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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 21, 2004 11:34PM


(Names the person goes by)

Tantra Master, Tibetan Master, White Light Tantra, Maraj, Miraj, Marajh, Mirajh, Mirage Tantric Buddhism
False Prophet

(**Once after seeing this page, his story may change, but the mind control methods he uses are hypnotic and have been developed over years of contacting people by phone.)

'This page is dedicated to exposing an evil that is pursuing and taking advantage of women seeking spiritual enlightenment.

'There have been women contacted worldwide by this man calling himself Marajh.

**He targets women in the healing arts such as Reiki, massage, life coaches, and other healing professions.**

He professes to be a Tantra Master from Tibet living in Sedona, Arizona. He claims that through him women can receive the "white light" of spiritual enlightenment. Although he sounds very convincing, this man is a fraud.

He tells women that he has received their phone number while meditating in Tibet and that they have been chosen to receive his enlightenment.

**The reality is he gets names and numbers from spiritual schools and the internet. **

He seduces them with hypnotic and mind control methods including meditation, candles, and rituals. He then controls them by subtlety suggesting what to eat, what to wear, and when to meditate. Calling frequently, he tape records and writes down information about their family* and business*.

*Once he has them under his "spell" he arranges for them to meet him, Florida seems to be a usual place.

It then becomes a sexual encounter with them furthering his control. He uses ritual techniques such as a "white bath" to enhance his false spiritual techniques. The bath may be drugged to allow him to abuse his victims and photograph them.

*He then of course wants a "donation" for his service. (it is all about money and power) He has others working with him. **

If this man contacts you beware! He may be using other names so be cautious. He gives his Sedona phone number which rings in a telephone maintenance shed.

You may want to look at methods used in cults and mind control: Mind Control Methods

He is approximately 50 years old, appears Indian or Pakistani, speaks with an eastern accent, and walks with a limp. He also has scarring on his arm and leg. If you have been contacted by him -DO NOT ENGAGE-.

If you have been touched by his evil beware of the stalking he begins with various methods of psychic attack- including email, phone calls, letters and photos and threats of using your information in porn sites.*

He pursues his victims in hopes of getting a pay-off*. He uses destructive methods to demoralize his victims and their family. * His method is to isolate and humiliate them so that NO ONE talks about it. *

Once he separates the family, he gets what's left in the woman's estate and dumps her.

Many people's lives have been affected by this evil. It is time to speak out.

Spiritual Enlightenment may be obtained in more healthy ways. We all know there are NO SHORT CUTS.

If you think so- then you are a potential target for this man.

Our contact:

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 29, 2004 04:43AM

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: tantrafraud ()
Date: February 09, 2004 04:25AM

There have been many women who have been seduced by this evil resulting in bringing destruction into their lives and the lives of those who love them, their families, husbands, and children. His techniques of using control and hypnotic trances allow his victims to believe even what seems to be absurd. He researches his victims lives and brings forth information that they think is unknown, only to make it seem like a cosmic event that through his enlightened state he can see everything. They even use death of family members to manipulate their victim. It is only after that trance is broken women can see the truth of what is happening. Unfortunately for many that truth comes too late to avoid the destructive path they have been put on. It would not be surprising to learn that people have died because of this evil. The frightening part is this is an active group, they are out there every day trying to bring more victims to their dark world. It is though postings and web pages we hope to intercept their message before people are sucked into the trace. We also hope that finding this information out there will break the spell of those already in their grasp and they see the truth.

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 09, 2004 11:09PM

arts, thats the group to try and educate.

1) is a very good way to get your warning out there for free.

2) If there is any way to fundraise, so you can purchase space in magazines like Common Boundary, that would be highly valuable.

3) Information booths at various 'whole life' expositions, psychic fairs, etc.

4) Alert places like California Insitute of Integral Healing, and (if these exist) national organizations for reiki, body workers etc.

At the same time, please be prepared to catch flak.

A couple of us from this board have posted ads warning the vulnerable public about various crooks and shysters and we get accused of being 'negative' while the much greater 'negativity' (HARM, FRAUD, MIND FUCK, FISCAL ABUSE, SEX ABUSE) perpetrated by the frauds goes unmentioned by the irate posters.

Researching people's lives then conning them into believing you got that knowledge through paranormal means is a very old trick used by fake psychics.

And exploiting the deaths of family members is classic swindle, perpetrated by crooks playing the psychic angle.

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 28, 2004 07:33AM


I am writing to let everyone know that there is a man out there that
claims to be a tantra master trained in tibet that is a fraud and con
man. he seduced my wife via phone and talked her into meeting him
saying only through him she would recieve the white light of
spirituality. he is only a master at fraud. she met him, had sex
numerous times, he talked her out of a donation (several thousand
dollars) and passed to her several STD's. (including your worst
nightmare) he promised he would take her to tibet, she sent him more
money. needless to say she never went to tibet and when the money ran
out so did he. it has destroyed our marriage, the stress cost me my
job, the loss of income and stress forced my daughter to drop out of college,
and destroyed my wifes relationship with her. we are now divorced,
my wife is suicidal, my daughter is devastated. he goes by the name
of Marajh, and probably others. he called saying he got her number
from meditating in tibet. he then talked her women into meeting him for
sex. he then stalked us until he destroyed our marriage
so he had free access to her money. beware of this man he is pure evil

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: Prasadam Das ()
Date: March 02, 2004 12:13AM

This guy sounds totally bogus! Someone should report him to the proper authorities. Any genuine spiritual teacher is not going to try to have sex with their students. I have known at least two leaders in my spiritual group who ended up taking advantage of their students. This type of problem needs to be addressed immediately ! Unfortuately there is a lot of money to be made in the new age market place among yuppies who want to experience tantra. Actually real tantra has nothing to do with what this conartist is offering. Women are usually more likely to be victimized in this type of situation so it would be good to even protest any workshops that this guy does in person. I did a lot of direct action in the tradition of Abbie Hoffman back in the 60's and believe me it works. Just a suggestion.

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: nycupperes ()
Date: March 02, 2004 09:16AM

If this person truly does exist and is passing AIDS, across State lines and other financial fraud then he should be reported to the FBI. If someone knowingly passes AIDS to victims then this is manslaughter. Also, all of the victims may be able to recover partial funds via civil law suits.

It sounds like he will be very hard to track down, but I'm sure he can be caught. I'm also a little skeptical about the entire story it sounds so surreal.

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: tantrafraud ()
Date: March 03, 2004 03:19PM

I cannot confirm if this guy is passing aids onto his victims but I can confrim this is real and as far out as it sounds it is true. He is a sad excuse for a human being. I know for a fact that he has been operating for years under false names and does a good job of being "untraceable".

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: yvette ()
Date: March 05, 2004 11:47AM

I live in New England and was contacted by this man last weekend. He said that his name is Marajh Singh. Said that he lives in Sedona and wanted to impart "white Light" into me. Asked me to meet him, and he knew so many things about me that he sounded believeable. I have contacted the police and the FBI. I would highly urge anyone who has been contacted by him to hang up immediately, no matter how convincing he may sound. He is PURE EVIL. He offered to pay for my trip to meet him, and also for my trip to Tibet. He gives a fake phone number. Since I do not advertise I am uncertain as to how he got so much information about me.. He has a strong accent and says that he is part Tibetan and part Indian. He sounds more Indian. Please contact the authorities immediately if you hear from him, and hang up immediately was my advice from the FBI

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Sex Crime Alert: Fake Tantra 'Master' in Sedona AZ
Posted by: WhimSea ()
Date: April 03, 2004 03:40AM

I wanted to share that about four weeks ago this man contacted me. Without a shadow of a doubt this man exists. I live in Hendersonville, NC, near Asheville. The last time he called, a friend was over and we were watching a movie. He said he would call back at the end of the next week, I have not heard back from him ... this was two weeks ago.

Fortunately, I am what I call a "contactee" rather than a "victim". The story he shared with me is the same as far as meditating in Tibet and getting my phone number. He shared that he does "tours" in Sedona where his home is. He also mentioned that he did workshops, one he attended in San Francisco.

I will admit his story sounds convincing. The first time he called was at 2:00 a.m. when my mind was groggy. After that the next two calls were during the day.

I am not a practicing healer although I am at level two Reiki and Advanced in IET (Integrated Energy). I do not advertise or have a web site. What I feel happened is the possibility of someone who knows me, innocently shared my name. I am in the phone book so it would not be hard to track me down. He was curious about the Asheville, NC area.

It was through a friend of mine, a Reiki master and inter-faith healer on Long Island, NY that shared this web site with me. I had told her of him contacting me and the rest is history.

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