Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: tantrafraud ()
Date: April 04, 2004 03:35AM

Thank you for sharing your experience with this man. He is contacting women every day with his lies. It is important for those like you to help spread the word and give confirmation to others he has contacted that he is a total fraud that is preying on women. He is now telling others that it is a plot by evil people trying to prevent his good from spreading. I warn others not to fall into his evil trap and to share their knowledge and experience so others may avoid this evil scheme.

Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: WhimSea ()
Date: April 04, 2004 11:52PM

Thank you for your reply. I truly believe that once one learns to let go of the foundation of fear ... and to "keep on keeping on" walking the path of enlightenment, one remembers and regains their own empowerment. When one truly realizes their empowerment rather than their "ego", one has the opportunity in not allowing others to dis-empower them.

Living in the foundation of fear, when one is humiliated, shamed, and full of guilt ... one ususally hides within oneself rather than taking action. The one who brought those determental actions upon another has then effectively "dis-empowered" that person. In realizing that we make mistakes and learn to be gentle with ourselves with forgiveness -- we can stand up and take action in stopping those who use such "mind control" methods.

When one is threatened, that is a fear based emotion, and one strikes out just as a cornered animal would do. By Mirajh stating there are "evil" people out there trying to stop him from doing this to others, I simply ask this question. Does one who is truly walking the path of light, judge others to be evil, spread un-truths and attack.

That is not the journey I have been on these past few years. In walking in the light, it is not about walking in fear. Fear has many faces ... greed, hate, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, vengenance, dis-illusionment, etc. I could keep on going about the faces of fear. When one is greedy does not that person fear being poor. When one is taking away the power of another, is it not about fearing being powerless.

I am thankful for these posts and other websites, as it brought awareness to myself. I did not see through this man, until my friend shared with me. He speaks very convincely, that throws one off. For myself, I do not feel guilt nor shame ... I realize that I have received a big lesson. That there are those out there with their scams and cons and to be very watchful.

My prayers and my heart goes out to those women who have been much more affected by Mirajh's actions than I.


Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: tantrafraud ()
Date: April 12, 2004 03:33AM

The web page we have posted warning about this man (or group) at []
has had over 2600 views in the two months it has been on line. I think this reflects the large number of people who have been exposed to this fraud. He is good at decieving women into believing him. It is only when others like you break the "spell" by confirming the truth that he is a fraud. Thank you for being willing to come forward and help expose this. I hope others will come forward as well. It is through each other that this darkness will be brought to light.

Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: Katree ()
Date: April 13, 2004 07:28AM

Thank you for posting this thread. I received a call from him this week and have notified the authorities. He is really a sick, evil man.

I have also let the list owners where my business advertises know about him and his use of our information. Maybe as the word spreads he won't have as many opportunities to do harm.

Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: tantrafraud ()
Date: May 04, 2004 12:45PM

Wanted to let everyone know that this man is starting to change some of his story now the truth is getting spread. He is now using the nam Araj, Arajh, or Arajh Singh. We have updated the website at

Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 10, 2004 10:37PM

This morning (8.10.2004) someone reported on spirituality forum that this person had contacted her.

So 'Miraj' is still out there, still at large, still recruiting. Report him if he contacts you, or any of your friends. He seems to especially target women in the healing arts, particularly Reiki practitioners.

----------------Craigslist Post------------------------------------------

Looking for a Healer named Mirage from Sedona < WhtsUrSgn > 08/09 21:18:36

I was wondering if any here has heard of or knows of a spiritual healer named Mirage that is located in Sedona. I recieved a very intersting call from him saying he recieved my phone number through meditation and he asked if I was a healer. Coincidentally enough I am. I am a hands on Reiki healer. I asked him to call back due to the fact I was throughing a party and could not talk. If anyone knows him or has heard of him or has any way of finding out if he exists that would be great. I am not in Arizona I am in California so I thought I would contact Pheonix on Craigs.


This huckster called me last night... how can i bust him?
Posted by: jabberwocky ()
Date: December 16, 2011 12:57AM

I found this post because I was searching for info about this guy. I talked to him on the phone for an hour last night.

I now know better.. but as of now he thinks he's got a fish on the hook. I imagine he'll continue to try and call me.

Can anyone tell me how do I do what I can to help bust this guy? I don't even know where to start looking... do I just call up the FBI?

This thread is really old, as is all the remaining warning info about him on the web. He's still at it, his MO is the same.

Would love some insight as to recommendations for how to proceed.


Re: Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: Misstyk ()
Date: December 19, 2011 07:11AM

It's good to see this thread, discussing hypnosis and mind control used by spiritual leaders and frauds. The fact that this is a known tactic (at least, here on RR) helps give credibility to women who say they've been hypnotized into sex with their guru or lama.
Prasadam Das
This guy sounds totally bogus! Someone should report him to the proper authorities. Any genuine spiritual teacher is not going to try to have sex with their students. I have known at least two leaders in my spiritual group who ended up taking advantage of their students. This type of problem needs to be addressed immediately !
I love Prasadam Das' spirit--protesting outside the office or event of the false guru! There needs to be a nationwide (or even international) organization of folks ready to do this, whenever such issues arise.

Unfortunately, they arise all too often, and even in the context of "genuine" spiritual teachers. It raises the question: how do we define "genuine"? If there's this kind of corruption or lack of ethics, or whatever you want to call it, widespread among the ranks of Eastern religions, and even the most highly-placed teachers within their tradition or sect engage in misconduct, what is to be done? I'd be really interested to see a definition of "genuine", bearing in mind that some of the most reputable teachers engage in coercion of students for sex purposes whether via hypnosis, intimidation or other means, and manage to keep it under the radar.

And btw, who would the "proper authorities" be? The police? How could someone prove that hypnosis and mind control, or other coercion techniques were used? The criminal justice system at this time doesn't recognize as a crime hypnosis or coercion to obtain sex. as far as I know. The only way to deal with this would be if there were a group action--if a number of women filed charges at the same time, and even then, it would be very "iffy" in court. There's no precedent that I know of for arresting someone who had sex with a woman who said "yes", not "no". For that matter, the courts have an extremely poor record of dealing with cases in which the woman did say "no", even if there's a rape kit as evidence.

If anyone has any ideas on how to bring such cases to justice successfully, or has any legal information that's relevant, by all means, please share.

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Re: Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: December 19, 2011 10:12PM

Can't help you there, Mysstyk, I'm stymied on that one myself. Our legal and policing systems lag woefully behind those with intent to con and defraud etc.
Once the deed is done it cannot be undone--it can only be proved, or not, after the fact.

I'm giving it some thought, though.

Education helps, and self-reliance but who has the time for that in this economy?

I'm a self-reliant type myself--but only through necessity. I don't think that I could recommend my own brutal learning curve to any others--its sort of a unique path, tailored for my needs only.

Given the choice (which I wasn't) I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole either.

Re: Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: Misstyk ()
Date: December 20, 2011 07:31AM

I received a call from him this week and have notified the authorities. He is really a sick, evil man.
Could you share with us, Katree, what authorities you called and what you notified them of, exactly? What was the charge or the crime you reported?

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