Rick Ross
Posted by: Lakefield ()
Date: September 03, 2004 04:32PM

Oh.. interesting. Thanks. It's funny cause those friends of mine ended up just leaving the house that they just bought and never going back.

Rick Ross
Posted by: LaughingWillow ()
Date: September 24, 2004 10:53AM

I only met two self-proclamed former satanists in my life...both were paranoid schizophrenics....so the revevancy of whether or not they were satanics or they had hallucinations at work they thier boss was sacerficing to demons is really unknown
but the reason for the "Satanic panic" came about in the eighties from fundamentalist Christians who saw people dressing weird and had mohoks and men pericing thier ears..and other men with long hair with make up others dying thier hair unnatrual colors, and wearing all black, others dressed in chains and whips and had thier hair in some strange concoction of hairspray these people were called "punks" and some were just openly gay..but either way this fashion movement was so dramatic that it shook fear into fundamentalists preachers..who dont like change or anything out of thier control.....so they refered to these people as satanic when in fact they were just attention seeking, rebelious teens

from what is known about cults, they tend to be secretive about thier oddities..trying to appear as "normal" as possible....these rebellious teens just dont fit that critera...one person actuly comlemented this group in saying that they " have a brutal honesty about them" Instead of hidding thier weidness like cults do, they flaunt it as if they were competeing in the " I am weirder than you " contest

food for thought


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