Compare notes before you buy
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: October 06, 2002 03:09AM

With the proliferation of the internet and considering how were "in the information age", it seems obvious to me that you should shop around for EVERYTHING you do.
Would you marry the first girl you see, or marry her after only knowing her for a few hours or days? Only if you're an ex-actor from the Partridge family (if anyone doesn't know what I mean by this, I'll explain it on a personal basis), or if you're on "Seventh Heaven".
I remember years ago that Guru Maharaji was going to make the dome of the Astrodome fly off the stadium and a spokes person for him said that "... it was due to ignorance" if someone didn't believe it would happen.
And when Christian missionaries confronted the guru over this, the same spokesperson said ".... I don't want to [pick a fight over any book] ..."
Cult leaders often seem to have supernatural powers to their adherants. And it's the belief in the supernatural that seems to attract what I consider to be the most gullible and impressionable people.

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