Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: December 15, 2022 05:58PM

Think about how disempowering the path of Bhakti is for this day and age.
5000 years ago krishna and the demigods descended to battle all these mythological creatures. Giant demons both in human and animal forms.
They had the very distinct caste system. Men (warriors) were supposed to give protection to the women, elserly, children…
Then 4500 years later, in the worse age possible where your own family and friends are out to get you, they instruct you to be lower than a urinal.
The path of bhakti is totally messed up the caste system and turned men into marshmallows.
People don’t know how to defend themselves and they cannot even defend themselves.
You just have to shut up like we did with the tyrant at our center. Si basically it is a path that enables bullies.
It encourages you to become so tolerant that you can’t even stand up for yourself.
And ungortunately the lion god will not appear out of nowhere to protect you when the abusers attack you physically or emotionally.
These stories just happen in scriptures.
So in SoI, they groom a warrior (tulsi) who happens to be born as a female. And her husband seems to play the role of the wife.
Their own leader Xman, butler, is such a sissy that he cannot even stand ine germ and he needs 40 armed men go protect him.
Talk about an exemple of courage.
So men are supposed go protect women but they pick a woman to protect the citizens of the world, directed by a sissy who needs to have 50 towels washed every day to avoid germs. Have the walls covered with tinfoil
I mean just stick to chanting and bowing down people. Don’t try and play wartiors with your brainwashed spirits.
It is so backwards and twisted. Turning these poor souls into helpless beings who look up to a woman to protect them.
A woman who must switch her words and beliefs every single day and make a fool of herself in front of millions.
She passes for a liar and takes all the bullets for mistakes her guru is making.
They create cowards that watch all the Iskcon children get abused in silence. They watch the crimes of the gurus and still worship them.
Why do souls need to curb the ego in order to get abused by demonic humans?
Is this is a god damn game for the gods to watch?
How can anyone not see how fallible this path is for this day and age where your own friends murder you on a vacation?
They tell you to just associate with devotees. Devotees? Yes sure. Any demon and narcissist who walks off the streets chants some mantras and bows down, is now a devotee.
I entered this realm with a natural “pacifist” mentality. I did let everybody use me as a urinal my whole life.
And krishna consc, just made that tendency worse.
Now when I look back I almost cannot forgive myself for letting myself down like this.
I feel zero bliss in having played the punchinh bag. It brings me absolutely no joy to have been so low.
I neither helped myself nor my abusers. We just enable these parasites instead of forcing them to see who they truly are and change.
They take away your courage and replace it with fear and cowardice.
Give you a false sense of security and power just because you learn to control your senses.
I know that I said let it go. But I was not truly in my right mind the times I posted here.
And now I still have to bring this awareness to the few who can see it.
The path of bhakti in general destroyed my life and myself. It took me decades to rebuild myself.
To gain clarity as to what was done to me and others.
I was told that I am fortunate I escaped. I did leave the path, but the path never left me. I was very heavily punished for leaving the faithful service.
And I don’t need anyone to believe or to validate my experience. All that counts is that I know.
The theory of a lala land peaceful community of vegetarians who love each other, is fantastic.
But absolutely not for this age of chaos and confusion. Look at the Amish.
They are so recluse. Yet a gunman entered their school a few years ago and killed many kids.
Why does a soul must accept crucification in the name of invisibke gods? Why?
Why do we call these beings loving parents.
Recently when I got injured, my mom who is an elderly person told me she fell like crushing the person who did this to me.
And this is how any parent should feel. Outraged to see their kids suffer or harmed.
But we are brainwashed so deeply that we accept abuse as love.
And my views are seen as atheist and demonic by many even on this forum.
The god appologists.
Please don’t preach to me. I have loved the invisble men in the sky since I was 6 years old.
It pains me more than anyone to have come to these conclusions.
People can quote me 20000 verses of scripture. It is a waste of time.
I had to literally descend in hell, face all my fears, face death, face my own demons, face literal demons… to finally be able to stand up.
Even though I have nothing and noone in my life. Even though I feel no bliss like I did when I was a “devotee”, I am at home.
My home is not krishna loka. My home is not with a bunch of spineless devotees who walk with blinfolds.
Why would I bow to any entity? Why would my eternal parent want me yo bow down yo him? How much sense does that make?
The worse part is bowing down to an abuser like butler.
All this to feel happy and safe within. Know that when you are dyinh a few devotees will change your diaoers and put the butler chanting tapes.
Give you some Maha water by washing the feet of a slave master?
No friends. I will live and die alone. But I will not die like a coward who sold my soul to some entities that I have only seen in pictures.
Give your life and soul to guru? So that the dude can milk you day and night to live a lavish life.
Eat organic food while some must eat the rotten left overs and sleep in garages.
This is not spiritual life. This is insanity at a level that requires a straight jacket.
It surpasses MK ultra by far.
And these people want to groom a president?
I am not truly sure what to say.
Let the women do the job and defend the men. It is truly so vedic.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Culthusiast ()
Date: December 15, 2022 06:53PM

Truth wins Wrote:
> Let the women do the job and defend the men. It is
> truly so vedic.

As the heroic female presidential candidate accepting donations to Planned Parenthood...

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Culthusiast ()
Date: December 16, 2022 02:46AM

From last testimonies:


One of the witnesses - a previously fully committed member of the "Mission" - went to India. The person was supposed to visit sacred places for Vishnuites and bring "consecrated souvenirs", including water from the Yamuna and Ganges rivers. Similarly treated as water from the spring in Lourdes for Christians, Catholics. When the person joined the initiated members of the "Mission" on a Vaisnava festival/holiday, decided to share these "sanctities" - described in Vedic literature as sacred. Active and initiated members of the "Mission" were to refuse these "relics" or "consecrated objects". They justified/explained this by the fact that Siddhaswarupananda Chris Butler expressed his dissatisfaction with the transfer or reception of the so-called "maha prasada" that did not pass or did not come from his hands.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: December 20, 2022 07:45PM

The currency used in SoI is bliss. And at this point it does not matter what is the cost behind it.
Kind of like the mafiosi wives who live a lavish life knowing their husbands take oit a few bodies a week.
The same mafiosi who go to church and confess their sins. Then back to being criminals.
They don’t care who does what. They don’t care about corruption. As long as there is that transaction exchange between devottes, guru and deities.
They are all dependent upon each other to get that fix.
It does not matter if in the process you get used, abused, turn into skin and bones or collect chronic illnesses.
And maye it will even push you to take your own life.
I briefly explained some of the dynamics of the cult yesterday and he immediately said that sounds similar to heroine addiction.
So this spiritual path, is indeed the path of the addicts. The brain gets very used to those transcendental highs.
Those strong emotions like crying, feeling as though though we are showered by some honey. When the vibrations go up and you are on a high.
We have no other option really but to hand out with other addicts who gtes it how wonderful that addiction is.
You have Ashrams instead of crack houses.
Addicts also totally forget they have a body to take care of.
Only the drug Lords and their associates live the good life.
butler is like Esxobar who literally asked for 2O armed men to protect him.
The minions are also very well treated with the best meals, massages, trips, outmost respect.
If you want protection, then hook yourself up with the lord’s close associates.
Marry their daughters or sons.
That will make you a higher ranked addict.
A criminal organization in the guise of a spiritual institution.
Where humans are literally imported to work for free day and night.
Is the material world truly that scary that one can accept such a non sense?
This all proves to me that this path is only seemingly powerful. It only gives power to guru, deities and those who are connected to guru.
Even they do not have any power because they are dependend upon a higher power.
Letting of these people and krishna Consc has felt like regaining sobriety.
You see how the addiction clouded your reasoning.
I feel no resentment anymore. And thankful for all the experiences that shapes us to who we are meant to be.
Thankful that our soul directed us to get out.
They have created another Matrix within the Matrix but claim they are free from the clutches of Maya.
A prison within a prison.
At one point we only have to forgive ourselves for the lack of self respect. Dor having surrendered our minds, lives, hearts and souls.
Is graduation is going back to krishna loka or getting out of butler loka?

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: December 24, 2022 06:09AM

I think one of the reasons I am half involved in this battle, is not truly because of butler and the covert cult.
It is not because of the spiritual abuse and the years I lived in fear.
It goes much deeper than that. After many years of deep research and my personal experiences, I know for sure that we have been lied to on every level.
We have absolutely no clue who the beings that we worshipped are. We have blindly given our soul, love, devotion obedience.
I remember in one of my first classes asking how do I know that god really looks like this? It was the picture of Gopala that looks rather feminie with the deer.
And the answer was why not?
I got tricked by all the emotions that were triggered in me. As well as all the little supernatural phenom and mind blowing synchronicities.
Pretty much the same techniques that were used to lure pretty much everybody.
I would have left this path alone, if the path had also left me alone.
Even though my posts came across as irrational because of my anger and being in lockdwns, everything I said is unfortunatelty true.
I have almost not had a period of peace the day I decided not to be as involved as I wws.
The fact that the pressure did not push me to go back like many do, was met with retaliation.
I am the only person on this forum who has spoken of these issues. While most just focus on butler and his minions.
All I can say is that the beings that we have so blindly worshipped are not just benevolent.
I will never dismiss the good side of bhakti yoga, which has helped me on my journey.
However I know for sure that it is a very sweet trap over all. A trap to keep one from their own self sufficiency.
I always try to stay fair in life. And I must say that butler himself is an unconscious puppet in a much bigger show.
He is being used. And he does a pretty good job at it.
There are many things I cannot share in here. And all that I have shared already got me nothing but critcism.
I am not hollier than others. But unfortunately I have been given a much more lucid vision of this reality.
It is far from being a pleasant journey. And I am alone in it. Totally alone.
We have all been duped by beliefs. Beliefs we cannot verify from 5000 years ago.
We have been brainwashed by those stories more than we have been brainwahed by butler.
Nectar is not everything in life. Love is not everything in life. The Truth is everything.
Not the absolute truth of the vedas but the TRUTH that we have been fed lies our whole lives.
I make peace with the fact that my fate is hell. And not surrendering like a faithful dog, has costed me much. No validation needed.
But it was worth it. I do not trust that an all loving and powerful god needs loving “servants”. If you want to brainwash yourselves in believing so, I wish you all the happiness in the world.
If the only way out is through slavery, I guess I will get recycled again maybe born in the cukt of butler again.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Culthusiast ()
Date: December 25, 2022 01:25AM

Truth wins Wrote:

> It was the picture of Gopala that looks rather feminie with the deer.

No surprise here. Chris Butler with suspicions of androgyny or repressed homosexuality - hence Gopal with feminine features. So surprising that "Chaitanya Mission" is to lead to the rasa of Radha's maidservant, i.e. to become a manjari. So it is suspected that Gopal himself was often on the altars, Gopala with a roe deer - a forest, not a village atmosphere, but it is known - gopi with Krishna in the forest and the rasa dance. Forest near the village. What is the saree's name? Did the deer receive a separate offering? Name unknown, there was no separate food. Anyway, the title "Jagad Guru" corresponds more to the earlier trends of Vedanta, more pantheistic, and the information that if any parishat gave the title to Chris Butler - there is no information. It was given to him by his students. Appointed to be "Jagad Guru" not self-effulgent.

> As well as all the little supernatural phenom and mind blowing synchronicities.

They can be explained by internal wave phenomena (dichotomy of a two-semicircular brain with an equilibrium cerebellum - physico-electrical-chemical multi-layer neural network with feedback, metal admixtures correcting characteristics - threshold levels, etc., hierarchy of needs) and external - animate and inanimate nature - relationships.

Lots of regularity.

Also social. For example, potential free beings spend most of their time in the vicinity of work or residence anyway, they choose contractors or service providers along the route.

> I always try to stay fair in life. And I must say
> that butler himself is an unconscious puppet in a
> much bigger show.
> He is being used. And he does a pretty good job at
> it.

"Butler-aids" video - him or double - symptoms of possession.

> I am not hollier than others. But unfortunately I
> have been given a much more lucid vision of this
> reality.

People have clairvoyances that science can or believe to be hallucinations or delusions. Nevertheless, some assume the existence of a mental or spiritual dimension - on many levels.

> It is far from being a pleasant journey. And I am
> alone in it. Totally alone.

People who have had visions related to the group are either the "shadow zone" or "astral at night" or the "underground" dimensions - dark forest or illuminated forest with inherent anxiety, tree bark, ghostly element eg blood of victims on the bark. Another vision is the cathedral whose exit by stairs is on this Earth. Demonic deformed faces - mental forms are nothing new. LSD visions, etc.

Interdimensional visions are, for example, during a lucid dream, the approach of two dimensions - the current being with the target and the mind flowing through this connection - like bending two balloons. That is, without taking a grounded body. And accepting the grounded body, i.e. physical penetration into the inner space with the acceptance of the sense of the body's boundaries and connection with the physical senses.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: December 29, 2022 04:28AM

Truth Wins- you nailed it- excellent capture of what is truly behind this
slave/slavemaster relationship that so many fell hostage to.
A sort of Vedic Stockholm Syndrome:

"Love, the most costly emotion on earth. And if you can’t get it from god and humans, you can always get a dog.
Is Bhakti yoga truly worth crawling like a dog in front of drug dealing and money laundering brahmans.
Or a guru who calls you asshole and slut. Pushes you to deal drugs in order to book the whole business class to avoid germs.
I guess for some it is worth it.
We usually dig our own graves. And Krishna consciousness is a very attartive one.
We watch our own funerals while we are still alive.
Devotees look so happy and alive, but they are now nothing more than programmed robots. Robots who cannot think nor decide for themselves.
Walking around and chasing bliss like surfers who chase the Maverick waves."

And this new little gem just popped up on the radar- its hilarious- the pot calling the kettle black? And on national TV?


TULSI- have YOU no shame? You are 100% lying about YOUR past.

Chris Butler the Hidden Dungeon Daddy
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 29, 2022 11:48PM

(Adult content - potentially triggering use of kink as a metaphor)

IMO one way to understand cults and abusive relationships is they are hidden, non consensual Sadomasochist Bondage Discipline set ups -- but -- the most important point -- are not clearly advertised as such.

In ethical conscious kinky BDSM encounters, the goal is for all parties to be satisfied according to their stated expectations.

In cults and abusive relationships the result is the opposite. Too many people are not told at the beginning what they are getting into and not told at the beginning what will be expected of them at **all stages** of the encounter. The ID of cults and abusive relationships is the number of people who do not freely depart but must escape and are not satisfied but report they are worse off than than before.

The recruiters are sweet smiling teachers of chanting, dancing, vegetarian cookery. They are not dressed in black leather, do not wear chain and padlock necklaces, do not march about in boots with whips and paddles on their belts.

Cultic and or abusive relatinships are labelled as tender, loving, promising of personal freedom growth, dignity. Intead of black leather and whips, you see garlands, yoga lessons. There's NO information that once you enter you are not permitted to protest, renegotiate, or depart and that you are in for servitude, degradation, various forms of financial, sexual, psychological torment and that your children will be born into medical neglect, emotional neglect and left utterly unprepared for life outside of a psycho dungeon.

In the world of ethical consensual kink (what I understand of it while standing at a safe, non participatory distance) is that people who do all this con sensually state at the outset who they are and what they want from partners.

Someone will say, "I get satisfaction inflicting pain and humiliation on someone who wants to feel pain and humiliation. I respect people who do not want this -- and expect them to stay away from me."

Someone else will say, "I get satisfaction from being ordered about as a slave, being humiliated, kept in suspense, kept guessing, being made to kneel, being screamed at."

THe two will then talk together about the "Scene" they wish to enact.
Then comes the most important part: how to signal to each other whether the subordinate person is getting scared and wants the scene to slow done, pause or -- its an emergency, stop immediately.

These are the agreed upon "safe words" or gestures.

In a conscious consensual sadomasochistic and or bondage set up, there is a clearly labeled beginning, middle and end -- and a well marked out emergency exit.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: January 01, 2023 03:57AM

Scriptures are dangerous. Why? Because they cannot be altered.
So it was written hundeds of years ago to trust guru blindly. And now everybidy must suffer the consequences of thag BS instruction.
Not only trust but fear to even look at the wrong way.
I said it a million times and will say it again. My post leaving the xukt has been sheer hell. It has nothing to do with karma.
It is a reality that I wll have to stand on my own.
The real truth is not written down. I can assuee you of this 1000 percent.
I hope that one day we will finally find it out.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Culthusiast ()
Date: January 01, 2023 06:39AM

Truth wins Wrote:
> Scriptures are dangerous. Why? Because they cannot
> be altered.

But they are changed. Changes can be seen, for example, in Polish translations. Especially when comparing English transliteration with translation. SIF has not introduced its Sanskrit dictionary. When reading the English versions, you can see corrections in translations, narrowing, etc. Treatment in a narrow or broad way is a classic of court manipulation for code law as it is in Poland, and not precedent, etc.

corboy Wrote:
> In a conscious consensual sadomasochistic and or
> bondage set up, there is a clearly labeled
> beginning, middle and end -- and a well marked out
> emergency exit.

According to recent public but anonymous testimonials, there was no well marked out emergency exit. In fact, deviations were methodically ignored. One of the initiates who later left, wrote to the "guru" that for 10 years he tried to describe problems/deviations to the leader in Poland - Tapasya das - which were rarely commented on by him - Tapasya das - and then treated as his bad attitude - the complainant. Letters from the "guru" were to be read in fragments. The circle of adoration - leaders of the centers and initiates higher in the informal hierarchy were to learn hard methods and copy them - from Tapasya das. When he wrote a letter to the "guru", Balalkhilya dasa commented on it as "criticism". It can be seen later that the complainant accepted it at first, but eventually he left the cult for another sangha and a scandal broke out. In any case, he wrote that there is no atmosphere in Poland to write directly to the "guru", i.e. to contact him. That attempts to contact the "guru" are frowned upon and stigmatized. But that is the basis in Bhagavad Gita - approaching a self-realized person and asking humble questions. So when the red lights came on, the atmosphere was to ignore and listen to the leader and leaders. When it burned too much someone wrote to Balakhiyla das and he wrote that it was "criticizing".

The only emergency exit is to apply the teachings of Chris Butler - I can smell some bad in here, so I jump off this train on the run. And that the motorman is Chris Butler, so they say, but at most you can talk to the conductor Balakhiyla das. We pop out...We run..Run lamb, run. Run sheep, run..

We lambs on the run...

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