From Eckankar to "Higher Consciousness Society&
Posted by: Colleen ()
Date: February 04, 2004 03:48AM

As a former "higher initiate" of eckankar many years ago, I'm especially interested in another much more recent former "higher initiate", Ford Johnson, a Harvard educated attorney who has gained recognition and status amongst the eckankar ranks. In what appears to be a commendable activity, Johnson exposes Eckankar's deceptions in his recently released book, Confessions of a God-Seeker, a Journey to Higher Consciousness, ("One" Publishing Inc., Silver Spring, MD, 2003. At about the time of his publication, he created a website, wherein he states: "people need guidance" and "there is an intrinsic need to believe and surrender...we are made up this way..." Red flags, I'd say, for those of us who have become aware of cults from our own experience and education.

Johnson has created a stir in eckankar, of course, influencing members to leave the org as has he, and some are going directly to his "Great Work".

On Johnson's slick "" website he also created, he appears to market his "teaching/"religion"/cult and/or product following his stated consumer "need" for "guidance," in my perception. Johnson states on his site: "Higher Consciousness Society (HCS), through the Great Work, offers a road to spiritual liberation for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves as soul and their relationship to GOD."

Is this the "making of another spiritual movement", to use the title of the work by sociologist David Lane in his expose of eckankar in the '70's?

Johnson focuses on "a new Spiritual Paradigm" in Confessions and has outlined a "spiritual hierarchy" and "laws" quite familiar to former "eckists", like myself. He may use doublespeak/doublethink when he states in his book, "But there are no absolutes within the unbounded scope of ALL THAT IS. Instead, there is infinite choice..." The loaded language includes his term "Great Work", "God-soul" and ALL THAT IS (always in caps), in my opinion. He authoritaritively states: "Every God-soul, at every level of creation, is responsible to and for the whole of creation. Every God-soul ultimately devotes its all toward the goal of expanding the consciousness of ALL THAT IS. This occurs through the experiences of those who live within a particular level of the DREAM. This is as it must be, for the only reality is ALL THAT IS, and everything else is a created manifestation within that reality/illusion." And on and on...

Seems like a cult in the making to me.

That's only my opinion, from my experience.


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Posted by: notperfectyet ()
Date: February 05, 2012 03:15PM

well there's this Eckankar and Eck buildings going on located on Southlake Boulevard in Richmond, VA/ Chesterfield,'s always appeared to be very odd and strange hearing the little man in his PEE WEE Herman attire and talking like he was some android.......very creepy as a teenager hearing him as he was aired on PBS........I don't know any details here, but it's seeming like they are trying to get to the weak and spiritually dead and praying on them....or that's my observation on it............I would hope that the police department would be informed of their practices and aware that this deceptive ministry which talked about light and sound of God was some crazy crap!!!!!!! I would think any impressionable teenager would be carried away with this bologney.....I almost was until I felt this gripping feeling inside that alerted me that this was not right and something was wrong with this picture!!!!! I believe it was the power of the holy spirit inside of me that alerted me to this..........I am praying for those too weak and fall prey to it....I pray for my son Richards protection..................

Re: From Eckankar to "Higher Consciousness Society&
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: February 05, 2012 10:23PM


Please stay on topic.

It is against the rules to preach your religious beliefs at this message board.

This thread is specifically about Eckankar.

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