Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 12, 2020 12:29PM

Let the unraveling begin.
ALL cults need to be abolished.
Cults are the real virus.

This cult (Butler) wants the White House.
That can never happen.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 13, 2020 12:32AM

A cult leader is no different from a gigolo who gives rich widows and widowers orgasms while looting their hearts and bank accounts.

A gigolo does not love you. The gigolo knows how to stroke your neurons just right, and gets you to equate ecstasy with love.

An expert on co addiction said, "Small kids can't NOT idealize their parents.
We are wired to do that. It's limbic region survival instinct."

In crises, this gets re-awakened.

Crises as in, we get dumped, laid off, inherit a buttload of money and are utterly disoriented,
we are confused as fuck and trust a best friend's recommendation for her fantastic therapist.

Or that free meditation group or yoga class on the beautiful beach under the swaying palms.

Or that corporate excellence seminar with the charismatic coach. (These multi day seminars such as Landmark, Lifespring, Choices or other large group awareness trainings induce crises and disorientation
artificially but no less efficiently then get us to imprint and trauma bond to their trainers and their ideologies.)

Baby geese will follow a clown and then spend the rest of their lives following Bozo the clown, if they see Bozo instead of their mother goose.

If those baby geese follow Bozo the clown, they will never be taught how to fly and become the next generation of adults. Only a genuine mother goose can teach those fluffy babies how to fly.

When we are plunged into crisis
and then adroitly love bombed (another phrase for getting our neurons stroked to
release happy chemicals) we will imprint on any clown crossing our paths at the
moment of the cultic imprinting.

The clown can be a celebrity one obsesses about.

The clown can be a time waster of a lover.

The clown can be be a Gaudiya Math guru.

The clown can be an evil greedy guru such as Bhaktivedanta Prahbupada or Chris Butler.

All that's needed is someone who is real good at IDing people in crisis (and we all go into crisis sometime in our lives) and someone expert at stroking our neurons (love bombing) and getting us to imprint on the situation that is
**being orchestrated** by this guru who only makes a person feel spiritual by getting us to equate ecstacy with Divine Truth.

A guru like Prahubpada and his student Chris Butler--is no different from a gigolo who gives rich widows and widowers orgasms while looting their hearts and bank accounts.

And causes his victims to reject the families and friends who genuinely love them by telling them what they need to hear instead of giving them orgasmic thrills.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: April 13, 2020 09:34AM

Pretty much sums up the psychology and psychosis. With a less than savory analogy, but one that is acurate.

Here is a classic example of a charlatan that speaks nuggets of truth, but essentially took advantage of people during the depression...

Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.

Again, while seemingly speaking from an enlightened place, such people will mix seemingly enlightened words with vile words, express inappropriate anger, and odd behavior only to draw you back into thier fold by the hope they have you hand on to. Groups like butlers take it a step further because the tradition calls for complete surrender and promote ideas and opinions as absolute truth and irrefutable. To really get the effect of the cults offerings they require total surrender. Yet not one single devbot of butlers has ever experienced or ever will experience the Goal. Instead they continue to chant, pray, worship, serve, give money and blind allegiance thinking that some arbitrary flaw is there on thier part. Maybe an offence or improper concept if a mantra or scriptural verse etc etc. Its thier version of original sin and they play upon it every chance they feel they need something from you or simply the satisfaction of maintaining follower numbers against all odds.

Bhaktivedanta made disciples out of any Tom dick and harry. Instead of quality, quantity was more important. Devotees proudly stopped people in airports and busy streets to shove the message down thier through. Needless to say many folks who were not so convinced became devotees and had thier lives scrambled. Butler uses social media, websites, political propaganda and multi media like video to enter people's homes in the hope of catching them in a vulnerable moment. Most devotees see it as a great service to attract as many souls as possible to the clown show, by any method needed. Bhaktisidhanta famously said he would serve meat in his temples to attract newcomers. Faith? Delusions of grandeur? A dispute with his babaji brothers gone too his head? Likely all of the above.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: T_is_the_shit ()
Date: April 14, 2020 05:31AM

Have any former members publicly called Tulsi out about Butler? When I say publicly I mean like in town halls. I’m surprised she laying low since she has a book coming out in May.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: April 14, 2020 01:21PM

Of course shes been called out. She cries religious bigotry, smears, and calls it anti hindu. Shes not made a single statement denouncing the crook. Even if she were conflicted about her ties to Butler it would take years for her to recover from realizing and accepting that she was taken for a ride. It would derail her political career, which shes obviously attached to. Rejecting butler would also make her lose votes from thousands of butler devotees and financial contributors in the SIF community and around the world. Basically her life would fall apart in every sense. The risk would be too great to confront at this time in her life. The guy has her under his thumb.

Theme Music For Tulsi Gabbard - Under My Thumb
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 14, 2020 11:56PM

To understand the contrast between the public Tulsi and the cultic Tulsi
just listen to Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones.

And ponder the lyrics.

Imagine Butler's the one who is singing.


Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 15, 2020 05:55AM

Good one Corboy! "Under My Thumb".

Butler's New Lament-

Not new!!
He has been doing this, well, F O R E V E R !


Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: T_is_the_shit ()
Date: April 15, 2020 01:11PM

Is anyone out right against practicing Hinduism? Tulsi not a bad singer,I giggled a little bit.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: April 15, 2020 10:48PM

Hinduism is complex. It basically is an umbrella term for the scholarly observation of an ancient peoples evolving an amalgamation of Faith's along the Indus River. It's the only "major religion" that is technically not a singular religion or religion at all. It's a loose term applied to many Faith's, philosophical paths and cults emerging from india. If we want to get specific it's about the concept of Dharma, or proper action. Which is interpreted in many ways. The concept seems to have emerged in vedic texts. These texts started as 4 major texts and was built upon by philosophers and poets and religious folks over thousands if year. The vedic ideas cover a convoluted and oft contradictory array of symbols. Myths, rules, rituals, social orders (aka caste system with brahmins on top), prayers, and philosophical considerations. Through it all it tries to unify the many, and often divergent themes, through the concept if Dharma. The general idea is a hindu accepts the veda as literal revealed knowledge. Or knowledge for mankind passed down to us by God, to the 4 headed creator of this specific universe, all the way down in a so called unbroken chain to the present horror show we have of gurus all over the world taking thier followers for a scam.

Most hindus accept god as Brahman, or, an unknowable creative impetus that is always pervading everything and from which everything comes and returns at death. Many hindus are atheistic or dont believe in a personal god at all, but adhere to the general notion of dharma. Others are monotheistic and believe in 4 armed vishnu as a top diety, and others prefer one of vishnus many avatars like rama, narashimha etc. Still others have evolved the Vaishnava, or vishnu worship portion of "hinduism", to worship Krishna, originally considered an avatar of Vishnu, as the topmost godhead. Other schools worship Shiva, Devi, Shakti, etc.

Socially, and within India and the context of its history, the vedic faith was primarily practiced by brahmins (priests and gatekeepers of vedic mantras and ritual) and the Kshatriya, or Administrative caste, such as kings and warriors. And, the merchentile caste, like business and farm owners etc. The lower caste, the sudras, were the workers and lowest rung of society. They were not allowed entrance to temples, or to really access vedic ideas. Needless to say they suffered at the hands if the upper castes for thousands of years. The Bhakti, or devotional sects, emerged largely from this social imbalance. But even they could never quite shake the hierarchy.

Hinduism as a study of mythology and its deep symbolism as well as reading of scripture for support and inspiration is great. Belief in God or a higher power like Brahman, an unknowable, all pervading force if creative impetus, light etc. I think this is something humans who pursue spiritual interests can get behind pretty universally. It's when you attribute human qualities to God or gods and make up stories about them and dictate that they should be accepted as litteral events in history that the whole thing starts to unravel. It may have worked for ancient man to explain natural phenomena, the cosmos, and deep fears and questions we yearned to answer. In modernity it has little value to believe in this stuff wholesale. In fact its troubling and detrimental. Again, this is not to negate the undeniable value of myth in the evolution of man. There are many movies and books that teach us lessons, ask us to reflect on our lives, understand things differently and so forth. We accept the deep message of these tales as a way to guide us in virtues, values, morals, ethics, resolving problems, Dealing with family and functioning in society. But we dont go on and make a God out of John Malkovich and start to worship him and really believe the films are real. Honestly, even that would be more authentic. but you get my point.

Hinduism is culturally relevant in India. Outside of India it loses much of its depth and context. Just like people in France doing gospel singing would be odd and inauthentic. Or a group of Chinese people practicing Slavic old Faith's of worshiping Rod and Swiatovit would be bonkers. Or a man from Alabama having an altar to Odin would raise a brow or two. And you sure as shit would not want one of these folks as a progressive world leader...

Listen, a whole sector of the Indian population (young and old, and very intelligent) has already woken up to the shere foolishness of this stuff. There are many Indians who are tired of thier archaic history crippling thier nation and want to move on and create a nation free of this past. Under Modi and his fanatical nationalist thugs, this is challenging. But these modern day thinkers and seekers are done with skirting hinduism. In their very recent memory it equaled a corrupt adherence to vedic caste hierarchy, as recent as yesterday. A nation that struggles with extreme poverty, some of the highest rape rates, anti Islam sentiment mirroring the KKK, and a host of issues that have nothing to do with Islamic and British invasions of the past. Nothing. This stuff gets so intertwined that all we can hope for is educating people and showing how tragic it is to live in this day and age and still believe the rain is made by Indra whose body is covered in eyes that used to be vaginas. I mean, holy cow!@#*???

Myths have and had thier place as important tools for human thought evolution and should continue to be studied and put in historical context. Obviously. But a nation of people believing wholesale in flying monkey soldiers and 10 headed demons is nothing short of a catastrophe and riot.

So yeah, I'm passionate about breaking this cult down and ones like it by hopefully waking up a few followers or confused ex members, in hopes that 3 generations from now we dont have a major fallout of ficked up kids. In no way do I want to tread on religion or belief in a higher power whatever that may be to a person. But make it your authentic realization and not some ideas manufactured in ancient india by horny poets, verbose writers, and mentally ill philosophers. Just because it's old and sounds mysterious and beautiful or has some nuggets of insight (mostly in samkhya and advaita which rely on rational principles) does not make it absolute reality by any measure. It's something that worked for certain people in a particular country some thousands of years ago. It had context back then. It has no context and place in modernity. It's scary to have leaders emerging and getting so close to the White House who were raised like this. Let alone ones that have no cultural context for believing in these cults. Remember, Tulsi is a woman who believed and advocated electroconvulsive therapy for gay teens while campaigning with her father some 15 to 20 years ago. That is some dark archaic shit right there. Where do you think they got those ideas? Shes still getting her directives from that same place.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 15, 2020 11:47PM

IMO India's greatest liabilities are misogyny and caste.

Because of the caste system, the Brahmins had the monopoly on mathematics, philosophy and record keeping. Brahmins did not converse or learn from mechanics or bureaucrats.

By contrast information explosion in 15th century Europe which laid the ground for modern science was facilitated by the invention of mechanical printing.

Printing and publishing brought mechanics, business and scholarship together. Social classes mingled in the publishing houses and gained respect for each other.

India's caste system which relegated mechanics to an inferior class and forbade their mingling with scholars led to India becoming technologically stagnant, while non caste societies jumped ahead by leaps and bounds.

To repeat, caste, which is jusified in Chris Butler and Tulsis favorite text, the Bhagavad Gita, is utterly incompatible with modernity - and our American Dream.

Butler and Tulsi will give us a Hinduistic American Nightmare.

And let us not forget, women are regarded as inferior beings in Butler's belief system.

In Prahupada and Chris Butler's cults, females are mere gadgets for producing Krishna babies -- and in Tulsi's case, to be used now and then as chess pieces in Chris Butler's long term political game.

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