Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 22, 2011 08:13AM

Friends, for the benefit of the Italian website, here is an article published in the US. It is well worth the effort of translating into Italian, as it will place MSIA in context.


Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
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Date: December 19, 2011 12:59AM

Guys, that's really serious what it's going on in this movement (if it's true, of course). But what did the authorities do about it? I mean I don't understand, I searched the internet for the subject and I found out that Gregorian Bivolaru was declared innocent in one very big penal trial, which was also related to a public scandal. I makes me think there are two possibilities:
1. He is a super hot criminal who lives no traces or
2. He is innocent and the things written about him are completely bullshit...
If you have any proofs about these guys, put it here "on the table". This way the authorities will see it and take into consideration. Or if there are proofs on his behalf we can laugh at the false newspaper articles and make ourselves a big story out of it. :-)
Anyway, it's interesting to research about this because there are a lot of exciting things about this story.

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
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Date: February 08, 2021 11:23PM

Having left this cult I’m hoping to find out more about the school and the impact it has had on people. Please get in touch if you’re willing to share your experiences and concerns about the Tara Yoga school in the UK

Thank you

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: OurLightHouse33 ()
Date: February 08, 2021 11:24PM

Having left this cult I’m hoping to find out more about the school and the impact it has had on people. Please get in touch if you’re willing to share your experiences and concerns about the Tara Yoga school in the UK

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: April 06, 2021 09:06PM

The Misa/Atman/TThe Misa/Atman/Tara yoga cult based its world philosophies on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Just like the Nazi’s did.
And actually the similarities are not funny. Both are obsessed by the occult. Both belief the world is corrupted by Jews, free masons, illuminati, etc.
Both are lacking empathy for people with other ways of life. Especially people with disabilities, people from the lgbtq+ community, even people of colour. Lack of empathy is one of the main characteristics of fascism in general.
Their ideas of their own superiority, unquestionable worship of their leader. Fear mongering to threaten people not to leave the sect. And of course their patriarchal, even misogynistic ideas.
People should first study to see what these people are really all about because in the first year of yoga and tantra course it doesn't become very clear yet.

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 08, 2021 10:28PM

Google grigorian bivaloru and fascism. Do this in different languages and see what you get.

See too if bivaloru utilized any of the teachings of Julius Evola. JE was a Traditionalist Fascist who was neo Pagan, and too purist for even the Nazis. Evola also created his own version of hyper masculine sex magic.

Languages other than English are more likely to generate search results.

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: August 30, 2021 07:18PM

And the crimes of Bivolaru continue, no woman is safe from him :(

This girl had a bad time being brainwashed in Tara yoga center UK and in Romania.


Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
Posted by: Hans7 ()
Date: September 04, 2021 04:15AM

Mmm, that website seems to be offline. Seems Misa members are active trying to take down negative reviews of them.
Before this important interview disapears from the internet I will reproduce the text here:
The experiences of Ashleigh Freckleton in Tara Yoga Centre London UK and Misa Costinesti Romania:

Three years before she was a contestant on The Bachelor, Ashleigh Freckleton survived a cult.

The following contains descriptions of sexual exploitation that may be distressing.

There was a period in 2018 when Ashleigh Freckleton felt split in two.

There was the lucid, rational Ashleigh who was alarmed by what was unfolding around her, who knew the yoga school she'd joined was something far more dangerous, manipulative, and abusive than it claimed. Then there was the Ashleigh who'd been coerced and brainwashed into justifying it all, into unpicking her suspicions, one by one.

Ashleigh, who many will recognise from the current season of The Bachelor Australia, joined the school while living in London. She was 25, alone in a new city, recovering from a relationship breakdown, and searching for a purpose.

A deeply spiritual person, raised in the Catholic faith, she was contemplating studying yoga in India when a well-meaning friend recommended a yoga school with branches across Europe.

"This friend was so charismatic, and he was the first person I'd spoken to about spirituality who wasn't afraid to use the word God, who wasn't afraid to talk about all different types of faith, and synchronicity, and fate and destiny and life path, and all these sorts of things. I was like, 'This is my calling. This is the first person I've ever met, that understands me,'" Ashleigh told Mamamia.

"Eventually, he said, 'Look, rather than going to India, come to Romania and live for a month amongst all the yogis. It's one of the only true schools that teaches real yoga with a real guide.'"

After taking classes online for several months, Ashleigh flew to Romania in August 2018.

Ashleigh said when she arrived at the camp, she was made to take vows on her own health and spiritual evolution that she wouldn't tell anyone what happens in the program. She said she was then told to strip naked, was photographed and interviewed about her devotion to Him — the school's guru.

Ashleigh said her body was "screaming" at her that the situation wasn't right, that she should leave. But she'd been admitted into the program for free, she didn't have a job or a flight out of there for another month, and she said she was being told that her discomfort with her nudity was rooted in superficiality and that she'd need to overcome that to progress.

"Even though my body's telling me this is wrong, I'm shaming myself thinking, 'It's your ego. You need to spiritually evolve. You've got to push through, keep going,'" she said.

While the yoga and meditation provided a much-needed salve to her anxiety, she said it soon became clear they were only part of the program. They were mixed in with teachings about tantra, Hinduism, and Buddhism. There was Freemasonry propaganda, conspiracy theories, and anti-vax messaging. She said she was made to watch hours of footage of the guru performing supposedly miraculous acts like moving a compass.

Ashleigh also described a range of exploitative practices, many of which were sexual in nature. Women were encouraged to be intimate with each other. There were viewings of mainstream pornography that were said to encourage sexual liberation. There was an activity that was billed as being empowering to women that was essentially just a striptease contest. Finally, the program culminated in an orgy involving urine play, as urine was said to be 'charged with spiritual energy'. Ashleigh refused to participate.

The characteristics of a cult.

Cults are broadly defined by the three characteristics: A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship; a process of coercive persuasion or thought reform (commonly referred to as 'brainwashing'); and economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members.

"There's that old adage that nobody joins a cult," Ashleigh said. "You don't join a cult; you join a yoga school, you attend a self-development seminar, you go to a wellness retreat, you join a political movement wanting to better the world," she said. "The people that join, they have very positive and good intentions, and they're exploited."

It's also important to note that intelligence is not among the factors identified in research about an individual's susceptibility to joining a cult. Instead, the commonly cited traits include those such as emotional vulnerability, lack of strong family support systems, situational stress and low socioeconomic status.

Ashleigh said the next, and final, step in her indoctrination was an initiation ritual in Paris.

She claims when she arrived at the train station she was put in a car, given a hat to pull low on her head, and a pair of sunglasses with tape on the inside to obscure her vision. After a roughly 40-minute drive out of the city, she arrived at a house with frosted windows where she said her phone, her laptop, cards and passport — any connection with the outside world — was taken and locked in a safe.
The Australian and international news stories you need to know today, Thursday September 2.
Sarah Bailey set a goal to write her first book before her 35th birthday. Here's how she did it.
'I've run 5 times a week for 10 years. Here are the hacks that keep me going.'

The ritual involved meeting the guru for the first time and, ultimately, sleeping with him. Ashleigh refused. She said she was given promises that if she proceeded she would receive his divine energy, that her demons would be exorcised, that her beauty would be enhanced, her breasts would grow and she would have more sexual charisma.

"They promised the whole world at your feet, if you go through with the initiation. And they say that if a woman gets the opportunity and she says no, then she is stubborn, stupid, superficial. She's completely lacking any aspiration for spiritual evolution, and she's destined for a life of suffering and negative karma," Ashleigh told Mamamia.

Ashleigh said she didn't know where she was, nor have any means to escape. And the warring sides of herself were louder than ever.

"I felt like I was losing touch with reality. It felt like [the guru's] claws were grabbing my brain and like pulling it out from underneath me. I had to write letters to myself in my diary and tell myself to stay lucid, because I was so afraid," she said.

"I was terrified of what brainwashed Ashleigh would do. I didn't trust that I would have the strength to say no to [the guru]. When you're sitting there in front of him, naked, how do you say no to someone of that level of authority, even though every part of your being is screaming at you that it's wrong?"

Ashleigh said that when she was made to watch a testimonial video of another woman who'd just completed the initiation, a naked woman who Ashleigh said was "clearly not OK", that's when the rational side of herself won.

After eight days, she managed to negotiate her way out of the initiation and was expelled from the program, condemned.

"When I got to a hotel, I just collapsed on the floor in my room. I was in France, no one knew that I was there. I had to lie to my family. And I didn't know what to do," she said. "That brainwashed part of me was still there. It took months after coming home to Australia to really understand what had happened."

Ashleigh was ultimately diagnosed with PTSD as a result of her experience. But she began a path to recovery with the help of a psychologist and the support of her family.

"We were just sitting one Sunday around the table, and I don't even know how it came up. I just lost it. I started crying, and I just told them everything," she said. "Mum and Dad just held me and they were like, 'It's not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong.' But that was the hardest part, telling them.
“The day after posting this ‘picture-perfect’ photo, I checked into a perinatal mental health unit.”
In 2007, Kanye West's mum died after plastic surgery. The guilt has never left him.

"I didn't want to hurt them, because they gave me everything growing up. It's because I've got such strong family ties that I was able to get myself out in the first place. People that don't have that in their lives, they end up in there and they don't ever leave."

Another critical part of her recovery has been research and awareness-raising. She's now studying psychology with a view to conducting research to further our understanding of cults and cult dynamics. She also operates an Instagram page, CULTivate Awareness, in which she shares details of her story and prevailing research about the tactics employed by cult groups.

It's previously been anonymous, but now she's choosing to speak up, to own her experience, and turn it into something that may be beneficial to others like her. It's still a work in progress, but, she said, so is she.

"I'm still learning to trust my intuition and my instincts again. But I've learned that I'm a lot more resilient than I ever gave myself credit for," she said.

"I often thought that I was the underdog, and I've always thought that I'm not enough and that I need to be more and to do more. And this has helped me to learn that I am. I am enough."

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
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Date: November 01, 2021 08:27PM

This is the spot on reply from Ashleigh to the accusations made by Tara Yoga centre UK in their open letter against her first testimony on MamaMia:

"Hi, everyone, I’m Ashleigh and I run the CultivateAwarness page.
This is the first story I think that I'm posting of myself and I wanted to come on here today to talk about something that's recently been brought to my attention, which is an open letter that was posted on the website of the cult organisation that I escaped from.
It essentially denies any allegations made against them and employees a tactic often used by abusers that I posted about before, it's called DARVO and it reffers to Deny, Attack, Reverse the Victim and Offender roles.
So I'm going to post the content of the letter here and just unpack a little bit, because I think it's really important to address what organisations often do.
It is not the first time that I've seen an organisation do this, but this is often what they’ll do, in response to any allegations made against them or their leader.
I've split the letter into three parts as I go through the letter but also because this isn't just about this organisation or this cult.
You actually see very similar things in other groups so you may say something really similar happening in a different organisation and this may resonate with you.
The first thing I wanted to touch on so I’ve highlighted different sections.
They say that “the accusations range from them being a cult purpose is to groom women as sex slaves for senior male teachers and our yoga practices being forms of torture”.
So what did actually done is warped the allegations into something that used for the most part in on a technicality not true.
So they haven't actually address any of the allegations made against them, they've just changed them and then denied those false claims that they've made. I don't know if they makes...
The women aren't groom to be sex slaves per se are for senior male teachers, they're actually groomed to be sexually exploited and abused by the master or the Guru or the spiritual guide whichever term you want to use te refer to them, not senior male teachers as they say.
The yoga practices are not forms of torture, not by any stretch of the word.
The yoga practices themselves are pretty awesome.
If you engage in things like yoga meditation, eye gazing rituals, ecstatic dance, you are gonna have physiological, biological responses in your body, they’re gonna make you feel pretty good, so the yoga practices themselves are not torture.
Locking someone away from society and psychologically abusing them is torture, two very different things.
I also wanted to touch on the comment that they seek to empower women absolutely that is what they seek to do, but they in the process of that also perpetuating a system of abuse that is not in the least fit empowering for women, it's just masking it that way.
You know, you tell me how I'm telling a woman that she's manipulated by demons and completely riddled with them which is what I was told, that I'm a stupid, superficial fluctuating woman, destined for a life of suffering and negative karma and because I didn't want to surrender my body to the Guru, tell me how that's empowering. They're not.
They’re giving a false dichotomy, I was given a false dichotomy, I was told that you do this and you have the world at your feet you don't do it and you were essentially everything in the world is wrong with you and everything is gonna wrong. It's not empowering.
The next point I wanted to touch on in the next part of the letter and is their claim that the allegations are false and unsubstantiated and that no evidence is provided or no significant evidence.
Consider this evidence: testimony is evidence.I know that, because they tried to refute everything that's been said against them by putting their own testimonies at the bottom, which you see, testimonies is evidence.
So consider this your evidence and on that: nobody from the school is ever tried to contact me to find what I had to say or to substantiate my claims in any way, they simply denied it or the guru simply denied that.
He and I quote said that my claims were lies as big as the Milky Way galaxy, very poetic I thought.
They also make the claim that the allegations are coming from a limited number of individuals. Limited or not, they are still coming, the claims are still coming and abuse ignored is abuse perpetuated so listen up.
Then we go down to their next point which is “we’re intend on pursuing legal proceedings against individuals making these damaging allegations.
I wonder why people are afraid to speak up, I wonder why people are afraid to speak out against abuse or against the school. Can you think of any other reasons?
There are a lot: there is a shame, there is guilt for a lot of the women who’ve been subjected to this abuse, there is the pain that you will bring to a lot of really kind and loving people, very close friendships that you've made with people that are still in the school, there is the fear of legal proceedings, there so many reasons why people don't come forward and this is just a part.
Then they make an appeal to people's I guess desire to be smart or you know having the common sense, no one wants to be lumped into the group of people that doesn't have common sense so say you’ve shown common sense by not judging without evidence and trusting your own experiences.
What they’re essentially saying in one of two things: either people such as myself are liars and nothing we say is truth or we’re not lying but our trauma doesn’t matter.
It doesn't matter that I have a diagnosis of PTSD that I received from a psychiatrist that I had to seek help from because I can't function without a pretty hefty dose of antidepressants, I can't sleep without medication.
You can't tell me that just because I had a negative experience and 10 other people had a positive experience that my trauma doesn't matter.
You can't say “trust your experience, don't worry about hers” because if that's what you're gonna do, I seriously invite you to review your moral compass.
They then sign off by saying that they include some testimonies “in the hope that such honest sharing from people with direct experience will be considered more valuable than the defamatory claims”.
So my honest sharing of my direct experience is considered I guess invalid in that respect but also... yeah, they're saying that there is no evidence and yet they're trying to put their testimonies there as evidence.
This is my evidence on the other side.
I’m rambling and I’m not actually making sense but, look, I can't give you a systematic review or randomised control trial to demonstrate what is happening here, all you have is my word and my testimony, I can't give you more than that because they’re pretty tight on their practices of silencing people.
So on that note, if anybody recognises the organisation about which I am speaking, perhaps you know somebody in the organisation or you've encountered it yourself and you’re just you have some doubts or some questions by all means, reach out to me, I'm more than happy to speak to you about my own experience and
to tell you very openly and honestly about what is going on.
Another thing that you can do is ask the teachers, actually ask them: are you sending women to be “initiated” by the Guru? Is that happening?
Just watch them squirm, they’ll either deny it or dance around the topic, they’re really good at dancing around the topic, they won't actually give you a straight answer, so if you do wanna put the pressure on, actually go and ask the teachers that question.
If you've made it this far, thank you so much for watching, I hope that this has been in some way beneficial to you and have a lovely weekend."

Re: Gregorian Bivolaru Yoga Sex Crimes Franchise Cult
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Date: April 10, 2022 03:53AM

Other red flags that are advertised on their official website:

They support Qanon, Trump, and Putin. And even after all the war crimes Putin is still supported showing their affiliation with fascism.

They forbid every student from getting vaccinated or even interact with vaccinated people. Some students have died from Covid because of this.

More crazy facts can be found on

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