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Date: November 30, 2003 01:22AM

The professing people in the nameless sect called "Truth" believe they are the only people going to heaven! They say Jesus is their founder. They say they are in the perfect way of God. They feel that they aren't in a religion but in a way of life! Their workers or ministers have control over who they marry, worldly objects in their home, where they worship (must be in a worker ordained home), choice of friendship, clothing and entertainment!

This group denies that Irish workers (William Irvine, George Walker, Jack Carroll, Jardine brothers) began this fellowship in Ireland in 1897 when Faith Mission ministers wanted to break off and follow the homeless itinerate ministry found in Matthew 10. Workers think they alone are following the disciples and other churches are headed to hell because they worship in a building, pass around a collection plate, call themselves reverend and have a denominational name.

You have to "profess" in order to give money to the workers. Money is given in secret-envelopes in bedrooms, letters or handshakes. You must obey the workers without questioning them. You must remain in their fellowship and be "faithful" in order to have a chance of being saved.

This "Truth " fellowship is in just about every country other than Arab world. Annual conventions are held in rural farms. Workers rent public buildings to hold gospel meetings. Professing people get together to play piano and sing hymns.

The friends are a quiet and serious people. You have met them and didn't know it. Women wear their hair on their head in a bun shape and dresses.

This group is very secretive about its ministry to non-members called outsiders. If you don't profess, you are an outsider destined to hell.

Professing people don't talk religion claiming we should live a right kind of life in order to be the right testimony before the worldly people!! You won't see any religious bumper stickers or T shirts. They don't talk relgious talk and only invite outsiders to their gospel meetings! Friends are very reliant upon advice from their workers.

This group doesn't have a name yet many names-truth, 2X2s, professing, meeting people, People of God, God's people, God's chosen people, etc.. They feel they alone have a monopoly upon eternal life though first time visitors aren't told this for awhile after attending their first meetings!

Growing up in this fellowship, you have limited contact with non-members. You internalize certain rules. You have total respect for the workers. The peer pressure from the "little Sunday morning meeting" keeps you in line! And an unannounced worker visit also keeps worldliness from creeping into your home. Interesting life!:D

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