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Posted by: inspector 8 ()
Date: October 16, 2002 08:38AM

I have attended a meditation group for a few years now. It is going to fold soon for various reasons,* and only a handful of us are still attending it.

This group is not exactly a cult, but once in awhile certain of its attendees have exhibited cult-like tendencies, some of which I would like to describe here.

I personally attend ONLY for the meditation. Another local group I heard of has been turned into more of a religious type gathering, after its leader died several years ago and the people who kept the group going coerced their own agenda onto the group --- or so I have heard from two different people.

(Since my computer has been sporatically taking me off-line, I will go ahead and submit what I've written so far and and come back and finish
*people moving away, one "ever-faithful" attendee got mad at something someone said and quit coming, another died, the host has become ill and plans to soon move, etc.

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