Science vs. Religion
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: October 07, 2002 11:38PM

This is an age-old war. There's basically a schism between religion and science. Religion has strong roots in the supernatural and science only believes that the natural world. You'll also notice that many scientific advances, like cloning, heart and other organ transplants, flight, etc, were originally blocked by various religious organizations.
I believe if put in proper perspective, the two actually don't conflict with one precondition: I rule out any use of super-natural explanations of reality. Anything referring to the supernatural is just unexplained science. And that includes my personal definition of God as the Supreme Being, yes, as a supernatual entity no.
Lloyd Graham, in "Deceptions and Myths of the Bible" points out that matter isn't dead as modern science tends to suppose. Rather it is alive and so is nature itself. That's the jump off point to refine current science and to move it beyond dry analysis of nature.
Graham points out that consciousness is inextricably bound to energy and works on matter.
There's a constant battle between dense matter representing the forces of inertia, stagnation and weakness of the flesh and energy which seeks to unlock the potential in matter and cause it to evolve to higher more orderly and sentient if possible form.
The supernatual is simply a lump sum term for unexplained phenomena. When science evolves to the point to be able to create life in vitro without even the use of cloning, I believe we'll have the necessary information to put many religions and cults out of business for good.

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