund in Grange road.

I used to see him down the town over the years but don't recall seeing him in the latter years, when we left town and often wondered what happened to him. In his day he was avery intelligent man and even had a book of reasonable poetry published..(Tiger Thom used to keep a couple copys for sale in the post office just to humor him and I thumbed thru one once after Thom filled me in about how intelligent he was before the acident.)

However one night many years ago on the way to Donnybrook from Nannup on a gravel road travelling with his elderly mother - he had a head on collision with another vehicle while cresting a rise - probably sun in his eyes and recieved severe head injuries that he was very lucky to recover from.

From that time on he was somewhat "developmentally challenged" shall we say...(a brick short of a chimney). I recall an old yarn about hanky head in the 1970s when Dr Jim Cairns a prominent Federal Parliamentarian, and his significant other Junie Morosey a hippe chick, came to Nannup for a hippee festival held out at a waterhole (Cambrey Siding) on the old railway line between Nannup and Busselton..

They all intended to dance and bath nekkid etc and smoke the whaccky tabacky and there was an outcry about this behavior from some locals - so to protect himself as a politician - Dr Jim Cairns - passed legislation in the Federal parliament declaring Cambrey siding waterhole environs an "official nude bathing beach" under some type of obscure federal laws, and the local Police couldn't do anything about it. (It's still listed as such to this day I believe).

Anyway, they needed fresh water out there for the many thousands of naturalist hippies who attended, and hanky head got the job.....with - you guessed it - his truck with the sullage tank on it...the one he used during the week to pump septic tanks out!

Yes - he just gave it a good hose out and filled it with fresh water and took it out to Cambrey and everone drank water from it.

Within days the event was OVER - thousands of them all got crook with dysentry, hepatitis, you name it, everyone was sick! It was lucky ol hanky head never killed anyone!.

Anyway if I was a beting man and I had to take a punt, I'd say that probably old hanky heads been doing something in that paddock, and maybe been snake bit and colapsed or had aheart attack or something and died there.

That would explain maybe why I stopped seeing him (in order to avoid him at all costs) down the town in the last few years before we left.

I had often wondered if maybe his elderly mother who used to look after him - cook clean etc and keep him outta trouble mostly, had maybe passed away, and if he had been put in some kind of care facility...

I never did ever get round to asking anyone in town what became of ol hanky head - it would be a shame if that was how he met his end - for all his ability to yak on about the most obscure things (he was forever writing the premier and prime mnister etc about his new septic sewer arrangement he had invented / discovered and patented where basically, as best I could understand it, crap flowed uphill......) he was harmless enough when all was said and done.

Nannup eh - the stories that one could tell and the missing family is a good one.

Heres another thing probably no ones considered...

The missing family rented a farm house from a local farmer. Apparently they vanished to Brazil if the story is to be believed.

What few know today, is that many many many years ago - when that farmer was just a small boy, his father came home to find his wife in bed with someone else, and as you did in those days, he shot and killed the guy, and did time for it.

I've no idea if the old guy was still alive and kicking when this crew of 4 went missing...but I am betting even local Nannup Plod haven't investigated that possibility. Fact is the old guy (in my experience) was a very gentle fellow - who everyone in town liked (including me) - most people understood why he did what he did - and to be fair to him (and his family) he did his crime and sereved his time, so in my mind it's highly unlikely, BUT - all the same it SHOULD have been investigated, because there MIGHT possibly be a link - I don't think so, but in these cases you have to allow for EVERY possibility...until it is ruled out.

Good ol Nannup - lot's of history in that place thats for sure.

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