Ron Spencer has been found to be telling the truth about him
Posted by: Larry ()
Date: December 28, 2003 05:16PM

I have just returned from Drepung University in India where Ron Spencer has claimed to be accepted as a reincarnation of Buddha Maitreya who was alive during the life of Gautama Buddha and also to be the reincarnation of Tsong-Khapa.
I thought since Rick Ross said he has found out Ronald Spencer was not telling the truth and he was just a truck driver, I should look into it for myself since I am in India.

Well I am very very suprised.
Everyone in Drepung knows him as Buddha Maitreya and he is the Senior Rinpoche known as Lama Dorje at the most famous Khangtsen of all Drepung, the Lubum Khangtsen the only Khangtsen founded by Tsong-Khapa.
They showed me formal letters making Buddha Maitreya from America ther senior Rinpoche.

Not only is he the senior Rinpoche of Lubum Khantsen but he is recognised by Narye Khagtsen as Buddha Maitreya and they say he is very famous in most of Tibet as Buddha Maitreya.

This has been very interesting as every Khangtsen I visited they know of Buddha Maitreya aka Ronanld Spencer and they only have the highest reverence toward him. He is called there His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Rinpoche.

Each Kangtsen, Lubum, Nargy, Lopa, Gayepa and several others I forgot the name to all say he is there main teacher.

I than was even more suprise to find out that Drepung has requested along with the Tibetan Government and the Office of the Dali Lama to send to Buddha Maitreya 9 Drepung lama's to tour with him as representives Drepung Lubum and Travel America with H.H. Tulku Buddha Maitreya.

I do not claim to say the information that has been said about Ron Spencer is all false but I do not beleive the highest University of Tibet would make such claims without the Dalai lama's authorization.

I witnessed pictures of Buddha Maitreya on alters all over Drepung, this is no Truck Driver Conman. I think someone does not llike Tibetan Buddhism and they have choosen to attack the one American Tulku who has done more for Tibet than anyone in the last 10 years.

They have shown me many Puja Halls, wells and electrical generators all donated by Buddha Maitreya and Thousands of Lama's who are all provided food and medicine by him every week.

I verified all of this and met with a western lama named Lama Ian who is filming much of the contributions Buddha Maitreya has made as many Tibetan are aware of the Rick Ross websites and they want to document and publish video's and interviews with hundreds of high Lama's from Drepung who will testify for Buddha Maitreya, so it seems he is making a Documentary about the American Tulku H.H. Tulku Buddha Maitreya Rinpoche.

Lama Ian said he just returned from 4 enthronements for Buddha Maitreya in Tibet. All of them were witness by thousands of people.
He also showed me several news paper articles in Dharmsala about Buddha Maitreya building a Stupa at the residence of the Dalai lama.

In one week I will arrive in Dharmsala and there I will seek more information and verify who is really telling the truth.

According to the Tibetans I spoke to, they feel the Rick Ross Article has cause millions of dollors to not to reach tibet and many Monasteries to not receive help because he has spread false gossip and rumors that have made many westerners not donate to his Tibet projects or beleive he really is a reincarnation of Tibets most famous teacher Tsong-Khapa the lama Dorje.

They were very happy when I told them i would write this on the Rick Ross forum.....But I doubt this will make any difference, you have to look for the truth your self. Gossip I have found is very harmful in this situation of so many people in need and the one man doing something to help them is being made out to be a con man. I guess the very same thing happen to Jesus. An all of Tibet in the cultural revolution of China.

Larry K

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Ron Spencer has been found to be telling the truth about him
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 29, 2003 12:31PM

listserve groups (done by clicking the 'groups' tab on Google, then going to 'advanced search' and putting 'Ron Spencer' in the exact phrase slot and then trying 'tulku' and then 'maitreya' in the 'all words' slot.

These listserves cover discussion topics on Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, all spiritual disciplines, Indian culture, Tibetan culture and politics.

It turned up nothing on Mr. Spencer.

I advise writing to Professor Robert Thurman (Columbia University, New York) and Dr Alexander Berzin (Harvard), both of whom are Tibetan Buddhists, credentialled scholars and have worked closely with HH the Dalai Lama for many years.

If Ron Spencer is indeed a tulku and the Buddha Maitreya, they can verify this information.

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Ron Spencer has been found to be telling the truth about him
Posted by: Larry ()
Date: December 30, 2003 11:09AM

That is my point.
In Drepung Loseling Univeristy where they would know if this guy is a tulku, he is well known and his work there is everywhere, so I too started with researching thru the internet and found little,but after coming to Drepung while I was in India made a world of difference.
He is not only well known but he has been elected to the office of senior Rinpoche at the Lubum Khagtsen, and all I can say is this guy is not a fake or trying to delude anyone with false claims that everyone I have spoken to in Drepung only tells one story after another of how this guy Ron Spencer who they call H.H. Buddha Maitreya or Lama Dorje Rinpoche.

I do not understand why the west has so little awareness of this american Tulku who Drepung in India has know for over 9 years!

I guess it is because few people actually investigate his claims, like the Monasteries he says he is in charge of, or his claims to enthroned as a Tulku.
I am going to Dharmsala in 3 days and intend to ask around to see if I can find the Buddhist Center that he claims he is the Teacher of and the Stupa he claims to be building at the residence of the Dalai Lama for all the Tibetans who Died for Tibet freedom.

I will see if it is true and share what I find.
I am very open to Lama's telling me he is a fake.

I have asked if other people have made claim's and try to buy recogition from tibetans for there on ego or profit, like many have claimed was the case for Steven Seigal who has been dealing with this negative attck on his character since a famouse rinpoche made the recognition, and High lama's are very aware of this, and all westerners are always doubted by Lama's when they claim to be a tulku, especialy if someone claimed to be there Buddha Incarnated , this is wrong to them and they get very aggressive in avoiding this problem.

Anyway I hope someone else take some time and really check this out with Lubum Khagtsen and why do they beleive this western Tulku is Buddha Maitreya.

Mr.Thurman's teacher is Gelek Rinpoche who knows of Tulku Buddha Maitreya according to Nargy Khagtsen in Drepung, the Kagtsen Gelek Rinpoche comes from. I am not sure if Mr Thruman Knows of Tulku Buddha Maitreya, but I am sure his teacher does.
You should check with Gelek Rinpoche at the Jewel Heart in Michigan.

The picture I am including was given to me and is a copy of the picture on many of the alters in Drepung India of Tulku Buddha Maitreya from America. This was Taken in Tibet at a very large Enthronement ceremony in the Gelupa sect. They have pictures of him with the same Hat the Dalai Lama wears when he teaches.


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Re: Ron Spencer has been found to be telling the truth about him
Posted by: RealTalkNow ()
Date: October 28, 2023 05:59AM


Ron Spencer aka Buddha Maitreya, Jesus the Yogi Christ, “The Master”, Archangel Michael, Galwya Jampa, Sanat Kumara, (identify crisis? Bueler? Paging Bueler?)
Is Not recognized in TIBET at all but in the third poorest country in the World NEPAL where you can buy a seat at the table and wear a hat if you can pay the price period. I have been there multiple times and have seen for myself this reality, and the one he couldn’t afford was the Dalai Lama which would bring credibility to his tiny cult like it helped Kieth Raniere get credibility. Ron’s con gives him a nice lifestyle in Hawaii and in calif while his servants (called monks and nuns look pale and lack vitality and yet Ron says “Im the Most Normal Guy you ever meet “ Such a LiE and I could go on and on like the Tools he says he invented LIE they are all in a book called “The Crystal Connection” But let me ask if he’s such a HOLY guy why did people die and burn while he was there on Maui? Just an another GURU that doesn’t live up to his own hype. And that’s not getting into the real dirt about him and his people

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