I'm not a fan of orthodoxy
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: July 08, 2002 03:30AM

There's a picture on this site of a haredi yelling. In particular, the haredim confronted the Reform Jews who visited Israel a few years ago. They called Reform Judaism a "cult", and said something to the effect of "how dare this cult come to Israel", etc.
The Reform leader was told that his family should have stayed in Israel to have died in the holocaust at the hands of the Nazis,
Personally, I don't buy the orthodox faith at all. And I'd be really cautious when it come to labeling what is and isn't a cult when it come to miracle stories in books.
I believe the orthodoxy represents an ancient corrupt power structure that needs to be managed if not overthrown totally. And I'm leaning towards the latter these days.
Currently, many of the world's conflagrations are based on religious wars, and over territorial rights given by "divine right".
Monotheism may be right about the nature of God and it may be a step up from paganism. Much of modern civilization is based on it, but I still think the world needs to advance.
Many scientific advances were opposed by religion including heart and organ transplants, cloning, bioengineered food, etc. All things that should benefit man.

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