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Posted by: thefissher ()
Date: June 14, 2009 12:40PM

ok so now noah was the lord and amen was a guy you knew... but you also said that captain was noah not amen and amen was the leader... soooooo it appears as though the years of drugs and alcohol have confused you a bit.

captain claimed to be the lord or was designated as such, and he was repeatedly called charlie, a scrawny probably 5'7" grey headed, bearded, glasses wearing bed bug. Barking orders and doing absolutely as little as possible unless it was puffin on a joint or tilting a bottle or eating before everyone else. I guess what i need to do is head off to the state of cali's dep of corrections and find out who is who.

Or are you calling eman noah and and you saw charlie in him.... and please dont try and flatter charlie,captain to me, because i know the little twirp and there is absolutely nothing, nada, nil, not one thing about him that represents anything godly, lordly or worthy of any praise for that matter... and my guess is that charlie and amen are probably one in the same because why else would he be calling himself the leader, christ, Captain.... after all they were then on the star trek trip and Captain kirk was the leader....

beautiful miracle, eman was a kid in a bad place, and is likely struggling to figure life out with the kind of crap they filled his head with growing up.And if steve'o wasnt his dad then i'll eat my hat. I knew something about emans surgery as well... i think it was when they were tearing down the motel in pecos.... wasnt it something like a double urethra. Another regret in the list of things, that i couldnt find a way to get the kid away from the crackhead what ever they wanna call themselves today people. The more i think about it.. i probably should have just gone postal and done the world a favor. The gal missing from texas, a child growing up in that atmosphere... i was young myself but i wasnt stupid, just wish i had done things differently in hindsight. It sounds like it would have changed some lives for the better.

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Posted by: leftbehind ()
Date: June 19, 2009 02:22PM

I am reading it now and can't put it down!

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Posted by: non-hobbit ()
Date: June 27, 2009 08:16AM

D Yoda / Theresasdaughter / didntwearshoeseither/leftbehind: I really appreciate you posting this info.

My mother was in c.f. for maybe a decade. She would have gone by sister Maria, sister Alice or Alicia. Not sure, since I was only 2 when she joined. (I'm now 32).

I'm told I was on the road w/her for a short period, maybe between '79 & '80? Donned baby-white robe, hopped trains etc, until I got sick and went to live w/my grandparents. Eventually my dad got custody and I only saw my mother in a white robe once more when I was 8 or 9. She looked healthy but crazy, I think, from my memory of that time.

For the ppl who might have known her, she was from San Antonio, TX. Much later, after living in places like Mexico City & LA, she raised 2 sons in Uvalde w/ another c.f. member named Moses/Mark. Their neighbors were c.f. as well, Miriam and Nick I believe.

We're not in contact now. But she and her family are in Maui. I think they are in touch w. *don,* also former c.f., who lives there.

I'm just curious why there is so much mystery to these years. I don't think I could ever get the info out of my mother, who is still alive. It's too bad. But it sounds like there were a million hypocrisies to say the least. No disrespect to the ppl who truly wanted to live love etc. But male-dominated hierarchy for one, red flag! Esp to the detriment of the girls (getting knocked up after a broken 'key' moment -or moment of obeying commands --???).

Hearing stories from my mother in passing i know that speedy drugs were big, aside from weed. This was the late 70s/early 80s and shit was crazy back then. That they believed a delusional man, claiming to be god is INSANE, right? I'm not being cynical. I just can't understand what would have driven these young ppl to such an extreme place --giving up kids, burning all social bridges, believing they were angels, etc.

I've heard comparisons made to the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon and i guess I can see that. Especially after the horrors of the Vietnam War, the struggle for human rights and fight against nuclear arms.

I am currently reading In the Wind (M.S.C) and it's been a tremendous help filling in the gaps. I am sorry for anyone who was more seriously, negatively effected by their assoc. w. "amen" or anyone else in c.f for that matter. The guy known as Solomon sounded super-creepy, btw, and i think my mother could have been the one in ITW "serving" him <<<shudder>> but I hope not.

I also have slight info re a prison stint my mom and several others served in FL after a church raid, which could have been about 1980. More info about these ppl? I would love to hear it. Yet another child of a member who is desperately seeking answers. I've lost my mother to the brainwashing tactics of this group. Sadly I don't think she's ever coming out of it.

Re: The Christ Family
Posted by: Brother Elijah ()
Date: June 28, 2009 11:44AM

wow lots of stuff here hope they let me respond here as I am and was a member of the Christ Family so here goes from an eye witness to these happenings if I"m allowed to post. First off LOVE each other and to forgive is the fruit of Love. The CF (Christ Family) have went through many changes over the years and are still growing every day in our beliefs. Not all can agree or are able to give up all things of this world. If you were to go walk like Jesus and his Disciples or Budda or any who have done this which are very few men or women throughout all history who have given up all things of this world to walk the walk and preach. Now Why? was Jesus brainwashed? I don't think so yet every time God has called and sent his saints, to do this seems so few take the walk. 2000 years ago they called Jesus a wine bibber and a womenizer. So here we are we Have Jesus and a handfull of other saints who followed instructions when God chose them and told them to walk town to town and give up all things, In other words if you go follow the Bible and follow it's instructions which was written by these Saints who gave up all material possesions and went town to town preaching you some how are either a beggar or brainwashed. their will always be nay sayers, mockers and persecuters. So the point here is If you go walk like Jesus and thats what we in the Christ Family do and live
you get to meet all kinds of people. And par for the coarse you will have many who disagree some will call you all kinds of things and names. Yes sir par for the coarse. And the Straight and Narrow Path is still there just not so many people who decide to go ,,, only but a few!!! AND the message God gave us is still the same NO Killing (Thou shalt not Kill) LOVE your Neighbor Love your Enemy

Now in the coarse of our journey we started in blind Faith and as we walked town to town and we meet different people from all walks of life some well educated, some in high office, and the poorest of the poor. We seek only to grow in the Holy Spirit and to share in the Word of God, and to grow in more understanding.
Ther are many lessons. So has our journey walking like Jesus town to town the calling that Jesus laid forth to his Disciples (Matthew 10:10) To walk the walk and live on the straight and narrow path.

Re: The Christ Family
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 28, 2009 07:17PM

Brother Elijah:

Attempting to compare your group to Jesus and his disciples isn't a meaningful response to the other posts here.

Your group isn't Jesus and his disciples, but rather an alleged "cult" that purportedly behaves badly and hurts people through its influence.

David Koresh and Jim Jones also attempted to explain away their activities by quoting the bible and talking about Jesus.

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Posted by: non-hobbit ()
Date: June 29, 2009 02:03AM

Giving up possessions is one thing, but babies / children are NOT possessions. I can't speak for the other "kids" left behind but I feel I was abandoned for some "loftier" project. Where did it get any of us?

There is so much hurt festering. I can't deny the problems I have living as an adult w/r/t trust, loyalty, and any faith whatsoever. And this is what keeps my mother away from me, refusing to even discuss. In terms of forgiveness and love, she has it from me. But she will probably never know it.

On the other hand, my mother has forgiven her husband (FORMER? SAINT?) the infidelity he brought into their 25 yr marriage. That's some kind of faith. Should he still be using the name "moses?" All I see are a bunch of regular human beings full of flaws like the rest of us. Some very charismatic souls floating around; except they are falling much farther from their perches when they fail to attain perfection.

I am so grateful to this forum since I get to see how other "adult children" of members are dealing with this. Many never received the critical parenting they needed. How is that LOVE? But then as mentioned in 'In the Wind,' like the starving children of 3rd world nations, maybe it was just our bad karma this time around.

Lucky you for being born a saint in this life. Right on, cocaine and jesus.

Re: The Christ Family
Posted by: inthewind ()
Date: June 29, 2009 04:03AM

It says right in the bible that you have to be willing to give up mother, father, children, for the Kingdom of heaven...or to be His disciple. Jesus himself said that. Is that not what it means? That doesn't mean you don't still love them and want the Kingdom for them too. God is Love. We are all brothers and sisters in truth. God is our Father.

Re: The Christ Family
Posted by: Brother Elijah ()
Date: June 29, 2009 08:04AM

Good and thanks for posting my comments, There are always going to be good and evil till Heaven manifests on Earth and every knee shall bow at the sight of it (Heaven on Earth) and Jesus rules all Nations of this world which is promised by scripture. In these times and as through out history ther have been many faiths, religions and different sects. Some like Jim Jones and suicide cults
some more organized religions, Baptist, Mormons, catholics, Buddahs, and the list goes on and on. Some are good some are'nt.

Now I too, and many of the Christ Family fell back on celibacy, No Sex and had 2 children. Some tried to raise their children in the brotherhood some gave them away to relatives. I know the pain some of you have went through as I myself was orphaned as a child of 7 years old and put in an orphange run by the state. And all because we were to poor, so the state took us from my parents and i the oldest of 7 kids were separated and adopted out or put in orphanages. So I have been abanded as a child and know the pain.
Losing my whole family when i was just 7.By the way i helped raise my 2 children who are now young adults. But these are choices that each parent makes and are not easy by any means.
I can tell you that the Christ Family is non-violent we are vegatarian for God,s law Thou shalt not Kill and the vision of Heaven on Earth where the Lion shall lay with the Lamb. They are not a suicide cult. And each member has free will choice on all matters. Also there is no hiarcharcy those are false statements. we believe god created all equal men and women.

Re: The Christ Family
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 29, 2009 10:26PM


Your comments are revealing.

You seem to think that loyalty to the group you are here to defend is the equivalent of loyalty to "Kingdom of Heaven" and/or "Jesus."

But your group is neither the Kingdom of Heaven or Jesus, and those that put group loyalty before their family, seem to have had their eyes on man not on God.

Re: The Christ Family
Posted by: non-hobbit ()
Date: June 29, 2009 11:03PM

RE: "I too, and many of the Christ Family fell back on celibacy, No Sex and had 2 children."

That's a third of the CF mission statement -or set of keys, no? What else have you fallen back or waffled on? I bet you own some things like an oven mitt or a cell phone, or a computer I'm guessing?

So wildly delusional to consider yourselves saints. You're waffling like any other earthly creature. Also, you might want to rethink the whole 'give it up, get it back' idea. There are no guarantees when it comes to human beings.

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