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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: February 17, 2005 12:17PM

Boy, "Tubby" & Co are really having a heart attack over the Mighty Winds of change blowing their way these days.
On their website they say...

"There are NO MESSIAHS at The Gentle Wind Project and we have NEVER claimed that there were any... We are producers of a real healing technology and operate strategically in the same way that producers of auto mechanics tools, woodworking tools or kitchen utensils do. Snap-On ®, Matco®, Delta ® and Craftsman Tools ® want you to put some of their tools in your house, shop, car and garage and we think the same way."

That is too BIZARRE!!!
Miracle healing USELESS plastic hockey pucks filled with sand from channelled SPACE ALIENS are the same as a hammer, or a screwdriver?
Does "Tubby" think people are that stupid?
Does a wrench cost thousands of dollars??

Forget the rip-off plastic hockey pucks, and dumb trauma cards, and everything else. Go buy a nice tool set, and at least you will have something useful in your house.

And if you are sick, please go see a good physician, and do NOT buy some ridiculous useless absurd plastic hockey puck filled with sand that comes from channelled Space Aliens!!

And Tubby and Mo, why not get some Advanced Alien Tech to make your website, instead of using WORDART by Microsoft? Wordart looks as cheezy as those fake hockey pucks some teenagers are likely making in the basement working for minimum wage!


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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: February 17, 2005 01:00PM

Check this one out...

"the Advanced Instruments requiring a higher donation also consume much greater research, development, design and manufacturing costs...All Instruments can be upgraded and are guaranteed to work for at least 3 years."

R & D costs for chanelling space aliens?
I have never seen such a load of "hockey pucks" in my life!!

So these things are GUARANTEED TO WORK for three years are they? Maybe some lawyers should have a look at that guarantee...

as next they say...
"We apologize for the "laundered" instrument descriptions found below...we have been advised to limit our descriptive literature in order to remain in compliance with current FDA regulations...
These products listed below have not been evaluated by the FDA These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Well, i believe there is some LAUNDERING going on around here..

But which is it?
Are they junk that does not work, or are they GUARANTEED TO WORK for 3 years?
That too me sounds like something that should be investigated.
What are these plastic pucks DOING to people then?

The only true statement is this one.
"These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."
Exactly, so throw them in the garbage, and stop selling that crap.

A Gentle Wind, my ass.
More like a Mighty Wind of stinking, toxic, rancid, putrified, passing of gas from a certain "Tubby" fellow, and i don't mean Santy Clause.


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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: February 19, 2005 02:25AM

We wrote the following letter to the Portland (ME) Press Herald in response to two letters to the editor from Gentle Wind Project followers. The GWP followers’ letters are just after ours below. The newspaper article they refer to is already posted on this topic thread (see 1-16-05 posting). We’ve removed the GWP names here; however, they are still available online at the newspaper website:

Portland Press Herald / Maine Today (2-16-05)- Letters to the Editor []

“Gentle Wind Project from two others' perspective”

Recent letters in praise of the Gentle Wind Project (GWP) from [name deleted] and [name deleted] (Jan. 27) - both of whom we have known for many years - concerning your articles about the GWP leaders' lawsuit against us and other critics (Jan. 9 and 11) left out a few points:

1. GWP "healings" are "free" at their seminars, or by asking to use a "healing instrument" that someone else has already purchased. But, to own one, the "donation" prices, listed on the GWP Web site "Gallery," are $250 to $7,700.

2. GWP claims on its Web site ("About GWP") that the "healing instrument" designs come from their connection to "the spirit world, not the human world."

3. Posting our personal stories of experiences with GWP over 17 years, which GWP's Web site ("Project News") labels "outrageously false information by Internet hoaxers," resulted in GWP's massive lawsuit against 11 defendants, including ourselves, for the stated purpose of removing our stories from public view on our Wind of Changes Web site, and elsewhere on the Internet.

During our years as GWP followers from 1983 to 2000, we used scores of "healing instruments," from "rods" to "pucks" to "cards," and were placed on GWP's board of directors.

Regrettably, we also pitched the products at seminars, praised them to anyone who would listen and made large donations.

Our own experiences with the group, its practices and its “healings” - as told on the Wind of Changes Web site in “Insiders' Stories” and “Husband's Perspective” - resulted in a lawsuit against us. That speaks volumes.

Jim Bergin
Judy Garvey
Blue Hill


Letters to the Editor – 1-27-05 (from GWP followers)

“Gentle Wind followers praise its work”

“I am compelled to share my own experiences regarding the Gentle Wind Project and the technology it offers ("Gentle Wind Project sues couple over Internet postings," Jan. 9).

The use of this healing technology is the single most beneficial help that I have encountered in my lifetime.

The benefits mentally and emotionally have been and continue to be immense.

I have weathered difficulties and personal hardship and feel upheld instead of beaten down with the use of this supportive technology.

I have shared a healing instrument with hundreds of people. I have seen many bloom and lighten from one use.

My hope is that your article about the Gentle Wind Project will not deter folks from trying this technology and deciding for themselves.”

[name deleted]
South Portland


“This past year has been an overwhelming testimonial to the need for people to help each other to relieve the suffering resulting from human and natural disasters.

I can personally attest to the enormous endeavor that the Gentle Wind Project has undertaken to bring relief to people in distress around the globe.

Gentle Wind gave me healing instruments, free of charge, to take to Bali, Indonesia, devastated by a terrorist bombing; to orphanages in Thailand, and to hurricane-devastated Grenada where people lost everything.
I am returning to Thailand shortly with more donated trauma cards to take to the tsunami survivors.

Relief workers I know in Thailand have confirmed that they have already received many trauma cards from Gentle Wind to help in their work.

I am also making plans to travel to the region of India hit by the tsunami to bring donated trauma cards to victims there.

The work being done by Gentle Wind to relieve the suffering in the world is real. It helps people to recover and rebuild their lives.

Last year, volunteers traveled to earthquake-devastated Bam, Iran. Gentle Wind gave hundreds of trauma cards to these volunteers to be distributed to the earthquake victims.

The testimonials on the Web site put together by these volunteers ( demonstrate the real help that these healing instruments are bringing to suffering people.”

[name deleted]
Bass Harbor

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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: March 08, 2005 02:12AM

Dear Friends,

We have a new announcement (please see below) about our "Protect Free Speech Legal Defense Fund."

As many of you may know, we were sued by Gentle Wind Project and the GWP core group in May 2004. Since then we've been working toward dismissals of GWP's Federal charges and were successful with that on GWP's first claim. Then GWP filed an amended claim and the Judge dismissed one count and allowed one to stay.

Defending ourselves against GWP's lawsuit is very costly. That's why we are now appealing for contributions. We believe it is important to keep going with this defense, and that we have a right to tell our personal stories.

You can help us by posting this appeal in forums or locations where people can learn about the GWP lawsuit, and contribute, if they are able, to our defense fund.

On March 7th our response to GWP's Amended Lawsuit will be filed in Court, along with our counterclaims. That document will be on Wind of Changes website, [] -- the website that GWP is trying to shut down.

Please read on . . .

Many thanks,
Jim and Judy



Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey are being sued in U.S. Federal Court by the leaders of Gentle Wind Project (GWP) for posting our personal accounts about GWP experiences on Wind of Changes, a website for former GWP members: [] The GWP leaders’ lawsuit is an attempt to silence us and force us to remove Wind of Changes website.

You can help uphold the right to Free Speech, and the right for former members of GWP, or similar groups, to tell their stories, as we have in “Insiders’ Stories” [] and “A Husband’s Perspective” [].

Please contribute, if you can, to the Protect Free Speech Legal Defense Fund: []

All contributions -- large or small -- will be used to help pay legal costs.

Thank you!



1) Contribute through PayPal at: []

2) Personal Checks, Money Orders, Bank Checks, Travelers Checks:

Payable to: Protect Free Speech, or to Jim Bergin or Judy Garvey

Postal Mailing address: Protect Free Speech, P.O. Box 1616, Blue Hill, ME 04614 USA; or to The First NA, Account: 3474275, 102 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 USA.

3) Electronic Transfers:

Bank Routing number: 011201762 / Account number: 3474275
Bank: The First NA, 102 Main Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 USA


This is an important appeal for anyone who believes in an individual’s right to speak freely and to share information of public importance through the Internet without fear of being intimidated, sued, silenced, and harmed financially.

1) GWP’s lawsuit could have serious repercussions for those who are willing to share information of public importance. Vital knowledge could be suppressed through legal intimidation by any group with the resources to hire a law firm willing to litigate.

2) If our money is depleted, GWP’s lawsuit could set a precedent whereby any similar group wishing to silence individual voices would be encouraged to use these kinds of legal tactics, thus greatly threatening freedom of speech.

3) Websites like Wind of Changes could become a thing of the past, if this is allowed to happen.

May 2004: Gentle Wind Project leaders filed a lawsuit (please see [] for documents) in U.S. District Court, Portland, Maine, against former GWP members, Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey, and ten other defendants.

Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey shared their personal experiences about their 17-year association with GWP, and made these stories available on the Internet. In response, GWP has spent upwards of $115,000 in legal costs as of 9/04 (per their own statement) in an attempt to remove [] -- accusing Jim and Judy of "wild and scurrilous lies," among numerous other defamatory terms.

Over 90 Court documents have been filed as a result of the GWP lawsuit. In February 2005 Federal Judge Gene Carter dismissed all charges for J. F. Bergin Co., and for Rick Ross and the Rick A. Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements, and Count II (Lanham Act) for Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey.

Defendant Ian Mander of New Zealand did not respond to GWP's lawsuit. Defendant Steve Hassan reached an agreement with the plaintiffs a few months ago and the claims against him and Freedom of Mind Center were dropped. Defendants Ivan Fraser and Steve Gamble’s agreement with the plaintiffs was finalized more recently, and made public on their websites and on Wind of Changes.

After the Court decides on GWP's Federal Count I (RICO Act) against Jim and Judy, GWP leaders would then have the choice to continue with their state charges (defamation, invasion of privacy, and the like).

All other defendants have now been dismissed, or defaulted, or reached an agreement with GWP because of financial necessity. For more details, please read “Lawsuit Against Cult-watcher Dismissed” on Rick Ross Institute’s website at []

Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey will now challenge the accusations of GWP’s leaders through the court process, which will be costly and time-consuming, yet essential. Freedom of expression and speaking the truth are powerful defenses, and we feel confident about the importance of ensuring that these rights continue.

Rick Ross and Rick Ross Institute []; Ian Mander []; Steve Gamble and Equilibra []; Ivan Fraser and The Truth Campaign []; Steve Hassan and Freedom of Mind [], and Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey []; and J. F. Bergin Co.

Gentle Wind Project [] and the GWP leaders and core group – John "Tubby" Miller, Mary "Moe/Mo" Miller, Carol Miller, Shelly Miller, Joan Carreiro, and Pam Ranheim.

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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: March 10, 2005 07:05AM


On Monday we filed -- in U.S. Maine District Court -- the "Answer, Counterclaims and Demand for Jury Trial" in response to Gentle Wind Project's lawsuit.

Our "Counterclaims" may be of particular interest, as they include the GWP leaders' descriptive and colorful list of defamatory statements against us. Examples can be easily accessed on the Wind of Changes "Counterclaims" page: []

If you'd like to read the entire document, it is available near the top of the Wind of Changes Home page: []

The "Answers" in the document (pages 1-6) correspond with the GWP leaders' multiple allegations against us and ten other defendants in their "Amended Complaint" -- located at the bottom of the Home page.

Good wishes,

Judy and Jim

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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: March 24, 2005 10:36PM

APOLOGETICS INDEX has added a well-researched entry on Gentle Wind Project: []

This is excellent overall coverage of the GWP group and its leaders' lawsuit against former members and others. Widely scattered reports about the group have been gathered together in an easily accessed format -- covering the essential information in an interesting progression.

There are numerous pages to this new listing with quotes from a great variety of individuals and media, as well as multiple links to original sources for anyone who wants to read more.

In addition to the entry on Apologetics Index, Religion News Blog, a separate site, lists newspaper coverage about Gentle Wind Project.

The authors of Apologetics Index, and coordinators of Religion News Blog, are Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson:
[]: Research resources on religions, cults, sects, and related issues
[]: News & news archive on religions, cults, sects, and related issues

Judy and Jim

(website for former members of GWP)

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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: May 21, 2005 04:29AM

Things may have seemed quiet lately regarding GWP’s lawsuit, but we're managing to keep busy. The current status of their litigation is:

-- Plaintiffs (GWP, John Miller, Mary Miller, Carol Miller, Shelly Miller, Pam Ranheim, and Joan Carreiro) have issued, as part of "discovery" a request for "production of documents" from Defendants (Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey).

-- Plaintiffs (GWP, the four Millers, Ranheim, and Carreiro) have issued a list of "interrogatories" (questions) to be responded to by Defendants (Jim and Judy).

-- Defendants (Judy and Jim) will request "production of documents" from Plaintiffs (GWP, the 4 Millers, Ranheim, and Carreiro).

-- More to come. . .

This part of gwp’s litigation and our defense is where the facts of the case begin to come out. At this point the legal process becomes more rational and reality based, and aside from being somewhat time-consuming, is actually an interesting experience.

And spring in Downeast Maine always brings a boost of energy! :D

Jim and Judy
(website for former members of Gentle Wind Project)

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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: July 04, 2005 11:15PM

Gentle Wind Project's (and the individual Plaintiffs: John “Tubby” Miller, Mary “Moe” Miller, Carol Miller, Shelly Miller, Joan Carreiro, and Pam Ranheim’s) lawsuit against us continues. . .

[u:92f99058a9]Latest events: [/u:92f99058a9]

Our attorney has filed an [i:92f99058a9]Expert Witness Report[/i:92f99058a9], addressing points that GWP’s leaders (the Millers et al) find disagreeable about our personal stories of 17 years with their group.

A second [i:92f99058a9]Expert Witness Report[/i:92f99058a9] may be filed in the future, addressing the “research methods” that GWP leaders (the Millers et al) have used to test their “healing instruments.”

Depositions of the Plaintiffs were initiated by us, to begin mid-July with three GWP Plaintiffs (two Millers and another), plus one non-Plaintiff, to be deposed.

Following the Plaintiffs' depositions, we are scheduled for depositions by the GWP/Millers’ et al. This will take place in Attorneys’ offices in Portland, Maine.

For anyone just coming in to this who would like to know more, a place to visit is the website for former GWP members, [i:92f99058a9]Wind of Changes[/i:92f99058a9] []

There’s also information about Gentle Wind Project and their lawsuit on Rick Ross Institute web site: [] or []
And press releases are at [] (search for “gentle wind project”).

Jim and Judy

P.S. We welcome contributions of [i:92f99058a9]any[/i:92f99058a9] amount to our [b:92f99058a9]Protect Free Speech Legal Defense Fund[/b:92f99058a9] at [] :)

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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: August 09, 2005 01:24AM

Dear Friends,

We've received a number of requests for the "Expert Witness Disclosure Statements" that have been filed as part of our defense against Gentle Wind Project's lawsuit.

While the Experts' Reports are of great interest, we aren't distributing them now, as we're not litigating in the press or on the Internet. To anyone who is interested in these reports, thanks for your understanding.

Jim and Judy


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Gentle Wind Project former members
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: September 02, 2005 03:04AM

We have completed the "discovery" phase in Gentle Wind Project's lawsuit against us. This included depositions (questioning, under oath), in respective attorneys’ offices, of the six gwp plaintiffs and us. Our attorney
also deposed a non-plaintiff who has been a long-time gwp "instrument keeper"/staff person.

For each deposition we traveled to Portland, ME (three hours from our home) – taking our places across the table from whichever plaintiff(s) was there – so that we could bear witness to whatever they chose to say in response to questions about their belief system, their operations, the personal stories we wrote ("Insiders’ Stories" and "A Husband’s Perspective"), and their opinions about us.

We were also deposed – by the plaintiffs’ attorney – who did his best to search for deeper meanings in our stories. And, our expert witnesses were also deposed – one expert witness dealing with the "research" claims gwp plaintiffs make about their "healing instruments" and the second expert witness speaking to the term "cult" being used in reference to gwp.

The plaintiffs’ lawsuit is resting for a few weeks until their lawyer responds to the Summary Judgment Motion we filed. If our Motion is accepted by the Judge, gwp's remaining Federal charge against us (RICO) would be dismissed. The plaintiffs could then decide whether to start over with their state charges against us (such as the so-called "libel"), and we could proceed with our Counterclaims.

If the Judge moves to let the jury decide the case, we will have our time in Court – perhaps as early as December. This would be incredibly interesting for anyone who could find a seat in the Maine District Courthouse.

Jim and Judy

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