Demonstrate the Power of Undue Influence
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: September 09, 2019 07:15PM

Vox~ The above partisan article speaks obliqely about the Butler cult, describing Chris only as "sketchy" and living in a mansion.

Unfortunately, this is a political hit peice that does not rationally inform people about the Butler cult, nor how it may unduly influence Tulsi's decisions. It's also not particularly acurate.

Her political ideology bears little resemblance to her professed Vaishnava Hinduism. She is pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, clearly not Islamophobic (defended her Muslim Congress sisters). She is not particularly pro Israel (Which does align, as AC Bhaktivedanta was anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist. It's the idol worship thing).

Before everyone gets all steamed up acusing me of being a Tulsi apologist, reread my posts for the last 10 years!

My point is that she is a political animal that grew up in this crazy cult and refuses to be honest. On that point, the article is correct. But she is not alone in being deceptive (think Ilhan Omar...).

She is very popular (outside of her party) and a polished politician. What has she done to implicate the cult directly? Emails? Secret Meetings? Records? Documents? Illegal activities? Donor lists? How are you honestly going to prove Butler is running her show? And why it's bad? How are you going to convince others?

You will be hard pressed to expose Butler through Tulsi.
No one in the media cares. You will be hard pressed to expose SOI, Butler, or the cult when the whole Democratic Party is asking us not to eat meat...

Don't fill this thread with politics and political arguments. It's off topic.

Honestly, Tulsi does not look like a cult damaged individual. You will be hard pressed to convince the public.

On an ironic and humorous final note, Tulsi mentions the term "undue influence" in an interview with Dave Rubin. She is experiencing directly two things: One is how Big Tech is trying to shape our consciousness and behaviors using similar techniques that cults use. (Google messed with her campaign). The second is that she is being shunned, "othered", and censored in the same way those critical of Butler/SOI cult have been.

Do you think she will connect the dots, see the light, and have a change of heart?

Probably not. If, when, or until she is also harassed physically, psychologicslly, and legally by not following the Party gurus...

The interview of the century would be a conversation with Tulsi talking openly and critically about her upbringing. It does not mean she has to leave her faith. Many exers kept their spirituality & practices without or with a healthier teacher.

Watch Tulsi on The Rubin Report Talk about Too Much Power & Undue Influence

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: September 10, 2019 02:33AM

I fail to see how you are critical of some on this forum who have either suffered at the hands of this group or had direct contact with it's members as being hypocritical. Children as young as 9 were sent to Butler's illegal schools where they had to endure listening to some of the most vile lectures any kid that age should have to listen to (not to mention Mike Gabbards anti-gay videos Butler made us watch). Wherein disciples of Butler were called horrid names, sexual acts where described in full detail with expletives and complete non-scientific, anti-everyone rhetoric was spewed while disciple laughed in fanatics glee.

The schools where run by unqualified teachers, and all male (Tulsi went to the Girls school) students spent majority of their day from 4am to 9pm hearing this utter non-sense. That a group of people, out of fear of displeasing their guru and their mythological blue god, appear to be pious or friendly or even wise is hear nor there. You can freeze any persons mind into obedience via the mechanism of bigoted and guilt based zealot-fueled idolatry and idealism. All forms of rational thinking are left at the door when joining a group like this. I saw my friends who were in dire need of psychological help be left with nothing but chanting more rounds on their beads or listening to an extra audio tape of their vile guru as a so-called cure-all. There were no qualified counselors and nor was the school accredited or recognized as a real educational institution. Children were humiliated publicly in front of their peers by adults for masturbating, having parents that "displeased" the guru for infractions as trivial as not tending to him and his wife laundry folding properly.

This is not about religion or even casual self-help yoga groups. This is a hands-down personality cult. Just like ISKCON is, but on a smaller scale and with 10 times more secrecy and crippling allegiance to the guru. Both Butler and Bhaltivedanta are known for making deeply flawed comments about rape, women, homosexuals, africans, Hitler, genocide, psychology, science, cosmology and even their own scriptures. They are grossly critical of every other religious group in small private circles while in public they play the all-inclusive card.They are hypocritical beyond reason and repair in most cases. They raise generations of kids in locked-in, closed-circuit dogmatic, fanatical settings. At least that is how were were raised. Just as Christians have "hell", we also had threats of hell and torture—often times lifetime after lifetime—for small infractions and irreversible hell for anger infractions like questioning why your guru is so vile in his language and seeks cheap laughs from his devotees for cracking fag jokes. In many of his tapes (which I assume you have never heard, but will shortly be publicly available) he sounds like a immature locker room jock with his buddies (who are scared of him) laughing at his crude humor to stay in his fold. Nothing more or less.

That's the lectures and schools part. The other part is that these kids were sent to these schools to free up their time for serving the guru and his various projects and visions. Many of these were related to wide scale financial fraud, shady political ventures, money laundering and setting up hundreds of business fronts to funnel money to the guru.

Butlers marriage to one of his disciples (and giving up his sanyas order)and claiming it was so he could preach to "women" is not scripturally based and is frankly an immediate disqualification to be a guru in his lineage. If I'm not mistaken the sastra describes this as a dog eating it's own vomit. This and countless "adjustments" Butler made to the teachings and lineage and traditions of Gaudiya Vaishnavism should be a red flag for anyone within the group or wanting to join or switch.

Butler claimed to be non-sectarian yet anyone within the group knows the excommunication is very harsh when devotees find inspiration in other missions and gurus—even if they are fellow Gaudiya's! Butler would lose his marbles when he found out devotees where being inspired in other temples or by other Gaudiya Guru's. He forbade his devotees to travel to India to visit the holy places even though the scriptures explicitly say this is one of the main activities of the devotee.

Butlers divisive move of joining the WVA by sending his devotee god brother Tusta Krishna das to India was also a diplomatic move. And calling his organization "hindu" in light of the political move of having Tulsi run for office is nothing short of a sellout. By the time Butler is done destroying the Vaishnava heritage it will look like nothing resembling what Chaitanya was trying to spread. And this does not even touch upon the displeasure he caused his own Guru (all recorded in various letters redly available online). The whole thing is a messed up fraudulent, irresponsible, hypocritical Mickey Mouse show.

I feel genuine sorrow for the guys I went to school with in the PI, for Tulsi, and for all the other generations of kids growing up in this non-sense cesspool. Sure, some may seem well-adjusted or successful etc. It all depends on what your definition of those things is. I see people who are psychologically, intellectually and emotionally trapped. They lack basic critical thinking, don't think for themselves, don't question or ask anything beyond the dictates of their small group and live pretty much in a petrified state all the while smiling and haribol-ing.

Discrimination and bigotry come from a place of not truly wanting to know what a group is about and simply smashing someone for their beliefs because they do no align with your own. There may be a few people here and there who have spoken pout against Butler who fall into that category, but in all honestly, majority of the folks on here and that are making a concerted effort to expose this group are themselves hindu or very informed about the vaishnva tradition and respect it's roots and ideas and have nothing against it. I myself am an atheist, but am versed enough in Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Vaishnavism in general to not speak from a place of hate or anger. I don't accept or believe in the goal and ideals of the Vaishnava faith, but I absolutely do not hate or judge a true follower of the tradition.

And Jacob D. Please stop gaslighting. This is just one lectures where Butler is critical of other religions portrayal of God. According to your own tradition a person may have many types of relationships with God. A relationship of awe, reverence, fear is one of those types of relationships. It's based on the faith and relationship the sadhaka has come to have experience of. And when Krishna revealed the universal form to Arjuna, was Arjuna not left in a state of competition fear and awe at what he saw? The fact is that Butler took many cheap stabs at other faiths to get a laugh from his devotees without any actual education and knowledge being given—just fanatical sentiment. According to Vaishnavism, there are many rasas one can have with god. So to simply put down the depiction of the Christian god in some isolated brochure as being reflective of the whole christian faith is disingenuous on his part. There are many christian traditions that portray their conception of divinity as all-loving, all-beautiful, all-good etc. In fact as a general rule, Christianity likes to focus more on the manifestation of gods mercy to humanity in the form of the Christ figure. In general, Christianity describes god more as the Upanishads and early vedas describe God: Unknowable, unreachable, indescribable, all-pervading, the source of manifest and unmanifest reality etc. Post Vedic Indian religions are some of the few in the world that describe their gods in full detail as wearing Indian clothing, having bodily adornments like peacock feathers and lotuses—all native to India and so forth. They are typical descriptions of native and local deities found throughout most of pagan pre-history.

On that note, Namaste.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 11, 2019 11:55AM

Can anyone spell HYPOCRISY?

Another Tulsi 'gag' moment.

We are the whistleblowers! Many members and ex-members have been harassed, sued, stalked, ostracized, abused and bullied into submission and or silence for daring to stand up and speak against Butler and Tulsi.
In many ways Butler's cult resembles Scientology in its ruthless quest to control its cult members- going to extreme lengths to keep the public from knowing the truth about Butler and Co..
The level of secrecy has always been incredible. And the biggest secret being kept from the American voters is that Tulsi has a "handler". Her loyalty is to one man, if you can call him that.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 11, 2019 09:50PM

Folks, find and publish the picture of Chris Butler, Tulsi's handler, playing.

Playing with his balls.

I mean ball.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: September 12, 2019 01:18AM


Attachments: newspixnz_nzh-1081304_preview.jpg (68.8 KB)  
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: September 12, 2019 01:18AM


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 13, 2019 10:51AM

Yes the Guru of the World...or was it Universe?

Here is Tulsi's "handler":

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 13, 2019 10:21PM

In the photograph of Butler atop his Bouncy Ball, the walls of the playpen are lined with what looks like silver foil.

Anyone know why?

This is the person who shaped Tulsi Gabbard and remains Family God to the Gabbard family.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: IanKoviak ()
Date: September 14, 2019 03:22AM

The walls are lines with foil for dust, mold and other pathogens Butler is paranoid about. Just about every place he has lived in has had this type of treatment done tot he interiors. All surfaces are covered and laundered regularly. His microphones are covered in fabric and personal servants are to wear surgical dust masks when they are in close proximity to him. Even that yoga ball is covered in a custom cloth so as to not expose Butler to any plastic off-gassing or whatever he is paranoid about. His disciples run around like chicken with their head cut off referencing long 4-10 page lists of do's and don'ts regarding his person space, care, cooking, laundry, massage etc. If they miss something on the list they get fined or chastised or "fired" from their service position with grave warnings about their lack of a desire to please their gurudev. Complicated air filtration systems that cost a fortune need to be installed, maintained and replaced regularly. All for one human being and his wife. The disciples are made to feel that by doing this they are somehow advancing their spiritual life and fulfilling some deep purpose and living a life of great fortune and meaning. It's bloody nuts to say the least. A personality cult of the highest order. Nothing like what guru means in traditional Indian culture. A guru is revered and honored and lives a humble, simple low-maintanace life. His followers take his words of wisdom and are meant to apply it in there life. That's it. This man is involved in billion dollar money schemes with countless moving parts. All funneling big bucks into his "projects" and to satisfy his whims and wishes, be that film production, spreading preaching material that is anti-homosexual, critical of the faiths, lacks any sort of verifiable scientific rigor and spreads complete nonsense and misinformation to vulnerable people and children. The man is a lunatic of the highest order. A narcissist, a psychopath and a bogus spiritual guide.

Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: September 14, 2019 02:30PM

Absolutey correct, Ian.
This is the so-called Guru that Tulsi Gabbard obeys and worships.

Quote: "This man is involved in billion dollar money schemes with countless moving parts. All funneling big bucks into his "projects" and to satisfy his whims and wishes, be that film production, spreading preaching material that is anti-homosexual, critical of the faiths, lacks any sort of verifiable scientific rigor and spreads complete nonsense and misinformation to vulnerable people and children. The man is a lunatic of the highest order. A narcissist, a psychopath and a bogus spiritual guide." End quote.

And THIS man wants the White House by hook and crook.

Lest we forget...

Butler’s Greatest Hits

"You are all demons, you are just like f###king ISKCON, You’re all

"I am not condemning you, you are condemning yourself."

"My God Brothers in ISKCON are clumps of dog stool."

"If I don’t want to answer you, you are at fault, not me."

"If you don’t know you are not supposed to know."

"Tell that a-hole the only way he can come to a gathering is if he pays $100 each time."

"Tell a-hole I changed my mind, he has to pay $1,000 every gathering he comes to."

"As soon as you realize you have nothing to offer me and you don’t know
anything maybe then I can teach you something."

"It is your fault, the guru is faultless."

"My disciples make me sick."

"You would think with 25 kitchen servants and 35 preparations a day, spending over a hundred dollars a meal, you a##holes could make something good to eat. Instead I have to go to a Chinese restaurant to get a bite to eat. A-holes!!!'"

"You fool! Don’t say the metal detectors are to detect guns, say they are to detect beeper watches, you know what a great offense it is to wear one near me. Oh I am so irritated by that sound!!!"

"Damn it keep your gun in your bead bag. That’s what it is for idiot!! You probably thought you were supposed to keep beads in that bag. Fool!!! I have to teach you guys everything!!!"

"WTF is a##hole doing here, tell him to get the f##k out of here."

"Tell J--- I don’t want to see his face, but because I have to talk to him and deal with him, he can wear a bag over his head, then I don’t have to see his face."

"I am more humble than anyone, even my own guru."

"Damn bogus guru! They all have guruitis."

"My disciples all have guruitis too!!!" [Guruitis- a term used by Butler to describe a follower who is envious and wants to be guru]

"My disciples are all f###king neophytes."

"Everyone has guruitis but me and VD."

"Insulting VD is worse than insulting me you idiot."

"Are those a-holes still running that store in Lahaina, why don’t they give it to DTE, a-holes--- and they call themselves my disciples make all kinds of money while their kids skate and surf, a-holes, they should give it to me."

"WTF!!!!.. you guys have been working on getting this house together for 6 weeks now. You expect me to live here after you shit all over it??? You missed a space there dumb shit, cover it with tin foil so I can live here in peace. Straighten out your germ mask idiot."

"Tell Sankirtan das to stay out of my house, he has dirt between his toes."

"Tell Wayne and Krishna das (Mike Gabbard), WTF, I let them get into politics and now they act just like politicians!!!! They became politicians those buttheads!!"

"I let my disciples dress like karmis and materialist and now they act like karmis and materialists, a-holes."

"Call the head of personal service, everyone fast for 6 months, the milk in the refrigerator is out of date. Call a meeting worldwide. Tell the head of personal service to get her ass here right now!! WTF is this hair doing in my soup gaddamit. Tell everyone fast for a year, six months is too lenient. Tell the head of personal service not only must she fast from food and water she has to fast from sleep too!!!”

“Get that sh###t out of here, you call that prasadam, a-holes!!!” Everyone is ined 1,000 dollars each.!!!"

"You spend a fuggen 100,000 dollars on this air machine and I still have to use an oxygen bottle, can’t you guys do anything right??"

"What you expect me to breathe, common air?? A-holes!!"

"What? Just because you come here and clean my loor and wash my dishes, eat my toenails and drink my foot water you think you have the right to talk to me, write me a letter a-hole."

"The only person I can trust is VD." [VD is his wife, Vaishnava dasi aka Wai Lana]

"The guru is never attached to the opposite sex."

"Where is VD, I have not seen her in the last 10 minutes."

"What you think I spend all my time with my wife because I am attached? A-hole this is pure devotional service, me and VD will serve together in the spiritual world too you envious snake!!"

"The pure devotee is peaceful and does not need anything or anyones service, he has Krsna."

"The pure devotee is self satisfied, always peaceful and never troubled by the duality of the world."

"The servant of Krishna has no enemies."

"What is that A-hole doing here, I told him get the hell out of Hawaii and go back to New Zealand."

"Ok you can take off the bag now, I think you learned your lesson."

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