Dahn Hak Yoga...Ilchi Lee Meditation ??????
Posted by: barbara pedote ()
Date: June 17, 2008 03:39AM

I should have listened to my daughter ??
My daughter is a certified registered yoga instructor. She has participated for 200 hrs and now teach the traditional East Indian Yoga.
My daughter was against me going to Dahn from day 1..There were times she pleaded with me to take her yoga classes.. Ofcourse being the parent, I just continued doing my own thing. I took the Healing School course in Sedona. When I came home I had problems with my kidneys. I didn't feel so up to par , I felt like I was on some kind of drug I was feeling dizzy and a bit out of myself, I thought it was because of the problem I was having with my kidneys. When I got better,for some reason I just did not want to go back to Dahn Yoga, again I thought it was because I wasn't feeling good and that I was in some sort of a rut..When I went back, their was a new master. To make a long story short she knew I wanted to teach so the Tao Holistic Healing program was reccomended and I should take it because it was HIGHLY spiritual. I played with it for awhile, but every time I went to yoga it was always the same pressure so I said o.k. to Tao.. This program was extremly expensive and again my daughter was against me going. This program turned out to be a horrible experience. We were not allowed to talk to each other nor were we allowed to speak to our families.I was able to sneak a first phone call in to my daughter and from that call she did not like the way I sound and she became very worried. It is because of my daughter I am here writing this now and I will continue to write to whoever I have to regarding Dahn. Tao was not a spiritual program,I suffered pain beyond what I thought was pain. I think I went into a little shock the second day and did not even realize what I was doing.. Screaming and crying was going on around me and all I kept doing was praying..I kept asking "God" what on earth am I doing here ? What possesed me to do this ?? Yet for some reason I could not find my way to leave I just continued each day waiting for the last.
When I came home I felt that I just could not get myself together. I slept and slept and still could not get myself together.. Now for the first time and again because of my daughter I found out that Dahn is not even certified by the National Yoga Accreditation Group Alliance which explains why I did not get a certification for the completion of Healing School which I had all intentions of joining my daughter in teaching.. I went to the center 2x only. I can not enjoy the classes anymore because I now know that they are frauds..I can not even look at the master with any respect even knowing that they are only robots doing what they are told to do.. I can not trust this organization at all anymore. They are out for the dollar only and to clone whoever they can .. I will not attend another class and I can only hope and pray that other members start to wise up . We are all enlightened, all we have to do is look within. Thank you for this opportunity, I'm so glad and I thank God everyday since I am home that I have the daughter that I have..

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Re: Dahn Hak Yoga...Ilchi Lee Meditation ??????
Posted by: indigolden ()
Date: June 18, 2008 05:56AM

Barbara, I am really sorry to read your post. I have practiced Dahn Yoga for seven and a half years and have found it valuable to me on many levels.

You need be aware that the National Yoga Accreditation Group Alliance only accredits Indian-style yoga, and Dahn Yoga is a Korean style. Purists even say that Dahn Yoga should not use the term “yoga.” Nevertheless, the underlying purposes of the two are very similar, and it is a shame that so many instructors are rejecting a harmonious relationship between the two. Dahn Yoga is not rejected by NYAGA because it is poor quality—they have made no attempt to ascertain its quality--but rather because its cultural origin is not the same as dominant styles. That is unfortunate and xenophobic, in my opinion, and not at all in keeping with the true spirit of yoga.

In reality, Dahn Yoga instructors are qualified to instruct in many different venues, including Dahn Centers, universities (I taught a full-fledged Dahn Yoga class at an accredited public university for five years), senior centers, community centers, parks, and just about anywhere else you will find other styles of yoga (except, perhaps, in places that will only teach yoga of Indian origin, which is their prerogative).

Dahn Yoga instructors are human beings and no doubt exhibit human foibles that should be addressed. But I think you should consider the effects of judging others so harshly, as when you write: “I can not even look at the master with any respect even knowing that they are only robots doing what they are told to do.” In my opinion, no human being should be spoken of in this way.

I really hope you will give your Dahn Yoga practice one more try, but with a more positive mindset. I think that will make all the difference. And if workshops are too expensive, don’t sign up for any more. If someone pressures you to do so, tell them clearly that it makes you uncomfortable. Just take the regular class, reflect on what you have already learned, and try to feel the real core of what it is, beyond the negativity and rumors.

I am also very surprised that you were unhappy with the Tao Holistic program. I have not taken it myself, but everyone I have talked to about it says that they had incredible results from it. The tiredness and physical problems you experience are normal directly after the program, given the fact of its physical intensity. I would have thought that the instructor would have explained the Myung Hyun phenomenon to you, which describes the uncomfortable physical effects of your meridian system opening up as stagnant energy is released. It can happen through any training of this sort, but Tao holistic is especially intense. It should have passed quickly with proper follow-up exercises.

You are very right about one thing, “We are all enlightened, all we have to do is look within.” I think if you will give Dahn a second chance, that this exactly what Dahn Yoga is all about. It’s just a way, a tool to help you do that.

I wish you the best in your journey, whatever path you take.

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Re: Dahn Hak Yoga...Ilchi Lee Meditation ??????
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 18, 2008 08:43PM

To whom it may concern:

Dahn "yoga" is a belief system based largely upon devotion to its "Grand Master" Lee.

See [www.culteducation.com]

Much like Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, Lee sees himself as something of a messiah and claims that he can channel energy supernaturally to his followers.

Dahn masters devote their lives to Lee, often working for little pay, no benefits (health insurance, 401 K). Many of the so-called "little masters" are from Korea.

The Ross Institute has received many complaints about Dahn, including complaints of physical injuries, complaints from unhappy former staff and people that felt Dahn financially exploited them through high pressure sales tactics.

There is currently a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Dahn by the family of a woman that died while attending its retreat in Sedona.

See [www.culteducation.com]

Dahn has often been called a "cult" and accused of using "brainwashing" techniques to manipulate its adherents.

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Re: Dahn Hak Yoga...Ilchi Lee Meditation ??????
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 19, 2008 03:35AM

To whom it may concern:

Indigolden has been banned from this message board.

Admittedly, this person has been a staffer for Dahn about 7 years, and apparently hoped to subvert this thread and promote business for Dahn.

There are far safer and more credible alternatives than taking the risk of trying Dahn "yoga."

There are fitness programs at gyms and schools across the country, which are far less expensive and more credible than Dahn.

Talk to family members, friends and your doctor to find one that fits your needs.

Make sure whatever you try doesn't have a history of serious complaints (Google them).

Be careful about signing any contract.

Pay as you go without a contract, or if you must sign a contract have someone look it over first, e.g. a family member with business experience or an attorney.

Don't make a decision the same day, sleep on it. And shop the price around.

FYI-- "Yoga Korean style" is an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Yoga is from India.

Dahn uses the word "yoga" to describe something that really isn't yoga in any historical sense, which seems to be a sales pitch used to capitalize on the popularity of traditional yoga.

"Dahn yoga" can best be described as the idiosyncratic teachings of Ilchee Lee. It is a belief system, but rather than admit that Grand Master Lee has chosen to market his teachings through a business for profit.

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Re: I Thought So...
Posted by: barbara pedote ()
Date: June 20, 2008 08:07PM

I did reply to "Indigolden" the first day I saw this message and I did state that that person was either a programmed master,teacher or devoted client.. I'm just learning the computer, so I don't know where my message went. I hope this one gets out if not I will have to learn ..
I also agree there are other forms of excersise and that's my new direction and ofcourse attending my daughters Yoga classes. She's N.Y. State certified and registered .
I hope and pray that "Lee" is stopped in his footsteps. As I look back on the classes and the EXPENSIVE programs that I took I can not believe how gullable I was to even think that I could have advanced in "Yoga" .. All I kept doing was shelling out money money money for spiritual teachings ??? Now to know that Dahn is not at all spiritual,nor are they compassionate or loving . Just programmed to get you to spend because the more you spend, the more advanced you are WITHOUT CERTIFICATION..All is wasted money and time..They are FRAUDS ....

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