Bob Jones University
Posted by: Mark Scheiderer ()
Date: June 10, 2007 03:54AM

Has anybody here had any experiences with this university?
Any comments?

Bob Jones University
Posted by: Fishbulb ()
Date: June 10, 2007 11:16AM

I've never actually set foot in the place nor do I know anyone personally who has; however, if you use the search function on this website you'll find some stuff, although not a lot.

I DO have a "book" published by BJU which is a text and teacher's manual entitled -- get this -- "Science Teaching for Christian Schools". (I may have the exact wording incorrect as it is currently buried in my library and I cannot access it right now, but that's the essence of it)

This is a text for students of around grade 7 level so they can pass the required science testing, if there is such a thing in that state, but there are many "buts" along with asides describing how this "work of Satan" is incompatible with the teachings of Scripture. It also describes the "real" creation of the earth in six days, 6003 years ago, by God of course, along with the "canopy", the "Flood", and other such stuff.

The Teacher's Manual provides discussion material helping the teachers teach this stuff to the kids as required while also helping everyone hang onto their souls and avoid being brainwashed by the great Darwinian curse.

I found this thing in a thrift shop and it was just too hideous to pass up. I was embarassed about buying it but no one seemed to notice.

I live in Canada and I'm horrified that someone must've been teaching their kids this stuff! Ah well, what can I do?

As far as BJU itself, I haven't heard that it has cultic connotations, although it is apparently extremely fundamentalist and rumoured to be quite racist. "Reverend" Fred Phelps, that heinous hate preacher from Kansas, was a student there for awhile in his youth and supposedly he left because he found the place too intolerant toward non-whites. Frankly I can't imagine how bad it must be if HE finds it too intolerant!

Bob Jones University
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: June 10, 2007 01:12PM

Bob Jones University
Posted by: Mark Scheiderer ()
Date: June 11, 2007 03:53AM


Thanks for the link!


You state "... rumored to be quite racist..."
Founded in the '20's, BJU didn't admit married blacks until '71, unmarried blacks until '75, and interracial dating wasn't allowed until 2000!


Bob Jones University
Posted by: Fishbulb ()
Date: June 11, 2007 07:52AM


I didn't want to be definitive in my accusation 'cause I had nothing to back it up -- until now!

Thank you for that update. I'm disgusted that sort of thing was allowed to go on for so long.

Bob Jones University
Posted by: Fishbulb ()
Date: June 11, 2007 08:05AM

zeuzor: Yes, thanks for that link! I don't know why I'm always surprised by stuff like that, when I've seen, heard and read so much, but there you go. Quite a jaw-dropper.

Bob Jones University
Posted by: zeuszor ()
Date: June 11, 2007 11:53AM

Bob Jones University
Posted by: Mark Scheiderer ()
Date: July 02, 2007 04:09AM

[] has a LOT of bad reviews about BJU.
This place isn't a cult but it has waaaaay too many cultic characteristics for a normal "Christian" university.
I invited one ex-student that posted there to post here. Hopefully, they and others will.

Bob Jones University
Posted by: CaptPorridge ()
Date: July 02, 2007 08:40PM

I came across a student online a couple of weeks ago... Holy moly, Orwell's Big Brother could learn a few things from those guys.

Here's what I posted on my own forum...

Wow, I just came across a bizarro world discussion about that place!

On a forum for fans of film composer John Williams, a Bob Jones Uni student asked for soundtrack recomendations for PG related films, because his uni forbids students listening to music from films with non-PG ratings...

One piece of advice was for him to buy an ipod and headphones... his reply:


Mp3 players allowed, but not headphones.
They're not as dumb as they may seem. If they allowed headphones, they would have no way of monitoring the music you listen to.

The rest of the thread is here. []

One of the dorms, according to wikipedia, is named after a former "Exalted Cyclops" of the KKK.

And their science department believes in a literal interpretation of Genesis.

Holy moly, what possible benefit could be gained by getting a degree from such nutjobs??

Re: Bob Jones University
Posted by: golfer6716 ()
Date: February 14, 2008 02:14AM

Bob Jones is probably the most racist University in the Country. It has been a breeding ground for many false prophets, most notable John MacArthur of Grace Community Church. It's a little know fact that John MacArthur tries to keep it secret that he attended. In fact, he was kicked out of the University as well. It makes sense.

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