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Do Not Let Anyone Exploit This Pandemic
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 22, 2020 11:16PM

If your teacher/s use the covid-19 virus epidemic to increase your fear and guilt, they are not Sufis.

Beware and get away from any teacher, leader or group that does any of the following or more:

* Who suggest this epidemic was caused by your sins, caused by your having doubts or misgivings about the leader, the group, the teachings.

* Who exploit this to further entrench teachings that we are in the end times, the Kali Yuga, that the rest of the world is damned and that you in the group of of the Elite, and will shed your samskaras (cosmic cooties) if you pray harder and yet more obedient to the leader, the teachings, the group. This is exploitation.

And spirituality is not an exclusive country club whose members must pass scrutiny and jump through hoops and pay big bucks to join.

Spirituality is a big tent for everyone.

* Beware if they ask for increased donations and increased prayer claiming it will protect the elderly leaders who have the power to walk you through the Kali Yuga. That's spiritual slavery that will continue long after this epidemic is over.

* Exploits Shelter in Place by demanding that you view yet more videos, yet more conferance calls in ways that increse your anxiety

* Distrust any leader or group using social media and conferance calls to monitor you yet more intensively than before.

* Suspect any leader or group whose social media, conference calls, directions for increased meditation, visualization, prayer, take you away from your family when your family need you more.

* When this interferes with your taking breaks to look after yourself and do things you enjoy.

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Beware Teachers Masters Pirs Exploiting Pandemic II
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 24, 2020 12:48AM

Beware of any teacher or group doing the following:

Telling you not to listen to the news except what they tell you.

Or, if you listen to the news, require that you also check in to hear the group leadership's commentary on the news.

Pushing you to install tech devices in your home and computer that enable the leader and group to keep you more closely tied to them because they can monitor whether you are participating in the group's online events or are diligently logging in to their online materials.

Suppose you are a technophobe, happily ignorant of Zoom. Once you are importuned to learn Zoom, your absence from the group's meetings will be noticed and you know this will become mark against you.

Yet another thing to beware of:

In this age of social media, group leadership can use a much loved or high prestige member as an "influencer". to instigate something that is seemingly organic, from from that person's initiative, but is actually a strategy fostered by the leader/s to generate an setting for enhanced indoctrination.

And find out which group members participate and which are less obedient and do not participate.

This can be done in sneaky ways.

A beloved or much feared group member appear on Zoom or Skype and announce he or she has decided "on my own initiative", to engage spiritual exercises that fall in the category of high demand behavior. Deeds that many of us would not do if left to our own devices.

If other members of the group announce they want to "join in" and give their names, this can generate social pressure for you to join in as well, so you can feel togetherness, so you do not miss out on the "progress" the others make, and so you are not exposed as a less than enthusiastic group member because you have *not* joined in.

* An online confession of personal faults

* A personal pledge to begin reading books or online material sanctioned by the group that zones you out. If enough people ask to join and this becomes a "spontaneous book club" you fear you'll be outed as a lazy member unless you join as well - and get yet more marinated in the group's indoctrinational material.

* Pledge to make a special contribution to the group or leader despite personal financial hardships.

* A high demand fast

* A high demand restricted diet

* Sleeping hours less than before to keep vigil

* That he or she is going to do a lengthy series of chants, guided meditations each morning and report what happens.

* Pushing hinting coaxing using social influence to get you to buy more of their books or products. to purchase yet another set of books, participate in an upcoming fast, cleanse, meditation marathon promising togetherness and enhanced spiritual development, greater unwindings greater shedding of pesky samskaras/cosmic cooties/bad karma.

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