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Andrew Cohen was with Adi Da before India
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 22, 2015 11:01PM

Andrew Cohen Ken Wilber Adi Da AdiDam Papaji

Note: Ken Wilber endorsed Adi Da. After Adi Da's abuses became public knowledge, Wilber distanced himself from Da and went on to endorse Andrew Cohen.

It is very interesting that Cohen before he launched his own guru career, visited Da.

In Luna Tarlo's book, The Mother of God, she described visiting her son Andrew
Cohen twice in India -- before Cohen's meeting with Poonja, and her return to
India and seeing Cohen after his encounter with Poonja.

Tarlo described herself as shocked. Her son seemed to have undergone
a miraculous personality change, suddenly confident, suddenly charismatic,
in Tarlo's words, suddenly "possessed of a silver tongue".

And Cohen seemed to know how to reduce people to utter confusion, he knew
how to fire disciples up with enthusiasm so as to talk about him to other travelers.

Nothing is said about Cohen having studied with Adi Da or anyone else, except
for his studies in music and in martial arts.

I dared to wonder if, in those 'hidden' pre-Poonja years, Cohen had gone
around to various gurus and groups and learned various techniques on how
to recruit, select and manage people.

Conrad, a former high level disciple of Adi Da, has given us an important
missing piece of the Andrew Cohen saga. not forget that Ken Wilber loudly recommended Adi Da, until
Da's scandals become too embarrassing for KW to rationalize.

KW's next endorsement -- Andrew Cohen.

The Hypnotic Trance of Cults and Cultists - Broken Yogi Samyama


"Reading about Cohen's organization is very much like reading about life in Adidam, with its own peculiar twists. The general picture, however, is very much the same."



At Integral World I came across exerts from William Yenner's recent book “American Guru”, detailing the sordid history of Andrew Cohen's spiritual community. Yenner is apparently getting a lot of heat from current members of Cohen's group, as well as some former members who have branched out and become teachers in their own right. I've read some accounts of former member's of Cohen's group before, and nothing Yenner says about them surprises me in the least. I can certainly relate to a good deal of Yenner's disappointment that spiritual groups would have such a hard time dealing with basic issues of fact, considering my own experience in Adidam, which Cohen incidentally was a member of for a brief period shortly before becoming a Guru himself.

Yenner describes how the criticism he gets from these folks generally deflects questions of outright veracity of the basic facts of Cohen's abusiveness with the accusation that Yenner is not providing the proper spiritual "context" for what should be viewed as Cohen's “crazy wisdom” - again, a term and concept Cohen picked up from Adi Da, who of course used the same rationale for many years to justify his own oftentimes abusive teaching methods. I'm familiar with that defense as well in my dealings with Adidam devotees.

(Corboy italics)

In a recent online exchange following Adi Da's death with some current and former members of Adidam, I encountered a similar problem.

When devotees disputed some factual accusation made against Adi Da, I usually asked them to simply describe what had actually gone on in Adidam, putting all the facts out on the table, and let us all decide for ourselves how to deal with those facts. This was universally rejected by devotees, who time and again explained that only those who “recognize” Adi Da could be given access to these facts, and even then only as their “maturity” warranted.


The only difference is that in religious cults, the ego wraps itself in the holy shrouds of Divinity, and equates any criticism of its core beliefs with criticism of the universal God.

It's interesting in a strictly anthropological sense to see how this dynamic came into being in Cohen's world. In some respects, it's almost a duplication of the Adidam model, and that shouldn't be surprising given Cohen's own previous involvement in Adidam.

I didn't know Cohen when he was involved. I at best saw his face a few times at gatherings. He only lasted a year and a half, and left dissatisfied, I was told, with the lack of recognition of his own spiritual maturity he received from others in Adidam, and his own desire to be like Da, a Guru in his own right.

Certainly some of these impressions of Cohen from people who knew him in Adidam were motivated by Cohen's rejection of Adidam. But it also seemed accurate enough in its own way.

Cohen clearly was someone who had a desire to be a Guru, and he never would have lasted in Adidam, given its proclivity for suppression and sublimation of those kinds of desires.

Cohen left Adidam to go to India to meet Poonja Swami, known as Papaji, who at the time was just becoming well-known to westerners.


Andrew Cohen turned out to be the most hardcore of the former Papaji devotees. He believed the most deeply in his own perfected realization, and was the most aggressive in promoting it and foisting it upon those around him. One can only speculate as to why this is so. I would gather that it was simply his own character coming through. Whether or not he had met Papaji, I suspect he was determined to become a Guru, and it would have come out one way or another soon enough. I know Papaji has received a lot of criticism for his involvement with Cohen, and some have even blamed him for creating the Cohen monster, but my own suspicion, based on nothing at all personal but merely on my own understanding of human nature, is that if anything, Papaji probably had some moderating effect on Cohen's inevitable Guruship. What Cohen might have become without the influence of someone like Papaji is perhaps not so pleasant to consider.

Even so, what Cohen became is in many respects more attributable to his experience in Adidam than with Papaji. Papaji, after all, openly rejected virtually all the teaching precepts which Cohen came to embrace, from “crazy wisdom” to the value of abusive behavior to financial demands on devotees, to a complex organizational structure and hierarchy centered upon the Guru, etc.

All these things, on the other hand, can be found in Adidam in spades. Reading about Cohen's organization is very much like reading about life in Adidam, with its own peculiar twists. The general picture, however, is very much the same.

Cults are relatively monotonously similar in their structure and methods, if the details always manage to vary. The names and beliefs change, but the structure and activity remain the same across the board

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A Comment on Above Article
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 22, 2015 11:19PM

A thoughtful comment was made by person 'anonymous' who, like Conrad, had
also been a deep dish member of Adi Da's sect.

The author did appreciate some parts of what he or she learned from Adi Da.

How many seekers would have taken Adi Da seriously had he announced
on fliers that he'd been in Scientology before setting up as a guru?

For what many charismatic gurus such as Da omit mentioning is how very portions of their doctrine, their rhetoric, and their manipulative strategies are often borrowed from tainted sources.

Both Scientology and Muktananda reportedly used methods of trance induction.

Adi Da studied Scientology. And he had a previous connection to Muktananda.

Muktananda went on to abuse power, sex and money.


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A Visit to Adi Da
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 26, 2015 11:10PM

Now that we have learned that Andrew Cohen spent time with Adi Da, and that both Cohen and Adi Da were endorsed by Ken Wilber, this essay is well worth
a look.


1) The author was acquainted with Ken Wilber and describes how Ken
Wilber was still quote close to Adi Da.

2) A detailed description of the way the Persimmon community conducted events
and retreats for visitors.

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Adi Da/ Adi guru to Wilber and Cohen scientology
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 13, 2015 09:24PM

Friends, we have been told (see above) that Andrew Cohen spent some time
in Adi Da's community.

And Ken Wilber, with whom Cohen later associated, endorsed Adi Da for many years.

Adi Da studied Scientology.

Here is a description of the early history of Scientology.


Ample evidence is given that L. Ron Hubbard was expert at trance

Adi Da spent just a year in CO$, but that would have been enough for
an ambitious man to learn a great deal.

An assessment of Adi Da here

Here is a small excerpt. Sound familiar?

But if you examine how Frank has 'moved attention' after his own 'enlightenment,' a pattern of descent emerges--the manipulation of the body-mind into a conditional manifestation of infantile mental-physical self-gratification. That is to say, his 'spiritual' journey is one of seeking ever-more isolation and enclosure in a womb-like environment, where he will feel protected and cared for by others. The instruments of his search have been unvarnished greed, lust, thievery...and all forms of seduction and mental violence.... Frank and his mates' manipulation of the minds and lives of others to acquire a conditional heaven for themselves is, more than anything else, the definitive statement about what Frank is and what he is doing. Frank has written a few interesting philosophical tracts, which at one time or another impressed Ken Wilber, Georg Feuerstein, and several other religious scholars. Practically speaking, the books mainly serve as consciousness-traps for the young and the weak-minded -- once you enter their mental labyrinth, extrication can take years. But the lionshare of Frank's pitifully selfish existence has been spent on his own comfort and self-indulgence. In my view, he has given nothing of lasting value to the human race." (--from Elias' Oct. 1999 essay, "Frank's Escape From Reality.")

"The financial situation for most Adidamites is pretty scary. Their obligations to their guru include the following:
--15% of gross income tithe
--the Congregational Services fee
--the 5% Treasures support
--regional support fees
--book prepay (you buy books before they are printed)
--magazine and Internet subscriptions
--fundraisers and auctions
--emergency fundraisers
--financial gifts 'over and above established agreements.
Curiously, after all these years, Adidam has never been able to develop a really successful community business -- one that would free devotees from the exorbitant drain on their personal incomes...." (--from Elias' 2000 article, "Daism Report #4: The New Pattern.")

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Andrew Cohen -- Apology # 2
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 05, 2015 06:35AM

Andrew Cohen Retires From His Sabbatical, and Issues His Second Letter of Justification/Apology


Apology #2



open letter to all my former students upon return from my sabbatical. |
Posted on May 12, 2015

Dear Ones,
It has been almost 2 years since the structures of our shared Utopian experiment collapsed so violently and so completely. It’s also been almost that long that I have dropped out of sight. As most of you already know, I was asked to step down, which I reluctantly agreed to. Ever since that moment, I have wanted to find out what happened. I have understandably been desperate to find out why this has all occurred. Why did this terrible destruction have to happen?

To be honest, for a long time I have simply not been able to take in the unbearable truth that I somehow actually caused this collapse to occur. How could this be the case? I have dedicated the last 28 years of my life to the Spiritual upliftment of humanity, to the evolution of consciousness and culture. For so many years I thought of little else. So with all of this in place, how could I have caused this collapse to occur? As I have let this in, I have had to embrace both the truth and beauty of where we all went together and my own participation in the downfall that occurred two years ago.
During those years just the notion of higher development, the extraordinary possibility of emergence, would make my heart beat a little faster. It really WAS possible… and I could always feel the immanence of the miraculous always just around the corner. Over the years I took many risks so that great leaps forward could actually happen. I also whole-heartedly encouraged others, my students, to do the same. It was all so amazing because it was so tangible. My gift was my capacity to inspire others to believe that it was possible… and to be willing to take great risks so that miracles could really happen. As the years went by I gradually began to define the meaning of the spiritual life lived in earnest in our post modern era as the willingness to be someone who would care so passionately about what appeared to be humanity’s next step at the leading edge, that they would be willing to make any sacrifice and take any risk, so that that future could emerge here and now in the present between us, as our very own selves. And it actually happened. More than once. These perceived and intuited potentials did reveal themselves again and again and so many of my students saw and felt the power and potential of what we had all given so much for. It was so exciting and such a grand spiritual adventure the likes of which most people never experience or even imagine.
At the same time as all this was happening, slowly but surely cracks appeared in the shared fabric of our new world. Some people left. This had been happening from the very beginning when it all started back in 1986. The existential challenge of what we were trying to do together was simply enormous. In some cases the challenge was just too much and people also suffered, at times unnecessarily.
Over the previous 15 years I had become an evolutionary through and through. I had experienced a profound awakening to aprocess perspective and to be honest, have now understood that in that light, I had come to see my students as means to an end, hopefully a higher end, but not as ends in themselves. I gradually lost sight of people’s humanity, including my own, and only saw all of us as the living Self Aware consciousness that, in an evolutionary context, was going somewhere. And that was all that I believed was important or really mattered. I even stated this clearly and unequivocally at times when I was teaching. As I was losing touch with my own simple humanity and everyone else’s, I also was simultaneously not paying attention to the gradual growing of my spiritual ambition, of my spiritual ego. I believe that my intense longing for the evolution of consciousness in my students was real, but I have begun to see more and more clearly how over time my pride and my desire for fame and recognition slowly but surely began to blur and corrupt my vision. The worst part of it is that I was oblivious to the many different ways some of my students were being pushed too hard and at times too relentlessly to make breakthroughs and too often breaking down as a result. It’s hard even now for me to grasp how I could not see this happening right in front of my eyes. The very human, frail, fallible and vulnerable dimensions of myself that I was denying, I was simultaneously denying in those who had come to me for liberation. I was blind and ambitious and yet sincere in my spiritual aspirations as a teacher and as a thought leader. The left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing much of the time…I became more and more a living paradox.
Most often when I would teach, I would experience the grace of my Guru, the gift of enlightened awareness, which would engulf my being in the most glorious way. The amazing part of it all is that in the midst of the growing problems I have been describing, I was simultaneously continuing to evolve and develop as a teacher and as a thinker. I was moving and was still often creative in finding ever-new ways to express the inexpressible. And I was still curious. Even after 28 years of being a guide and a guru and a public thinker, I was still reaching and stretching to understand more and more about Life, Reality and the meaning/purpose of it all. It was really because of this that I wrongly felt that I was ok and in good shape and on the right track. This fact of my still evolving and developing as a teacher made it that much easier for me to avoid and deny that slowly the world that I had given so much to give rise to over so many years, was beginning to crumble from the inside. My closest and most devoted senior students were beginning to see through my façade, could see that I was out of control, and see that I didn’t even know it. What made matters much worse is that I ignored the evidence; I ignored their respectful pleas for me to slow down and listen to them. For over six months during this period I literally couldn’t sleep, and night after night I convinced myself that I had no idea why this was the case. My self became more and more divided. I was still an inspired teacher and speaker, but I adamantly remained steadfastly and obstinately oblivious to the growing storm I was creating.
It was only a matter of time before the entire edifice came tumbling down and it has taken me the better part of these last 2 years to begin to come to terms with all that has happened and all that I have done. I realize that much harm has occurred, and that I am to blame. I justified my at times ruthless attacks on my students’ egos as being akin to the revered Tibetan Master Marpa’s ruthless treatment of his famous disciple Milarepa. And at times this indeed was the case. There were times when with individuals or groups of individuals my arrow of discriminating wisdom hit the bulls eye and magic happened…dramatic and meaningful Liberating Clarity and Love Beyond Description emerged…and new potentials and miraculous possibilities that had been previously unimaginable and unseen were collectively experienced. In those historic moments it all seemed worth it. But there were and have been too many moments where I simply have been wrong. Not only did my arrow miss the target but it caused unnecessary pain and suffering to too many people. For this I am deeply and terribly sorry. Too much suffering has resulted from my at times misguided efforts to create breakthroughs. I should have known better.
Slowly over time I have come to see the parts of myself that were broken, that I have been in such ferocious denial of. In that denial I became at times untrustworthy. I see that now. So many of you trusted me with your souls and I proved myself at certain pivotal moments unworthy of that trust. Again I am sorry.
What I feel dreadful about is that the very idealism that I inspired and released in so many of you, I have wounded in the worst way possible. It’s difficult to bear that this is the case, but it just is. I would do literally anything to turn back the clock…but I can’t.
I am committed to finding a way to honour all that was real and true that we stood for, for so many years. There is nothing else for me to do. There is nothing else I want to do.
I still believe in the fundamental principles that I taught and stood for all these years. I feel the Teaching is basically sound. Like someone said to me recently, the Teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment are self-consistent. That is one of the reasons why so many of you stayed for so long. And that is why we spent so many hours learning how to look at reality through the extraordinary multidimensional lens that the Teachings provide. That being said, it has also become obvious that there have been important gaps in the Teachings from the very beginning. Even though I always said the Teachings were a work in progress, I certainly was not aware of the obvious and important holes that I had left in them. The most obvious and the most important has been the absence of Agape or Love as a FUNDAMENTAL principle that stands in contrast to and in support of the emphasis on Eros that I gave so much importance to over the last 10 to 15 years. Eros is the VERTICAL manifestation of the Absolute principle. Agape is the HORIZONTAL manifestation the Absolute principle. To say I neglected Agape is an understatement to be sure. Eros and Agape BOTH are essential ingredients of a truly Evolutionary Dharma. They BALANCE each other. They hold each other in a dynamic embrace of loving, creative and Integral tension. My over-emphasis on Eros with little respect for Agape created the circumstance where a collapse was inevitable. And that’s why it happened so fast…and for this I am to blame.
In order to open up to the deeply painful truth of my own central role in this great calamity, I have had to open my heart in ways I have denied to myself for most of my life. That’s what has made it possible for me to begin to truly let in the damage I have wrought and the harm I have caused to too many of you. I only wish I had been more awake to and in touch with my own flawed humanity from the very beginning. If I had been, so much of this would have never happened.
Over these 2 years I have struggled to awaken to my Shadow, to those unconscious forces and drives within us that will, as long as they remain hidden, continue to wreak havoc with our lives. This will remain the case even if in many other ways we are unusually conscious and aware, and as hard to believe as it may be, even if we may be lucky enough to have access to Enlightened awareness. I know this is hard to fathom, but it certainly has been true in my case, and has been true in many other cases where powerfully awakened Teachers have acted out in either destructive or self-destructive ways…or both. It’s been a significant part of the rocky legacy of eastern Enlightenment coming to the psychologically informed west. Ironically, I spent much of my early career speaking and writing about this very issue.
I often wonder how much of the outrageous evolutionary Fire could have awakened and been shared between us in the way that it was, without there being some kind of fall out, some measure of pain and suffering. And if that’s possible then how much would have been acceptable, and when would it all have become too much? At this point I really don’t know.
I do know that without the ultimate challenge this enormous calamity has given to me personally on a soul level, my own ego would never have backed down. It’s been extremely challenging on many levels to even begin to let in what has actually happened and why it has happened. And I know there is further to go.
I am beginning to become simply human after so many years of hiding out in transcendence. It’s like coming back to earth after almost a quarter of a century of flying above the clouds. As much as I spoke about the need to “embrace heaven and earth,” I was obviously still rejecting so much of what it means to be a fully human being.
In so many ways I thought I was awake when I was clearly not. In my rejection of Agape, I was also rejecting the feminine principle in myself and in others and most painfully in women as a whole. I am ashamed of how badly I blamed women for their evolutionary challenges. Instead of being truly encouraging, after some time I let my frustration with the enormity of the task at hand get the better of me. I blamed and condemned instead of encouraged and nurtured, which was after all, my job as mentor. Many people accuse me of hating women. This is not and has never been true. But I was in so many ways arrogant and insensitive and even cruel in my impatience at times. Uncovering deep (and outdated) developmental structures in our psyches takes time and long-term commitment. It takes a DEEP vision and LOVE of ourselves. Not blaming and condemning and ridiculing. I apologize to the women who were affected and am so very sorry for being so lacking in the real heart that was desperately needed. I failed many of you in the worst way and for this I really have no excuse. I became a caricature of the very behaviour and attitudes in men that I was so sure I had transcended. And the painful and ironic truth in all of this is that I did have a real passion and commitment for a very radical expression of women’s liberation. I had seen a truly miraculous potential and possibility. But, in the end, I proved to have neither the patience, nor the skill, nor the deep humility and care (agape) to create the conditions that would have made a stable breakthrough actually possible.
In the middle years of my teaching career, at times I came up with and tried many outrageous stunts in order to once again catalyze big breakthroughs. Also to be honest I was many times actually in a state of desperation because I cared so much, and was trying to get my students to care as much as I did about what was possible, the very promise we had all given our lives for.
But as well-meaning as many of these attempts were on my part, some were certainly just too much…too outrageous and simply lacking in compassion and a deep appreciation of what is actually involved in change at the deepest level. More often than not what is needed is simply more love and encouragement, not more shocks, challenges and confrontations with one’s own division. There were times of course where strong challenges are called for and many former students have reminded me of many ways in which I did help them to reach breakthroughs through harsh tactics…but there is no doubt this happened too often, and more often than not it caused more harm than good. I apologize for this. I should have known better…but I was misled by the conviction that without such big pushes, most people would simply compromise their own inherent potential to evolve and grow in the deepest and most profound way. I was a revolutionary, and publicly declared myself as such…and that’s why many of you came to me. But that can no longer be an excuse for my own insensitivity and at times ruthless attempts to force deep changes to occur. Again I deeply apologize to any of you who suffered unnecessarily because of this. Elizabeth Sahtouris’ famous statement that “no evolution occurs without stress” became a justification for those times when I inappropriately pushed people too hard to let go and face themselves.
Over these two years away, I have come to appreciate with growing regret that the hierarchies that I had used as a teaching tool gradually over time become ossified and rigid, becoming for some not too different to being held in a straight jacket or a prison. Originally this was intended to humble my students’ culturally conditioned narcissism and often exaggerated sense of self-importance. And for many years it actually did help a lot of people to learn how to become humble, to learn how to keep their egos in check, to learn how to put Spirit first. In our time this is no small feat. But instead of helping people to grow spiritually, over time the hierarchies ended up putting people in boxes, actually inhibiting the very growth they were intended to nurture. I know some of my students who made very deep commitments to our work together have suffered very much as a result and, for good reason, are angry about this. I am very sorry that this happened and in particular, apologize to those previously known as the Resolute Core Students. With all of my interest in Integral Philosophy, I should have known better and seen the obvious error that I was making.
Finally what has been hardest for me has been facing and coming to terms with the fact that I have let down so deeply and betrayed my former students whom I was closest to, those former senior students who had entrusted me with their lives and souls and who gave so much to make it possible for the promise of Evolutionary Enlightenment to come alive in the world. And largely because of their commitment, it actually DID. So much that is Good, True and Beautiful has come into being as a result of the precious commitment of those who dared to be leaders. I know they also have made mistakes and at times caused much suffering, some of which is yet to be atoned for, but it must be said that most really did give from the deepest parts of themselves and did have the courage to care more than most. I know that when push came to shove when I, their teacher, seemed not to have the resources to live my own teachings, it was experienced as the ultimate betrayal. I who had demanded so much was, when my turn came, seemingly unable or unwilling to do the very thing I had asked from them. I am so ashamed about this and my public apology was really meant for them.
Almost 2 years after my fall from grace and the collapse of EnlightenNext, I still care as much as I ever did about most of what I taught and a lot of what I stood for. I am committed to giving the rest of my life to trying to make good on it all. What that will mean, of course, remains to be seen. Through this process of coming to terms with all that has happened, so many important questions have understandably arisen. As I make progress in my inquiry, I will be writing more about it here.
I still love you all very much and hope from the bottom of my heart that you will find it in yourselves to believe that even Gurus with big egos can find the courage and humility to change. I know in ‘Embracing Heaven and Earth,’ I boldly stated that once Enlightenment has occurred, an individual gets frozen in their development – that from then on their evolution actually comes to a halt forever.
I am committing the rest of my life to proving myself wrong.
With Deep Love,

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Responses to Andrew Cohen's Apology # 2
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 05, 2015 06:41AM


"Do you recall how you were so repulsed by the sight of us, when I came into the manor house after hours to do work and you saw me and gave me a look, and after that made it clear I shouldn’t have been there for you to see?

"And after all that, when your turn came, you instantly let it all go to hell, rather than accept a situation where you were anything less than the unquestioned unquestionable guru.

"In the end you weren’t willing to give as much as the least of your students."

This is a small excerpt.

For comments, read here.

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Re: Andrew Cohen was with Adi Da before India
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 09, 2015 10:57PM



(Quoted from above Date: October 14, 2015 05:36AM)


Wilber has recently endorsed yet another guru named Trivedi. Persons who appreciated Wilber's earlier books have expressed concern.

Has Ken Wilber Jumped the Shark?



More Google citations here:


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Some news updates for persons interested in KW
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 02, 2016 11:39PM

Petition Calls on Whole Foods to Cut Ties With Rabbi Accused of Improper Sexual Conduct

Gafni, who has ordination from Orthodox and Renewal movements, long has been trailed by accusations. He has acknowledged some inappropriate behavior, including sexual impropriety.

JTS/January 1, 2016

An online petition calls on Whole Foods to cut financial and institutional ties with Marc Gafni, a former Orthodox rabbi and spiritual teacher who has been dogged by accusations of sexual misconduct.

Nearly 900 people had signed the petition as of Thursday morning on the website. Launched Tuesday, the petition urges signers to “Stop Marc Gafni from Abusing Again.”

The petition says it aims to “prevent future harm to those who may be exposed to him, and as a protest against any individuals, organizations, or institutions that support or endorse him as a teacher or leader.”

“Complicity in giving Gafni a platform is a violation of our tradition’s highest ethical and moral standards: ‘Justice, Justice shall you pursue’ and ‘Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor,'” it says.

The New York Times published a feature article on Gafni on Dec. 25 under the headline “A Spiritual Leader Gains Stature, Trailed by a Troubled Past.”

The petition singles out Whole Foods, whose co-founder, John Mackey, is chairman of the executive board of Gafni’s Center for Integral Wisdom, a New Age think tank.

Gafni, who has ordination from the Orthodox and Renewal movements, long has been trailed by accusations, and he has acknowledged some inappropriate behavior, including sexual impropriety.

For a time seen as a charismatic Orthodox teacher of Torah in Jerusalem, Gafni eventually stopped identifying as Orthodox. The Renewal movement disowned Gafni after a public airing of his sexual and ethical breaches.

Several years after leaving Israel and dropping off the Jewish map, Gafni reemerged in Utah as a practitioner of a Kabbalah-inspired philosophy called evolutionary spirituality. More recently, Gafni, who has authored several books on spiritualism, moved to California and founded the Center for Integral Wisdom.

Some context

Ken Wilber has endorsed a series of troubled teachers, most notoriously
Adi Da, Andrew Cohen and Marc Gafni.

John Mackey - Whole Foods

Ties to Ken Wilber - []


Internet | Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:04am EDT
Related: Tech

Whole Foods CEO sorry for anonymous Web posts

LOS ANGELES | By Nichola Groom

The CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc. John Mackey poses in this handout photo from February, 2006. Mackey posted messages on a Yahoo! financial forum under the user name ''rahodeb'', according to a court document filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and postings on Yahoo!...



The chief executive of Whole Foods Market Inc. apologized to shareholders on Tuesday for anonymously posting comments about his company on the Internet as the organic and natural foods grocer said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had launched a probe into the matter.

News of the SEC probe comes a week after court documents filed by the Federal Trade Commission revealed that Whole Foods Chief Executive John Mackey posted messages on a Yahoo! chat forum under an alias for years.

In the postings, Mackey talked up his company while predicting a bleak future for Wild Oats Markets Inc., the rival his firm is trying to acquire.

"I sincerely apologize to all Whole Foods Market stakeholders for my error in judgment in anonymously participating on online financial message boards," Mackey said in a statement on Tuesday. "I am very sorry and I ask our stakeholders to please forgive me."

Last week, Mackey had defended the postings, saying he "posted on Yahoo! under a pseudonym because I had fun doing it. Many people post on bulletin boards using pseudonyms."

Corporate governance expert Nell Minow of the Corporate Library said she did not expect him to remain CEO for long.

"The fact that somebody has twisted his arm into saying he's sorry just isn't enough," Minow said.


The FTC cited Mackey's postings as part of its lawsuit aimed at blocking Whole Foods' planned $565 million acquisition of Wild Oats on the grounds the deal would hobble competition and increase prices for consumers.

SEC staff contacted Whole Foods late on Monday, the company said, adding that it was cooperating with the probe and would not make any further comments while the inquiry is pending.

The Austin, Texas company also said its board of directors formed a special committee to investigate the postings. Whole Foods hired Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP to advise it in its internal investigation.

Minow said the SEC would likely be looking at whether Mackey broke any disclosure rules in his postings and at whether his comments constituted an attempt to manipulate the share prices of Whole Foods and Wild Oats.

"When you are the CEO of a public company you no longer have the luxury of communicating in any way you like about what's going on at your company," she said.

The internal company probe would focus on Mackey's "monumental poor judgment," she said.

Whole Foods shares fell to $39.49 after closing at $39.97 on Nasdaq.

An article by a man affected by Marc Gafni was published in 2011 in Tikkhun.


Additional heated discussion here and in the comments. Useful examples
of the rationalizations used by Gafni's many enablers and admirers in the Integral scene.


A research strategy:

Anyone associated with Gafni, especially someone trash talking Gafni's victims:

put the Gafni advocate's name into google and along with search terms such
as "cult" and "abuse" and with or without the words "ego" "guru", "yoga" and "zen".

Gafni and Wilberian supporters will call this witch hunting.


Survivors and those of us who detested cruelty rationalized as spirituality - we call this research.

Here is how Ken Wilber rationalizes cruelty - Wilber's "Rude Guru" manifesto.


As was inflicted on the daughter of one of Andrew Cohen's students - at Cohen's behest.



Donna never returned to Foxhollow. She drifted away from the community, although she maintained contact with Stas, in part because of their daughter Sophia. But this was not the end of Donna’s humiliation at Andrew’s hands. Andrew seemed to feel the need to cause Donna more pain. He would eventually accomplish this through emotional abuse and manipulation involving her daughter Sophia.

As Stas described in his letter posted on this blog, he often had little time for his daughter Sophia due to Andrew’s demands on him. Sophia, naturally, came to resent this. Several years after Donna was assaulted with paint in the basement of Foxhollow, Sophia, then 15 years old, and her mother were living together separately from Stas. Sophia was angry with Stas for his neglect, and wanted little to do with him. She was, however, very close to Donna and held her in high esteem. Andrew became aware of this, and felt that something should be done.

Some years earlier, Andrew had learned about infidelity by Donna that had occurred in the distant past, years before Sophia was born. Over time, Andrew had used this against Stas and Donna on a number of occasions. He revealed this embarrassing information to many people in the community. When Andrew heard that Sophia wanted little to do with Stas, while holding Donna in high regard, he decided Sophia’s love and respect for her mother should be undermined by telling Sophia of her mother’s past infidelity. Andrew was outraged that Sophia would dare to be disrespectful of her father because he had given his life, his time and his priorities to Andrew, rather than her. Through the years, Andrew had often told the parents that they should not hide from the children that their dedication to him comes first, even before them. He also said he felt that it would somehow be of personal benefit for Sophia to “know the truth” about her mother and that it would help Stas’s relationship with Sophia. Andrew discussed this idea with Stas and other close students numerous times.

Andrew kept pressing Stas to tell Sophia directly of her mother’s past infidelity. As a result, when Stas was visiting with Sophia, he told her how her mother had been unfaithful before she was born. Upon hearing this, Sophia cried. But Stas felt that telling her might have had the desired effect. He called Andrew and told him this. Andrew, pleased with himself, said jokingly, “OK. So, now you owe me another $20,000.”

After Stas left, however, Sophia became physically ill and threw up. She called her mother, upset by everything she had been told. When Donna heard what had happened, she became furious. She rightfully suspected Andrew’s involvement in the affair, knowing that Stas would do nothing without Andrew’s direct instruction. But before she had a chance to speak at length with Stas about it, Alka called him and told him, “Andrew says, to leave him out of this.” Andrew had not only Stas but others told to engage in a “cover-up” for him. Later, when Stas spoke to Donna and was questioned by her, he denied any involvement by Andrew. Shanti (Mary), another long-time student and close friend of Donna’s, vehemently denied Andrew’s involvement in the affair.

Donna, Stas and their daughter Sophia have all felt the brunt of Andrew’s wrath, in cruelly novel and unexpected ways. They are not the only ones. Donna recalls Andrew once comparing himself to the controversial and scandal-plagued guru Adi Da (Da Free John), saying, “In terms of crazy wisdom, I’m the craziest.” Crazy wisdom, something Andrew once vociferously condemned in his teaching, had become a matter of pride for Andrew. The thing about crazy wisdom is, it has no limits. Let us hope—against the evidence—that Andrew’s cruelty and vengeance does.

Remember, friends - Ken Wilber associated with Andrew Cohen, did so for years.

Summary of abuses Andrew Cohen and his enforcers inflicted on students

"A" List of Trauma and Abuse


And Wilber is the one who, in the NYT interview, dismisses Gafni's behavior as that of an insensitive boyfriend.

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Re: Some news updates for persons interested in KW
Posted by: Martin Gifford ()
Date: January 03, 2016 09:19PM

FWIW, this is my analysis of the Gafni incident:


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Ken Wilber and Warren Farrell
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 04, 2016 09:36PM

Warren Farrell is a controversial figure.


(Text only version if you don't want to be bothered by adverts and pop ups)


Warren Farrell and Ken Wilber -- and Marc Gafni


Dr. Warren Farrell, the Vice President of CIW for Gender Issues, is the author of ... Farrell, Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni have done numerous interviews together.

The Need for Men's Liberation (Corboy note: you have to be a "premium member" to download the entire article.




andrew cohen warren farrell marc gafni

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with Dr. Marc Gafni, Sally Kempton, Warren Farrell, Mariana Caplan, Terry ... Andrew Cohen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Dowd, Sofia Diaz, Jun Po Roshi

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Warren Farrell .... The dialogues are hosted by Dr. Marc Gafni and some of the leaders of the Center for Integral Wisdom. ... leaders, like Richard Schwartz, Harville Hendrix, Richard Barrett, Riane Eisler, Sally Kempton, and Andrew Cohen.

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Andrew Cohen, Founder of EnlightenNext, author of Evolutionary ... “Dr. Marc Gafni has written an brilliant book, Your Unique Self, which I believe .... Warren Farrell, PhD, author of Why Men Are the Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power:.

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