Discussions on the Cult News from Rick Ross site?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 01, 2008 02:08PM

hey, hope this is not out of line, BUT...the
site seemed to be quiet for a while, and I stopped looking.
I happened to look, and there is a whole string of new excellent detailed reports!
Very educational.

So I hope its ok to post this, but I just wanted to shout-out that reminder, in case others got out of the habit of looking.

Its covering some media analysis, large and small.
Also information about cult deprogramming, and the so-called "Anti Cult Cult".

Now, not that I am fond of my ironic namesake, but I have noticed a growing use of that very phrase in certain areas. As mentioned in the article, it does take on the character of thought-termination.
Its a way to deflect any criticial analysis. Perhaps a version of the Straw Man, or a type of Ad Hominem?
One could easily list a huge string of ambiguous Cult Apologist sites that are using that exact terminology, even just boiled down to one sentence, and repeated over and over.
Is that a new strategy being promoted, or has it evolved?

I have noticed there does appear to be a new type of ambiguous "Double-Bind-Cult-Apologist" emerging, with a mixed tactic of highly selective cultic ambiguousness, and active aggressive cultic criticism. It does created a type of Programmed Confusion in the average reader.

Regardless, maybe we could keep this thread open, and when there are new articles posted, we can discuss the ideas?

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