Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: silvia44 ()
Date: October 24, 2012 10:43PM

"He is in competition with god." Wow... yes you are absolutly right I have the same feeling! I can understand that you sometimes still feel embarrassed that you got caught by sha. I spend almost 3000 Euros on Karma Cleansing that weekend and other Downloads and when I think of that now I also feel a little bit embarressed... but that´s alright, it was a huge spiritual lesson to learn. What helped me to get out so fast is that I am probably a typical "german" ;-)... we are very suspicious when it comes to "new" things ;-)) and of course to read all the postings here afterwards (Thank you to all of you for sharing!!)... I also belief that he envokes the dark souls himself. On the weekend seminar was a young woman wo had the flu and she was coughing a lot. All of a sudden I had the thought "She could be a perfect victim for Sha!" and a few seconds later dark souls attacked her and where trying to choke her!! Sha then waited a few seconds to show all of us what negative karma can do before he saved her life per Transmission and proudly said afterwards that this was high-level-karma which usually costs 6000 Euros to clean. But since this was an emergency it was for free. You can´t believe how people where scared by this! I think that I picked up his thought at that moment! I am still cleaning myself from his negative energy... I have the feeling that God and his true servants are already watching him for a long time. But not in an angry way, more in a compassionate way like parents watch their child even if it is on a totally wrong path. I have the feeling that they will interfere soon also to protect him from himself! He is still a child of god, but a very misguided one and this has to be stopped... this is how I feel about this... try to let got of the anger, he is already been taken care of by god and his true servants...

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: edapowlo ()
Date: October 27, 2012 12:38PM

To anyone who is coming to this site for information on Dr. Sha and his organization TRUST that your SOUL brought you here to protect and guide you. Many read these posts and then go back ignoring the fact that those who post here are truly offering real service. This organization is not what the marketing and spiritual claims say it is. It is dangerous and is abusive to your mind and your soul. This man is not GOD, nor does he serve GOD. He is not unlike PT Barnum who once said "a sucker is born every minute." Sha relies on kind-hearted and spiritually naive people to drain energetically and financially. This does not mean that these people are not intelligent or deluded. It means that people are searching and longing for a connection with GOD. This is not it! This man is feeding his EGO and those around him and then punishing them for spiritual entertainment. He really doesn't care about your soul journey-- only your money and service to him. There have been numerous events in which his WWRs and high level students have been used to promote sales of downloads and blessings. Don't be fooled by the testimonials. Many have shared the same stories year after year. And those who are new, in many cases, are inflating their experiences to be "special" and recognized. Sha uses your own mind against you by programming fear and guilt into it. What Ex-culty shared about the subconscious mind and your inner child is true. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you realize and if you do not understand that it can be programmed against you, you will not know how to protect yourself. I had to learn this the hard way, but thankfully my own Soul and Guides helped me to get out. My intuition never led me was my mind and the manipulative "programming" of Sha and his WWRs that caused me to doubt myself and what I knew and saw. His Facebook Page says that he has over 65,000 followers and that over 2000 people are talking about him. Total fabrication and manipulation of Facebook. There are maybe a few hundred students. His book sales are total fabrication as well as has been stated in previous posts. Don't believe the hype. It is truly a "fast-food" spiritual ride that in the end will leave you feeling sick, drained, used, and forgotten when the "high" has passed. I could tell story after story of attacks by negative entities and dark beings. People experiencing things that sound like science fiction if I hadn't seen them with my own eyes. Sadly, people get sucked in to the trauma and drama and the "Savior" false prophet game. If you are reading this, there is a reason and you should TRUST that knowing that brought you here. Understand that the longer you stay, the harder it is to leave because your inner child gets more and more abused. Revoke all oaths, vows, committments, promises and permissions that you may have given, consciously or unconsciously; willingly or unwillingly to any energies that do not belong to you and demand that they return from wence they came never to return to you, your body or this reality again. Command that you are sovereign and free. Take back your power and your God given gifts, talents, and lifefore-- use them to heal and awaken yourself. As you do this you will be able to truly impact others. Invoke the Law of Life, the Law of Freedom, and the Law of Original Grace to be freed from any entanglements and to protect you.

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: ex-culty ()
Date: October 27, 2012 11:48PM

TrueTaoBeliever, thank you so much for your post. It made me cry! Yes, people should listen to what you say, you were an insider for much longer than I was so you know what you are talking about. I love you, thank you! xoxox

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: silvia44 ()
Date: October 30, 2012 03:23AM

Yes I would also like to say THANK YOU AGAIN to all of you for sharing your experiences. This helped me a lot to clear my mind and get back on the right track after I was totally confused and scared after the weekend with Sha. I know it takes a lot of courage to say these things especially also because Sha is trying to frighten everybody by saying all kind of bullshit like it is bad karma to talk against him. This reminds me of the punishing god in the old testament. I would like to share a story that I read in a buddhist book. A Buddha was sitting on a hill and he was meditating. And a man came and he kissed his left hand and the buddha blessed that man. The other day another man came and chopped his right arm with a sword and the buddha blessed him. So a true Buddha does not make a difference between someone worshipping him and someone hating him… he is always compassionate, this is the true buddha nature… Sha is the complete opposite!

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: edapowlo ()
Date: October 31, 2012 12:03AM

It is so important to understand that spirituality is your birth right. It is already who you are. When you try seeking it outside of yourself you will eventually be disappointed because your true power, gifts and strengths reside within you. They don't come from downloads or blessings. Your own efforts to know your Soul and the Truth of who you are and why you are here is what counts. Your Soul wants you to be who you are and to follow your own path. It does not want you to be anyone else. In the Sha organization so many want to be like him...they worship him and not God. He creates copies of himself in the WWRs. People's personalities have changed and they have become "Sha" to gain his favor and attention. I believe this is why so many are sick and drained. They are denying who they came here to be and have become brainwashed into believing that Sha has the answers and knows better than their own Soul. Somewhere I read that your Soul suffers when you live the choices of another. It is better to make mistakes, that are your mistakes, than to be blindly led by someone you've given your power away to. Chanting works because you are using the power of your own voice which is the most healing sound for you. Chanting someone's name gives them power over you. Chant your own name or mantra that has meaning for you. We are in times of False Prophets and Energy Vampires. Discernment is key. A charlatan is not going to look like a charlatan to get you to believe him and give him your power and money. He of She will give you the illusion you are looking for and not reveal themselves until you have given everything...Trust yourself. If you can't do that there is really no one else...Much love to all who read this....

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: edapowlo ()
Date: November 11, 2012 04:46AM

This is my final post here as I no longer wish to give my energy or time to this man or his mission. It is not what it appears to be...There are two paths-- the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. The Tree of Knowledge is that of illusion, duality, karma and all that causes perceived suffering in the world. Teachings based on the Tree of Knowledge are about POWER to keep you trapped and you eventually are drained of life. Nothing is free on the path of the Tree of Knowledge-- in the end you will have to pay financially, energetically or with your life.

The Tree of Life is Eternal, self-generating, infinite, loving and based on LOVE. You can follow a path of disillusionment if that is what you need to wake up. This is the Tree of Knowledge-- it is finite. OR you can follow your own internal guidance system given directly to you from SOURCE. This only requires that you sincerely connect to your own direct connection to SOURCE. It is about trusting yourself and your connection. It is about receiving from SOURCE before any other. It is simple, free and always available-- this is Original Grace.

Sha teaches from the Tree of is about POWER, being special and putting your faith in HIM...WAKE UP!

I could tell you story after story of people who left and why. I could tell you my own sorrow and heart-break. I could tell you of the good people who continue to stay because they think they can help and perhaps shift the course of things...It is time wasted. People don't want to leave until they are able to truly "see"...and for some that is the greatest tragedy because they may become trapped with nowhere to go having lost family, friends and financial well-being.

I send the greatest love to those who come here...Know yourself, trust yourself and your own personal connection to SOURCE-- it is within you and available always.

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: jetstream ()
Date: January 11, 2013 01:44AM

Another suggestion is a class action suit. This requires an attorney, but they will take it on on a precentage basis if they see that it can be won. Don't worry about Sha's lawyers - he makes it seem as if there's a whole legal team working for him, but he has only one as far as I know.
Also some helpful suggestions can be found here:

Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: jetstream ()
Date: January 13, 2013 04:24AM

This review on of Sha's Soul Masters video was approved for posting and then quickly removed. I edited the review and reposted it twice, each time it was removed, even after it received a "like" from a reader. I've now posted it again.

I'm posting it here as well. If just one person sees this post and it keeps them from moving toward Sha and helps keep their family and finances together, then the post has done it's job.

Here's the note I added to the edited version:

"Reviewer's Note: Both the original review and an edited version were approved for posting and then quickly removed. To whomever was responsible for the removal: I write this because I know this video very well and from personal experience with Sha's organization. If you disagree, you have that right, but just remember: you don't have the right to censor another person's experience expressed through free speech, which is the purpose of these reviews, is it not? Does this review being removed twice show that it's saying something that someone doesn't want revealed? If you disagree, you have the right leave your comments just like anyone else.

I am making it clear that these are my observations based on what the video is showing and based on what I know as a former member of Sha's organization. The content is not intended to be spiteful or misleading - just truthful. It comes simply from my personal experience. Thank you."

Here's the original post:

"Sha uses Guo to make himself look credible"

"Let's get something straight from the get go: Most if not all of the 5-star reviews that you see for all of Sha's publications, not only this video, are coming from his followers who are lured into posting them in order to get "gifts" or free "downloads" of the expensive kind that he usually charges hundreds to thousands of dollars for to the general public or newbie followers. ("Downloads" are totally worthless, by the way.) This as well as getting his followers to buy thousands of dollars worth of books/videos is all done to manipulate the best seller list to make it look as if he's a credible healer (besides the percentage of sales that goes into his pocket). Another tactic he uses is to ally himself with well-known people for the same reason. That being said, I have no doubt that Sha had this video produced to convince others that he is credible because he was at one time allied with Master Guo, a highly respected healer in China (Sha was Guo's student, as the video shows). I admit the video is entertaining, but it's charm wears off very quickly when you start paying attention to that "man behind the curtain." Half the video is devoted to Master Guo's healing center and his practices, which Sha has capitalized on as his own and says he has enhanced. The second half of the video shows Sha's "upgrade" of those techniques and how he uses them. That's all supposed to make Sha a credible healer. As a student of Guo, he may have started out on that path, but somewhere along the way Sha took the wrong road - right now he's not trying to help anyone but himself. Alliance with all this credibility is a major way Sha draws in his victims (followers and others). There are also several scenes showing him using his techniques to heal others in front of an audience, including a group from the UN (This is all geared to luring in the public and making "download" sales.) Belief is a powerful tool - in the moment a person in need of healing, in front of Sha, in front of a curious audience, can easily will himself or herself into believing they're healed, even for a time, and believe it's real. But there are no documented cases of Sha's "healings" remaining permanent. True healing by oneself can happen, but it takes a more enlightentened state of mind than just belief. And there are those who have the gift of being able to heal others - in both of these instances there is documented evidence, but not in Sha's case. It's all smoke and mirrors. The only thing he's good at is fooling others and taking their money illegally and immorally. Be extremely careful."

Zhi Gang Sha Has N0 Healing or Karma Cleansing Powers Whatsoever.
Posted by: Happydays ()
Date: January 25, 2013 02:18AM

I studied with Dr. Sha for several years and finally learned the hard way that:
1) He talks about the Divine a lot but unfortunately does not actually believe in the Divine or experience it.
2) He's a most greedy businessman and dangerous because some of the things he says are actually true, and he uses this technique to draw in unsuspecting health seekers.
3) He is a man of great vanity and ego who knows full well that he is deceiving thousands of innocent, well-meaning people and ruining many of them financially.
4) Because he doesn't believe in karma himself (though he charges thousands for karma cleansing) he must not know that he is creating great karma for himself.
5) Those few who actually heal under his mind control do so by the power of their own faith.
6) Beware, for he is an extraordinarily clever con man who can really turn on the "charm."
7) I received several “downloads” and finally realized I had only received the hope of healing. Anyone who has received healing has created it themselves not by Dr. Sha who possesses no healing powers himself.
8) I too used to write a few book reviews that Dr. Sha entices his students to write all on the same day (in exchange for the promise of free “downloaded healings”) so that his books end on the New York Times Best Seller List, and I send to all those who question these reviews a heartfelt BEWARE and THANK YOU in the hope that you won’t make the same mistake I did.
9) Dr. Sha tells his students that he’ll cleanse their karma so that they will be able to become healers to help humanity, but no one can cleanse their karma by paying money for it. One can only cleanse their karma by doing deep and sincere spiritual work.

Why people get roped in to studying with Dr. Sha
Posted by: Happydays ()
Date: January 25, 2013 05:14AM

One of the big reasons people get roped into studying with Dr. Sha is that he uses mind control and also because they have tried everything to heal themselves, and he scares them into believing that he is their last hope!

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