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Im new here
Posted by: liz ()
Date: March 01, 2004 12:20AM

yes there have been other issues going on other than
the PD training- it was for me however the straw that broke the camels back
How creepy it is for me to have to share a bed with a man
that was so weak minded that he fell for the words
hook line and sinker -
In a way perhaps it was the best things that happened
It was confirmation that I want out

Do you have any idea the % of people that
exit these LGATs, once they have climbed the ropes
and become leaders or other higher ups ?

Liz in nyc

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Im new here
Posted by: liz ()
Date: March 01, 2004 04:49AM

thanks for the feedback

Im considering sending some info off to my husbands daughter as well as her mother ( Ive learned the mom has just done the "basic " and is interested in going for the advanced "
Since his daughter is now a " big macha" in the PD training
I wonder if Im just wasting my time especially since
our last emails were filled with viscous ugly text
She accusing me of not being openminded because I would not enroll
She accused me of being unsupportive to her father(my husband) while he was doing his training
I responded by reminding her that she was in major credit card debt, and challanged what credentials SHE of all people had to be suggesting any kind of program.
Part of her enrollment pitch was that PD would allow one to find financial freedom ( LOL )
With that she responded by telling me that I was the most negative person she had ever met.

My intent is to send her some material in which people
challage the LGATS
She has never seen anyone but me challange her group
Dont know if I should sned it off to her and or her mother
or if Im simply wasting my time
Feedback ? thanks
Liz in nyc

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