Re: Hue Dang Trinh (Ching Hai) Gurumayi, the Vanishing Guru act
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 10, 2011 11:20AM

(this website seems to have collected most of the articles on Ching Hai. Its good to see Ching Hai being debunked in non-english languages, which is extremely important)


0 Inner peace isn't the only thing Supreme Master Ching Hai is selling Bay Area disciples, By Gordon Young (Article Published May 22, 1996)
1 Religious Leader Felt Sorry For Clinton, By Brooks Jackson and John Gilmore/CNN
2. Supreme Master Ching Hai, By Louis Hughes; Ireland
3. Clinton's Buddhist Martha Stewart, By Howard Chua-Eoan
4. Part Buddha, part Madonna, By Rafer Guzmán ( March 28- April 3, 1996 issue of San Jose Metro )
5. Public Eye
6. Cult leader tries the charity route By Jeanette Walls MSNBC/10- 22, 2001
7. Red-faced over a guru's gift New York Post/October 23, 2001
8. A day with the disciples of Ching Hai By Nancy Rommelmann, LA Weekly/June 28, 2002
9 "I heard nothing and saw nothing" By a former practitioner of the method of "Suma Ching Hai"
10 Supreme Master Ching Hai, Let Us Reason Ministries


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(Ching Hai) Hue Dang Trinh, "Spiritual Messiah Out of Taiwan" Eric Lai
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Date: April 10, 2011 11:42AM

(somebody has to get access to this thesis, its probably sitting on a shelf collecting dust at UC Berkeley, if a Ching Hai supporter hasn't disappeared the only copy from the shelf. Often articles on sects vanish from libraries, but at least now there are digital copies that can't be ripped up.
Someone needs to write a book on Ching Hai and publish it).

"Spiritual Messiah Out of Taiwan"

by UC-Berkeley graduate Eric Lai.
a graduate thesis in journalism at Berkeley written in 1995

Find Dissertations and Theses

Re: (Ching Hai) Hue Dang Trinh, "Spiritual Messiah Out of Taiwan" Eric Lai
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Date: April 10, 2011 12:09PM

Wonder if this is the same Eric Lai?
Eric Lai Blogger on Enterprise Mobility at ZDNet []
15 years since 1995, UB Berkeley.


Eric Y Lai []

Why write about the dumb iPad, when you can write about the advanced persuasion technology being used to influence the human mind? Why not write the book on Ching Hai? Or why doesn't Eric Lai use his thesis as a starting point to write a feature article for some big publication, on the Ching Hai movement?

Re: (Ching Hai) Hue Dang Trinh, "Spiritual Messiah Out of Taiwan" Eric Lai
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Date: April 10, 2011 12:44PM

The comments on this Ching Hai petition, don't help disprove the point of the article. Quite the opposite.
Their repeated talking point word of the day is "slanderous". (that is a not so subtle message to magazine editors about costly a costly SLAPP) []

That seems to be the most famous and perhaps important paper Eric Lai wrote, while still at college.

The vigorous attack against VegNews was strategic, threaten a boycott, and pressure them to not criticize anyone who says they are a Vegan? There are hundreds of comments from SMCH members there. You can tell the SMCH members, as they are the ones who start by saying..."I am not a member of SMCH and do not know who the Supreme Master Ching Hai is".

The incredible stupidity of that tactic, who thought that up at SMCH HQ? How do they knows its all "slanderous lies" if they never heard of Supreme Master Ching Hai? whoops.

"The published article, written by Abigail Young was nothing more than rewording of slanderous internet articles, unverified anecdotes of disproportionate drama from the thesis of Eric Lai and a spinned representation of the interview with Loving Hut public relations executive David Smugar."

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Re: (Ching Hai) Hue Dang Trinh, "Spiritual Messiah Out of Taiwan" Eric Lai
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Date: April 10, 2011 01:14PM

No wonder Eric Lai is in hiding (in terms of Ching Hai).

Eric Lai writes a thesis over 15 years ago about Hue Dang Trinh.
And 15 years later, SMCH operatives NAME HIM directly in an internet petition. His name went out to large numbers of members of the SMCH group.

Again, these are all deliberate tactics, meant to discourage and frighten people. They name the writers, and they go after them personally. Notice the personal attacks on the writer of the VegNews article.

If the writer keeps at it, then then next step is to set up blogs to go after them personally, which SMCH members did. []
This has been seen 1000x, and Ching Hai knows full well that 99% of people will back down when 584 people are going after them on the internet. []
Its a tactic, a technique, to try to shut people up, and it works.

Same tactic, to threaten the publications with boycotts, etc, most editors will just back down as they don't want the hassle.

So in fact, the SMCH group is quite aggressive. There are many other sects who are not as disciplined or organized, and who are more passive. But the SMCH group has a zeal, and will take action as a group.
This is the power of the Supreme Master, she knows she can get large groups of her people to do what she tells them to do.

One has to wonder how far they are going to take it, to try and achieve their objectives?

Its time for a complete expose on SMCH, top to bottom, focusing on the 2012 nonsense she is using to frighten her people, as she knows that FEAR works.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
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Date: April 10, 2011 01:59PM

Its amazing the over-reactive angry response from the SMCH members to that article from VegNews. Most of the article was quite balanced.

But a few points in the article must have driven the Supreme Master and her "messenger" disciples into a frenzy.

- Ching Hai supposedly having a child out of wedlock as a teenager from an american soldier.
- Supreme Master aka Celestia De Lamour despoiling the local environment, and then going into hiding, or leaving the US.
- specifics about Supreme Master's finances.
- info about critical journalists receiving threats and promises of violence including execution, by some fanatical followers of SMCH.

In short, Supreme Master is not that, she is just human, and a flawed and fallible human at that.

There is much more to this story, and some of these SMCH "messengers" are probably the key, as they appear to be completely indoctrinated and dedicated to the imaginary Supreme Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda - How to make an Amazon bestseller
Posted by: NoMaster ()
Date: April 10, 2011 05:48PM

I sent that message a few hours before but it didn't work. I send it again, and add 2 more emails in the first part. It was an answer to The Anticult.

The Anticult
The way they made Will Tuttle's books an "amazon bestseller" is the way most of these sects, and MLM's manipulate the system, so

they can claim "Amazon bestseller" (in a fringe category for 2 hours, that is).
They get their people to flood the system, and drive it up the rankings for a couple hours. What honorable behavior.

Someone should find that email that went out about shilling and buying that book
World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony [Paperback] Will Tuttle (Author) []-

and then repost it in this thread. The facts matter.
You can see books like that have almost all 5 Star reviews, due to the cross-shilling factor. Unlike regular mass-market books,

which have Amazon reviews that are balanced.

Hi all,
Here are some emails someone gave me. A former "saint" from Paris, who whants to keep anonymous.

It's not about World Peace Diet, but it is probably the same trick.

Paris meditation center

Subj.: ordering from
Date : Mon, 24 Mar 2008 14:58:29 +0100 (CET)
From : <***********>
To : undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear CP Noble Saints in Europe:

Just to remind you again for the ordering from on 24th
March, we need all the centres' help to push up the ranking of " the Birds
in my life".
Many thanks for the centres that already informed us the number of books
that they are going to order, for those centres that have not taken the
action yet, please remind the brothers and sisters in your centres again, it
is very important that we contribute to this book promotion project - one of
the 3 projects that Master has instructed us to do. It is not only good for
us, it is very beneficial to the Animals and the whole world, it will also
help us save the Planet.
If you need more time, you can still do so as every order counts towards the
ranking, but you really need to take a quick action whilst the
6.60GBPpromotional price still lasts.
When we achieve a top bestseller in, it will be very helpful
for us to promote Master's book in Europe, as many of you may know we will
have an international book fair in London in April, when we have books
in other European languages, we will help to promote the same way in a
foreseeable future.

Book Promotion Team UK

************************* a few hours after ***************************

Paris meditation center

Sujet: Commande sur 26 mars 08
Date : Mon, 24 Mar 2008 16:11:50 +0100 (CET)
De : <***********>
Pour : undisclosed-recipients: ;

Chers Nobles Saints

Nous avons besoin du soutien de TOUS

Afin de soutenir le livre de Maître et de permettre que le livre The Birds
in My Life (en anglais) se positionne numéro 1 sur, les
frères et soeurs d'Angleterre, nous demandent combien de livres les frères
et soeurs en France peuvent acheter (8,50 euros + frais de port)(pour
votre information le livre coûte 31 Euros):

Date de commande pour les français : mercredi 26 mars.

En fonction du nombre de livres à commander ils nous donnerons des
adresses de livraison en Angleterre.

Pour votre information, le livre Les Oiseaux dans Ma vie (en français) sera
prochainement disponible sur, nous vous tiendrons au courant. Le
centre de l'Angleterre nous soutiendra de la même façon, c'est-à-dire
commandera des livres en français pour nous.

Merci de nous dire par retour combien de livres vous pouvez commander.

Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien.

Ceci fait partie des 3 instructions de Maître dans la promotion du livre.
Ce n'est pas seulement bien pour nous mais c'est très bénéfique pour les
animaux et la planète toute entière.

Nous devons agir vite....

Le centre de Paris

my own translation (if someone see anything wrong, please correct it) :

Dear Noble saints

We need support from ALL OF YOU

In order to support Master's book and to push up The Birds in My Life (english version) to Top 1 ranking on, all brothers and sisters from England ask us how many books the brothers ans sisters from France can buy (8,50 euros + postal charges) (for your information : the book costs 31 euros):

Ordering day for the French : wednesday march 26th

According to the number of book to order, they will give us the addresses for delivery in England.

For your information, the book The Birds in My Life (french version) will be aviable soon on, we'll inform you later. The Center of England will support us in the same way, which means they will order the books in french version for us.

Please write us back to tell how many books you can order.

Thanks very much for yous support.

This is one of the 3 instructions from Master about the book's promotion. It's not only good for us but also beneficial for the animals and the whole planet.

We must act quickly....

The Center of Paris

************************* the day after ***************************

Paris meditation center

Subj.: [Fwd: Urgent !!! The Birds in my life at]
Date : Tue, 25 Mar 2008 22:51:25 +0100
From : <***********>
To : undisclosed-recipients: ;

Dear CP Noble Saints in Europe:

Our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the centres that have supported
the 24th March ordering from
[], the Birds in my life now ranks at 92.

We need your support today from those centres that have not ordered yet,
we may need an extra 150 -200 orders today (25th March) to push it to
Top 10.

If you need the addresses to donate in the UK, please email to <> the
numbers that you need, we will send to you the addresses straight away.

P. S. For those centres that want to order The dogs in my life, please
only order volume 2 as yet, because the volume 1 is not at discounted
price, and it is not from Noble creations, they are book distributors
that listed on [] before us, and they
don't want to reduce the price, we can't even list our one on there yet.
For those already ordered the volume 1, you have the right to cancel it
right now before they send out to you.
apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Book promotions Team UK

************************* the day after ***************************

Paris meditation center

Sujet: Commande The Birds in My Life
Date : Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:23:18 +0100 (CET)
De : <***********>
Pour : undisclosed-recipients: ;

Chers Nobles saints

Pour vous tenir informer : demain le 27 mars, nous commanderons les Birds
in My Life (en anglais) sur Ce sont des commandes
individuelles. Chacun commande ses livres et un livre par commande car il
sera envoyé par amazon à des associations ou hopitaux ou autres situés en
Angleterre. Le centre de l'Angleterre nous fournit les adresses de ces
institutions que je vous enverrai sur demande.

Merci de faire tourner la chaîne téléphonique et de prévenir les frères et
soeurs qui n'ont pas d'emails pour savoir combien de livres ils pourraient
commander et éventuellement passer la commande à leur place.

Ce livre est à commander sur le 27 MARS.

Grâce à cette commande, cela permettra de faire monter le livre au TOP 1,
de faire connaître le livre de Maître à des âmes en attente, sauver des
animaux et sauver notre planète.

Merci de me dire combien de livres vous pouvez commander demain sachant
que le prix du livre est très bas 8,50&#128; plus les frais de port.

Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien et participation.

Même un livre peut faire la différence.

Avec les bénédictions de Maître
Centre de Paris

my own translation (if someone see anything wrong, please correct it) :

Dear Noble saints

In order to inform you : tomorrow the 27th of march, we will order Birds in My Life (english version) on These have to be individual orders. Each of you order his own books, and only one book by order, because it will be sent by amazon to some associations or hospitals based out of England. The center [of meditation, I presume] of England will provide the adresses of all these institutions then I'll send it to you on demand.

Please "run the telephone chain"
[probably their home-made disciplinary to know who have to contact who] to inform all brothers and sisters who have no email so that we can know how much books they could order and possibly to order instead of them.

This book has to be ordered on on march 27th.

Thanks to this order, it will make the book reach the TOP 1, and make the book to be known by some outstanding souls, save animals and save our planet.

Thank you so much for your support and participation.

Even a book can make the difference.

With Master's blessing
Center of Paris

***************** more than 3 monthes after ***********************
(french version first, then english version, both are original)

Paris meditation center

Subj.: [Fwd: The Birds in My Life]
Date : Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:58:35 +0200
From : <***********>
To : undisclosed-recipients: ;

Chers Saints en Europe

Vous vous souviendrez que nous avons essayé il y a quelques mois que le
livre The Birds in My Life sur devienne n° 1 et nous avons
malheureusement rencontré des problèmes avec la commande des livres sur
le site web et nous ne pouvions pas poursuivre notre
commande globale.

Grâce aux bénédictions de Maître, nous avons maintenant résolu ce
problème et aimerions vraiment que tous les saints passent encore une
une commander pour que le livre devienne n° 1 et que le message
compatissant de Maître se propage dans le monde entier.

Les livres de Maître ont été votés comme les plus touchants et
inspirants aidant les lecteurs à apprécier l'intelligence et l'amour
divins des créations de Dieu. Merci de partager ces bénédictions avec
tous et les aider à avoir ces merveilleux livres. Merci de saisir cette
opportunité et de le dire à un maximum de personnes.

Maître continue à nous rappeler que le message de ce livre est très
important pour le monde et tous les êtres et il y a encore beaucoup
d'âmes qui sont dans l'attente d'obtenir ces livres. Alors merci de
faire de votre mieux pour les aider à obtenir ces cadeaux spéciaux de Dieu.

Si vous pouvez aider : voici les détails:

Quand commander :

Samedi 12 juillet 2008

Comment commander :
*1) Cliquer sur ce line =

Master-Ching/dp/9866895149/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1214941484&sr=8-1> *
*2) à droite de la page il y a un rectangle bleu avec la quantité et
ajouter au panier "add to basket" en jaune, mettre le nombre de livres
souhaité et cliquer sur "add to basket" - vous allez ensuite aller sur
la page suivante*
*3) cocher "show gift options" si vous voulez que le livre soit envoyé
en tant que cadeau, sinon cliquer sur "proceed to checkout". Si vous
n'êtes pas inscrits sur amazon, on va vous demander de vous enregistrer
ou signer. Suivre les différentes étapes sur l'écran*
*4) Une fois que vous avez signé vous pourrez insérer une adresse de
livraison insert/choose delivery address -
*5) nouvelle page - choisir l'option de livraison. Si vous envoyez le
livre en tant que cadeau, cocher la case en bas de la page sinon ne pas
cocher puis cliquer pour continuer*
*6) la page suivante sera un récapitulatif de ce que vous avez commandé
et sur la droite il y a un espace pour que vous puissiez écrire une mot
pour le cadeau. On vous donnera le message à insérer si vous avez
demandé des adresses pour savoir où envoyer ce livre en tant que don.
Une fois que vous avez cliqué **continuer*
*7) vous êtes ensuite sur l'écran du paiement et entrer les détails
pour confirmer votre commande. *

*Pouvons-nous donner ce livre à des associations caritatives, des
*OUI- nous avons une liste d'écoles, d'associations caritatives, des
refuges pour animaux (au Royaume-Uni) ...etc à qui vous pouvez envoyer
le livre en tant que cadeau. Merci de nous (la France) dire combien de
livres vous voulez offrir et nous nous chargerons de demander des
adresses à l'équipe des livres du Royaume Uni, sinon vous pouvez écrire
vous-mêmes à UK book team at:-
en leur disant de quel centre vous venez et combien d'adresse vous
voulez. Merci de nous le faire savoir avant vendredi 11 juillet. *

*Que devenons-nous nous souvenir?*
*_PAS_**_ plus de _5 livres par commande/inscription/adresses de
livraison, sinon cela ne sera pas pris en compte pour le classement*
*commander de
(wite web britannique _PAS_ le site web .com ) ou allez sur le lien
*_Appeler _Sister Yuni on (+44) 7884 433828 ou email
si vous avez des questions ou des problèmes le jour de la commande *

*Merci beaucoup pour vos efforts sincères.*

Avec l'Amour et les Bénédictions de Maître

*UK Book Team* []

Dear CP Saints in Europe

You may remember we tried to really push Master's "The Birds in My Life"
to #1 on Amazon.Co.UK a few months ago, unfortunately we encountered
some problems with the ordering of the books on the website and couldn't
continue with the Global Ordering of the book.

Thankfully with Master's Blessings this issue has now been resolved and
we very much like all saints to have another ago at really getting the
book up to number 1 to get Master's compassionate message out to the world.

Master's books have been voted as most touching and inspiring in helping
the readers to appreciate the divine intelligence and love of God's
creations. Please share this blessing with everyone and help them to own
these wonderful books. Please hold the chance and tell as many people as

Master continues to remind us that the message inside the books is very
important to the world and all beings and there are still many souls
that are longing to obtain these books. So please try your best to help
them access these special gifts from God.

/*If you can are the details...........*/

*When to Order?*
*Saturday 12th July 2008*
*How to Order?*
*1) Click on this link =

Master-Ching/dp/9866895149/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1214941484&sr=8-1> *
*2) on the right hand side of the page there is a blue box with a
quantity box and "add to basket" yellow tap - insert number of copies
you want to buy then click on "add to basket" - you will then be taken
to a new page*
*3) tick "show gift options" if you're sending the book as a gift, if
not leave it blank and click on "proceed to checkout". If you're not
registered with Amazon you will be asked to register or sign in. follow
the on-screen steps*
*4) once you've signed in you will be able to insert/choose delivery
address - complete as appropriate*
*5) new page - choose your delivery option. If sending the book as gift,
tick the box at the end of the page otherwise leave blank and then click
*6) next page will summarize what you want to order and on the right
there is a space for you to enter a gift note. The message to insert
here will be given to you if you have asked for addresses to donate
these books to. O**nce entered click continue*
*7) you'll then reach the payment screen - enter details and confirm
order. *
*Can we donate the book/s to charity, schools...etc?*
*YES - we have a list of schools, charities, animal shelters ...etc that
you can donate the book to. Please email UK book team at:-
telling them which centre you're from and how many addresses you want.
Please let them know by Friday 11th July. *
*What to remember?*
*_NO_ more than 5 books per ordering/registered/delivery address,
otherwise these will not be counted towards the ranking*
*Order from
(UK website _NOT_ the .com website) or where possible best to use the
attached link above.*
*_Call _Sister Yuni on (+44) 7884 433828 or email
if you have any questions or any problems on the day of ordering *

*Many thanks for all your sincere efforts.*

With Master's Love and Blessings

*UK Book Team* []

With Master's Love,

Brother Wo

Contact Person, Surrey Centre
Mobile: 07990 570678
Home: 01293 416698
Centre: 01342 842528
Email: <>
Please Save The Planet! Go Veg! Be green!
Website: [] / []

Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda - How to make an Amazon bestseller
Posted by: NoMaster ()
Date: April 10, 2011 09:13PM

An other email, which seems to be the first one, with an attached PDF file (download it here : [])

Paris meditation center

Subj.: Les livres de Maitre sur
Date : Wed, 19 Mar 2008 13:53:02 +0100 (CET)
From : <***********>
To : undisclosed-recipients: ;


Noble saints,

Master's books can now be purchased at Please see the
attached for the details and please join the effort and buy more books as
Easter gifts and share with friends and relatives.
Let¡¦s support together and make the books number #1 at Amazon best
selling list.

With Master's blessings,
Book Promotion team

Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda - behind the scene
Posted by: NoMaster ()
Date: April 11, 2011 02:57AM

Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda - behind the scene

Most of Ching Hai's disciples, like most of common people, are certainly aware of how television build and play with information. It's just basic knowledge about how our modern world works. Advertisers and politics use simple techniques everyday to show the information in a way which is convenient for themselves, that's the game. Our degree of slavery toward the information system directly depend on our capacity to understand why this or that is said, how it is said, how it is staged, what is raw, what is slanted, what is hidden, what is behind, what is faked, etc...

Ching Hai's disciples are not more stupid than others.

But curiously when Ching Hai ask them to give a hand in the production of a TV program, they just do it like a divine mission, and they don't question at all what they are doing. That's maybe because they can't imagine a second that Ching Hai's intentions could be different from what she claims. Of course, because it would mean that "Master" betrays the second of 5 precepts, which is "Refrain from speaking what is not true". It would make no sense for them that their blessing Master could be in fact... a liar.

It's like if one day someone tells you that your father raped you when you were a child. No way! You could not believe it. Because he's your father. That's not a proof, but that's enough.

So of course they can not believe Ching Hai is a liar. Because Ching Hai is the Supreme Master.

That's why I'd like to remind Ching Hai's disciples a basic truth : TELEVISION IS A LIE. Oh it's not really a big deal in fact, it is a lie which is fully accepted by society. But it's a lie. Some keep considering it, some prefer to forget it, and some are too young to understand. But whatever you see on television have been thought, prepared, modified, slanted, cut many times, filtered, censored, advertised, and prostituted to audience's desires...

So there is no TV program on earth which is not - more or less - a lie. And reading the email below, the less we can say is that a TV program produced by Ching Hai is better "more" than "less"... a lie.

Anyway there are plenty of other exemples of Ching Hai's lies. For exemple, pretending that Birds In My Life is an Amazon bestseller, it's a LIE. And it's not only Ching Hai the liar, it's also the disciples she convinced to lie for her, by organizing the big trick of ordering the book all in the same time. It's clearly a trick to snare the Amazon ranking system. It's a scam, unworthy of any true master. By doing that, Ching Hai betrays her second precept, and she drives her disciples to betray it as well. Moreover, that lie cost them money...

Now let's come back to the instruction email of Supreme Master TV. Maybe you wonder if Ching Hai employs actors for her lectures, to play the audience. How does she manage to have such blissful or smiling faces. You may feel there is something... unnatural in their attitude. That's maybe because they received so strict instructions before, that they are all worried about the way they should behave.

The Center of Paris

Subj.: [Fwd: Uploading Conference footage]
Date : Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:39:15 +0200
From : <***********>
To : undisclosed-recipients:;

-------- M

Dear Saints,

This is a message of some suggestions for your center, in the case that
your center might be planning for a videoconference with Master.

To air fly-in news about your video conference in a timely manner, it
would be wonderful if you could provide/upload as soon as possible:

* good audio of the conference - usually the one that has the mic audio
(audible for transcription purpose)

followed immediately by

* complete video of the conference (close up of the audience camera
angle) --> that is, the camera angle that record initiates who asked the

If your center has more than 1 camera recording during the conference,
please provide additional short video footages of the following:

front, side, back audience camera angle about 5 minutes each:

These angles should include:

- serious audience faces [haha why hidding these cute yawning faces?]

- laughing audience [so that they'll think you are happy]

- listening, nodding, clapping, etc.* [so that you'll think it's not bullshit]

- a still camera angle shot with clear vision of the projector screen

Total length = 15-20 minute mpeg video file.

* Note: If the audience doesn’t clap that much, please ask the brothers
and sisters to “pretend/act” : listening, clapping, nodding head,
serious, laughing, etc.
[oh oh... now replace "pretend/act" by "lie"... and read once again! :D]

Thank you for your love and support.

In God’s immense grace and mercy for a bright and sustainable world,
[oh yeah, in case you forget these lies was... for the good of humanity]

Supreme Master Television

It produces that kind of weird TV show (skip to minute 1:50) : []

Get dressed, say "hello Master", say "yes Master", and Smiiiiiile, you are filmed! :D

Supreme Master Ching Hai instructions on how to cheat rank
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 11, 2011 07:03AM

@ NoMaster

That is great that a real saint of the truth and facts of reality, is letting the little birds out of the bag. (to stretch a metaphor).

Just fyi, due to the moderation, some posts take a while to appear. So its best to save a copy of any detailed post on one's computer, then post it, then wait a day or so to make sure it appears.

But there you have it.
The Supreme Master's precise and detailed instructions on how to game and manipulate the Amazon ranking system. Its amazing how the Supreme Master of the universe has to cheat the amazon system to try to get a good book ranking.
And her cohorts of Bros and Noble Saints, even go so far as to tell people to CANCEL orders already made with their sales competitors, and then replace the book order with them. How saintly and Noble, to game and cheat the system so gleefully and with such precision.

They even have set up precise sales targets, dates to order, phone chains, placing separate orders, of one book to 5 max, to manipulate the system. That is called CHEATING, when the books are being bought by the Supreme Masters OWN INSTITUTIONS, and being bought in small orders. Its self-consciously crooked.

But they give you the links, dates, and will even tell you where to send the books you bought.
These are the same people who say in the media they do not accept donations.
That is a donation.
When your followers buy your books with their own money, multiple copies, and then DONATE them to who you tell them to donate the book to.
That is a donation.
Supreme Master's publishing corp gets the profits, and tells them where to donate the book.

So Will Tuttle would know this, he would be on the mailing lists. So why does Will Tuttle say Supreme Master Inc doesn't accept donations? Yes they do, the email above proves it.
Yet, the misinformation and "lies" continue.
It should not surprise, most sects like this do similar thing. They self-righteously DECEIVE the general public, the ends justifies the means to them.

But is deception and manipulation Noble or Saintly?
And anyone who says that Supreme Master Inc does not accept donations, is simply not telling the truth.
It is a self-conscious lie and deception.
When the Supreme Master instructs her people to instruct the followers to buy her book from a specific link on a specific day with their own money, and to buy many copies to cheat the system, and then to send the book to where the Supreme Master wants the books to go, that is a donation.

So its just more deceit and manipulation.
All these Ching Hai books seem to have about 100 5 Star reviews, from shills. []
With no middle reviews, and some 1 Star reviews from people not in the sect who bought the book.
-----------more Amazon scamming-------------------
14 of 18 people found the following review helpful:
1.0 out of 5 stars You've GOT to be kidding me..., December 15, 2008
Laura E. M------- - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Birds in My Life (Hardcover)
In case you haven't been able to figure it out, nearly every one of these 'reviews' are FAKE and written by the same person. All 100+ w/the exception of 2 honest, negative reviews. If you actually read the words used it's painfully obvious. The same phrases are repeated as well as the same poor English. Someone clearly had too much time on their hands, probably due to lack of book sales. Customers rely on sites like Amazon to get honest, accurate reviews of products from other users and people like this are a detriment and should be ashamed. Amazon, please remove these fake reviews and this product immediately and do us all a favor.

So more and more organized deceit being used on the public. Ching Hai instructs her followers to post multiple form-letter reviews, to try and trick the public. Since its obvious many reviews are from the same Ching Hai people, its more dishonesty.
This is not even scratching the surface of what is happening with Ching Hai.

Clearly VegNews picked up on what was going on, and wanted to get the word out to the Vegan community at large, that Ching Hai is not what it appears to be, as one day the vegan-shit is going to hit the fan, when the facts start to come out about what is really going on.

Supreme Mystery by Abigail Young []

Real Vegans should properly research the ingredients being used in the alleged "organic vegan" foods being produced by Ching Hai. What is really in that stuff? How is it verified, and by who?

And there appears to be hundreds of people reading this thread now.

So for former and current Ching Hai members, this is the place to post the facts the public has a right to know. Information can be posted, and the public can then have the facts to make up their own mind on what is really going on.

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