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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: dynamic ()
Date: May 10, 2011 10:27PM

monitoring Ching Hai...OSHAKATI – The Supreme Master Ching Hai church relief team last week donated food worth N$52 000 to the Oshana Emergency Coordinating Committee for flood victims in northern Namibia.

That's $7800.00USD. I would bet that the money came from the local and regional centers, not directly from SMCH.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: Ocean_Of_Lies ()
Date: May 10, 2011 10:50PM

This is just a kind of standard statement from working team.

All the charity/money donations are just actions to deflect the criticism of her money scam matter as well as to promote her god like status..
All the awards issued from SMCH to particularly politicians/celebraties are just PR work for chinghai.
Of course, it is just one more line on the charity list in Ching Hai's press-kit.

I mention the article to monitor Ching Hai, because setting up a kind of "news watch" about her could be useful to understand and maybe anticipate about what's going on in the sect.

And also because this article is a probable example of "sympathy" from a journalist toward Ching Hai as you can guess with this sentence : Supreme Master Ching Hai is a "world-renowned" church that provides assistance to countries facing disasters.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: Koldin ()
Date: May 11, 2011 10:08AM


All the charity/money donations are just actions to deflect the criticism of her money scam matter as well as to promote her god like status..
All the awards issued from SMCH to particularly politicians/celebraties are just PR work for chinghai.

This is exactly correct as ching hai is very skilled in this money scam business, milking her poor disciples of everything to the point of some disciples having to take out loans, maxing out their creditcards & remortgaging their homes to stay in the cult, which then leads to so much stress, family quarrelling/splitting up of couples/the young not finishing their education etc etc. And this is made even worse by the relentless peer pressure within this cult under the leadership of this megalomaniac of a woman who from day to day can't even decide if she's a Jesus, 1st Dalai Lama, the Mexican Quetzalcoatl or the Almighty God.

If there are any initiates still reading these revealing threads, have you ever asked yourself, among a zillion other things you would do well to be asking, how this socalled supreme master can be the incarnation of all these people without demontrating this claim to you satisfactorily? Better still have you asked her directly?

If the mere thought of asking this most basic question fills you with uneasiness or even dread because you could be banned from seeing master for any amount of time, or you could be forced to attend group meditation wearing "the red card" after your main ID card had been confiscated(sitting at the back of the meditation hall & NOT allowed to talk to your friends!) or you simply dont't want to be on the receiving end of one of madame Thanh Hai's famous ill tempered scoldings, then dear fellow initiate it is time to at least review your continued bowing down to such a one that plays such wicked games with your life all these years.

It is understandable that most of you especially the older initiates joined this group out of a pure motive to practice a Buddhist way of life, and ching hai with her shaven head & flowing robes(Attached Photo) fulfilled this yearning in the 80's up until the moment she proclaimed God had ordered her to start wearing flamboyant dresses(early 90's?). But i will be happy to be corrected on that last point as i'm guessing the craziness may have started much earlier than that, as any humble Buddhist nun calling herself "Supreme Master" & then proclaiming (Namo Ching Hai Wu Shang Shih) "Anyone who sincerely chants supreme master chinghai will be liberated", would certainly raise a few eyebrows.

But apart from all the above alarm bells, your ching hai is also using classic cult techniques of keeping your mind in a constant spin as this instruction from your headquarters, chinghai's mouthpiece or FG(Foreign Group) as you call it proves. This email is saying that reciting the above mantra or phrase is now Forbidden!?!?

So you see how ching hai cleverly switches & turns the info she sends out to suit her own personal agenda not caring one jot how this can affect you inside. Just so she may avoid being shown to be the head of a personality cult she destroys one of the pillars your whole Meditation Association has stood on since its genesis!!

When she suddenly forbade you to chant this mantra, did you ask why or did you just swallow everything this human being sells you then stew alone in your confusion while outwardly "smiling for the cameras". And if it's forbidden now, was it any good in the first place?. Are your 5 generations of family relatives safe in heaven after chanting that mantra all those years? Really what does ching hai say about this? You don't think you need or deserve an explanation?

You are happy to trudge along as ching hai uses you for her own fame & gain? But shockingly it seems for at least some of you this is exactly the case as this email shows:

From: *** ***** <******>
To: ******
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 00:51:48 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: LA Center - Loving Hut Restaurant/Central Kitchen

Dear Saint Brothers/Sisters,

Just wanted to send a clarification about the LA Center - Loving Hut Restaurant/Central Kitchen Project.

At this time, as Master instructed, we are focusing on opening a Loving Hut Restaurant
and Central Kitchen to be run by the LA Center. All contributions will be applied toward
its opening. If there's any profit earned, it will also be used for the next Loving Hut Restaurant,
as Master said we need to have a total of 10 Loving Hut Restaurant in our area.
That's why all contributions made by the initiates will not be reimbursed to them as a
profit earned.

As far as the investment of the Loving Hut Restaurant, the initiates need to form their own
team and to be run by themselves, such as funding, working staff, and etc...
The LA Center - Loving Hut Restaurant/Central Kitchen will be their supplier in order for
them to be in the Loving Hut Restaurant system.

Hope this is clear to everyone.

Thank you so much for your loving support.


LA Center

With all that money continuously pouring into her coffers, i'm sure Madame Thanh Hai will have a lovely birthday celebration tomorrow.
Will you?

"as Master instructed..........
...................all contributions made by the initiates will not be reimbursed to them as a
profit earned".

Sincerely, K.

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Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: May 14, 2011 11:21AM


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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: May 14, 2011 11:33AM

I have been following this thread for a while and had some conversation with some ex- disciples offline, I decided to step out and provide my testimony here, I am not claiming that I am the all righteousness, just like what many people did here – we provide nothing but plain facts, truthful feeling, logical reasoning, so other people would make decision based on their best judgment.
At this point, I would image that for most of the disciples who would even come across these lines will have pitiful look on me: “what a pity --- You! Failed in the test!” “You! Fell into Maya’s trap”, even worse, “You! Are Evil with heavy Karma!”…….but I would not care anymore, after one year struggling, I know I am back to myself, I am alive again, and I am still a girl like before, wondering, courageous, truthful, sincere, and full of creativities. I do not need to look up and waiting for someone’s words to feed my mind in the dark room, I am no longer anyone’s pet or slave, I am free again! It feels great! Here is the story from me.


I was always wondering and searching for the meaning of life since I was very little, I found Supreme Master Ching Hai in 2002 and fell in love with her teaching completely, I was like a drunken bee and believed I was one the luckiest person in the Universe. I got initiated by one of the QuanYing Messenger in 2003 June. After that, all my life was about master.

After initiated, I was so eager to see Master in person after hearing so many miracle stories. There are always some disciples annoys me, but I would think this is just small portion, and comparing the eagerness to meeting the greatest Master even lived on this planet, those disturbing thoughts are too trivial to even mention. And plus, it could be my own ego too.
Master did not show up until the end of 2003 (or beginning of 2004); disciples told me that Master was in a retreat by herself. All of sudden, once she come to the public, She started to announce the arrival of "Golden Age", since then, the emails between disciples were stated with "Golden Age I, II....", some disciples quitted job for it since it was believed that there would not be any "money system" like before in the "Golden Age". Soon after that, according to Master, some residents were elevated above 3rd level, and soon after that, Master announced above 99% of human being on earth have
been elevated above 3rd level due to her tremendous blessing and grace! Before her elevation, only one or two sages in India were just a little bit above 3rd level. Thinking how merciful she was by uplifting 5~6 billion earth people to be above 3rd level, it will take millions of lifetime for any individual to climb up to 3rd level to be liberated from birth and death cycle! Everyone cheered and was so grateful! Strangely, Master never mentioned the "Golden Age" and "99%" after 2 years, nor did the disciples.
At that period of time, I started to pick up the culture in the group unknowingly, I mixed with disciples, I lost most of the outside friends, I listen master’s tapes, whenever I was on bus, sitting in the office, laying on bed, walking on street, read only master’s book, recite 5 names to avoid to pollute myself with outside world, basically, I built a world which only I am there. Meditate as much as I can. And of course, zealous preaching to my parents, colleagues, encounters, friends...... And of course, buying master’s everything – book, tapes, DVDs, cloths, pictures, jewelry……I took it as a proud to feel the loneness of being isolated from this world – because we are such lucky minority! I was profoundly happy and content. In short, I was willing to die whenever master is needed.

In the end of 2004, I noticed disciples around me started to purchase expensive herb medicine from a so called Dr. in Taiwan ($300-$500 each box), I was told the medicine can clean your spirit, they started to form up a group led by the Dr. to travel all over the places to bless the world, someone told me a story like a young man committed a suicide by jumping from a mountain into river right in front of them, his soul was elevated to 5th level right away because of their presence. Dr. started to claim he is Jesus, and all his relatives are one of the famous enlightened masters in the history. He even created some words to replace the five names. Disciples around me seemed like no problem to accept everything from this Dr. I had a little doubt in the beginning since I remember master said do not bow to anyone other than her, and soon my doubt was vanished by seeing so many senior/important disciples were into this. Why should I think I would have the better judgment as a new comer?

I did not follow their “world tour of elevating the world by making their holy presence” and buying his expensive spiritual cleansing medicine not because I had more wisdom, simply because I had no money! But I did join their local tour whenever the senior disciples called me, as directed, we attended any events when there are a crowd of people, we would elevated all of them just with our presence, they told me the little soap balls in the pictures that they took were all the high level spirits, I was constantly fed by all of those amazing stories, and I have no doubt about any words that they told me because we are under the oath that we will be truthful. When I bought back the pictures and tried to amaze my roommate, she said isn’t this just a dust in the lens? Since I was surrounded by Dr.’s zealous devotees, I was not raising my eyebrows even the Dr. started to claim he is Jesus, his wife, mother, daughter are one of the past saints like Lao-Zi Buddha……until master started to claim that, actually, she is Jesus.

A 5th resident (Master Announced he was lift to 5th level, he always said, he knew nothing about his level, I would think he was just humble) was sent by Master to XX center by master, all the people followed the Dr. was either asked to repent or issued a "Red ID". Very soon, people were all left the Dr. and joined the 5th level saint group. Nobody mentioned this anymore, like nothing has happened! Nobody bothered to think about what lesson we should learn from this if this was considered as something wrong. After many months, 5th level saint still reveal to people the medicine that they have been taking has human ash in it!! One western sister who took that cleansing medicine loyally could not bear this and cried. I got a little upset --- what is the point to tell people this? Everyone was back to team, what do you want from those poor people. XX Center was crowded with people from all over the states. Back then, disciples were busy promoting master's DVD - "The True Hero". Besides the intensive meditation sessions in the center, construction works, it was more like a market place - people were buying master's cloth, painting, lamps, CD/DVD, jewelry, center also produced some food products to sale, profit would be used in the advertisement on promoting vegetarianism. There was always new fashions, one thing I remembered is that, we were buying a little bottle of pendent, senior disciples who has “connections” would generously gave you some master’s hair and a little bit wood ash that come from the cabin, you can carry those stuff with great Master’s blessing. Almost everyone was wearing that bottle pendant back then.
It was under such intensive atmosphere that I was constantly under the pressure to reach out my packet to buy stuff, to sponsor the advertisement, otherwise, you are not good enough, and you are left out and worse case, you are missing the precious chance ever to elevate yourself!!

Soon came another revolution, it was told by master that the 5th level saint was dropped from 5th to 3rd!!! He left center suddenly in a snow storm morning, right before the foreign group arrived and started the investigation. I was back in China for nearly one month during the revolution. I know
nothing before I left and when I came back everything was completely changed! As usual, some people got Red ID, some people repented, for the majority, they acted as if it has never happened, nobody had answer for this and nobody would even be interested in finding one. I started to ask myself then – those senior disciples, do they really know their level?

There was always something going on in the group. I heard some land that Master bought in Florida was on sale, it was divided into small lots and sold to disciples, $40,000 each. I heard a brother committed suicide, This shocked me a great deal and I was really confused that --- isn't it be taught to us that each of our initiates has a manifested master behind us, many disciples have been saved from various accidents, illness...why master did not interrupt him while he was ending his life? Maybe this is good for his soul to end his physical life like this? (Clean his Karma, perhaps???) I do not know, no one knows, and as usual, no one ever bothered to mention this, we were too busy to save this planet. People are cautious about where to sit and sleep, and whom to meet and touch, because you will be contaminated by
being close to the low level people.

As you know, in 2005, Master started to reveal that she was Jesus, and she was various Chinese emperors, and finally, she was the GOD from 5th level,
and then she was not even 5th level, she actually is from 9th level which you human being can never ever image. You human being will turn into ash if you even cross the border of the 5th level. She started to tell people, most of her pets were from 5th level, higher than most of our disciples. She listed the spirit merit points you may earn or lose for each activity, for example, wearing Supreme Master Cloth and Jewelry for one hours may earn 300 points, listening her lecture or song for one hour is 200 points, shopping will lose 300 points, reciting five names will gain 30 points, etc. and it will take 8 billion points for your soul to get free, I have calculated, even you spend rest of life meditating, wearing master cloth, this can never ever near 8 billion, so our soul freedom is solely depend on God's mercy. Everyone is so grateful. Furthermore, she started to reveal the human beings inside the earth, and above all, earth will be destroyed in 2 years if human beings do not change to vegetarians, and then, veggie is not good enough, everyone should be vegan, then vegan is not good enough, you are encouraged to be fruitarian, then being fruitarian is not good enough, you'd better try Breathetarian, because it is totally possible! Disciples are encouraged to go to Master's new residential place - France for retreat, and you will get more blessing if you meditate near the place where the physical master is located. Some people were asked to prepare a cave, in case of disaster, people can hide and survive. Compressed cookies and water cleaning pill was sold in the center for preparation of disaster as well. Privately, Center was directed to dig a cave to save your life when the catastrophic disaster come, 10,000K sponsorship would gain you a “ticket” to the Noah’s Cave (Project was cancelled due to master’s another instruction).
Master started to reveal the life in the Mars and Mercury, there was human being there, and there are even some alive underneath now!!
More and more information was given out to the public from SMTV, and the news is getting crazier and crazier. If anyone asks me where information is coming from, I would be speechless other than murmuring that it is from my Master’s meditation inspiration. Some disciples were kicked out by this group, and you are not allowed to know the reason because your level is too low to understand. The Amazon book review, the marriage frauds, one thing after another, gradually, I was not surprised at anything anymore, just stop reasoning anything. “Important” disciples would do things more secretly because knowing by the majority would cause big karma for their projects. They will reveal a little hint for their secret mission if they have some pity on such ignorant creature like you who has idea what is going on.

Whenever there is confusion, the answers that I got would normally fall into these following categories -

1. Try to picture this, you are just a kid, spiritually; how are you able to understand an adult?
2. Try not to think with your brain, this is your own ego, brain is controlled by Maya; do not fall into his trap!
3. Master is playing a game with Maya in order to save all of us strategically, do not judge superficially.
4. Master is delivering certain message for certain audience. Do not apply on you if you do not feel comfortable.
5. When you visit a house, why do you like to stay only in the bathroom, and stick your nose in the toilet, there are plenty of beautiful rooms
for you to explore?

Every answer seems make sense to me, but I have to constantly and hopelessly struggling with my mind, I found myself is getting more and more desperate and angry. Then, I asked myself, I regard myself as a student who is seeking a real teacher, and rather, a patient is seeking real consultation, what is the change to me for 6 years? What about other people, do they really know their level? Do I even have a real friend here?

Even though I have puzzled so much, I still very much followed her every word, because after so many years, I am so used to it, because I had no life at all without Master and disciples. But who am I to tell the outsider? If they ask me how do you know the earth will be destroyed in exactly 2 years, I can only reply as - "because my master says so", --- sound like idiot to people with a little common sense, so I am very shy to go out and preach like other people did, I can only admire their confidence, and feel shameful about my level.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: May 14, 2011 11:20PM

PART II Close Encounter

I went to the Menton France center for retreat in 2008, after one or two sisters reported the conflict/problem in their local groups, Master called it off and every disciple can only report good news, no bad news. I had so many questions but I would never dare to say anything in that atmosphere. We formed up line for Master to touch the head for blessing, I saw her makeup very closely, it would frighted anyone. I interpreted that Master was sacrificing her image for saving the earth --- she needs that makeup for the camera.
I was assigned to be the security guard, standing besides the door, open the door for Master when she come in, I was very happy that I got this “job”, as usual, she came in, made certain gestures, people laughed loudly no matter what she did, camera team kept taking the pictures. she left after the short staying, once she stepped out the door, she remembered she left her umbrella upstairs and ordered one of her attendant went upstairs to fetch the umbrella, it was raining outside, and master was standing in the rain right outside of the door, a place where disciple cannot see her, as a door man, almost out of the spontaneous reaction, I said “Oh, Master come in please, you will get wet in the rain”, she came in with a little hesitation, made a few more gestures to make people laugh, and it worked very well as usual.
This was my only close encounter with her, I used to think the relationship between me and she is like kid and mother, I was not feeling like that. She was very distant to me as a person.
After I came back, life as usual, I was told I am not able to go to Menton Center anymore because Master made announce that any of her attendants /security guards were not allowed to go to Menton anymore, and one contact person asked someone to tell me the news, in the end, the contact person added “I knew this long time ago, I know XXX(my name) is a trouble maker, and Master knew her too”, in about one week, there is another announcement---the previous one was a false alarm. I am still eligible to go the menton!
False alarm or Not False alarm, It was indifferent to me anyway, I did not feel ever want to go to Menton center afterwards.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: May 14, 2011 11:39PM

PART III---- What? Spiritual Blessing Line?

Now everyone is excited about the Spiritual Bless Lines which were created by masters in order to link her with different centers, Center A has one line connected, center B has 1 line, Menton Master’s house has 2 lines connected with God…wowow….. When everything on this planet went to wireless, GOD is still using the old technology to distribute her blessing???
Cancun has 3 lines!!!! No wonder…..A few weeks ago, a r sister called me that one sister asked her to donate some money for them to buy a house in Cancun for Master, I told that sister, since there are only 2 years left, why buy a house, why not just rent it?
The sister is a little cautious now is because a few years ago when Master was living/retreat in Canada (before 2002, I guess), Master’s 2 residents/close servants told everyone in the center that Master needed money, they collected nearly one million cash, and when they passed the border from US to Canada, the Cash has been found by the police and since transferring such lump sum money is illegal, Canada Policy took them all!!! Disciple who donated has requested this to Master, “what is Master’s answer?” I asked one of donators, “master said - It was not me who requested the money, asked those 2 residents about the money back”, she said. This is just hearsay, there is no way for me to confirm.
As usual, this event has never been made public, no lesson and learn.
Since M announced the SBL(spiritual blessing line) in center, many disciples flew here to meditate to get extra blessing, all of those years, master’s candy, master’s cloth, master’s books, painting, lights, DVDs, retreats, it was never enough, people always feel hunger for something? What is really missing in this group for all those years?

Just read an article today, M said – just being Vegan and got more sun shine alone, people can go to 5th level, sun is the 5th level being…….sigh…..can she remember what she have said? Anybody remembered that she said the moon is 3rd level being and Sun is 4th level being?

Before, I will feel very much offended if someone said we are CULT, but now, I would not argue with anyone. I really have no idea what she is leading us to?

Sigh….too much to talk, and do not where to start.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: greenleaf ()
Date: May 14, 2011 11:49PM

PART V Lost the ability to cry with her

The new thing that I discovered about her is that – she like to make some tearful scenes in front of the camera these days.
This mother’s day, the SMTV crew had video conference with her, she said in the crying tone” you are so good, you deserve all my hard work…..” and the many sisters looked up to master with tear in their eyes.
At approximately 1:30 minutes

Another one I came across is the web seminar she had with a veggie group in Dubai, she started to cry when she said “I am sorry I cannot bring good news to you, I love you people so much…. Arabic people are so great people.…...” I would image she was actually staring at the camera and made those scenes, how could she do this? I would never image I am able actually cry in front of the camera for any reason.
At approximately 9 minutes

After crying for a few seconds, she started to look happy again…

BTW, just curious, anyone can watch her “King&Co” series for more than 2 minutes?

Look at recent her statement ---
What she means by letting the universal law to take care of it?
What about the whole “saving the planet” movement, can we just let the universal law to take care of it as well?
What about the disciples who were expelled/humiliated by her/FG, can they just let the universal law to take care of them????

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: May 15, 2011 01:32PM

Thank you for giving your testimony here, Greenleaf. It is a very sad story to read, from someone who put their belief and trust in Ching Hai as a genuine teacher, only to have that belief toyed with and that trust abused.

I hope that you will continue to read and write here, your first person account is invaluable to any other devotees who might be questioning the wisdom of this 'master'.
Although it is painful to question the 'wisdom' that one has previously taken for granted, it is this very questioning and pain that leads, eventually, to true personal wisdom and knowledge.

Your testimony is very welcome as you are right, we can get a bit self-righteous here and forget that we are all of us human and so always vulnerable, in times of need and uncertainty, to some clever conmans trickery.

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Re: Supreme Master Television free-to-air satellite -Ching Hai propaganda
Posted by: puresoul ()
Date: May 17, 2011 04:54PM

Hi Ocean_Of_Lies,

Somehow the Thakar Singh spiritual diary still lurks about on the internets even on that same site as follows: []

If the link goes away please try this link at FileSwap

Also Kirpal Singh the direct master of Thakar also had this diary for his followers.

Comparing the above two diaries one can easily see where ching hai got her ideas for a diary for her followers.

Going through ching hai's spiritual diary one can clearly see this is one of the major brainwashing tools of this cult.

Finally as the postures in the scans are just artists' impressions of the postures & therefore may not be clear enough here is a photo of how ching hai followers position themselves during part of their meditation.

Now of course ching hai out of her "care, loving kindness & compassion(according to her deluded followers)" has designed a special chair to sell to her multitude of followers worldwide to "help" them have a more comfortable meditation sitting.

And with the ching hai disciples believing anything from their master has divine powers & blessings its easy to see that the "compassion for sentient beings" nonsense she preaches nicely translates into hard cash for the ever richer Madame cha ching hai.
This cult, the whole organisation with the authoritarian ching hai at the top is just a front for money making, power & fame.

Hopefully this bit of info is useful to you as you try to help your dear friend.

Kind Regards,
Evidence of chinghai was Thakar Singh's disciple
picture of chinghai and thakar singh

Thakar replied letter (in German) concerning Chinghai to his disciple-Astrid. He confirmed chinghai was his disciple before and didn’t approve chinghai playing an enlightened master role herself. (he insisted that he was the only most powerful master when he was alive.)
takar's letter1

In another letter Thakar replied letter to his disciple-Ulrike, he even said chinghai’s collecting Kama when taking disciples, but Master power (Thakar) would take care of it, in the end of their lives' journeys, all chinghai’s disciples would return to Master (Thakar).
takar's letter 2 (chinese translation)

source from: []

Chinghai and Thakar are similar on claiming they are the only and the most powerful master on earth, as well as possessive of owning followers’ souls. Chinghai also hinted ‘the whole universe’ belongs to her!

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