Re: cult-secte Supreme Master TV free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai
Posted by: Ocean_Of_Lies ()
Date: October 19, 2011 04:40AM

Sorry if my point of view was confuse, sometimes I was talking about infos on Ching Hai, sometimes infos about cults in general.

I know there are some (few) infos aviable in french about cults in general and some particular cults (mostly Scientology). If this "few" is still more than in other countries, it still looks "few" to me. And about Ching Hai there's almost nothing in french. Litterature on this subject in english is much more abundant and developped (and maybe even more in chinese).

About cults in general, the problem in Europe (maybe in US too) is that cults take advantage of the laws protecting religious minorities and freedom of believes (which may be necessary laws of course, that's not the point). That's why I relativize (more than "contradict") your assertion about France being "not friendly" with cults. In comparison I think China and Vietnam are much more unfriendly with cults, and in the opposite, Korea is apparently very cult-friendly.

Critical informations are aviable on the internet but most people are not aware. Just a few people know/care and look for these informations. But it's a good start anyway, things can change hopefully.

Thanks for the link by the way, I didn't know this report. I'll watch it tonight :)

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Re: cult-secte Supreme Master TV free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai
Posted by: Ocean_Of_Lies ()
Date: October 19, 2011 07:03AM

It's a little bit out of subject, just in case we missed it :

Transcript []
Two invesitgators, hired by the President's legal trust fund, told the committee they were instructed to examine the contributions delivered by Charlie Trie, but to leave Mr. Trie alone. Kwame Holman reports on the last hearing prior to the August break.

THE WEEK IN REVIEW August 1, 1997
Transcript []
Kwame Holman reviews the Senate's investigation into the actions of Democratic fund-raiser Charlie Yah Lin Trie.

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SUPREME MASTER Ching Hai: Shame on EarthSave and shame on John Robbins
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 03:32PM

Also, if I remember correctly, Ching Hai moved her HQ out of the Monaco area, due to some media attention around the activity of her secte.

So Ching Hai has learned she needs to move to areas where she can use OPM Other Peoples Money to pay everyone off to keep them quiet. Places where superrich and various crooks hide-out, away from prying eyes.
Ching Hai has already been pushed out, or left a number of countries.

But of course, some of these CEO Vegans don't care about the facts.
All they care about is getting their hands on Ching Hai's followers money.

It really is very disgusting behavior on behalf of EarthSave and John Robbins, and the others. They have shown they will take anyone's money, and don't care where the money came from.

Ching Hai just uses John Robbins for advertising, for media propaganda.
Ching Hai spends $35,000, and that buys her a lot of advertising, and she can make back that 35K from one single wealthy "vegan" she recruits, or from dozens of non-wealthy Ching Hai members who are selling their houses.

Shame on and shame on John Robbins.

Hopefully some vegetarian groups will wake-up and smell the tofu, and realize that getting into bed with various cults and their cult money is not to their benefit.

SUPREME MASTER Ching Hai: Shame on EarthSave and shame on John Mooter
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 03:56PM

Ching Hai has had her money and her fingers in for quite some time.
Even before EarthSave was openly on Ching Hai's payola list, their senior managers were defending Ching Hai.
kissing up = big financial gifts from Ching Hai.

Notice all the "vegans" who are shilling for Ching Hai, are on Ching Hai's gravy train?
Ching Hai is giving their groups money, or book sales promotion, etc.

For John Mooter of EarthSave to come out and shill for Ching Hai like this, its totally outrageous.
Is John Mooter in total denial of the facts of reality?
Open your eyes to the ugly underbelly of Ching Hai sect.

Don't look at the sausage, look at how the sausage is made.

John Mooter points to the Ching Hai package, just like a meat producer points to their package, and says, don't ask how the sausage is made.

Look behind the Ching Hai sausage package, and see how she gets her money, and all the crazy stuff going on with exploiting people in the Ching Hai sect.

Shame on John Mooter for shilling for Ching Hai.
He is either totally ignorant to the operation of these modern cults, or was running another agenda.
How much money has Ching Hai or her group given to EarthSave Cincinnati?
How much of the Ching Hai money going to EarthSave does EarthSave Cincinnati get?

---------quote excerpt for research--------------


John Mooter says:
September 6, 2010 at 3:58 am

I have been active as Chairman of EarthSave Cincinnati for many years. We have many fine vegan groups in this city; EarthSave Cincinnati, ...and the Loving Cafe, our only pure vegan restaurant.I was shocked and disappointed to read the negative article on the Loving Hut restaurants. I believe that the article was far from objective, used few examples to show it’s points, and basically did a disservice to The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s followers, who are establishing vegan restaurants all over the world, including a fine one here in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Ching Hai’s “Precepts” are basically the same as Buddhist precepts. The only difference is that she requires her followers to actually adhere to the precepts. She is the only spiritual leader that I know of who thinks of veganism as central to spiritual practice. It would be great if other spiritual leaders would follow her lead.

As far as her being a cult, I assume other religious leaders with titles like “His Holiness”, Most reverend”, Your eminence” are also cult leaders?
I think not. Besides, this magazine is about veganism, not religious or spiritual beliefs. I do not think this is relevant to this publication.

I discussed this with local members of Supreme Master Ching Hai. They are saddened and shocked that this article was in a vegan publication. Is the author vegan? Veg News could release another article, perhaps by a Ching Hai member, or Dr. Tuttle,to show the positive side of the movement, which is extraordinary. The vegan community deserves this.


Re: SUPREME MASTER Ching Hai: Shame on EarthSave and shame on John Mooter
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 04:01PM

you gotta see the photoshopped pic of Ching Hai in this thread.
With the nose of Pinocchio and the ocean of cash.


Re: SUPREME MASTER Ching Hai: Shame on EarthSave and shame on John Mooter
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 04:40PM

There are other threads as well, which show pictures of Ching Hai in her fancy fur coats and satin dress.

There clearly are some Ching Hai followers who's assigned mission is to cross-post links to Ching Hai video by the tens of thousands around the internet.
Again, very clever by Ching Hai. If she has a few dozens followers make 10 cross-posts everyday to her videos and website, it really adds up.

Ching Hai is a very clever and worldly person, she knows about advertising, marketing, and propaganda.
She knows about persuasion and control.
She knows how to rig to get a fake "bestseller" for more advertising bullshit.

Most importantly, she understands how the real world works.
Money talks.
That is why she throws "cash gifts" around at people, it works.
$35,000 here and there thrown at Vegans, is good value for propaganda money for Ching Hai, and its not her money anyway. Its her followers money she is using.

But she spends their money, to get more attention for Ching Hai, which brings in more followers and more money.
Its all about money for Ching Hai.
Believe it.

Fame/money for Ching Hai. That is what its all about.

And there seem to be many thoughtless "Vegans" around at the present time. They are critical of companies who tell lies to sell their products, but they are not critical of the lies of Ching Hai?

Sure, the CEO vegans think they can use Ching Hai and her followers, as a way to influence society.
But think again, Ching Hai is smarter than them. Ching Hai is using them to get more followers for herself, and more fame and money for Ching Hai.

SUPREME MASTER Ching Hai: EarthSave John Mooter, lethal Breatharianism
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 05:01PM

These vegans below quickly figured out that Ching Hai was promoting the lethal Breatharian fraud, and that Ching Hai is some kind of cult leader.
So if some vegans like this can figure out the Ching Hai scam in a few minutes internet research, then what the hell is wrong with John Robbins and John Mooter from EarthSave?
They don't have the internet at EarthSave?
They didn't look at SMCH TV station and website, before accepting her money, and parading around on Ching Hai's stage with big checks for maximum propaganda value?

What about Ching Hai promoting the lethal Breatharian scam?
EarthSave supports the lethal Breatharian fraud too?

Since EarthSave is now publicly shilling for Ching Hai in various places on the internet, then the obvious conclusion to be drawn that in fact EarthSave is now a part of Ching Hai's media system, if not an actual front for the Ching Hai sect.

Supreme Master Cult - not eating is best! []

Will Tuttle directly promoting Ching Hai on
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 05:35PM

Don't know if this made it into the thread.
Will Tuttle, who is another vegan doing cartwheels for Ching Hai and running interference for Ching Hai, is in a deep conflict of interest with Ching Hai.

Not only did Ching Hai use her followers to rig the system for Will Tuttle as shown in this thread.

If a person buys Will Tuttle's book, then he "gives" them a propaganda video from Ching Hai, listed right on his website.
These videos are not a gift, they are a HOOK with bait, and the person downloading the video is the FISH.

Is Will Tuttle being paid in cash/barter to host this Ching Hai video?

Notice that every single known person shilling for Ching Hai, is getting donations from Ching Hai in the tens of thousands of dollars, or services in kind, like free book promotion.
Seems to be a lot of Veganpreneurs around Ching Hai, selling any kind of supplement they can get their hands on.

-----------Will Tuttle directly promoting Ching Hai on his website-----------
Free Bonus Gift - Video Download - Spiritual teachings for inner peace, health, and social harmony:
Supreme Master Ching Hai Supreme Master Ching Hai - Free Video archives

These inspirational and liberating lectures are archived in Words of Wisdom and Between Master & Disciples on Supreme Master TV. Supreme Master TV presents constructive and vegan-friendly internet television programming 24/7. These videos are free to download and enjoy:
Words of Wisdom
Between Master & Disciples

Re: Will Tuttle directly promoting Ching Hai on
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 19, 2011 05:50PM

Will Tuttle gets an A+ in hypocrisy.
Will Tuttle criticizing VegNews, when he is in bed with Ching Hai??

Deceiving the public is bad when anyone does it.
The level of hypocrisy by Will Tuttle is almost unbelievable.

--------------quote from Will Tuttle on
"Thanks, VegSource, for telling it like it is! VegNews has done a real disservice - this series of acts of deception by VegNews makes vegans the laughingstock of meat-eaters, unfortunately.
VetgNews' refusal to apologize about the Loving Hut debacle, and again with this debacle is disturbing, in that both of these are direct attacks on the integrity of our movement to reduce violence and disease. Both are blatant acts of public deception, which is a form of violence. As vegans, we renounce violence. What gives, Joe and VegNews?"
Posted by: Author Profile Page Dr. Will Tuttle | April 15, 2011 8:46 AM | Reply

Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: October 20, 2011 09:54AM

Vegetarian Restaurant Encounter

A few weeks ago, I went to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant for my lunch. I was told there was only one big table left and asked if I minded sharing the table with someone else, of course, I would not.

While I was waiting for my meal, another customer was introduced to this table, sat next to me; he was in his 50s, seemed kind, open and spiritual.

It was odd to sit with someone in the same table and without any conversations; so we started to say hey to each other, and tried to start some general conversation.
We started with how each of us became vegetarian. He was a vegetarian for 20 years. He said he met a spiritual master in Chicago.

I asked “So, you also meditate?”
“Yes.” he said.
I asked “What kind of meditation you are practicing?”
He said “Concentrated on my wisdom eye? Everything below wisdom eye is dirty….”
My eye brows raised a little bit “O… you have to chant something?”
He said “Yes, but it is powerless if you do not get initiated…”
I did not want to give up “OOOO…..can you tell me what you are chanting”
He said “No….that is secret, it should not be revealed until you get initiated…. I visit my master every year in Chicago, it is great, and it cleans your Kalmar. See, your past Kalmar will be completed burned, and you have some Kalmar left still…..”
“It is called fixed Kalmar, you have to have it to live on your life, and otherwise you will die…..”I am very knowledgeable for this type of theory!!
“Yes” he looked me with a little surprise.
“O…. I see….So did you experience something while meditation? For example, different colors mean different worlds.”
“Not only see the worlds, you fly into it, you live in it, you experience it……” he raised his voice and raised his hand as if he was pulling his soul above his head, and he sound a little bit excited, I can see my old self, I probably sound just like him two years ago.
(You can imagine what my face turned at this point) I decided to reveal something to him, “I knew what you are chanting with your meditation, it started with XXX and ended with XXX”
Now it is his turn to keep his eyes wide open.
“See, we are brothers and sisters….” I laughed to break the silence.
“There is no coincidence in the universe, why have we been set in the same table, it is something…..”he still looked amazed.
“Right, there is no coincidence, we mean to sit in the same table at this time” both of us laughed.
“You know what, it is not that secretive as it sound, Google it, you can find the Five Names somewhere else.” That was my last sentence for our conversation, and I left the table first.

How many Spiritual Masters out there who are teaching the sound meditation and claiming they the only one, the real one, the five holy names, burning the Kalmar for you, etc.……
If Madam ChingHai was not greedy and crazy to this extend, if there was no crying out for the end-of-planet, if she was not claiming she is the 5th level/9th level GOD, Jesus, LaoZi, Chinese emperors,there is no Amazon pre-set ranting…….I would be struggling every day, guilty every day, but I would never be able to break the chain to set myself free, I will not open my eyes and find out actually ChingHai is just one of THEM. Likely wise, many many many people who are practicing sound meditation will not realize, his master is not the only one who inherited this method. The spiritual experience that most of this type of Masters claimed as their own credits is actually not from THEM, it is from right you – your very self!

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