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Passed Over For Initiation, Feeling Afraid to Ask Why
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 20, 2018 09:44PM

This was written about a group called Eckankar, but may apply
to some Sufi or Theosophical groups where "initiation" and "Levels of Realization"

(3rd Plane, 4th Plane, 5th Plane, 6th Plane, 7th Plane/Avatar) are considered important.

A lot of this is not based on actual level of attainment, but money and bureaucracy.


One often may hear eckists parroting that such
outer initiations matter little, yet privately, most eckists seem to
feel very strongly about the initiations they are awarded.

This isn't spoken of very much out in the open in eckankar, but people
such as the woman in the example can become quite disillusioned and
depressed over not keeping up with their peers, feeling left behind,
unwanted, and forgotten by the Mahanta. They see others who are
seemingly less deserving receiving initiations, whereas they, despite
being very devoted to eckankar and the associated disciplines, seem to
fall hopelessly behind.

Due to eckankar's policy that one not ever
request initiations, many suffer in silence, sensing justifiably that
something isn't quite right, yet fear to even ask about the possibility
of an error. In many cases, even when they do ask, they face a stony
silence from the org, or are told they are being "tested" spiritually,
when all that is needed is a quick check of the record.

This is one of
the way's such a system can inflict undue pain upon its members, and is
one reason I am taking the time to write about this in detail.

For the full story go here:



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